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Do modest and syco think we're stupid? The whole ZAYN leaving thing is bullshit. Like IFwe believe the boys wanna have a haitus and release solo stuff after next year then why would Zayn leave in the first place? The NCA he had means he can't release music for two years so if he had stayed then he'd be allowed to release music quicker. Also what's the point. He could've waited a year. He's waited nearly five years and he couldn't hold on a little longer? Are they even trying anymore

“ Are they even trying anymore?”

The answer is, yes. All they are trying to do is get every last dime they can out of OT5 (yes including Zayn) and their fans. 

In the process, they don’t want to come off as the jilted team that let their biggest money maker walk out the door to their competitors.

I 100% think Zayn leaving was a stunt, but, I do think he had something on 1DHQ that predicated him leaving. I think they decided that he would leave and they would leverage the shit out of it  and the ultimate goal was achieved, OTRA promo. 

First Part of OTRA:

Zayn was there, but they seeded problems with Perrie. If you’ll notice, most of the asian leg of the tour happened during this time. Zayn is immensely popular in Asia, keeping him for those dates was a smart move. As well ticket sales were humming along, no need to rock the boat.

Middle of OTRA: 

Zayn leaves. Abandons the boys. His fans. When Zayn left, the fans rallied around OT4. Lagging Ticket sales jumped. People who werent planning on going to OTRA went anyway. Massive amounts of North American press is generated, yet the boys only had to make TWO LIVE APPEARANCES. Almost everything was done with leaks and social media. Also any dates that were still need ticket boosts? Miraculously for those dates Zayn is Coming Back started trending.

Tail End of OTRA:

The end is nigh narrative starts. Fans needed something else to keep them motivated, and the end of their beloved band will be enough to cash out. I wouldnt be surprised if they squeeze out a couple more “bonus” concert dates, or a live DVD.

Their goal at 1DHQ was to maximize our wallets for the last year that they could, and to be honest as much as we think they are bumbling fools, they’ve done it. They’ve kept us on our toes, and ready to lap up every small offering. The Liam sign reading, the increased social media interaction, the olive branch to Zayn.. anything that keeps us interested and spending money.

I think that New Team will be fine with Old Team slinging some expected mud as the tour ends, as New Team will be able to leverage a dejected, broken OT4, and a train wreck Zayn into a reunion narrative when its convenient.

Expecting it to pan out this way doesn’t make me hate Simon Cowell any less though ;)
Marvel Shake-Up: Film Chief Kevin Feige Breaks Free of CEO Ike Perlmutter (Exclusive)
After what one source describes as "several years of frustration," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has pulled off a reorganization of the vaunted film company that has him reporting to Disney studio chief Alan Horn as opposed to the infamously micromanaging Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter.

“One insider says Feige has earned the opportunity to break free from Perlmutter, who is not only controlling, but also obsessed with thrift.”

[More info at the source.]

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My stepdad just asked me if I'm sad because "1D is breaking up" and I told him it's not true. His response "but it was on the news this morning"...... So basically; if it's on the news then it has to be true. That's how the minds of the public works. This "break up" is nothing but a way for Syco to make some more money before 1D leaves. Album+ticket sales are bound to go up. Not to mention the fact that he even knows about it... All eyes are on 1D. Like babygate - it's working in their favour

I do agree that this will work in their favor and I figured the general media would report that article HEADLINE as fact instead of reading what’s actually said in it.  But TBH my unpopular opinion is that I have never understood why everyone things break-up rumors are good for ticket sales. Personally I think they’re just good for click-bait.

Not every single article is 1DHQ approved (though tbf, this one very probably came directly from Simon Cowell’s nasty mouth).

I mean The Sun was trending on Twitter last night and while 99% of the tweets were dragging Dan for being a dumbass, he was still reportedly on his Facebook bragging about it!!

Maybe I’m a complete outlier, but when something I like a lot is ending/discontinuing, I tend to go ahead and start getting over it and finding something I like as well or better.  Who the hell is going to be running out and buying fetus 1D merch or checking out their latest album because they think the band is completely over? That makes no sense to me, especially after all the rebranding work they’ve done.

Also, considering that the entire UK tour is sold out and only 7 more North American shows are left and they are all at LEAST 80% sold, so why would they do this to increase sales? 

Nah, this is probably Simon being a bitter lemon and covering his ass about losing 1D and Modest being toothless and unable/unwilling to do anything to counter.  

However, someone (Sony/Columbia/Epic????) told my favorite Billboard reporter that it’s tabloid BS and People magazine is reporting it very neutrally as if it’s just a normal break between tours/albums which is 100% what the “source” that Wootton is quoting actually said.

Just one more kiss on the lips
To taste our love.
He said it wasn’t my fault
I said it wasn’t his
We both refuse to blame the world
For what was never quite enough.
I used to think
Love conquers all
Love conquered me
I’m done.
—  M.S.
REQUEST BTS REACTION when you want to break up

Anon: Can u do a bts reaction to you wanting to break up with them? Plz

Hey sweetheart! I’m so sorry that you had to wait for so long but I found it very hard to come up with something but today I’m in the mood weather’s sh*t and I’m listening to James Bay so here ya goooo :)


J i m i n

He just keeps on shaking his head with a blank expression on his face. Everything’s a blur. Your calm voice explaining why you want to cut things off seems so distant and with each second he becomes emptier. I should have been there when she needed me. This is all my fault.

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J i n

Loser. Out of all those words this was the only one he could think of. He wanted to give you his all. He wanted to be your man. Trying to act all mature, strong and understanding was something he should be used to as the oldest one out of his group. But emotions kept building up and as you’re still trying to explain your situation tears started to slowly roll down his cheek. Loser.

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J u n g k o o k

He would destroy himself. Distraction is his number one priority. Working and practicing, no sleep. He’s too afraid you’ll haunt him in his dreams. A failure. That’s what he sees himself as. He couldn’t keep you. He couldn’t make you happy anymore. Loosing was something he never was good at ..

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J - H o p e

He wanted to say it. Really. But it seemed like if he’ll say something now, it’d become reality. He bottled it up until you gave him a sympathtic smile and closed the door behind you. He didn’t want to accept it but this would be the last memory he had of you. It sank in. And it hurted like hell. Please don’t go ..

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R a p  M o n s t e r

He thinks a lot. And so he tends to over-think. It felt like his head was about to break. He is known for his intelligence so not finding a solution made him go crazy. After your break up he’d wander around a lot, hoping that some fresh air will help clearing his mind.

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S u g a

He tried not to show it but everyone knew how hurt he was after your recent break up. He’d rather forget. He’d rather go crazy than to live with this memory of your last expression and your words.

“Have you eaten?”


“Have you slept?”


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T a e h y u n g

”Please”, he whispered. The next thing he said was almost not audible. “Stay the night ..”. The last bit of hope he had was vanished as you gave him a small smile and turned around. And with your loss he gained a emotion he wasn’t known for. Hatred. Hatred against himself.

Here you are, anon. Connor and his boyfriend break up and he uses a stranger to try to win him back.

He had wanted to get back at his ex, make him jealous. He had anticipated for this to be a few time thing.
He never expected to fall in love.

I took the definition of running into his arms very literally oops                           

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-whispers- Do you think the teacher will be able to tell that I did this project the day before it was due? (๑•﹏•)

Still Burning - Suga (BTS Scenario)

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suga scenario where your both idols but break up becaus ARMYs were sending u death threats, and u been harassed lately and when u were doing a practice run with your band for comeback stage you fainted(infront of fans too) angst then fluff please :3

(sorry for taking so long with this!)

characters: you x Suga

genre: angst/fluff

rating: E

word count: 2,892



The world in front of you was warm and romantic, yet something inside of you felt so tormenting and you knew you had to let it out.

You know what’s been going on lately, don’t you?

With all of my fans?

You made a small sigh, “yeah… that… I don’t know how much longer I can hang onto this, onto us. They’ve..” you scoffed, “they’ve started to get even more out of control, giving me death threats and telling me to go and kill myself and–” you couldn’t hold back your tears any longer and let them drop free onto your warm face.

Yoongi said nothing and only held you to himself, letting you cry into his chest and wetting his favorite shirt you bought him as his ears heard disappointment and his heart felt brokenness.

I’m just so scared Yoongi, I don’t know what to do anymore.

He only replied back with silence, keeping you close to him as he kissed your head with comfort.

You didn’t understand why his fans were so reckless with your well-being; you were already barely getting enough sleep from staying up at night, stressing at how they harass via social media. Now they were telling you that you weren’t worth anything? That you were just using Suga only for publicity?

You don’t love him! I love him more than you do!

Why did it have to be a competition for the love of your life?

The longer you laid against Yoongi’s chest, the more you felt his heartbeat relax you. You always hated it when you cried, especially in front of your boyfriend.

I.. I can’t do this anymore..

Suga held you up by the arms and looked deeply at your quivering body, “what do you mean?

I.. I don’t know.. I can’t take this pain anymore.

_____, you’re better than this. You don’t need to listen to those kinds of people. If they were really my fans then they wouldn’t treat you like this.

That’s not going to stop them, you know that.

Finally, you looked up at your dear love and prayed to the heavens that this pain would end.

I…” you sighed a shaky and heavy breath, “I think we should break up..”

_____, no. We shouldn’t. We don’t have to.

I can’t eat or sleep anymore Yoongi! I don’t remember the last time I really smiled ever since those kinds of people came into my life. One time when I was at the store alone, a couple of fans started throwing things at me and said that you didn’t really love me.

Who are they to tell you how I feel? They don’t know me like that, they don’t know us like that. They’re just a bunch of liars don’t you see?” he sighed loudly, ‘we don’t need to break up _____. We can do this.

What else can we do Yoongi?! I’ve been getting gifts from your fans that are really just weapons when I open them up. I don’t trust anyone anymore, I can’t. Please.. Min Yoongi. Please end things with me. I can’t suffer like this any longer.

He pulled you in for another hug, holding you tight, never wanting to let you go. He then cupped your face and kissed you lovingly. When he looked up at your empty expression, tears were running down his eyes as his voice began to break, “I will still love you no matter what happens.

And that’s the day your world fell apart.


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How to get over a break up :(

You listen to bad pop girl power music, you hang out with your friends and have a fun time, you watch funny movies and catch up on your TV shows, you read quirky books that make you think about life, you set up a shopping date with your mom and laugh over some awful outfits, you ask your dad to finally teach you how to change the car tires and change the oil because you can do it yourself, you play some video games with your friends or your siblings, and you go on hikes in the woods and admire this fantastic world of ours.

Your ex cannot be all this world has to offer. You have to remember that s/he is not your other half: you are whole by yourself. You continue living because that’s what life is about. Besides, you were doing just that before you met right?

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@Stan I 110% get where you're coming from. You're in a tough place right now and can't just instantly "get over" Wendy, so of course you'd want to hang out with your best friend! I mean, come on. Have these anons even been through a serious break up before? I don't think it's weird or selfish of you at all to want to go to something cool with your friends too.

Thanks for understanding.
- Stan

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How best for Aqua girl to break up with someone? (Scorpio boy, in this case). Just wondering, as it's mostly Aqua girl wanting to grow a bit more first. Fortunately/unfortunately no big problems or friction.

I would flat out tell him that that is the reason why you’re breaking things off. Tell him exactly the terms of this break up, i.e. ‘im afraid i dont forsee us getting back together in the future’ vs. ‘maybe we can try again in the future.’ Scorpios like to have things there way, so it might be a bit difficult, but pulling him aside and telling him yourself is going to be the best way to do it.

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honey they arent breaking up march 2016 is when simons share of 1d ends and bc of that dan wants us to believe that would be the end except thats just the beggining of 1d being treated like they deserve wih a new label and have time to write and record and tour without being overworked. theyre the biggest boyband in the world of course simons pissed now that his losing them.


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What do you think about Stalia breaking up? I mean it's confirmed they already did????

it didn’t look like a break up to me tbh, and I honestly don’t care either way anyway

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Hi! I just want to know from a man's perspective.. Paano ba magmove on ang isang lalaki lalo na't sya yung nakipagbreak and yung reason lang nung break up is because the relationship is already unhealthy and toxic..

Yikes anon. My last relationship went that way, actually. I broke up with my ex because the relationship wasn’t healthy na and I had this doubt na she was making stories that actually weren’t true at all. Ayon, so I broke up with her kasi alam kong hindi talaga healthy when there is a doubt in me already. Well, about don sa pag momove on, I don’t know, ako kasi yung taong happy-go-lucky lang. Tho after the break up, syempre nanjan yung inom inom with the tropa, then kwento ng mga nangyari then advice then after non, okay na. Pero in the case na ako yung nakipagbreak, I have the choice if magmomove on ako, or makikipagbalikan ako. Well, if I chose to move on, it means ayaw ko na talaga. But if I did not, and chose to be with her again, that’s another story. :-)