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ok yeah… blue eyes are great and all… green? pretty great, too… but brown eyes are incredible, they’re sexy, and at the same time soft. warm, can be colored like coffee, tea or hot chocolate. when the light hits them it’s like amber or caramel. some even have flecks of golden brown. they’re so expressive and never cold. beautiful, amazing, incredible, show-stopping, marvelous….


This was for @not-moose-one-shots follower celebration! It’s a little short but I hope you enjoy!

“Dude, where are you going?” Sam looked up from his laptop as his brother rushed around the room.

Dean had to work to keep his face straight. “Gonna go watch the mark, Sam. Ya know…my job.”

“It’s…ten o’clock. She’s probly in bed. And you were just there last night. At this point you should just move in with her.”

He paused, trying not to give anything away. “Just…wait for my call. Okay?” he slammed the motel room door and practically sprinted to the car, a grin on his face from ear to ear.

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Dream A Little Dream
CJ Burgandy
Dream A Little Dream

Mad Myrna’s Cast of Little Shop of Horrors Fund Raiser 2016 - CJ Burgandy singing “Dream a Little Dream” in the style of Mama Cass Eliot.  
One of the prettiest songs in the history of popular music.  I often use this as an audition song.  I’ve tried other tempos and keys, but I just really love this one. 

Photo by Kirsten Swanson.  It’s the best photo of me ever, so it get used a lot.  (It’s from the promo poster for Bare- A Pop Opera. 2015)


Good night, everyone w

(again, blame @ceejles for this jk I chose to walk this path)

Once upon a time (9monthsago), I made a fanart of Chat Noir. I made it for Ceej-senpai since I really admire their works and they got me into ml fandom. But my art was shitty as fuck and since I improved a bit I decided to make ml fanart once again! Thank you @ceejles for dragging me into that awesome story !!!

I’m sorry but if you wanna improvise some melodies musically and shit try like early Britney Spears bc they work so well.

We done like a grunge “hit me baby one more time” and it works excellently and ya boy is definitely suggesting we do “oops I did it again” bc it’s just fantastic.

(Plus wee ceej is on vocals and he gets really in to Britney Spears for some reason…)


We have stood by and watched for far too long, for those who don’t know @pidgeonspen  she is a sweet person who has just broken away from an abusive relationship with a girl called Nicky.  She has thrown threats of physical abuse, shouted emotional and psychological abuse to break her down and even threatened to take her own life if Ceej did not stay with her.

It has been a month but still the abuse comes in droves, Nicky has ban evaded on many websites, went past an IP block and tried to target other people who Ceej is known to associate herself with to get to her.  She has used her mental and physical disabilities to break her down, claiming she is a disgust to those with autism because she cannot work and claims that nobody in the world wants her around.

Well that is where you are wrong Nicky, I care about her, those who reblog this care about her, those who take the time to read this and just think for a moment about how cruel what you are doing is cares about Ceej and we are sure as hell no longer going to stand by and watch this abuse anymore.

For every account you make, we are going to be there to shield her.  For every word of abuse you shout we are going to replace it with ten others to build her back up and one day, you will just be a distant memory of a bad time that made her stronger.



Omg…guys..I ..I cried. Like legit. I’ve never cried over an anime before. Not that hard

And guess what I ended up doing anyway…. (under the cut cuz spoilers but not really I guess?) hint: art.

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