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(again, blame @ceejles for this jk I chose to walk this path)


Omg…guys..I ..I cried. Like legit. I’ve never cried over an anime before. Not that hard

And guess what I ended up doing anyway…. (under the cut cuz spoilers but not really I guess?) hint: art.

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On today’s episode of Ceej Can’t Listen to the Radio Without Having Jojo Feels:

“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper came on while I was driving home and I just couldn’t stop thinking about post sdc jotakak?

Because I have no semblance of 80s Japanese culture and just really need high school prom aesthetic

sue me

-Kakyoin comes home with them and is fine
-Totally fine
-Jotaro sort of half asks Kakyoin to prom
-But not really
-But they both go anyway “as friends”
-The theme is “Under the Sea”
-Jotaro swears he didn’t vote for that
-(He totally did)
-The evening mainly consists of them being awkward
-You know, like typical 80s prom awkward punch bowl conversation
-“Time After Time” comes on
-The lyrics make them feel things and talk about the Things That Happened in Egypt™
-Jotaro stops sweating for five seconds to make a move
-Brief awkward slow dance moment
-They go outside for some air and have more 80s teen movie conversation
-Joseph comes to pick them up and Kak falls asleep on Jotas shoulder on the way home
-The Song comes on the radio
-RIP Jotaro Kujo


160724: EXO’rDium in Seoul Day 3 | ceej


[FANCAM] 150620 EXO @ EXO’luXion in BKK - Hurt (Kyungsoo/D.O. Focus)

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