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Birblr Photography: Harder Than It Looks

Sometimes the stars align, your camera is out, your bird wants to pose, and you capture that 24 parrot gold!

Most of the time though, bird owners are left with 90% of their pictures looking like some awful abstract art…

Or makes it appear as if your bird is morphing into another dimension…

Seriously, WTF is going on with Willa’s head?

Half the times, all the bird wants to do is eat your phone or camera…

And don’t forget, birds blink just like humans and ruin even the most seemingly perfect photo shoot…

Action shots on an outdated camera phone? Forget about it!

And just when you think you captured the perfect picture for your holiday card… the horrible lighting in your kitchen destroys it!

We are hard at work, trying for those perfect photos for you Birblr, but in the meantime, please enjoy some of these outtakes! 

Okay Lee Taeyong, what’s your signature pose?


You don’t say…?

SO. @mantiheaer created this beautiful piece of artwork for me based on a story idea I’ve had kicking around in my head for the last er… two years. (I’m not a fast writer, okay?) And… well just look at it, guys. I don’t know what I could possibly say about this stunning painting other than that it captures my mental picture perfectly. It’s the perfect combination of sweetness and melancholy and I’ve been staring at it all day and will probably do the same thing tomorrow.

Oh. And it encouraged me to write that story.

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Ok so there’s a 99% chance Caspar took this picture and that’s why he’s tagged here. But just imagine Caspar randomly looking up from his phone and whispering something like “Damn, he’s beautiful.” and decides to snap a picture, to capture this perfect moment. And Joe goes all like, “What the–?” Then Caspar shows the picture to Joe and Joe just smiles at it, not because he himself looks hella good in it but because Caspar took it and he just loves it so much. Ok, on second thought– don’t imagine that.

Domestic!5sos blurb

‘I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten’ Ashton’s voice goes quiet in awe as you stand in your usual weekly space in front of the kitchen door to get your picture taken. After being inspired by youtubers and other soon-to-be dads, Ashton had begged you to start a progressive video on how your baby bump would grow in the next 9 months. At month 4, you were really starting to show. After the picture had been taken - within more than 20 shots due to Ashton’s need to get the perfect picture to capture ‘the loves of his life’ - you had arranged to paint the nursery before you were unable to help. ‘Thanks Ash, you really know the way to a girl’s heart.’ you rolled your eyes at his previous comment before rolling up your top to reveal your little protruding belly. A few flashes went off and you could hear him chuckle in the background. ‘What’s so funny?’ you question, hands on hips. Ashton lowered the camera and grinned smugly. ‘’s just that not only have I made my way to your heart, but my little swimmers also made it to your egg.’ He looked at your confused expression. ‘Yep’ he murmured, bringing the camera back to his face ‘definitely funnier in my head. Gonna be a long 5 months.’

ashtonangst assholelukey part of the domestic!5sos blurb night!! 

Happy New Year

It seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the year which, save for a handful of photos, coincides with this blogs existence.

I have met some great people on Tumblr, and am lucky enough to now call a few of them my friends. I’ve received a lot of support, and had the opportunity to see the works of some truly great photographers, on both technical and aesthetic levels. Sometimes the best pictures are not technically perfect, but capture a moment, a feeling, or something of the photographer themselves. I’ve experimented with my own photography, and learnt a lot from your responses, and from seeing the photos you all create and share.

For the reblogs, I have to thank Sara at @ponderation, kara at @telescopical @gray-card, @the-masterworks , @vvaste, @radivs, and all at @photosworthseeing for displaying my work to a wider audience than I could hope to reach on my own. I have gained more followers and received more notes than I could have hoped for when I started this blog, and a lot of that is down to you guys, both directly and indirectly.

Thank you to everyone for the likes, comments (when we could make comments…), messages and reblogs - every single one means something to someone who puts out original content. It’s still a fantastic feeling to see my work on someone else’s blog, or scrolling up on my dash unexpectedly.

Happy New Year to you all. Have fun, stay safe, and may 2016 be full of health, happiness and personal fulfilment.