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CARNIFEX to release new album, “Slow Death”, this summer

CA based metal outfit CARNIFEX, will release their new album entitled Slow Death on August 5 via Nuclear Blast Records. The record was produced and recorded by CARNIFEX and Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, BLEEDING THROUGH), and co-produced by Jason Suecof (DEATH ANGEL, CHELSEA GRIN, JOB FOR A COWBOY. Slow Death was mixed by Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, DEICIDE) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida. Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine.

Check out a quick teaser of music and the album artwork here.

“Album number six, over 10 years as a band and we have more fire and passion than ever,” comments vocalist Scott Ian Lewis. “This album will reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal. We’re going to show those who love us and those who hate us just how far reaching our ambition is.”

Slow Death track list:
01. Dark Heart Ceremony
02. Slow Death
03. Drown Me In Blood
04. Pale Ghost
05. Black Candles Burning
06. Six Feet Closer To Hell
07. Necrotoxic
08. Life Fades To A Funeral
09. Countess Of The Crescent Moon
10. Servants To The Horde

CARNIFEX’s latest release, Die Without Hope, reached #98 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release in March 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. The record also reached #8 on the Hard Rock Charts.

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Scott Lewis – Vocals

Shawn Cameron – Drums

Jordan Lockrey – Guitar

Cory Arford – Guitar

Fred Calderon - Bass

Castiel photo op ideas for ChiCon:

  • Give Cas a kitten or a guinea big (stuffed obvs but still)
  • Wrap Cas into a blanket
  • Hold a sign that says “Castiel is important” or “Castiel is loved”
  • Hold a “stophurtingCas2k15″ sign
  • Wrap Cas into a blanket
  • Press a healing finger on Cas’s forehead so that for once someone is healing him
  • Kiss his forehead
  • Hand Castiel a fashion catalog for new outfit ideas
  • Wrap Cas into a b l a n k e t
My thoughts on Get Together so far...

I freaking love it, ok? Like I had lowest expectation for this, since most of the people I follow seem to be pretty ‘meh’ about it. But it really suits my gameplay style! Here’s what I like so far:
- Objects… there’s tons of cool stuff. Coffee bars with actual coffee in paper caps? Bars when you can order actual food and a drink and your sim will carry both of them to their table? Proper looking nightclubs stuff? Recolorable pools? Shit ton of gorgeous exterior items? Yes, please. 
- CAS has a few cute outfits, especially for males. 
- New town. It’s gorgeous and actually filled with plenty of locations that I can play of without itching to rebuild immediately. 
- New adorable interactions like ‘exchange phone numbers’ for lovers and such. Cute. 
- I still didn’t played with the groups, but idea seems interesting so far. 
And I literally played like few hours so far… So yep, I love the EP. It’s simple and something that can be used when you’re not into the whole alien pregnancy - human eating cows - weird robots and other crazy stuff like that. It’s actually pretty good for more realistic style gameplay. 

Seriously though, Misha is looking God!Cas levels of hot in that video.  They should film the show in his trailer.  And also get rid of the trash bag trench and Cas’ new outfit can be that Jim Morrison T shirt.  

And his hair??? and his arms… *watches the video again*