for certain because shirt


“Lance - what exactly are you doing?”, Kuro whined, feeling the freshly closed wounds on his arm and back strain with the movement. The Blue Paladin decidedly kept his usually chatty mouth shut. Instead of answering– or even recognizing– Kuro’s defiant tugging, he gently closed his grip around Kuro’s flesh wrist a little tighter and pulled him along.

Only minutes ago they had been at the Castle’s med-bay, tending to his scratches and cuts. Their latest mission had been rough. Although it was supposed to be a simple in and out rescue mission, it had gone awfully wrong. As in, Kuro was happy he’d walked away with his flesh arm and legs still intact and attached to his body. Thankfully, the rest of the group had had more luck.

In hindsight, they should’ve known better. They should’ve been prepared for the whole mission to go sideways with how heavily guarded the planet they’d freed had been. But saving planets and whole star systems from the ones that once had created him was their job now. It was Kuro’s job now. And nothing, not even the most hopeless situation, would keep them from doing just that. Saving lives.

This whole concept, the mere thought of him being one of the good guys, still had the Galra hybrid feeling adrift and somewhat out of place. He hadn’t been created for this. For killing - yes. For fighting, shedding blood and tearing whole fleets apart - definitely. But doing so for a good cause? A higher goal? On behalf of the whole damn universe? Nope. Just- no. Kuro would’ve laughed his ass off at that prospect.

But times change you, a small voice in the back of his head provided.

Averting his gaze from the back of Lance’s head and focusing on their somewhat awkwardly joined hands instead (he was still new to the whole human interaction and physical contact thing, okay?), Kuro couldn’t hide the small smile creeping onto his face.

Not times, he countered. People. People change you.

It took one more turn around a corner for Kuro to know where they were heading. Lance had asked him to close his eyes. What for, Lance  wouldn’t tell. Not even when Kuro stated how he knew they were going to Lance’s room. The Cuban boy wouldn’t have any of it; simply shushed him with a finger to the clone’s dry lips. There had been a gleam in those dark blue eyes. A gleam he couldn’t quite pin down, but made him want to lick that delicate digit pressed to his lips.

“Just do it already!”, Lance huffed and playfully put one hand over Kuro’s yellow eyes, before he opened the door to his quarters. “Or you’ll ruin the surprise.”

Had he been smiling before, he was downright smirking now.

“Lance, I swear to all deities out there, if the surprise is you taking off your clothes right in front of me, I-”

His teasing died right on Kuro’s tongue and came out as a sputtered, choked sound when he felt two warm hands grab for the hem of his own shirt and pull it upwards.

What the-

“Don’t open your eyes”, came Lance’s voice - a bit shaky, but determined nonetheless. “Just-… Take that off, will you? But please be careful with those scratches on your back.”

It took Kuro a second.

Then another two or three.

His mind had gone completely blank, out of order, Kuro.exe had stopped working. His hands however - oh he’d have to have a talk with them in the near future about not acting on their own, pulling his shirt off within a heartbeat, just because a certain Paladin told them to.

Cool air hit his bare skin - thanks for that you little traitors!, he glowered at his hands for a moment, before screwing his eyes shut again, waiting for Lance’s next move. Heartbeat thundering in his ears and filling the silence that hung over them for a few moments before the smaller man carefully took his clawed bionic hand in his own flesh ones and led him to the bed.

Even with his eyes shut, Kuro could still smell it; the way countless sleepovers made his and Lance’s scents mingle and cling to the sheets and pillows, creating a whole new fragrance that filled him with a warmth he hadn’t felt before.

It smelled like home.


Something fuzzy, tingling unfurled in his chest at that.

“Okay, now sit down, please?”, he could hear the rustling of blankets being pulled back. Without giving a second thought to it, Kuro simply purred an affirmative sound and carefully sat down as not to disturb the straining and prickling wounds on his back any further.

When he’d finally arranged himself properly on the soft mattress, the hybrid heaved a sigh.

“And… what now?”, he asked, proud that the anticipation that caused his guts to twitch didn’t seep into his voice.

Around him Lance rummaged through the room, providing him with the softest wool blanket they possessed and finally turning off the main lights.

There was a soft pad of bare feet on the cold metal floor, followed by the now familiar feeling of a slender body’s weight sinking into the mattress behind him.

Lance shifted closer behind him, close enough that Kuro could feel his breath hit the skin between his shoulderblades. Warm hands crept up his sides until they rested on his ribs. Tender. Careful. So, so careful.

“Do you trust me?”

That question, though barely audible, caught Kuro off guard.

“Uh…”, wow, eloquent as always. “Y-yes? Yes, I trust you.”

He still kept his eyes firmly shut, but he didn’t really need his eyes to know what kind of expression flickered over Lance’s face when the smaller man inhaled sharply.

A heartbeat.

Then another.


The soft hands at Kuro’s ribs gave him a reassuring squeeze, before Lance continued: “If I do something you don’t feel comfortable with… just tell me and I’ll stop. Got that?”

Another purring sound escaped the clone’s throat, followed by a small nod to make sure the other one saw his approval.


Before he could say anything in return, Kuro felt a hesitant pressure at his back. Warm and soft, barely noticeable, but still it felt like he’d been struck by lightning. His eyes flew open. Heat rushed to his cheeks.

The room around them was mostly dark, the only source of light being the warm yellow fairy lights, they had attached to the ceiling right above their shared bed.

There were soft blankets and pillows everywhere, effectively building a nest around the two of them.

And right in the center of all this cozyness there was Lance. Sitting right behind him. Drawing lazy circles into his sides. Pressing his ever so soft lips to the tender, badly scratched skin between his shoulders. Kissing him.

“W-what… what exactly are you doing there?”, the question came out as a high, squeaky sound that made him cringe.

Lance however seemed to have regained some of his confidence over the first contact of skin to skin. For he dragged his lips over the expanse of Kuro’s wide shoulders, right to the next cut, where they lingered, as light as a feather. A shiver ran down his spine, while Lance replied - lips ghosting over his skin with every syllable: “You know, back on earth we have that term ‘to kiss away the pain’. That’s what I’m doing here.”

“O-okay? And is that… some kind of Terran healing technique?”

Trying and failing at fighting off the major blush that set his whole face on fire, he finally gave up and opted for hiding it behind his hands.

Terran healing technique? Seriously?! What the hell, Kuro?

This… this was so surreal.

Kuro felt like combusting would be an acceptable reaction by now.

“No, you silly goose”, came the huffed response. “It’s called magic.”

And with that the Blue Paladins lips continued their journey from cut, to scratch, to bruise, to scar.

Until Kuro’s whole body tingled with the warmth they left in their wake.



aaaand there we go. My final entry for the @kuroweek 2017. I’ve been longing to upload this for so long now!! Especially because I made my poor bean suffer like hell. He was in dire need of something good and happy. :3 I had so much fun doing this - all of my entries. This week was super awesome! Thanks!! :3

“Is this the Demerol or is it him?”

They recorded a freaking vlog. Their doctor’s name was Hyman (different spelling, but lol). Rhett held his own boob and Link’s hand for support. They stroked each other’s hair. Link pulled Rhett’s hair. Rhett stared at Link’s dick. They sang about making love to their wives. And the EUPHEMISMS…!

Also one of the annotations is to the nerf gun episode with their kids, which I found hilarious. And the More was basically a PSA for male birth control.

What a Time to be alive.

Sometimes I wonder if you think about me the way I think about you.
When you see a certain road sign, do you think about the way to get to my house?
When you see a certain shirt you think of me because it would be something I liked?
When you see the things I loved, do you feel a twinge of love for them too, because they were a part of me?
Do you wonder what class I’m in?
What I’m doing?
Where I’m at?
What I’m thinking?
Do you look forward to seeing me in the halls, if it’s just for a few seconds?
Do you wonder if we’ve been in the same places?
When you’re out somewhere, do you play the scenario in your head of “what if she walked in?”
Do you still see my face when we had our first kiss when you close your eyes at night?
Can you hear my voice telling you I loved you?
Am I somehow in everything you do, everyday?
Do you think about me the way I think about you?
Or do you just never think of me at all?
—  {via cheerupsavvy}
I wrote this in High School for my senior speech. The school wouldn't let me use it. Three years later, I thought it would be nice to post it.

“Something like learning” 2015

Sometimes I can feel graduation day coming at me in waves of different emotions. looking back at kindergarten through 12th grade I remember always being told that Teachers are given a curriculum to teach and complete each year. When and where we will use that curriculum is unknown to me right now but we will remember every lesson we were taught that wasn’t on the syllabus because we go to schools

Where we hear hey can you send me the homework? And feel that hatred when we don’t give in.

Where the top ten cheats on tests but I’m still the dumb one

When teachers tell me “You need to pass instead of you need to learn”

Where If you don’t know the answer fill in c

Where “senioritis” and “junioritis” aren’t real they’re just a surrendering flag

When we have SAT’s tomorrow and seven teachers give us 30 minutes of homework each

Where “The highest grade for the class was a d” but just because the whole class is failing doesn’t mean the teacher is

When life goes wrong your senior year of highschool and all anyone can say is “did you get accepted to college?”

When you call the school and say you can’t come in today. And all they can think is “oh no! what about our attendance rates?” But do they care that you are going to bury a loved one?

Where students say that “schools have stairs just so you can throw yourself down them”

When that parent cares more about the marks on a report card than the marks on their sons arms

Where you are told that Being suicidal makes you look weak to colleges and you are told that you don’t want that on your record and you should just move on. But we all know it’s because they don’t want their school to look bad for bullying

When we are taught how to hide from gun shots rather than learn to be kind to others

Where kids would rather have a school shooting than be nice to someone for one minute or even just smile

When we are more afraid to do the task at hand because we may fail rather than do it and learn from the mistakes

Where a teacher will hold up a failed paper and asks the person to come up and get it. And when they do they are faced with scoffing and piercing whispers from their peers

Where a teacher tells us that we don’t care because we’re half asleep going over the homework we did right after we picked up our little siblings from school

Where our students would rather ruin their brains instead of taking lower-level classes so they don’t look stupid

When students are treated like nothing because they don’t learn as fast as others. Because if you ask questions in class you are being disruptive

When kids are only excited to go to school to hand in a project they have been obsessing over for weeks to find that someone decided it was only worth a C

When you go on to social media and see “reblog if school anxiety makes you tremble”, “retweet if you can’t stand this school”, “like my picture if you’re awake until 3 am doing homework”, “Like my status if you hate yourself because you failed that test.” #failure #schoolsucks #ilostsleepbecause #helpme But we “hashtag” for the hope that someone will listen and we “reblog” for hope that someone will finally see, because we are taught to sit down and shut our mouths as soon as that bell rings.

Where you are called bipolar or depressed because you just can’t take it anymore

Where we are told if you don’t like what you see then you should just log off

When a younger sister already has her senior speech written sophomore year about the struggles and pressure of living up to her sisters excellence in and out of school

Where they praise you for perfect attendance but not for feeding your family the night before

Where if you are a boy and do not do a sport, you are considered nothing in this school. But some boys would rather hide because there is no crying in baseball

Where girls aren’t allowed to wear certain shirts because it’s distracting to the boys education and girls are told that we should take catcalling as a compliment

Where “blurred lines"is treated as an anthem more than "we are the world” because it brings people down rather than bring them up.

Where suicide notes are printed and sold as t-shirts

Where we are taught that looking good in a prom dress is more important than keeping the food from lunch in your stomach

When people speak about kindness and love for all but turn there back on people who are different from them

When coffee is your life line

Where books are banned for the n word and the f word but the second we get into the hallways those words deep into our skin

When some will be handed a diploma on the last day of school then the next day handed a gun for initiation

Where we are told that our hopes and our dreams are not as important as the kids that GPA’s are higher than ours. But how do you know that she won’t change the world one day if she is silenced now

When I can’t see myself going to college and a counselor says “well it will be hard to get a job” shouldn’t you be teaching me to survive without It?

Where our own history is sugar coded because it may make people feel uncomfortable. our lessons are filled with holes

When silence is forced so you cannot change your own world into something that is better for you. Something that is better for us. it is not acceptable because it makes them feel uncomfortable

Where I am told I cannot be independent but I am dysfunctional to the institutions that tell me I need to go to college to help someone else’s dream come true and not my own

Where the best lesson we will learn is not on a piece of paper.

What is your curriculum again?


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I work at an amusement park, I give the associates their clothes. All the ladies there that have been there for years are cranky and old. My one manager, S, singles me out all the time. She talks to me like I'm five-years old and no idea what I'm doing. But I do. I've been there for a couple of months and I'm sorry I didn't ask about a certain shirt size because laundry was hanging them up and then they just disappeared so I assumed we didn't have any because I didn't know where the shirts went!

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Hmmm zimmbits camping would be cute!! Also good luck with your gastric situation :)

thank you! and i apologize, this started as a camping fic and quickly turned into a Summer Camp AU – i hope it’s close enough to what you prompted! :)

(on ao3)

Bitty watched fondly from his perch on the dock as Jack blew his whistle. Again.

“Only two people on the Blob!” He barked, pointing at the four B-Compound boys who had turned the yellow, inflatable monstrosity that was the Blob into their own WWE arena. “All of you — ten minutes on the dock. Blob privileges revoked for the day.”

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It’s 4:00am and I drew a sleepy Sock in Jonathan’s hoodie. 

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Where do you get all the style inspiration?

If you had asked me years ago I would have responded with 100 links but these past few years honestly I choose what I like and work backwards.

After I did the whole Marie Kondo thing it just happened naturally. I didn’t actually consider myself ‘stylish’ at all anymore because I stopped following trends so closely but, not to sound too vain, when I looked back on photos from December in Japan I felt really good about it.  I feel like I actually have my own style now and it’s so much less effort than anything I ever did before.

So I kept the things I loved and only buy things that I love.  If I try something on and I have to question any part of it I don’t buy it. Yeah it means walking away empty-handed A LOT. But it’s truly worth it and I never feel like I have “nothing to wear.”

So when I look for some inspiration I’m drawn to magazines or sites that contain a lot of items I already have.  That’s why I really like Vikka magazine. It matches my wardrobe and lifestyle a lot and if I’m getting a bit bored I’ll see something in it I could easily work into my current stuff and will keep it in mind. Like recently I lost 2 pairs of shoes (sandals and loafers) to wear & tear. So I was in the market for something I could wear in the summer, relaxed. I saw these slide loafers from TopShop and while I acknowledge they might considered ugly (LOL) I love them and bought them for summer.

Mostly I just follow my mood these days and really try to listen to myself when I’m trying things on either out shopping or even in my closet. There’s a difference between “not today” and “I feel lousy whenever I wear this.” I’m someone who will sort of punish myself by wearing my least favorite thing if I’m feeling badly. Whenever everything I own is a fav it’s hard to get trapped in the mindset.

I still make mistakes.  Like a pair of sunglasses from Madewell I loved how they looked but the mirrored lenses made me really dizzy when I was in direct sun! I had to return them. Or the men’s Muji shirt I adored but later realized I had to wear it with a certain bra or else the buttons would pull weirdly because I should have sized up. I donated it after a few months of wear because the trouble of matching certain shirts to certain bras is just NOT what my life is about these days.

This might have been way longer than you were looking for but I just felt like talking about this in depth.

I also still look at sometimes and follow instagram accounts like…


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(1) First of all sorry for my english, but I wanna know your opinion about this: I see that most larries think that hl never broke up, cheat or did anything like that. They say that if they had some kind of crisis in their relationship was because of their management or some external agent (modest, syco, simon, jeff?) that want them to be separated. I disagree with this, I think that's possible but I think that if they are together since 2011 they relationship wasn't the same as before

(2) people who believe that are projecting imo. So I believe that they love each other but life isn’t that easy and perfect as some people think. So, I think they broke up a couple of times and went back together . At this point I’m not sure if they are still together. I also think that maybe both of them made mistakes. Also people are always saying how proud of themselves they are (about being gay) I also think this is a projection.I think that Louis had a lot of issues with his sexuality
(3) and because he has a triangle tattoo and wear certain shirts didn’t mean much to me. I know a lot of gay people and believe me accept yourself isn’t that easy as some people here think (most het larries btw) So I’m not sure about Louis being a dad but I think Larry was together till 2015 but after that everything was a mess, and I find quite suspicious that Harry never acknowledge Louis publicly. I think they aren’t in good terms right now, even if Louis talk about H things seems weird

Anonymous said: Louis wears a t shirt with a rose in it and people start losing their shit so I think that anon it’s quite right about the manipulation intentional or not

Anonymous said: Louis’s team’re lazy, but I don’t think evil. They just wanna make money. I agree they aren’t very clever, but even the most stupid person in the world would realise that Larry Stylinson is something Louis’s fans like. They are just doing a game, and they want Larries to play. And it’s actually working, BTY is going well. I think Louis agrees with all this… This looks maybe bad, but he’s a nice person who gives money to the charity, who takes care his family… He’s not an evil for doing that.


Here’s a post from @horsegirlharry about signaling versus seeding which was one of the most educational things I’ve read on the subject:

I think what Louis does with his rose shirts is signaling, to communicate with fans who support him, because he cannot state his thoughts outright.

A lot of the time when we’ve seen him signal to fans, he has had nothing to sell. Most of 2016, he had nothing to sell, but was the most papped 1D band member.

He knows his fans understand things about him. Yes, we do fan projects, we stream, we tweet, we help him financially. But I do not think he baits Larries specifically for gain, or at least that’s what I hope. I think mostly Louis is communicating that he knows we know, and he appreciates the support.

As for Harry and Louis, I think they were good all through 2016, and are probably still good. That’s a personal opinion, based on what I see. Larry is not a condition of my support for them as artists, it was never the primary condition. I think they’ve had ups and downs, and I have no idea whether they’ve ever separated, and it’s not that crucial to me.

I believe in them as people and artists. I want them to have the careers they deserve. If they want to be together, I’d like them to have that chance.

soft lizzington headcanons
  • drinking coffee and doing the sunday crossword in their pajamas as they share a grapefruit and wait for agnes to wake up
  • red making an old family cocoa recipe only for lizzy to ruin it by dropping a candy cane in it and then laughing at his disgust
  • red letting agnes paint his nails and shooting the next criminal who makes fun of it in the foot  
  • spooning.  most nights, red is the little spoon because he likes the security of having elizabeth “octopus” keen hanging all over him, but every now and then, lizzy is feeling insecure and asks to be the little spoon and red can deny her nothing  
  • saying ‘i love you’ in different languages (and teaching the phrases to agnes)
  • picnics in the park or in the mountains or off hiking trails
  • massages. red gives the best foot massage liz has ever had and she always sneakily finds a way for him to give her one. (like, coming home and sighing as she takes off her shoes just loud enough that he can hear it.  and then sitting at the kitchen table and propping her foot in his lap.  wiggling her toes when he ignores her at first and then poking him with her toes until he grabs them and tickles her.  only then will he rub her feet.)
  • red makes these elaborate dinners for lizzy until she’s finally like “please can we just get take out like i cannot handle any more five course meals i just want noodles lol”
  • red tucking a blanket around liz on the plane cause he knows plane air makes her cold
  • he also keeps bottles of lotion cause he knows the air makes her skin dry
  • trips to the farmers markets in the summer to get fresh peaches
  • red keeping bananas on the kitchen counter at all times because he loves to watch lizzy eat them the dirty old pervert
  • liz installing hooks by the doors of every safe house for reds hats
  • making sugar cookies once a month and letting agnes decorate some and taking them to the post office (aram loves them and samar thinks they’re endearing and harold always compliments the ones that agnes decorates and ressler never says anything but he eats like three times as many as anyone else cause he has a terrible sweet tooth)
  • red and agnes doing puzzles lol
  • red just like touches lizzy all the time like he cannot keep his hands to himself. it’s not like hugs and stuff but he’ll rest his hands on her shoulders and like hold her hands. when they’re on the couch he encourages her to put her legs on his lap so he can hold them. she always takes advantage by angling for a foot massage
  • liz isn’t totally into all the touching but will straight up hold his hand when prompted. and she’s like proud of it too.  he initiates but when he tries to let go she’s like “nah we’re in this now handholding or bust” and he just goes with it.
  • they share a body wash lol. liz starts out with her normal body wash but runs out and just uses reds instead. he’s totally into the fact that she smells like him that he buys bottles in bulk and is just like “we have so much lizzy why do you need to buy more” and she’s just like “fine whatever” but she totally loves it
  • she steals his button downs all. the. time. he wants to be mad because certain shirts look best with certain suits and it never fails that she’s lounging around the house with the one he needs but every time he’s like “i need that shirt” she’s like “well come and get it then” and then neither of them can wear it cause it’s suddenly missing buttons
  • red buys her things like all the time. books he thinks she’d like and clothes he knows she would look good in and albums from artists he hears in little clubs he frequents all over the world and too expensive jewelry that she always scoffs over but he catches her looking at the pearl earrings he brought back from greece and she has this tiny smile on her face
  • red loves to play with liz’s hair and she’s fallen asleep more than once to him running his fingers through it
  • red’s even worse though cause he just about purrs when she scratches at the short cut of his own hair
“I love you, I think about you everyday” he said I told him “I love you too. I think about you a lot I’m always just hoping you’re doing good.” But that wasn’t honest, was it? No. I think about him everyday but not just like that I worry about him, I worry whether he’s doing alright, whether he’s had a good day. I’m reminded of him all throughout my day it could be something really simple as walking into my room and seeing a certain shirt and I’ll smile because I’ll think of a day I wore it and saw him it’ll remind me of how it felt to be in his arms, how his arms feel like home, safe and warm. I miss him so much my heart physically aches, months fly by and I start to realize this isn’t just a simple love for a friend no, it’s too late for me to stop myself from this because I’ve fallen, I’m in too deep and I can’t stop myself from loving you with everything in me and maybe it’s in my head but the random “I miss you’s” sometimes in the middle of the day sometimes you say it just before you sleep but each time my stomach will be full of butterflies and my heart will fill with happiness and hope, maybe it’s the constant “I love yous” maybe it’s everything in between or the long tight hugs you only give me as you caress my hair and snuggle your head into the crook of my neck as we whisper into each others ears and even though it feels like seconds I know we stay there like that in pureness for minutes though I wish it was hours cause when I’m in your arms I never want to leave because you are my home it’s all of that, that gives me hope that this isn’t so one sided and I know I’m crazy for thinking so but I can’t help but dream cause you’re always in my dreams and In each one you love me but I wake up and I’m always alone with no new messages from you and I wait around all day hoping for a text back hoping you’re thinking about me maybe I’m delusional maybe I’m misreading this all. I love him and it’s driving me crazy my biggest fear is that this is an unrequited love.
CS Group Prompt - When You Give a Pirate Some Sugar

(edit courtesy of @duathadun)

Here’s my submission for the CS Group Prompt!  As much as I adore writing Scar Tissue, it was fun to take a break this week and work on this instead.  Hope you enjoy, and go check out the other submissions (below)!

Find it on AO3.

Summary: David walks in on his daughter sharing a little sugar (and spice) with her favorite pirate.  

(Captain Swan one-shot, rated E, word count - 2937)

Autumn sun streams through the gauzy white bedroom curtains, the warm light spilling across the wood floor and encroaching onto the plush rug beneath the king-sized four-poster bed. Killian rolls over beneath the cotton sheets, one arm flung over the empty space next to him as he blinks awake and groggily looks around.  It’s not often that he sleeps so late, being accustomed to rising at or before the dawn, but, to be fair, there were extenuating circumstances this time, namely the post-midnight hours he and Emma spent awake last night – in bed, but very much not-sleeping.  A grin curves his lips at the memory.  She’s a marvel, his Swan – fiery and passionate and, some days, downright insatiable.  And gods, does he love it.

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ust james n lily get caught in a storm and have to share a very very close tight space.... ;))

okay so clearly i don’t understand the concept of a drabble…oops? anyway this is slightly silly but literally the only scenario i could think of so enjoy 1.7k of ust jily!

“Potter, you fucking idiot.”

Lily Evans was pretty much the definition of furious at this exact point in time. Actually, she was certain that if you went to the library and found a dictionary, her disgruntled face would appear right under the word “angry”.

James Potter, for his part, looked a mixture of amused and scared as he backed away from her, palms raised in defence. “Listen, Evans,” he began, “I know this wasn’t the best idea -”

“What, so now you admit it?”

James had the decency to look sheepish, if only for a moment, “Well, yeah. The plan was to get you in here and teach you how to fly properly. Clearly I missed out some of the finer details, like how to stop my idiot friends from locking us into the pitch -”

“Oh, that’s just great. James Potter, master of pranks -”

“Why, Evans, I had no idea you thought so highly of me -”

“- didn’t consider the fact that Sirius Black is an idiot, and Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are a pair of plotting wankers.”

James shrugged. “What can I say? It’s hard to notice your friends are evil when you’re usually in on their plans.”

Lily ignored him, huffing and sitting down in the middle of the pitch where the pair of them were. The grass tickled her bare shins and she scowled, thumbing along the edge of her skirt and looking anywhere but at Potter.

“Don’t you want to learn?” James asked. He sounded almost hurt now, which only irritated her further.

Yes, that’s why I asked you for help in the first place! I didn’t want to get locked in here with you.”

James flopped down in front of her, and - to her mild delight and dismay - took her hands in his. “Lily, I am sorry about the others. Honestly, I had no clue they were going to do this. But there’s lots of space, it’s not raining, and I’ve got a spare broom in the locker rooms.”

She took a deep breath. Truthfully, Lily was more embarrassed than angry - it wasn’t exactly ideal to be stuck anywhere with the boy she had a massive crush on.

“You jinxed it. You fucking jinxed it.”

Now she was mad.

“I didn’t jinx anything, Evans, Sirius nicked my wand and you know I haven’t quite mastered wandless magic yet -”

“Oh, shut up, Potter - it’s a figure of speech! You said ‘it’s not raining’ and now look outside!”

In unison, they turned their heads to the window of the locker room. The glass was being pelted with raindrops (which was probably hail) and Lily saw a bright flash of lightning that she almost wished would just strike her on the head so she could get out of this situation.

“I didn’t cause the rain, Lily, that’s ridiculous.”

You’re ridiculous,” she said, crossing her arms over her wet shirt. She was pretty certain that James kept staring, because her bra was very much visible under it, but somehow, this made her more smug than humiliated.

“I already said sorry -”

Lily groaned, “Okay, never mind. Isn’t there - I dunno - a radiator or something in here?”

“A what?” James’ eyes squinted in confusion behind his glasses.

Lily swore, “Wizards.”

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anonymous asked:

hey ivory! I rmbr on your snapchat you were always wearing cool and cute clothes, your style rocked. so jw what's your go to outfit these days? it's winter in aus right? x

Hello!!! It was definitely winter when you sent me this message (the timestamp says it was a month ago fhjk I am so sorry) but my uni mirrors are shit and I wanted to take a pic of what my ‘usual’ or ‘base’ outfit is. Finally, I am home this week so I could take some pics for you!!! 

This outfit here (excuse my slouchy ass positions) is my general ‘base’. I call it that because I interchange the shirt/wear a certain jacket with it depending on the weather that day, but I am constantly wearing that old school vans and loose pants combo because the comfort level is through the damn roof. It has been warmer lately so I have been wearing tank tops or bodysuits with it like in those pics, though throughout the winter, I would bulk it up with a sweater or a thick, long-sleeved shirt and a warm jacket. Thank you for liking my slack fashion sense too, that is so nice dfghjk.

Hangover (Prompt #13)

Requested by anonymous:  13 with Scott please ❤️

#13: Oh my God, you are naked.

A/N: Thanks a lot for requesting, this was really fun to do and it got quite fluffy in the end, hope you like it :) If you want to send me a request, click here

As you wake up you realize immediately that last night has been a mistake. God, your head! Why did you have to drink that much? You have no idea. Actually you don’t remember much at all. You probably did something horribly embarrassing that the whole school will talk about tomorrow. And you are so freaking thirsty!

With a painful moan you turn aside in your sheets to check if you had the brain to prepare a bottle of water for this occasion. As you take a look at your nightstand you freeze. That’s not your nightstand. Shockingly enough it’s not even your room! You know those walls all too well but they are not yours. They’re Scott’s. Why the hell are you lying in your crushes’ bed?

Dread builds up inside you and your heart begins to race. Slowly, very carefully, you turn around again and it skips a beat. Scott is resting next to you, breathing calmly and obviously being sound asleep. You on the other hand are wide awake by now and a stunned gasp escapes your mouth as your brain understands the bearing of this situation. What did you do?

To make matters worse your noises of panic made him twitch. He’s moving and mumbling until his brown eyes flutter open for a second. His face is only inches from yours so there is no way to hide, he discovers you at once and to your surprise your sight makes a smile appear on his lips before he cuddles back into the blankets and closes his eyes again.

“Morning Y/N”, he mutters sleepily.

You swallow hard. Something blocks your throat and makes it impossible to answer or breathe normally. You have to know. You are not naked yourself but that doesn’t say much, you are only wearing one of his shirts and panties. You are certain that it’s his because it smells like him. You would recognize this smell anywhere. So the only way to find out what happened last night, how bad this is, is to check his state.

You press your lips together to keep as quiet as possible while you get hold of the blanket to lift it very cautiously. Inch by inch, your whole body tensed to the highest level. Thankfully he doesn’t move. As it’s high enough you take a quick glance at his upper body.

Oh my God, you are naked!”, you exhale far too loud before you can stop yourself.

This time his eyes snap open for good. But you are far too agitated already to care. Your heart freaks out by now and you are sure that Scott can hear it which only makes it worse.

Not able to grasp any logical thought anymore you jump out of the bed, nearly lose balance as the dizziness sets in and desperately scan the room for your clothes, constantly mumbling: “No…no,no,no…” under your breath. Finally you discover your jeans at the end of the bed and grab it, trying to take it on which is not that easy with a pounding head.

“Y/N, stop it, calm down!”, Scott speaks up as his morning confusion has passed. “We haven’t had sex!”

That does the trick. You pause, having one leg dressed and the other not, and stare at him.

“We haven’t?”, you ask weakly.

He smirks. “No.”

“Oh, thank god!” You forget your jeans and sit back down on the bed, ruffling through your messy hair. “This is not supposed to happen. Not like this.”

“Not like this?”, he repeats curiously.

And again you feel the agitation rise. Why can’t you just shup up and why do you always have to blush?

“I…uh…nevermind. How did that happen?”

You make a gesture that kind of involves the whole situation and shoot him a questioning look. His brown eyes sparkle, affectionately and amused.

“Well, you got really drunk. Which is Liam’s fault, he filled you up. I really have to talk to him about that, he can’t get others wasted just because he can’t get it himself anymore. I realized how bad you were as you told every single one of the pack why you adored us so much and you expressing your eternal love for us is always a solid indicator. So I decided to bring you home but you said your parents are away and you didn’t wanna be alone so I brought you here instead. Then you asked me to give you one of my shirts to wear because all the cool girls in the movie do that and as I finally had you gone to bed you asked me to stay. Which I did. And because I get really warm while sleeping I only wear boxer. I guess that’s a wolf thing.”

Wow. Those were a lot of words for Scott and your head hurts even more. You fall on your back and sigh deeply.

“I am so sorry. I must have been embarrassing.”

“Ah, it was kind of cute and funny. How are you?”, he asks concerned.

“Not good. My head is exploding.”

“Come here.”

You look up at him to see that he lifted the blanket for you to crawl back in. You can’t resist although your heart betrays you again as you feel his warmth. He smiles warmly and brushes your hair softly.

“I am gonna get some aspirin for you in a minute. But first…what did you mean with ‘Not like this’?”

You groan, hiding your face on his chest. “Come on, Scott. As if you don’t know. You can hear and smell it every time that I am near you.”

“I never believed it was actually because of me.”

“Believe it.”

He chuckles, places a finger under your chin and lifts your head until you have to look him into his eyes. They are beautiful, as always.

“There are a lot of things I would love to do with you right now but I will wait until you can actually enjoy it”, he states, making your stomach flutter with his intense gaze.

And once more your heart skips a beat, but this time it makes you grin.

“Heard it this time?”

He laughs. Then he embraces you tighter and presses a kiss on your forehead. Wow. The best hangover ever!

shout out to people with surgery scars

to those who have spots on their torso so deep they look like bellybuttons, because of feeding tubes

to those whose inner thighs are littered with tiny indentations from medical catheters

to those with long lines running up their stomachs and backs, long as the zippers on their coats

to those whose scars are still red and purple and healing, and to those whose are nearly faded away

to those who cannot hide their scars, or choose not to, and get nervous wearing certain shirts and pants because they know they may get strange looks

to those who spent summers terrified of the pool, terrified to show any skin because their body didn’t look right, and would never look right

to those who can explain the origin of every scar off the top of their head, and to those who still don’t understand what happened to them even if they read it off their medical history, because they were so young or the doctors didn’t bother to explain it well enough

to those whose scars still ache and itch and feel too tight, days and months and even years after their surgery has taken place

to those who are proud of their scars one day and ashamed of them the next

to those who feel ugly constantly, looking at perfect, unblemished skin and wondering if those people know how lucky they are

to those whose scars remind them of trauma and bad hospital visits that they would rather forget, but can’t because they are literally carrying a reminder of that experience with them every day

i get it. i’m here for you. and others are too