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Hi! Do you think it's possible we get a new Cas outfit in season 13? Because everybody seems to agree that Cas needs to change as a consequence of being dead, and costume change is a common way to show that on screen? Also the trenchcoat now has a huge hole in it...

I can’t tell if Dabb agrees with us or not and it frustrates me to no end because if anyone would go for the big metaphorical change it’s him but he was the one who PUT Cas in that outfit in the first place, but Berens is clearly as annoyed as we are about Cas’s looks so I live in hope. He drew attention in two consecutive episodes at the start of the season :P 

I would love Cas to be brought back in such a way that just magically fixing the clothes didn’t work, and obviously he can’t go around with a stab hole in his coat…

We can start with Dean lending him some flannel to wear. He has that lovely beige white and blue one that looks like what Cas should wear if he was Dean. I vote that, at least until Cas can go shopping with a personal style guide.

13x01 Trench Coat

One of the most interesting characters from the season 13 premiere is the angel, Miriam, that calls Dean ‘Becky.’  When we are first introduced to her she is very easy to overlook as just a drunk girl. Many people have noted how human like she had to act to pull this off. And yes during this first meeting with Dean she is an angel. That is why she is wearing the typical angel steal grey. The next time we see her is when she shows up at the police station. She is wearing a different outfit. The way she is positioned between the two angels, that had been seen looking for Jack at the lake house, tells us that she is their leader.

She decided to change clothes between meeting Dean and going to the police station. Now she is wearing a light weight tan sweater instead of the grey jacket she had on earlier. The reason she changed clothes is because she is anticipating a confrontation with Dean and she wanted to hurt Dean as much as possible.  She needed to change her clothes to do that. 

Someone asked me a while ago if Castiel’s new outfit was something pretending to be Cas and asked me why I thought it wasn’t some sort of Castiel cosplay. I  said that because of how well it is put together and how smart the whole outfit looks, clearly means a lot of thought went into it. I didn’t think that if something was pretending to be Cas that they would get such a nice ensemble. Miram is cosplaying as Cas here to hurt Dean more. Her jacket resembles a trench coat in many ways. It has the length, the collar is made to resemble the wide lapels of a trench, it has a belt, and it even has a piece of fabric across the back resembling a rain flap. But it’s very thin and flimsy. It’s just a costume. 

I find it very interesting that she took off the usual grey that the angels wear to don this sweater. We only see her with the rest of the angels once. She has to separate herself from heaven to play this Castiel like role. An angel in a leadership position that expresses a lot of human emotions. She is basically a negative version of Cas.

Castiel representing hope is  going to be a theme this season. Especially when it comes to Dean’s hope. The fact that Dean went through with burning Cas’s body is a sign of just how hopeless Dean is. A major part of Dean losing hope is because of this angel, Miriam. She purposely gives Dean hope when she tells him that Jack can do “almost anything”. Then she quickly squashes that hope by telling Dean that “Castiel, he’s dead. All the way dead, because of you.” This very closely mirrors what Hestor tells Dean in 7x21 with “ The very touch of you corrupts.” Neither of these angels truly cared about Cas. They just want to set most of Castiel’s stuff on fire. 

Every time another angel such as Metatron or Lucifer tries to dress up as  Cas it’s always a perversion of what Castiel represents. This interaction with Miriam is a perversion of how Cas represents hope for Dean. She is here to give Dean despair the opposite of hope.  

Miriam is an unusual name for an angel. That’s because it’s not an angel name at all. It’s the name of a prophetess from the Bible who foretold the birth of Moses. I think that it is possible that Miriam’s name was chosen because this angel that is trying to be the opposite of Cas could be foreshadowing. Foreshadowing that we could soon meet Cas’s opposite. This supports a theory that I have been telling to anyone who will listen. That there will be a confrontation in the empty between two opposite sides of Cas’s personality id!Cas and super ego!Cas.

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Do you have any thoughts about why Cas didn’t have the power to heal the security guard?

He hasn’t been “fully powered” for a very long time. He can’t resurrect the dead anymore (I believe the last person he resurrected from “all the way dead” was Bobby in 5.22, but he also had a “special dispensation” having just been resurrected himself by Chuck at that point, and Bobby had only been dead for a few minutes.)

Since he had his original grace stolen in 8.23, and Metatron “used up” most of it in the angel fall spell, he’s been “weaker.” When he had the stolen grace during s9 and s10, he was barely able to even heal himself (Hannah had to heal him at one point in 10.02 (hello, Dabb).

Metatron told Cas and Hannah in 10.02:  “But there is some of your mojo left. Not a lot… But enough.“ Enough to keep him alive, enough to keep him from burning out with stolen grace, but not a lot. We’ve seen, since he got his own grace back in 10.18, that he’s definitely weaker power-wise than he was before.

I mean, he was weak enough, and bound into his human body enough, to give consent to be possessed by Lucifer. Pretty much every angel he’s encountered since late s10 has commented on the fact that he is weak, that he’s not actually an angel anymore. Even Amara commented on it, after eating Ambriel’s grace:

Amara: She’s right you know, you are expendable and weak. And why God took a special interest in you, I’ll never understand. My brother always did have horrible taste in men.
Castiel: Just do it.
Amara: Blue eyes, you’re not even worth the effort… and no offence, but you look a bit used up. Plus, I have a job for you.

He wasn’t even worth eating, so she used him as a post-it note in 11.10, written by… SURPRISE! Andrew Dabb.

And already in 11.10 we had him failing to heal Dean of “smiting sickness,” yet still “diagnosing” him with all sorts of prodding. *holds up finger and offers to take his temperature*

He is weak, “a bit used up.” He was able to heal Sam after the BMoL torture, but Sam wasn’t all the way dead and in need of resurrection. One episode earlier, in 12.01, he basically did the “forehead tap triage” on Mary after the car crash, specifically to DIAGNOSE her. He told Dean that she was unconscious but that there was “no serious damage,” but he didn’t heal her despite the fact that they were in an unknown and potentially antagonistic situation. He was working on it, though, when they were attacked, and Mary did come around on her own a minute later.

Recall how weak he was during 12.10 from healing Ishim, and how long it took him to heal himself from his own wounds… I believe there was a major debate about Cas’s weakened state after that episode, too. People were calling bullshit back then, and just like now I rolled my eyes, because he has been weakened since 8.23. Nothing has changed.

I suppose people just wanted to assume that Chuck would’ve “healed” his grace, but Cas never asked him to… or that the Empty would’ve resurrected him with some sort of boost in power level, but all it did was make sure he wasn’t naked when he bounced down to that bramble patch. 

Cas literally showed up with a new outfit– i.e. the surface-layer of him is new– but everything else? Same old same old.

Even when he healed Dean in 12.19 and 12.23, they made A Big Deal out of showing us that his grace glowed golden over Dean’s face, and NOT Cas’s own blueish glow, because he was still “tapped in” to JACK’s power at that point.

If the guard in 13.06 has just bumped his head and knocked himself out, I think Cas would’ve been able to heal him, but he was already dead. That was confirmed by Sam a moment later. I do think he was performing the same sort of “forehead tap triage” that he did on Mary in 12.01, diagnosing the problem rather than attempting a healing. Because he can’t heal the dead, and he hasn’t been able to for a very long time.

This is not a new or shocking development here.

ETA, because this is IMPORTANT: In 10.01 and 10.02, Cas was so weakened HE WAS SLEEPING. He required SLEEP the weaker his grace became. Which is why Jack’s statement in 13.06 that he doesn’t sleep much is so worrying… it means his own “humanity” is losing out to his mojo… Dabb has used this exact metaphor for just how “human” Cas was becoming (and even back during s5 it was used to show just how weak Cas’s mojo was, in a shot nearly identical to Jack sleeping in the Impala in 13.02). So the fact that Jack isn’t really sleeping anymore is A Concern. Interestingly, Cas also described what he’d been doing in the empty as “sleeping,” until Jack’s call woke him up, and now Cas is back to not sleeping at all because he’s alive again. Okay, as you were.

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Headcanon... Dean gets really flustered and turned on when he sees Castiel wearing Naga clothes. Queue dean awkwardly trying to hide his arousal as Cas flaunts his new outfits so proudly uWu

Oh oh! ♥ It would make sense. For Dean seeing Castiel in the clothes typical of Dean’s people might be a sign that Castiel is becoming part of his family for good. I like to imagine that Castiel is at first resolutely against wearing naga clothes because he wants to preserve some part of his own familiar culture. It is obvious at first glance that he’s not a Naga. He’s foreign, he’s a guest. He only wears naga clothes given to him when he knows that there are certain clothing items required in certain contexts. And Dean understands Castiel’s need to keep some distance, he really does. But he can’t help feeling like Castiel is rejecting him in one way or another.

But then Castiel starts wearing naga clothes on occasion, not because he feels it’s his duty as a guest honouring the customs of his hosts, but because he likes them. And first Dean is elated. And then he gets kinda turned on, because seeing Castiel finally covered in clothes that mark him as “naga” / “Dean’s mate”? That’s pushing all the buttons that Dean didn’t know he had.

Poor noodle.

About Jurassic Park and other things that are getting extinct in Supernatural.

Last night was hilarious. I get high on the fast pace of the episode. The kid, Jack, finally made some sense for me. Kaia the angel slayer. And the prospect of Cas entering the scene in the back of Godzilla. All of this doesn’t made a good episode, but a very entertaining one.

What I’m now getting to notice, while I wake up from the hang over. Are this, again, “plot holes” or “blanks to be filled” that are affecting one single character

I must add to:

  • Where does the new outfit of Cas comes from?
  • Why they didn’t try to contact Cas as soon as they get a hold of Jack?


Yes, again, this only involves Cas. And please don’t bother in making excuses for them as: Probably this things where solved or addressed in an “offscreen moment”.

I’m trying to be objective more than “negative” here. Right now, this little issues may seam so pity now that the line between AUs has been crossed, but regardless all the smoke screen and cheap tricks in the shape of Godzilla/dinosaur/dragons or whatever. If this issues aren’t solved or properly addressed EVENTUALLY in a full length Cas centric episode, where in a la “while you weren’t looking” fashion the writers elaborate in its explanations.

I’m afraid that the current events and elements throwing at us, so far for me very randomly, are the proof of the fact that the current new theme: Angels are extinguishing is being applied all this time exclusively to Castiel’s arc.

So while we are distracted by this younger clone, girls with super powers, Scooby-Doo, unlimited AUs and now Jurassic Park. If Castiel fades away into the dark, will be barely noticed by the new kids that are been hooked by this new tricks and with their points on the ratings can hold up the house of cards till the 300 episode.

Going back to the objective part. This simple inference seems ludicrous because of the fan base that holds this show for the past 9 years and I’m a proudly a part of: Castiel girls/fans/people/collective. But if you notice, year by year, season by season, fresh blood is added to this ranks and if the objective is just reach the milestone and leave with a bang.

As long as Castiel is cleverly dosed episode by episode. Personally I will still be watching this show as a victim of Cas baiting, wishing for more Castiel and holding up the ratings, rising them on his episodes, when Cas is on the screen more than 3 min.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, and I think we addressed the issue of the respect and how valid either my concerns or happiness about the show are my prerogative here in my blog.

So, note that I’m including myself in the list of fools who doesn’t know how to quit the show of monsters/angels/devils and now godzilla/dinosaur/dragons or whatever, as long as Castiel is cleverly include in the mayhem.

Now, as an old school fan of Supernatural, I can’t understand the appearance of this “weird” Dean Winchester: I’m so desperate to save my mother that I will kidnap a girl put a gun on her face because my family is more important.

I will put this in the list of bad writing, poor last minute decisions, and 45min format. But please don’t do this again, and don’t try also to include just the time and the pace of the episode as a justification of why they don’t try to Call Cas.

Quick update to the show runners:

The current Smartphones like the guys have, can be used while driving as they go to this caves in South Dakota. Just before you enter them, even if you have a poor signal a SMS can be quickly be sended by the other guy who it isn’t driving and lately is the only one calling Cas because Dean is so occupied thinking if Cas loves him or not.

Finally this “empty spaces” that the show runners should be worried to fill for us in the future, of course if this was a part of a master plan. And with a so so cleaver writing a la “Usual Suspects” fashion will eventually dashing us with his skills to make disappear and reappear the Statue of Liberty. Please don’t include all the things especulated in here, Facebook and Twitter.

We know our Fanfic writers and meta writers are the best, and probably more skilled than the actual writers of the show. So all this recent lines, scenes and characters throwing at us like a Pollock painting, are too much coincidentally very similar to the wishlist and HeadCanons we sometimes care to share between us. Example: The return of Castiel’s sex hair and Trench-Coat.

*enter X Files music*

Please don’t take this too seriously.


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Aside from Misha being wonderful and making a video for Mexico, I am also curious about his jacket. It looks like he is on set. do you think it's his wardrobe jacket turned inside out?

I was curious about that too, and no … I don’t believe it is.  

That’s his normal jacket and you can kinda see inside – it’s just the same blackish-blue fabric as the outside. 

He’s also wearing a bow tie in that video…

So I think this is actually a peek at one of the AU-Castiels.

I’m so excited!!! We’re getting Cas in new outfits!!!!



Season 13 Theory Part 2

The Return of the Angel Castiel

My first theory dealt with what may happen while Castiel is dead or in the empty. This theory is more about what state Cas will be in when he comes back to life. Right now I don’t really have any theories on how exactly Cas will come back. I probably need to know more about the plane that Cas is currently on. 

I think Cas will be a fully healed angel sometime this season and it may be after he returns from the empty. This theory started from the fact that Cas is getting a whole new outfit this season. 

This is the outfit that Cas is wearing during episode 13.06. As seen in these pictures taken on set.  This episode occurs after Cas returns to earth. There are two important pieces to this outfit. The first is the return of the long trench coat and the second is the return of the solid blue tie. 

Cas had a shorter trench coat during seasons 9-12. This was also when Cas was struggling the hardest with his depression so people started calling this second trench coat Cas’s “depression coat.”  Several people have speculated that Cas will be resurrected in a better mental state so they thought that this would be a good time to get rid of the “depression coat.” It looks like we are getting rid of the “depresson coat” for sure now and it’s being replaced with this longer trench coat. This matches up with the idea that i had earlier this summer that Castiel’s coat could symbolizes Cas’s self confidence. So a longer coat = a more confident Cas. @magnificent-winged-beast  talked about a theory that Castiel’s coat could represent Cas’s wings/true form. So the longer coat could also mean that Castiel’s wings have been healed in addition to the mental healing.

In season 10 Cas received a striped blue tie from Claire. Season 10 was also the season that Cas got his grace back. Before this Cas did not wear any tie and he was using stolen grace that was not his own. I was very disappointed that when Cas got his grace back he was not fully healed, that his grace seemed to be damaged like the rest of the angels. Now Cas is back to wearing a solid blue tie. I am wondering if the striped tie represented Castiel’s grace being damaged and that this new solid tie could be an indication that this part of Cas is now healed and solid too. 

This is the new poster for season 13. I think that its interesting that the CW released this poster with an animation this year. The most obvious thing I notice when watching it is that there is a bright light emanating from inside Castiel’s head. This light appears to be separate from the light of the rift between Sam and Dean. An angel’s grace has always been represented on the show by a bright light. This light from Cas starts off dim and then gets brighter. This could of course just be a style choice but it also could represent Castiel’s grace getting stronger. 

Jack and Au!Micheal both appear to have costumes that look very similar to Castiel. Jack has been wearing tan jackets reminiscent of Cas’s tan trench coat. Jack is not fully an angel. So it would make sense that his true form if he even has one or wings would not be fully angelic either. So to represent this in contrast to Cas he wears short jackets oppose to a long coat. AU!Micheal who of course is an angel has a long jacket like Cas but its tarnished and dirty. I think this could be to show that while Micheal is an angel he is not “good” like Castiel. 

This is of course all wild speculation based only on outfits so idk what will actually happen. But changes in Castiel’s outfit usually coincide with changes in his angelic state. That’s why I think that Cas will get his wings back sometime this season if not when he comes back to life. 

Thank you very much to @magnificent-winged-beast for the gifs. I did not tag anyone this time as an experiment to see how many people can find this without that. 


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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Lucifer, Michael. Adam

Pairing: Michael x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: A few curse words, nothing much other than that I think. This is purely fluff with Michael. Italics show the readers thoughts.

Word count: 1366

Summary: A run in with the oldest archangel gives Y/n his happiness.

A/N: Some fluffy weirdness with Michael, cos he’s gorgeous and I love him. Hope u like it!!

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“Deeeaaan! Saaaamm! Seriously, dudes. Where the fuck are you guys?” 

Y/n had been wandering around the bunker for the past hour. 

He’d only recently moved in with the Winchesters, reconnecting with them on a case after three years apart. 

But with the bunker being so large and confusing, he was completely lost. He had absolutely no idea where he was. 

Hearing faint voices coming down a large hallway, he walked down, praying he would find his way back to his room. 

That way, he could easily navigate his way to the bathroom, in desperate need for a pee. 

Going down the hall, he ran into a dead end.

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