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ok yeah… blue eyes are great and all… green? pretty great, too… but brown eyes are incredible, they’re sexy, and at the same time soft. warm, can be colored like coffee, tea or hot chocolate. when the light hits them it’s like amber or caramel. some even have flecks of golden brown. they’re so expressive and never cold. beautiful, amazing, incredible, show-stopping, marvelous….


This was for @not-moose-one-shots follower celebration! It’s a little short but I hope you enjoy!

“Dude, where are you going?” Sam looked up from his laptop as his brother rushed around the room.

Dean had to work to keep his face straight. “Gonna go watch the mark, Sam. Ya know…my job.”

“It’s…ten o’clock. She’s probly in bed. And you were just there last night. At this point you should just move in with her.”

He paused, trying not to give anything away. “Just…wait for my call. Okay?” he slammed the motel room door and practically sprinted to the car, a grin on his face from ear to ear.

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anonymous asked:

Do you do ko-fi, patreon, or commissions?

Hi nonny!!! I dont have those >o< tbh, i burst out laughing when i read this! i was like…. “for what??” xD 

But i do know some people who you can totally support on ko-fi, patreon, or commission!!! 

For ko-fi: 

@mavilez (who has amazing art) is currently drawing characters in exchange for 3 coffees! she’s such a sweetie and drew me this! (link for mavilez’s kofi

@yunyin is just plain amazing and sweet and lovely and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this entire fandom owes her one million coffees alone for her amazing feat of drawing something for everyday of adrienette month!!! (link to yunyin’s kofi

@sweet-childhood-dreams is THE SWEETEST BEAN!! the only thing cuter than her is her adorable art! for a limited time, shes offering chibi commissions for the cost of 3 coffees, and fancier chibs for the price of 5!! (link to sweet’s kofi) **edit** just look at the cute cherry tomato baby bee twins she gave me!!! 

@edendaphne is amazing, i love her. she has a ko-fi (link to eden’s ko-fi)–she takes payment in hot chocolate xD and she also takes commissions!!! (link to her commission page) ngl ive been wanting to commission eden for sooooo long, but its almost like i have to find the right thing!!!! and the pressure is paralyzing!! >w<!!!

@lunian is the greatest, i love her so much and fjalksjf;laksdfjal;skfdj i got noooooo words except BUY HER COFFEE (i know you dont like coffee…BUT THIS IS THE KIND OF KO-FI SHE LOVES!) >o< (link to luni’s ko-fi)

@ceejles if you’re in the miraculous ladybug fandom, and haven’t already bought ceej a coffee than IM CALLING THE POLICE //dials 911 on the microwave// youve seen her art, you love her, give her coffeeeeeee (link to ceej’s ko-fi)

@kittykichi is another amazing artist!!! you should totally check out their stuff and consider buying them a coffee!! (link to kitty’s ko-fi) **edit** kitty also has a doodle deal, if you buy a coffee you get a dood!!! (link for more info here) (also look at this beautiful beenath i got ;o;/

//cracks knuckles// oKAY NEXT!

For Patreon

there are a lot of amazing content creators on patreon! and i highly recommend taking a look around to find people to support…here’s some suggestions!

@shishitsunari is amazing, and really deserves more patreons!!! their art was some of the first i saw of the ml fandom, and its stunning!!! without the support they aren’t able to fanart as much as they’d like, so my dream is that one day they are able to!!!  (link to shishitsunari’s patreon

@nokkiart HAS THE GREATEST MOST MAGICAL STYLE!!! and one day i will own a picture book of their art, i dont even care if there are puns involved, I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!!! and damn, three lucky butts–if you donate enough–can get a custom paper cut out piece, and oh boy are they stunning!! (link to nokkiart’s patreon

@portentous-offerings is amazing at running her patreon, ;o;/ its full of amazing content and goodness do i love all her stuff! she also has a lot of tiers to choose from and makes them all worth it!! (link to dire’s patreon

@hchano you’ve seen h’s art…but have you read her COMIC!??!?!!? FREAKING WHATj;lfjas;ldfjkas;ldkfja!??!?! its good!!! ITS AMAZING!! SHES AMAZING!! and you should totally check out dream*scar and consider supporting her on patreon!!! (link to hchano’s patreon

For Commissions

@twindoodle (Happy Birthday Twin!) does commissions!!! AND I LOVE HER BRIGHT COLOURS AND STYLE!!! she did this awesome buzzkill piece for me, and im obsessed! (link to twin’s commission page

@bichatnoir AKA @sealfarts also has such a distinct and lovely style! (i got an amazing piece done by them and its just so lovely!!!) also their prices are criminal….so please be sure to tip !!! (link to seal’s commission page

@chalala-chan created ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PIECES EVER! ACTUALLY TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PIECES EVER! everything about lala’s style is perfection! (link to chachachahahahhaaa’s commission page

@smiling-grouch is a genius and master of traditional art, she murdered me with her style and it blew my mind when i realized that it wasnt digital art! LOOK AT THIS! (link to grouch’s commision page

and there’s so many more creators that im so sure im missing >O< !!! you just gotta keep your eyes peeled and on the look out! 👀 


if you’re looking for another place for some awesome content, can i suggest (AND ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND) the UP to the Test! Miraculous Ladybug Zine for disaster relief

donate to a charity of your choosing and email your receipt to @ml-disaster-relief-zine (instructions here

In return for donating to charity you’ll be given the zine when it comes out!! so preorder today!!! remember portentous offerings? well she’s offering access to her Marinette and her Romeo FULL COMIC for donations of $5!!! its quite the deal, tbh, not only do you get to help others in need (like seriously earth CAN YOU JUST CHILL FOR A MINUTE?!?!?!) but you’ll be rewarded with amazing content!! 


Good night, everyone w

(again, blame @ceejles for this jk I chose to walk this path)

안녕하세요!! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

「about me」

- my name is ceej (see-j[uh])
- i was born in honolulu but i live in maryland!
- i’m 14 years old (january 27th)
- i have recently been promoted from 8th grade and i am going into 9th grade in september!
- as for my future career, i was thinking something amongst the lines of forensic science or computer engineering!
- i am enthralled by the korean culture! i am self-studying korean as well. i also like making gif, photo and video edits as a pastime.

「subjects that i’ll be taking in 9th grade」

- biology honors
- geometry honors
- pre-ap/honors english 9
- us history
- physical education
- foundations of technology
- french I

「clubs that i am interested in joining」

- asian culture club
- gsa (gay-straight alliance)

「huge thank you’s to the studyblr’s that have inspired me to make my own!」

@studyquill @tbhstudying @studyign @cielstudies @studywithinspo @studyblr @charlenestudies @rhubarbstudies @milkstudy @studyplants @emmastudies @bookmrk @jiyeonstudies @beyondthebooks @ttstudy @birdkostudies @struggle-studies


Omg…guys..I ..I cried. Like legit. I’ve never cried over an anime before. Not that hard

And guess what I ended up doing anyway…. (under the cut cuz spoilers but not really I guess?) hint: art.

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are you freakin’ kidding me?! i wanted to try a get overTower Prep! Not miss it even more! AH!

tOo MaNy PaRalLeLs!

1. Newcomer Adam *cough Ian* meets Sally and Watch in his new home *cough CJ, Suki and Gabe* and tries to the solve mysteries of Spooksville *cough Tower Prep*

2. First episode? We see these things: creatures with glowing blue eyes *cough Gnomes in disguise*

3. Oh Ceej. Really? Anyone have any idea how much i freaked when i saw Elise? like WHAA?

4. Don’t even start with the whole Ann is good but bad but so is Headmaster but he’s good but pretends to be bad plotline. GAHH.

I just… can’t win…