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lastoneout  asked:

I know Cars can't give hugs but I really wanted Cruz to give Lightning a huge hug and have him pretend to be irritated like 'alright kid get off' but in reality he's really happy for her

And I guess Luigi kinda gave Lightning a hug back in Cars 1, remember in the tire shop? 

But I’m not sure how that would go with Cruz, a full sized car. 


Loving this 1970 Chevelle Super Sport in her Shadow Gray factory paint. I don’t see too many Chevelles with this paint scheme. This car has a 396 / 375 horsepower mated to a four speed. I can imagine idling thru my town at a walking pace in traffic, with that big block motor just loping and turning heads.

A bit of a Cars 3 Headcanon

Even if I’m not really the biggest Jackson Storm fan in the world, I absolutely love the idea of Gale acting like his surrogate mom. Like, after every one of his races she’s showering him in “I’m so proud of you Jackson”s and takes care of him when he’s having a rough day :)


Our Cars crew was featured in the El Capitan’s video summary of opening night!