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Snapchat story #2

“I didn’t listen when you guys told me to sleep. I didn’t listen when you guys told me to sleep and drink water, and now I have tonsillitis”. - C ❤

“Rest and water, folks, rest and water.” 🙈

You should’ve listened Camz. *facepalm*

You know, social media is like the mirror of your heart. When you post on your status, write on your caption, post as a picture, tweet, or reblog, that means you #relate to that quote, picture, or whatever you post. So it reflects your feelings.

It seems like Lauren is deep in thought right now. Hmm..

This is what she liked on Instagram a few hours before KCA. Credit to @anissanf

And this is what she reblogged before KCA.

Then, after KCA, before she went online on Twitter and spam us with her selfies, she reblogged these.

If she wants to find a validation for her feelings but she doesn’t want it to own her and get the best of her, that means her feeling is not something she’s proud of or she’s feeling upset or sad.

Confessions of a Harmonizer


2015 I remember back when I was in my Practicum, I often hear my grade II students singing and dancing Worth It and I never approve of that. The meaning of that song is bad and not suited for their age, they’re just 8 for heaven’s sake! I did not know of Fifth Harmony that time (tho I gotta admit that song is catchy) It’s not my type of music and girl groups are really so gay for me. I tried watching the video and that’s the moment I knew I would never love this group. They’re too sexy for me. I don’t like sexy dances and they’re showing too much skin, nah-uh!

2016 I was looking for new music while at work and I saw this Work From Home by Fifth Harmony everywhere and I thought this maybe good coz it’s everywhere so I watched the video and BOOM ahh my eyes…too sexy…too much skin! (I did not finish that video.) It really makes me uncomfortable watching that kind of video (until now, sorry). Fifth Harmony is really a big no for me. Gosh. What’s happening with songs and their music vids nowadays. 

2017 Bad Things

Why is this song in all music sites and everytime I open Youtube it’s there. I thought (Hmmm Machine Gun Kelly this guy is that Rasta Guy in Nerve and hmmm Camila Cabello, that girl in Shawn’s song, another new girl, bet this song suck) so I did not bother watching it. It was in May 2017 when this dark emo friend that I liked said, “try watching Bad Things, it’s a good song” and I was like “you watched that kind of shit?” then she said “just watch it”. So just to have something to talk about, I watched the video AND I DIED A TRAGIC DEATH lol kidding. I watched it and thought, “This is really a good song. This is so underrated. This should have at least 500M views. I don’t remember this girl being this cute and she really has cute voice.” The part I liked the most is the I WANT YOU FOREVER EVEN WHEN WE’RE NOT TOGETHER (story of my life) Since then I have the song on repeat I even got my workmates into it too (lol). That’s the start.


I Googled her, who tf is this cute girl? I read and oooh she used to be in Fifth Harmony, that sexy group? But she’s so young. Wth. I searched Fifth Harmony and I’m damned they’re all young. Lol. I went to Youtube and watched Crying in the Club, she really is cute. Lol. To the comment section…”Camren is real” (huh?) “This song is about Lauren” (who tf is this Lauren?) How could this dude hurt this cute girl. I searched Camila and Lauren then I’m SHOOKT af. LOL. So she’s linked with this girl in her group named Lauren. This is interesting. Back to Youtube again and typed, Camila and Lauren, results were the sexual tension, gay moments, camren..etc. I WATCHED ALL OF THAT. Eureka! HAHAHA! I cannot believe this. I LOVE CAMREN!


I spent 50% of my time at work binge watching Camren. Camren is so real, watching all the videos are really amazing, you can almost feel how much they love each other. The hurt and the love is in their eyes. I read articles about them. I searched all about them and Fifth Harmony. I created a Twitter account coz they have indirects there (in less than a week Camila followed me back, how lucky am I? I did not even ask for a follow from her even once. *i feel so blessed*) I created Tumblr coz they have indirects here too. I learned so much about them here about how dirty the industry they’re in is. I feel sad for these two souls. How could this industry hurt these girls? I watch every interviews, takeovers, shows that Fifth Harmony is in just for little Camren interactions and I enjoyed and love Fifth Harmony little by little. They’re not as sexy and rude as their music videos. They are totally different off-music-videos and off-the-stage.


I feel sad for Fifth Harmony. I regret not reading about them years back. I watched all their music videos (I still don’t like too much sexy) because it’s them and I’m making it up for them. I always watch their takeovers and interviews (of course because of the Camren moments) and I really enjoy watching this off-the-stage and off-music-videos version of the girls. They’re actually all like me. They’re really funny, dorky, cute and talented girls. Most of all, they’re normal girls who fangirls like me too. I cannot believe the many times I’ve watched Music Award shows years back and not knowing them. I remember I watched That’s My Girl performance and switched the channel and switched back after their performance. I remember them winning the Moonman and thinking “another girl group that will be gone next year”.

How could I let myself not notice this precious beings years back? How could I not heard of “Who Are You”, “1000 Hands”, “No Way” and “Write on Me” years back? How could I not know about Camren? How could I not appreciate Fifth Harmony? I missed all those times when they’ve been through hard times. I missed the time when Camila was crying in some bathroom. I missed the time when Lauren was still fetus and happy. I missed the Fetus Harmony. I missed the Happy Harmony. I missed so much and now I’m watching and rewatching just to live those moments when they’re in harmony, when Camren was happy, when they are all happy. How I wish I knew them years back so I can send love and comfort these precious beings.

I am new to this fandom. The only fandom I invested so much time in. The only fandom that I recognized as being part of. This is the only girl group that I liked not entirely because of their music but because of WHO THEY ARE. I am really into music so much but I stan them not because of their music, I stan them because of how genuine these girls are and how precious they are that I’m so protective of them. I feel like I want to kill those who will hurt them. Especially the ones who will make my Camila cry, they’ll surely be going around the 9 circles of hell sooner than they think if they dare. I just want these girls to be happy. I hate it that I’m in this fandom because it’s really stressful with all the PRs and longing for a Camren interaction. I hate that I am actually a stan. This is too gay and I’m the only Harmonizer in my group. This suck that I love them, but I love them.  I really do so much. It hurts that indirects between Camren are the only ones that I’m fed right now. How I wish I could turn back time, back to the X-Factor days so I could give them this love that I have for them and be with them every step of the way. I feel like I have to do something for these precious girls. I want them to know that whatever the fuck is going on with them now, I’m here to support them. I love them all. I love Camila, Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally. I don’t care about how the media portrays them to be. I love my inside-the-tour-bus girls who are laughing while Camila is making a sandwich, while Lauren is reading a book, while Dinah is taking a selfie, while Ally is looking for some movie to watch, while Normani is twerking (lol).

I feel like I could write forever. I just want you all to know that I appreciate this experience because this is new to me. I am a hard person yet I stan a girly/sexy girl group. But I can’t help myself, I LOVE FIFTH HARMONY!