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i said it once and ill say it again noah schnapp deserves an emmy for his performance on stranger things! the boy managed to provoke emotion in almost every SCENE HE WAS IN! and not only that, but he had to PORTRAY A BOY WHO WAS POSSESSED BY DIMENSIONAL MONSTER AND HE DID IT PERFECTLY! FLAWLESSLY! he managed to find the perfect balance of creepy possessed boy and normal scared boy to make his performance WONDERFUL! DID YALL SEE THE SCENES WHERE HE WAS CONVULSING AND SCREAMING?! THATS RAW! TALENT! and not to mention WILL BYERS HIMSELF IS A PERFECT BADASS KID?! he managed to talk to his friends and family through fucking MORSE CODE WHILE A MONSTER WAS CHILLING INSIDE HIS BRAIN! AND NONE OF WILLS FANTASTICNESS WOULDNT HAVE BEEN MADE POSSIBLE WITHOUT NOAH! and thats that on that.

Steve. Steven Harrington. Listen to me, Steve. I love you, Steve, but you seriously need to take a jiu-jitsu class or something, because so far you’re two for two on getting your shit kicked in in season finales.


First days are hard for everyone, Oz.


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