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Zayn: Family trip with Perrie = Family trip with Gigi = Break up

Louis : Australia with Eleanor = New York with Danielle = Break up 

Hello my Anon and would you look at these coincidences!

I am still laughing whenever I remember the Cannes “make or break” trip, with the photoshopped airport pics and the “intimate” photos of the couple that went there to promote clothes (and not to make their wedding plans, as some tabloids insisted!). Zerrie and quite a few membrs of the Malik clan left London on March 31 and by April 4 perrie was photographed in London….  it surely was a fast track romantic getaway! If you want to enjoy a good laugh, you will find many relevant posts in this tag. Four months later came the “break up”…

ZiGi left (theoritically, because the tabloids insisted tha they were coming back -and they were looking glum- and Daily Mail kept posting photos writing they were from ZiGi recent trip) on April 12, Sarooha posted a snap described “en route” on August 17, and a “fan” saw them leaving on August 20 (this fan was like the paps: damned lucky!). Another fast track romantic getaway! Coming to think about it, Zigi started as a “fast track romance” and hasn’t improved since!  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get rid of her that easily, unless she finds someone who sells better than Zayn, as FAE still want to secure their footing in the fashion world (fan fact: have you noticed that Bebe Rexha too has started promoting fashion?)

As for Louis and Eleanor in Australia in February 2015, meh! Do you remember that Eleanor did not travel with Louis but arrived on February 8 along with Sophia and her sister Zoe? The squad of beards was in town, so the celebrations began with the yacht (in Sydney’s harbour, so everyone could see and take photos) and Sophia’s birthday, where Eleanor put on quite a show! To this day, I cannot explain why Zayn and harry did not attend the festivities… (<— sarcasam).  A month later Eleanor went on her merry way to start her post-bearding modelling career, which led her to Tommy Hilfiger and a collaboration with no other but… Gigi Hadid!

The funny fact is that if we believe the official narrative as given by Banana and the rest of the fruits in her family, that Louis and banana did not have just an one night stand but they were dating since January 2015, then during the Australian circus either Louis and Eleanor had broken up, or Louis was cheating on Eleanor… Do you see where this is going? there was a cheating scandal in the making, that wasn’t used, but went with the Zayn cheating scandal instead. 1DHQ surely was very well prepared…

And Louis had to drag Danielle to NYC to watch… Hamilton musical (of all things!). Let’s wait and see how much longer this charade will last and when -and more importantly how- they will break them up…

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I don't know what to do. I don't like to say I can't live with out this boy because people will say that's not healthy. But the weight of him not being around me is crushing my lungs. And every time I hear his name or see a picture of him my heart losses so density. I can feel myself fall apart at the thought of him laying there at night without me in his thoughts, so what do I do now?

i think.. i think this is where u realize that ur going through something really, really hard. heartbreak is an unidentifiable pain, you know? it physically hurts. but everyday i need u to remind urself that there was a time that u were happy and could live without him, and you WILL get to that place again. i usually say that it takes 3-4 months before things start to get better, but u have to want it. the hardest part is being mentally willing to let go, if that makes sense? you have to want to live without him and that’s not easy. my advice would be to surround yourself w some really good friends whenever u can. go on a crazy hunt everyday for music that u can relate to, that makes u want to jump, that makes u want to cry, and music that makes u angry. angry music is good. exercise really helped me !! b.c it forced me to be physically tired which helped me fall asleep at night. throwing urself into school is obviously always a good option, although not always doable, but make sure u don’t let him affect ur schoolwork (you’re better than that). keep the text messages. keep the playlists, keep the pictures, but put them all in a folder in ur computer somewhere. keep it far enough that it’s not easy to access, but there if u need it. I’m sorry you’re going through this, baby. i promise, i promise it gets better. i love u lots.

seeing all of the hate avery and other phandom members get makes me so sick?? what happened to the overall supporting community that used to be the phandom? tbh all i can say is that i’m so glad the people that follow me are almost all kind and i rarely get hate but it’s disgusting

Just one more kiss on the lips
To taste our love.
He said it wasn’t my fault
I said it wasn’t his
We both refuse to blame the world
For what was never quite enough.
I used to think
Love conquers all
Love conquered me
I’m done.
—  M.S.

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I get high to forget him, is that bad ?

i guess it depends on your definition of ‘bad’? i wouldn’t say it’s bad but I wouldn’t call it healthy. I think… manipulating your body so that you can get away from a feeling, by using drugs or other things, generally works for a short period, but never long term, if that makes sense? However, if that’s what you need to do right now, then I think that’s okay. Everybody does that kind of stuff, you know? So it’s okay as long as you don’t make it a habit. 

Want and Wait

Lewis x Reader #1

Warnings: break up, long distance, and swearing

Requested: yuuuuussss via anon 

Notes: One of my imagines going up today, hoping to have more up. Love y’all enjoy :) ~K


Tears fell down your cheeks as you hung up on the sad call you had been in. After a long conversation with your long distance boyfriend, Barry, it was decided that you should separate. The distance was getting to the both of you and it just wasn’t working any longer. It had been a good ending, but an ending nonetheless. You had been together for just over a year with 7 months being long distance.

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Amen to that post

Thank you. Since you are #enabling me, may I also add that the post that made me go in a FIT OF RAGE was made by a 14 year old!! Who suddenly found like 100+ people telling her how bigoted her opinions must be, because she wrote an untagged post with slightly awkward phrasing criticizing a popular personality. Said post does have Unfortunate Implications but you can only catch that if you are both very, very good at English or familiar with a certain culture and/or with the sj Discourse. I can totally safely say that 2014 me would have used that exact phrasing and not realized it was offensive, and I was twenty then.

So may I add to my ongoing diatribe about why callout culture sucks the fact that a lot of post that get people hate are made by people who just don’t GET why something they are saying is wrong, because they don’t know how to express themselves or simply because they have no idea something is even an issue. I’m extremely fed up with tumblr expecting everyone to know all the details and nuances about US racial relations while just yesterday I had to read with my own two eyeballs that there are people who think Romania’s in Italy.

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What do you think about people who claim that RL broke up at the end of the season? I think it's weird because they were fine during sweet sixteen and if we were getting a break up, I don't think it would be ambiguous.

Their “breakup” was very dependent on a huge, life changing factor - which in the end, didn’t come to pass.  

ah yes, I do enjoy being called a fake fan for something I love. thanks for making me feel like shit bro. 🙃

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Do you think with the Rory and Logan proposal/ultimatum was meant to be a parallel to Lorelai and Luke? Like otherwise I don't know why they'd write it in, they could've had Rory finish the series single in a completely different way that would've been more true to character imo

…I don’t think the writer’s thought it through that much, tbh.

To me the whole thing screamed of “Oh! What if this is the *series* finale? We should make Rory single! How can we break up this couple we just established as really strong?! Better be big!”

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Only Love - Maxmoefoe Imagine

this fic is based on the song only love by pvris, and it’s for an anon that’s recently been dealing with a break up. little anon, whoever you are, i hope you’re doing well and that you enjoy this!!

It’s been two weeks since your boyfriend dumped you, and you haven’t been able to function since it happened. You go to work and do what you have to do, but that’s it. The life’s been sucked out of you- he took it all when he looked into your eyes and told you that he didn’t want you anymore- and feel like you may never recover. You feel pathetic for acting this way, for letting someone break you like this, but you just can’t stop yourself from spiraling into nothing.

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