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Hi! Do you think it's possible we get a new Cas outfit in season 13? Because everybody seems to agree that Cas needs to change as a consequence of being dead, and costume change is a common way to show that on screen? Also the trenchcoat now has a huge hole in it...

I can’t tell if Dabb agrees with us or not and it frustrates me to no end because if anyone would go for the big metaphorical change it’s him but he was the one who PUT Cas in that outfit in the first place, but Berens is clearly as annoyed as we are about Cas’s looks so I live in hope. He drew attention in two consecutive episodes at the start of the season :P 

I would love Cas to be brought back in such a way that just magically fixing the clothes didn’t work, and obviously he can’t go around with a stab hole in his coat…

We can start with Dean lending him some flannel to wear. He has that lovely beige white and blue one that looks like what Cas should wear if he was Dean. I vote that, at least until Cas can go shopping with a personal style guide.

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Headcanon... Dean gets really flustered and turned on when he sees Castiel wearing Naga clothes. Queue dean awkwardly trying to hide his arousal as Cas flaunts his new outfits so proudly uWu

Oh oh! ♥ It would make sense. For Dean seeing Castiel in the clothes typical of Dean’s people might be a sign that Castiel is becoming part of his family for good. I like to imagine that Castiel is at first resolutely against wearing naga clothes because he wants to preserve some part of his own familiar culture. It is obvious at first glance that he’s not a Naga. He’s foreign, he’s a guest. He only wears naga clothes given to him when he knows that there are certain clothing items required in certain contexts. And Dean understands Castiel’s need to keep some distance, he really does. But he can’t help feeling like Castiel is rejecting him in one way or another.

But then Castiel starts wearing naga clothes on occasion, not because he feels it’s his duty as a guest honouring the customs of his hosts, but because he likes them. And first Dean is elated. And then he gets kinda turned on, because seeing Castiel finally covered in clothes that mark him as “naga” / “Dean’s mate”? That’s pushing all the buttons that Dean didn’t know he had.

Poor noodle.


Now that the household is down to 8 sims, I was able to take them into CAS (YAY!!). Everyone, including the bachelorette here, got a new everyday outfit. I tried to stick to their styles based on the outfits they arrived in but if you don’t think what I put your sim in works, just let me know ;) I left hair & makeup & such alone. I won’t do the full makeovers until I think the final 4

Dean Winchester:

•had a desire to be a ballerina for a moment in time
•actually likes wearing women’s underwear
•got flustered when a man flirted with him
•referred being flirted with by a man as ‘his gay thing’
•drunkenly flirted with a man himself
•checks out Cas all the time
•reacted stronger than anyone else to Cas kissing and sleeping with someone else
•covered his crotch when he first saw Cas in his new (old) outfit…
•things said to Cas by Dean:

‘blow me, Cas’
‘not for nothing but the last person who looked at me like that… I got laid [winks]’
‘why don’t you unbutton it [his shirt]’
(& then checked him out)

…but he’s totally straight though.

hot takes from Noni

- g**ffith did not deserve an inch of the love and devotion Ca/s/ca had for him in the Golden Age Arc

- Miura better give Ca/s/ca a new outfit, I hate the goddamn potato sack she’s been wearing for so long

- Cas/ca deserves all the love and support possible from Gu/ts’ new crew (and Gu/ts) when she returns to sanity, she’s gonna need it

CARNIFEX to release new album, “Slow Death”, this summer

CA based metal outfit CARNIFEX, will release their new album entitled Slow Death on August 5 via Nuclear Blast Records. The record was produced and recorded by CARNIFEX and Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, BLEEDING THROUGH), and co-produced by Jason Suecof (DEATH ANGEL, CHELSEA GRIN, JOB FOR A COWBOY. Slow Death was mixed by Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, DEICIDE) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida. Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine.

Check out a quick teaser of music and the album artwork here.

“Album number six, over 10 years as a band and we have more fire and passion than ever,” comments vocalist Scott Ian Lewis. “This album will reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal. We’re going to show those who love us and those who hate us just how far reaching our ambition is.”

Slow Death track list:
01. Dark Heart Ceremony
02. Slow Death
03. Drown Me In Blood
04. Pale Ghost
05. Black Candles Burning
06. Six Feet Closer To Hell
07. Necrotoxic
08. Life Fades To A Funeral
09. Countess Of The Crescent Moon
10. Servants To The Horde

CARNIFEX’s latest release, Die Without Hope, reached #98 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release in March 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. The record also reached #8 on the Hard Rock Charts.

More on Die Without Hope:
“Die Without Hope” music video
Studio Blog Part 1 

Studio Blog Part 2

Studio Blog Part 3
“Dark Days” Lyric Video:
“Dragged Into The Grave” Lyric Video
“Dragged Into the Grave” guitar lesson
“Condemned to Decay” guitar lesson


Scott Lewis – Vocals

Shawn Cameron – Drums

Jordan Lockrey – Guitar

Cory Arford – Guitar

Fred Calderon - Bass

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wcif these poses? post/156360621758/spring-outfit-s3-without-cas-thumbnail-new-mesh

I’m really sorry but I don’t know. I can’t search it for you because I’ve lost all my Sims 3 mods in the ‘past’. Sorry.. :(


When Lucifer was expelled, Castiel fell to the floor like all that remained of him was an old pile of clothes. For a moment, Dean had feared that he had actually lost Cas. He had rushed to his side and found him beneath the torn and bloodied clothing. Dean scooped him up like Castiel weighed nothing and carried him back to his room.

Sam had followed at his heels, reaching past him to open doors and pull back blankets. They took off his shoes and slipped him under the covers. Dean found an extra blanket and laid it over the three other blankets already in place. They had considered removing the bloody clothes, but in the end, they seemed to just want him tucked in tight, as if it would make it harder for him to leave or be taken away.

“He’s gotta be okay. He’s gonna be okay.” The last was almost like a question, so Sam rested a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

“He’ll be fine. He’s strong. He always manages to survive.” Sam pulled Dean into his side a little, hugging him a bit more. Dean let himself be hugged, which was a testament to his sorrow.

“He has to be okay.” Dean took a chair from against the wall and set it right next to the bed. Sam sat at the foot of the bed, and they both fell into a silent vigil. When Castiel first spoke it was more like a mumble, a graveled out bit of pain. Dean leaned in close and encouraged him to just rest. He took a small washcloth that Sam had procured and wiped away the stains of battle that painted the angel’s face.

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"Why is our daughter dressed like a bee?" 

Cas looked up from his book and over to where their daughter, now two and a half years old, was running around in circles with her arms out. She was dressed in a black and yellow striped dress with a yellow tulle skirt over a black cotton skirt. Little wings were strapped to her back by elastic bands that went over her arms.

He turned back to Dean. "We bought that at the store today. It was on sale, because Halloween is over.”

“But why a bee? And, as you just pointed out, Halloween is over.”

“Because she liked it.” Cas shrugged. It had seemed as good a reason as any at the time. He set his book down. “Do you not?”

“What? No, I, I don’t dislike it. I was just wondering why she was a bee.”

“Because it’s cute.” Cas stood from his chair and walked over to where their little girl was playing. “Honeybee. Come show Daddy your new outfit.”

She stopped twirling and turned to face Cas. A bright, happy smile spread across her face. She ran straight for them and Cas caught her just under the arms and lifted her up. 

“I’m a bee!”

“I see that,” Dean said, smiling at her. He poked her tummy and it made her giggle and scrunch up. “Why are you a bee?”


"What do bees say?” Cas asked.

“BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ!” She said, then broke into more giggles. 

“That’s right. Buzz, buzz, buzz!” As he made the sound back at her, Cas leaned in and nuzzled his nose against hers. She shook her head in an attempt to nuzzle back.

“Okay, you two are just too darn cute right now.” Dean laughed and wrapped an arm around his little girl’s back.

“Daddy buzz buzz!” She pointed at Dean.

“Oh, you want Daddy to buzz like a bee?”

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” She giggled all the more.

“Okay, buzz, buzz, buzz." 

"Noo, Daddy! Nose buzz!" 

"I’m sorry! My bad.” Dean leaned in so that he could nuzzle his nose against hers and did it again. “Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

She giggled again and gave him a kiss. “Love you, Daddy.”

“Love you, too, Honeybee.” Dean whispered, kissed her again, then turned his head and kissed Cas on the cheek. “I’ll remember not to question you on costumes again.”

Request: Could you please do a fic where Y/N has to go to the mall for new clothes but Dean and Sam won't take her. So they get Castiel to take her he gets all confused at some of the stores and he helps the reader pick out which clothes look good on her.

“Dean, I need clothes!” You shouted as Dean rolled his eyes.

“I get that, but we’re a little busy at the moment!” Dean replied.

“Doing what? Research? You’ve been doing that for days! I think me having something to wear on the next hunt is kind of important! Or would you rather me just walk around in the nude?” You asked with a harsh voice.

"Dean, just take her. I’ll keep
researching.” Sam suggested.

“No!” Dean responded.

“Dean Winchester, you are being ridiculous!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air.

“I’m sorry that I don’t want to go shopping, okay?” Dean yelled back.

“Oh my God, just get Cas to take her!” Sam suggested. Your heart sped up at the mention of the angel, and you prayed that Dean would agree. You had a huge crush on him, and even though he probably didn’t feel the same way, just being around Castiel made you happy.

Dean was silent for a moment. “That’s a really good idea.” He commented. “Castiel, I pray to thee to get thy feathery ass down here.” Dean prayed, holding his hands together and closing his eyes.

“Hello.” Castiel said, appearing right next to you and making you jump.

“Jesus!” You exclaimed.

“No, I’m Castiel.” He replied, tilting his head. “Have you forgotten?”

“No, Cas. You just surprised me.” You explained.

“Alright, alright. Let’s get down to business. Cas, we need you to take Y/N to the mall to go shopping.” Dean said.

“Okay.” Castiel said.

Dean blinked, obviously confused. “Okay? You’re not going to argue about not wanting to go, or anything?”

“Unlike you, Cas is nice and fun.” You commented.

Castiel smiled at you, touched by your compliment. You walked closer to him and he gripped your hand. In an instant you were in the mall, tons of people bumbling around you.

“Let’s go!” You exclaimed, pulling him after you. First thing’s first, bras. You had maybe one left that was comfortable, and you’d been wearing it for three days in a row.

Castiel stopped outside of Victoria’s Secret, staring at the advertisement.
“She is not a real angel.” He stated.

You laughed and said, “It’s just an ad. They want people to buy their stuff, so calling the people that wear them angels helps.”

“Does that really work?” Cas asked.

“Not really. People just buy their stuff because they’ve got good bras.”

Castiel nodded like he understood, even though you knew he didn’t. You loved when he did that. You dragged him into the store, and began looking around. Castiel did the same, touching everything and generally looking confused.

You picked a plain blue bra with soft cups, a black one that would do wonders for your boobs, a few sports bras for protection, and a super cool salmon lace bra. “I have to try these on. Just stand there, and don’t stare at anybody.” You told Cas, and he nodded.

You walked into the dressing room and glanced at him as you closed the door. He was looking at a rack of bras, not looking at anybody, but definitely exuding a creeper vibe.

You sighed. “Cas, come here.” You ordered. Once he was standing in front of you, you said, “I can’t leave you out there. You can come in here with me, just stare at the wall, okay?”

Castiel nodded and walked in, not fully grasping how awkward the situation was. You got a few odd looks, but ignored them, it was none of their business anyway. Castiel stood, his forehead resting on the wall. You chuckled at him and shook your head. How did he manage to be so freaking adorable? One minute he’s killing demons, the next he’s shielding his eyes from your boobs.

You pulled your shirt off and unhooked your bra. You first tried on the sports bras, and they fit wonderfully. Next you tried on the blue one. It took a few minutes to get the hook on, but once you did you sighed in comfort. You would definitely be getting more than one of those. Then you did the salmon lace one. It didn’t really look that good, so you decided not to get it, and threw it in it’s own little discard pile. Next you were trying on the black one. You stood with your hands on the hooks, back facing the mirror, head twisted so you could see, for two minutes. You huffed in annoyance as you missed the hook yet again.

“Are you okay?” Cas asked, still not facing you.

“Yeah…. Just…. I can’t get this damn bra on.” You explained as you tried hooking it yet again, and failing… yet again.

You watched in the reflection as Castiel turned around. “Would you like me to help?”

You were about to say no, but you needed to see the bra on. “Yeah.” You said, turning around.

Castiel took the straps and easily hooked them together. His hands were warm, and your skin tingled whenever his hands accidentally touched you. You looked at it in the mirror, and smiled.

“That looks good.” Cas commented before turning back around. Your cheeks burned a furious red at his compliment, but the smile on your face only grew wider.

You took the bra off and put your clothes back on. “Alright, let’s go.” You said, grabbing everything you wanted. You grabbed a few extra bras, then paid.

“Is that all?” Castiel asked as you left the store.

“Nope. I want some real clothes too.” You said, looking at the mall directory. You found the Macy’s and headed in the right direction.

“Real clothes?” Cas asked, walking next to you.

“Yeah, clothes that I can just hang out and look cute in.” You explained.

“But you look cute in all your clothes.” Castiel stated.

Your cheeks turned red at the compliment, but you said, “Thanks, but I want clothes that I can wear to bars, and feel confident in.”

You quickly arrived at Macy’s and ran to the proper section. The first thing that caught your attention was a plain purple sundress, and you grabbed it. You continued walking around, picking up clothes you liked and looking at everything.

You’d completely forgotten Cas had been with you until he said, “What about this?” You spun your head and saw that Castiel had picked out a yellow sundress that looked like a box.

In all honesty, it looked so ugly, and you didn’t even want to try it on, but Castiel looked so hopeful, you couldn’t say no. “Sure, good pick!” You exclaimed, taking the dress from him. Castiel beamed proudly and continued to look through the clothes.

You picked out a few more pieces of clothes, and Cas did too, some actually weren’t that bad. “I need to try these on.” You told him, heading towards the fitting room.

There was a sitting area this time, so Cas didn’t have to go into the room with you. “Will you show me everything you try on?” Castiel asked.

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, please.” He answered.

“Sure thing!” You exclaimed.

You tried on the purple sundress first. You didn’t really like the way it looked, but you had to show Cas.
He stared at you for a moment, eyes going up and down the dress. “It looks nice.” He said.

“Cas, be honest.” You ordered.

He was silent for a moment. “It… It looks okay. But you look much better in the clothes you were already wearing.”

Considering that you were wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, you decided that the purple dress was a no. You walked back in and tried on another outfit; a light blue tank top with a black line design at the bottom, and a pair of white shorts. You actually loved the way the outfit went together. You left the room, and Cas’ face lit up. “That looks great.” He commented.

You beamed at him and went back to the changing room. You looked over your options, and decided to try on the yellow sundress that Cas had picked. Even if it didn’t look good on you, if Cas liked it you’d buy it.

You got the dress on and looked at yourself in the mirror. It actually looked amazing. The dress, although it looked like a box on the hanger, actually conformed to your body, showing off your curves. The yellow, instead of making you look pale and gross, seemed to make you glow. You left the changing room, and Cas stared at you in awe.

“Is that the one I picked?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, and I love it.” You stated, spinning around.

“Wow.” He managed to say, eyes going all over you. “You look beautiful.” He said, then after a moment he added, “Not that you don’t always look beautiful, because you do, but that dress just… wow.”

You laughed and felt your cheeks heat up at his speechlessness. You went back into the changing room, and tried on another outfit. You tried on all the clothes, and Cas’ feedback was actually really helped. By the time you were done you had ten new outfits, three of which Cas had picked.

You paid for all the clothes, and had four bags to carry. As the sales clerk put them on the counter for you to grab, Castiel took them. You smiled at him, and the woman let out a little “aww.” You paid her no attention as you and Cas walked out of the store.

“Should we go home now?” Cas asked.

“I’m done.” You said, then looked at Cas. “Wait! We should get you some clothes!”

“I do not change.” He said.

“Yeah, but having multiple outfits is fun. At least try something on.”

He didn’t look too happy, but followed you into a Jos. A. Bank. Suits stood everywhere, and Cas looked out of place. A brilliant blue shirt caught your attention, and you knew Cas had to try it on. It would look amazing with his eyes.

You grabbed a dark blue suit to go with it, and sent him to the changing room. You sat down and waited, but after five minutes all you heard were grunts of exasperation coming from the room he was in.

“Cas? You okay?” You called, unable to wait any longer.

“I seem to be having some trouble.” He answered.

You held in the laughter that bubbled in your throat, and knocked on his door. “Want me to help?”

“Please.” He replied, opening the door.

You almost burst out laughing. He’d tried pulling his shirt off without unbuttoning it. You walked in and closed the door behind you. The fitting room was tight, and you were aware of how close the two of you were. Your heart raced and butterflies fluttered in your stomach.

You started unbuttoning his shirt, and he watched you intensely. “You have to undo the buttons.” You explained.

“Oh.” He said.

You got the shirt off, revealing his stomach. You were impressed. He wasn’t ripped like Sam, but he definitely looked good. “Need any more help?” You asked.

“Um, I don’t think so…” He said, moving for his belt. He fumbled with the buckle, and sighed in annoyance.

You chuckled and moved his hands away. “Angel of the lord can’t even undress himself.” You teased.

“It hasn’t really been an issue.” He stated.

You got the belt off and looked up at him, “Excuses, excuses.” You said with a smile.

He looked down at you, making your lips only inches apart. He opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out. You stared into his bright blue eyes, waiting for an answer. Instead, he slowly leaned forward. You realized what was happening and moved up, bringing your lips together.

He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you closer, as you ran your hands through his hair. You pulled away, out of breath and your heart racing.

“Should we continue this at the bunker?” Cas asked.

“After you try the suit on.” You said, and he sighed. “Nice try though.” You left the changing room, offering him a big smile.

(I hope you like it!)

Castiel photo op ideas for ChiCon:

  • Give Cas a kitten or a guinea big (stuffed obvs but still)
  • Wrap Cas into a blanket
  • Hold a sign that says “Castiel is important” or “Castiel is loved”
  • Hold a “stophurtingCas2k15″ sign
  • Wrap Cas into a blanket
  • Press a healing finger on Cas’s forehead so that for once someone is healing him
  • Kiss his forehead
  • Hand Castiel a fashion catalog for new outfit ideas
  • Wrap Cas into a b l a n k e t

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I hope I'm not the only one wishing the lucifer!cas arc will mean a new outfit on Misha (pleaaaaasseeee)

Well looks like your wish will be coming true, by next week Lucifer will have Cas down to a button up, with a loosened collar and rolled up sleeves.

I will say, I wont be mad if Lucy puts Cas in a black trench coat :)

[x, x]