for brencis

Hmmmmmmmmm guys I might get the perfect apartment if this other guy decides he doesnt want it so I can take over his lease. Please send every good “Brencis gets his dream apartment” vibes and thoughts and prayers my way, I need them. This place is so great and everywhere else is full or shitty.


Brencis - ouji style with a bit of a pirate influence.

  • coat - offbrand, Azul
  • vest - offbrand, Solo
  • pants - offbrand, Bess
  • underdress - unknown offbrand (worn as a blouse)
  • sheer bolero - unknown offbrand, worn as jabot. It’s the same bolero as in my Grief WIP. I wear it in all sorts of ways so I cut off the label, but then I forgot the brand…
  • mini tricorn (severely modified) and deer necklace - ToxicKitty
  • leggings - offbrand, MOGAO
  • RHS - unknown offbrand
  • wig - Vogue Royal Cosplay

The coat and tricorn are a lot alike- both weren’t at all what I expected from the stock photographs. The coat fit me, but wasn’t poofy enough for lolita skirts. The hat was absurdly tall and sat on my head like a brick.

There were buttons on the inside of the coat to help keep the front panel flat, and I found it was possible to fold the edge over and button it in place. Worn with a matching vest, it doesn’t look too bad! It was fun to match the cotton lace on the hem to other items in my closet.

As for the hat, it was a sample run from Regi of ToxicKitty so I bought it knowing the fit might be a bit odd. Nevertheless I cut it down to about a third of its original height; it was really surprisingly tough for felt and card. o_o I think I might be more comfortable with full-size hats instead of mini ones, but it’s just so hard to find hats here, in general.

lazy sundays: a domestic CS playlist for @herokillians
part ii: couch serenades.

1. never gonna leave this bed // matteo brenci (maroon 5 cover)
2. thinking out loud // boyce avenue (ed sheeran cover)
3. free fallin’ // alex pelzer (tom petty cover)
4. beautiful soul // boyce avenue (jesse mccartney cover)

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