for both of them mostly for her

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Musa and Riven ;)

who’s the cuddler: Musa usually, but sometimes Riven can be really cuddly.

who makes the bed: No one, they’re both really untidy. But if they do it, it’s mostly Riven.

who wakes up first: They both sleep pretty long, but Musa mostly wakes up first, though Riven always wants to be the first, because he rather wants to watch Musa sleep and doesn’t want Musa to see him asleep.

who has the weird taste in music: Musa. She basically listens to everything, depending on her mood.

who is more protective: Riven. He always tries to hide it but it doesn’t work.

who sings in the shower: Both, though Musa has no problem with it while Riven is always imbarrassed when Musa catches him singing. But Musa loves to hear him sing :)

who cries during movies: None of them really cries, but it’s more likely to be Musa.

who spends the most while out shopping: Musa, but they’re both pretty saving because they’ve grown up poor and therefore doesn’t spend too much money now. Riven because he’s afraid there won’t be any money left, and Musa because she has learnt to live with little money.

who kisses more roughly: Riven, and Musa loves it.

who is more dominate: They are pretty equal, but Musa mostly takes a more dominant role because Riven is afraid he could be to bossy.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 100000 <3

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Scorily please!

Am I surprised at all? XD


  • Argues with the inanimate objects (and who rolls their eyes at them): Lily argues and rolls her eyes at ehrself, Scorpius just sighs.
  • Cries with laughter at sad adult movies but has a deep heartache over kids’ cartoons (and who comforts them): They both cry at both kinds of movies, but Scorp is addicted to children’s ones so it’s mostly him.
  • Is the kinky one: Lily.
  • Is more submissive/dominant one: Lily is submissive Scorp is dominant.
  • Prefers the hot/cold water: Lily loves ice cold water, Scorp prefers it warm to hot.
  • Makes the bed: Lily.
  • Cooks: Both, together, mostly.
  • Redecorates the house every two months because why not: LILY.LILY. LIIIIILY.
  • Is the jealous one: Neither are, really. Lily is more, but not anything out of the usual.
  • Wears the other’s clothes: Both do, Scor really doesn’t care about wearing a dress once in a while and he loves her converses, and Lily loves his jeans.
  • Steals the other’s glasses (if they use it) just to be annoying: Scorpius does that sometimes with her contacts so she will be forced to wear her glasses (He does that because he thinksLily looks cuter on them and because she hates it), but once Lily managed to steal his’ and he stopped.
  • Is the most protective: Scorpius. He can’t stand his flower bein hurt.
  • Tries to make the other be healthy: Lily.
  • Prefers the cold/hot weather: Scorp is a winter baby, Lily is a summer child, trough her favourite season of all is actually fall.

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royai - 4, 11, 14! :D

First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?
– definitely not love at first sight! riza was not pleased to have someone else staying in her house at first, mostly because that meant extra work for her. fat chance some city boy was going to help her around the house in the country while he was too busy studying alchemy from her father. roy was a lot more friendly at first and polite. he tried to be nice, but then didn’t do any chores because of some miscommunication, so riza felt her thoughts were validated. however, eventually, because of roy’s persistence, things began to warm between the two. roy started to help around the house and riza started to open up to him. both of them realized they were alone and it was better to stick with each other.

Do they celebrate holidays? Anniversaries?
– not in the sense that other people do. for the most part, it’s simple acknowledgement, though they’ve got their own secret ways of celebrating the holidays. roy gets gifts for everyone on the team, but riza’s is always special and she always opens it once she’s out of the office. she’ll get him something for his birthday, though nothing overt, usually practical, sometimes a joke though. (she gave him an umbrella hat one year. havoc had to leave the office because he started crying from laughter.) both of them have their own anniversaries, like when roy first started his apprenticeship or when she first joined his team. he really remembers dates like that and likes to commemorate them in their own, subtle way.

Anything they both dread?
– on a serious note, they’re both concerned with what happens when they face the repercussions of their time serving in ishval. both of them are so set on getting proper punishments, but they are afraid of it, mostly because they’re afraid of what will happen to the other. neither of them like when it rains, though for roy it’s the rain part and riza it’s the lightening. they both worry about hayate during storms too when they happen at work. as roy will aptly say, “dogs aren’t fond of storms.”

Daddy Luke + baby daughter would include:
  • daddy + daughter cuddles aLL THE TIME
  • inside jokes
  • random giggle fits together
  • watching disney movies 24/7 (probs mostly frozen)
  • lil hemmo sleeping in yours and lukes bed because she’s scared of the monsters in her closet
  • him making up songs to help lil hemmo do stuff, like brush her teeth or do chores
  • him trying to kill a bug because lil hemmo is terrified of them, but luke ends up screaming and running away
  • you end up killing the bug so both your precious baby’s come and give you cuddles
  • “i love you y/n the bug killer”
  • “i love you too, lukey”
  • cudDLEs
  • luke waking up in the middle of the night bc there was thunderstorm and he needed to check on lil hemmo
  • he pouts when he sees her crying in her bed because of the scary “boom booms”
  • more cuddles
  • making her heart shaped pancakes for breakfast
  • giving her candy to bribe her
  • him being an embarrassing dad
  • tries to parkour and look like spiderman but ends up breaking his ankle or something
  • both him and lil hemmo crying because he has to go away on tour
  • “you better visit me, baby. got it? i need my cuddles”
  • lil hemmo refusing to let go and let him get on his flight.
  • having to literally pry her hands off his shirt as she screams bloody murder
  • him calling and having video chats with her because she was getting insanely depressed
  • her coming into your room at night and just crying because “daddy left us”
  • him finally coming home and her screaming happily
  • cuddles for literally a whole day
  • “shit, y/n, we couldnt have asked for a better little girl”
  • “agreed”

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No I don't tell us yo

Alright, so most of this started out because I’m shipping trash, right ok? So we already know that in Remnant, people’s colors can change when they feel really strong emotions. Yang’s eyes go red when she’s going Super Saiyan because she’s angry.

One of Neo’s eyes goes white when she’s about to kill Yang

But both of them go white when she’s shitting her pants scared.

But like… why?

I had this idea that Aura plays a big part of your coloration. Which would makes sense, because Auras, Semblances and Aura related attacks seem to mostly match up with the color scheme any character is.

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Sun’s Aura smash ground pound is a burst of yellow.

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Adam red tints glow when he absorbs the beam from the spider drone.

Pyrrha glows red while unlocking Jaune’s Aura.

So if Aura’s got something to do with your color and your color can changes when you feel strong emotion, why do colors change to specific colors? Why don’t Yang’s eyes turn brown when she’s angry? “Oh because red means anger.” Lame.

Who do we know that has red in their design? Adam. Pyrrha. Scarlet. No one really important to Yang-

Oh. Summer and Ruby. Maybe Yang tries to center herself when she’s angry by remembering who she loves? Maybe she tries to remember who’s important to her and who needs her why she needs to win the fight.

And think about this. Ruby really doesn’t have a lot of red in her design- at least not as much as Yang has yellow, Weiss has white, etc.

Most of her red is at the very ends of her hair, and it’s not very bright. Why not call her Onyx or Silver, seeing as silver eyes appear to be rare (ominous much, Ozpin)? Maybe she used to have more red in her design? Within the first five months of infancy, babies don’t really have very sensitive color vision. However a color that most babies seem to sense very early on is red.

Red like the inside of Summer Rose’s cloak. Something that a baby would see a lot of while being held in her mother’s arms.

Which, would kind of make sense, seeing as Weiss and Winter (both sisters) both have a heavy white theme.

Maybe Ruby’s hair used to be as red as Pyrrha’s? She was a baby and really loved her mom- as all babies do. But when Summer “left,” she was still too young to remember much about her. The red started to fade.

We don’t know much about Neo or Adam so I can’t make any guesses, but a lot of correlation between Aura and color seems to come from family, and strong emotion. Color might even be partially hereditary at this point (if Taiyang is some shade of yellow, I’m calling Yang a daddy’s girl and I freaking knew it).

“What’s that gotta do with you being shipping trash?”

Look at my wife’s precious eyes

Dull bluish green

Really bright green

Less intense green (barely any blue)?

Wanna know when they’re greenest?

When she’s near/thinking of Ren.

Speaking of Ren…

Pink eyes? Pink streak in his hair? I thought Ren’s color motif was green. I wonder who has a lot of pink in their design that would make him feel so strongly-

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It’s all just my own little theory, but it makes sense. I hope it’s right.

lets talk about fusion for a sec

i feel like people dont tend to think of fusions as separate from their component gems enough. like, after jailbreak people were having this issue with garnet, ruby and sapphire but we’re mostly passed that now and back to recognizing garnet as her own person instead of just two tiny lesbians piloting a garnet mech. but people are still having this issue with the other fusions, i think.

lets take rainbow quartz for example. she got a couple minutes of screen time, no lines and we’ll probably never see her again. but think about her as an individual person, qualities of both rose and pearl, but separate from them. what could SHE be like, personality wise? what does she enjoy? what does she hate? what does she think of garnet and amethyst, or of greg? 

or let’s take a fusion that’s been given WAY more on-screen personality, sardonyx. people seem to think that the more gems in a fusion, the less personality, based on alexandrite, but we got to see sardonyx strut her stuff and show off her charisma even more so than garnet, who is a two gem fusion compared to a three gem fusion, technically. however we never got to see what she really thought of what pearl did or how garnet reacted to it.

which brings me to even more questions like:

  • what do fusions think of their component gems? do they have favorites?
  • do fusions get any say in their own outfits and designs when they regenerate? 
  • do fusions wish they has less ‘abnormalities’ like extra eyes and limbs? 
  • do fusions wish their components got along better/they were a more stable fusion?
  • can fusions affect how their components get along, positively or negatively?
  • can fusions be a part of their component’s headspace conversation as an individual (in reference to when fusions talk to themselves, like stevonnie at the dance, garnet in the kindergarten and malachite at the beach) or just basically listen in on it? 
  • how much information does a fusion instinctively have and how much is willingly given by their components?


♡ Send me a ship and I’ll tell you

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Levy does when she’s reading and walking at the same time. Gajeel has done this a few times, though, and nearly breaks the door because it’s not working right. Pantherlily saves them both by opening the door for them.
  • Who the fuck put peeps in the microwave: Gajeel, and he has no regrets, not when Levy’s annoyed face is so fucking adorable.
  • Who is the slut for Doritos: Gajeel, but to be honest, he’s a slut for a lot of food.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Both, but mostly Gajeel will by lightly tossing a pillow at her while snickering about something. She’ll be trying to read, and get annoyed with the interruption, toss the pillow back as hard as she can, and… well… it’s on. It ends with both of them on their backs, laughing and sucking in air, and then whoops, Gajeel is kissing her now.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Both, but Gajeel does most often because holy shit, how did he get so lucky to have this precious, adorable, beautiful little fairy come to love him so much?
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: Levy has when she’s got a lot on her mind. Gajeel would never.
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Both, mostly Gajeel. Levy doesn’t even notice when he does, but she’s usually still awake and reading. Gajeel manages to sleep through any noise Levy makes in the middle of the night, so at most he’ll twitch at the sound, but not be bothered by it.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Gajeel! He knows so many cheesy pick up lines, it’s kind of scary. He likes to use them on Levy to make her laugh. He got the girl, so somehow they work.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Levy is very particular about keeping the guild library organized, though not in alphabetical order (her system is very elaborate, actually). At home- with the number of books she has, as much as she would love to keep them organized, it does not happen. She has a system, one that no one can figure out, but she somehow always knows where a particular book is, and that’s all that matters. Pantherlily desperately wishes he could rearrange them in alphabetical order, but he’s terrified of facing Levy’s wrath if he so much as misplaces one book. Gajeel has sort of stumbled into understanding Levy’s system. No one knows how, but he just seems to get it.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Both, but Gajeel most of all since he’s usually the one baking.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Levy will sometimes, but not often. She doesn’t really think about it when she does, just sees some that are pretty and buys them. Gajeel has from time to time, too, if he wants to plan something nice, even if there is no special occasion.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Levy will draw on Gajeel when they’re both bored. It is a team effort because he’s directing what he wants most of the time. He will also draw on her after, but she’s usually too busy giggling to manage much.
  • Who is in charge of grocery shopping, taking out the trash, picking their kid up from sports (if they have one): They both handle grocery shopping, though Gajeel more so. Gajeel takes out the trash. Both pick up the kids, either they alternate or go together. Gajeel picks them up more, though.
  • Who is more likely to get kicked out of bed: Gajeel is kicked out of bed at least once a week for teasing Levy too much and upsetting her. He tries to sleep on the couch, but after an hour he just can’t because he wants his shrimp. Right as he’s about to get up, though, he stops because Levy’s come into the room and he just watches as she plops down on his chest. She can’t sleep without him, either.
  • Who needs help opening their Popsicle: Levy, and Gajeel likes to tease her as he opens it. Sometimes she need help, though, because she’s that focused and into her research, so Gajeel opens it without a word, and hands it to her that way- she doesn’t even have to try.
  • Who talks to questionable strangers: Gajeel, also he is a very, very questionable stranger- so Levy. Also it’s their job to talk to questionable people.
  • Who likes to kiss the other when their face is all sticky: Both. Lots of teasing and laughter when this happens.
  • Who wears nothing but their underwear around the house for an entire day: Gajeel- and Levy is very pleased with this. Levy will, too, but Gajeel is more habitual about it.
  • Who steals the blanket in the middle of the night and leaves the other with none: Levy most of the time. Gajeel doesn’t tend to notice, and if he’s cold, he’ll just grab her and cuddle her for some warmth.
  • Who likes to drink straight-up black coffee and teases the other for their flavor-loaded Starbucks: Gajeel is a black coffee kind of guy, Levy actually has no real preference but she does love sweeter coffee. Gajeel will tease her because she can’t even taste the coffee in some of her drinks and how can she even call it coffee. She has shoved the straw of her favorite frappucino in his mouth, though, and made him drink it… He admits it’s not bad.
  • Who sneaks putting pizza bagels and Captain Crunch in the shopping cart: Gajeel, but he doesn’t really sneak them in. He’ll buy what he wants.
  • Who would be the strict parent and who would be the cool one: Gajeel would so want to be the cool one, but he can be pretty strict sometimes. Also he is a gigantic dork and his children know it. Levy is strict about studies, but she is all about making sure their kids are happy and healthy, so she tends to be the cool one in the end. No matter what, their kids love them and think they’re pretty cool.
  • Who forgot they can’t put foil in the microwave and accidentally started a small fire: Levy did it once, completely by accident because she wasn’t paying attention. She knows much better than to do that. Gajeel makes her snacks now when she’s studying so a mishap doesn’t happen again.
  • Who wakes the other up in the middle of the night because they thought they heard something: Levy wakes Gajeel, though if it’s serious, he usually hears it himself and wakes on his own. If it’s nothing but the usual nightly background noise, he just scoops Levy up, rolls over, and goes back to sleep while telling her it’s nothing.

August 6, 2015 - American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla)

Requested by: falseredstart

These warblers are found in much of North America and winter in Central America, the Caribbean, and northern South America. They eat mostly insects, startling them out of hiding by flashing the bright red or yellow patches on their wings and tail and often catching them in the air. In the late summer they also eat berries and fruit. Females build the nests and both parents bring food to the chicks. Though often monogamous, some males attract another mate after the first has laid her eggs. They then defend a second territory, usually assisting the the new female less than the first.

Also see the male American Redstart here:

Marianne’s writing about Moon Rabbits

Title: Camp Moon Rabbits

Fandom: Touhou

Characters: Reisen U. Inaba, Seiran, Ringo

Synopsis: Backstory of Reisen, enrolled in a Moon Rabbit Scout Camp. It mostly deals on her first day and how she met Seiran and Ringo.

Wordcount: 1832

Note of the Maria: I hope you are going to enjoy this little story! The main dude who motivated me to write this was dick-t-chappy​, after I heard his headcanon on how Reisen and the LoLK bunnies met each others. I fell in love with this so much, I had to write about this. I based the outfits of the buns on this doodle my friend kawaiishironeetree​ did after hearing about it. Soooo, kudos to them both!! Finally, enjoy this. I am probably going to do more of these if I ever get inspiration!

Keep reading

AU thing

Where Eli goes to UTX and is apart of a rise. So one day after practice she decides to take the long way home through the shrine place. Where she meets a certain purple hair shrine maiden. Nozomi and her chat it up, eventually secret date for a while but then get found out by Honoka. Honoka Insist that they come out and tell both groups. Nozomi talk about it to Eli and they agree. Muse is totally okay with them together but A-rise is a bit more ‘they are the enemy!’ (mainly erena). So then A-rise wants to meet muse and Nozomi so they agree on a day where they can get together. Erena doesnt like muse to much mostly because she thinks anju is hitting/flirting on Umi but Tsubasa tries hard to persuade her otherwise because she’s got the dorkiest crush on honks.

I heard a child ask her mum “why does that girl look like that?” and they both looked back at me (mostly concentrating on my tattoos and piercings) with genuine fear in their eyes as I overtook them on the street, hearing “she was brought up wrong” come from the mother.. beware kids because my pale skin, black dress, and evil ink in my flesh - that confirms my incorrect upbringing - may just attack and eat you as you turn your back to cross the road.

OR lady.. maybe you should think that you’re bringing up your child ‘wrong’ by teaching your daughter to judge others on their appearance because I may look ‘scary’ to you but I’m a kind human that had a fantastic OPEN MINDED upbringing by my SINGLE mother (love you mum!!) and I also love cats ok don’t judge me

i was thinkin abt the cp girls’ fashion tastes while i was walkin around n

obviously i’ve talked about how seiko dresses— she’s very stylish and a lot of it is very feminine stuff (especially pastels) but with the occassional sprinkle of meme apparel and shitty graphic tees that say things like ‘lesbihonest’ because. it’s seiko

mayu is similar in the regards that i think she would also dress really cutely? and i could see them liking similar brands so they go shopping together a lot (it’s pretty much their prime bonding time) and it’s pretty much the only time they hang out that doesn’t end in shenanigans. both also really really really like accessories but mayu has more actual jewelry than seiko, who mostly just buys up cute charms

naomi is much more casual and relaxed about that stuff and she tends not to pay it much mind tbh most of her casual outfits are just shirts or button ups and some jeans. she has more feminine clothes (seiko encourages her to buy things she usually would be too embarrassed to) 

but she hardly ever wears them because she doesn’t like the attention and smartass remarks about “i cant believe nakashima is dressing like that”

ayumi is likewise pretty lax but in a more classy way like. she wears more ‘dressy-casual-professional-looking’ looking outfits than the others (usually in dark colors as well) and most of her clothes are really simple but comfortable and she can dress herself decently enough (she just doesn’t really prioritize it very much)

she has mayu hem her pants and sleeves for her because she’s too proud to shop in the petite section but nothing in the women’s section fits her

really, she just tries very hard to look ~adult and mature~

Guess who!

Hello lovely followers! Deal has been sealed, contract has been settled and decisions have been made. From this day forward, myself and Sky will be working together! Yes, it is I, Tree Hugging Anon!

A brief intro of myself:

Name’s Ashlyn, don’t like it very much but I go by the nicknames Ash or Ashyy. I will be helping Sky will the scenarios on both of her blogs! While we will work together for scenarios, she’ll deal with the reactions. I will accept requests and questions, please make sure to direct them towards me. You can address me by my nicknames or by Tree Hugging Anon, that is completely fine, after all, that is how all of you currently know me by~

I spend most of my time on mobile, which means I’m mostly active! If I am not here, I’m on my other blogs, which, I shall reveal later on with my welcoming present for all of you~ Please expect it soon!

Now, enough of that! If you want to know anything else, you know where to go! Expect amazing and ovary exploding project from both us! It will be a pleasure to be with you guys and working with Sky! I really have to thank her for giving me this opportunity! So, thank you honey bunches! Now, let’s get the show on the road, shall we?

P.S. Don’t forget! I’ll also be working with the BTS blog, so head over there and place your request and questions!

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I think this is all out proportion mostly because people are relating it to the cheating rumors and how he dumped her, but no one but them &amp; their friends know what happened during their relationship. There is no way to truly know how the relationship ended or what went on bc they aren't going to tell us and they 100% don't have to. I just think that this "damsel in distress/poor weak heartbroken girl" narrative is overplayed. Both of them should be taking responsibility for shading each oth

seriously? it was so obvious everything that happened and went on with them. so yeah we can say “oh we dont know” but we know. we all know. denying it doesnt make it not true. and everything like this stems from what happened in their relationship. everything. as it does for normal people as well. 

and no one is calling her a damsel in distress, but she literally was heartbroken. and the fact that you are trivializing that is kinda sad. she stood by him for years. even through the “rumors” and cheating bc she really believed that in the end, he loved her. she believed so much that they were getting married and going to be together forever, that she agreed to purchase a bigger house with him just WEEKS before the break up. i dont need ~receipts to see how insanely hurt and upset she must have been and how cowardly that was of him. 

so yes i agree neither of them should be shading the other, especially publicly and it is very childish on both their accounts, but she herself hasnt done anything disrespectful to him, but yet hes all up here being a butthead just bc he ~can. and its nagl at all. 

Some Sera/Adaar romance headcanons since inversetwilight posted some for Sera/Lavellan:

  • I also headcanon Sera as having sensitive ears. The base of Adaar’s horns are sensitive as well, which Sera finds out mostly on accident.
  • In the beginning, Sera has to regularly remind Adaar that she is not made of glass and that she won’t break or smush her, so how about a real hug, yeah?
  • Adaar’s quarters become a war zone when they become a couple and Sera starts spending more time there than her room in the tavern. Adaar isn’t the tidiest person in Thedas and neither is Sera, but they both know where everything is… usually.
  • Sera leaves notes for Adaar, occasionally putting Inquisition messengers to use to deliver them when Adaar is in the war room. Sometimes they’re tame, most of the time they aren’t. Adaar’s blush has become legendary amongst the advisors (Leliana insists she saw steam coming out of Adaar’s horns, no matter how impossible that is).
  • Adaar takes a lot of naps, often using Sera’s lap as a pillow when they aren’t curled up together. She gladly returns the favor. 
  • Neither are terribly good at the whole “emotions into words” thing, and thankfully neither really needs that. It’s nearly all said through actions - looks, touches, kisses.
  • Adaar takes every opportunity to make Sera laugh because she thinks her laugh is adorable… even in bed if it’s that kind of night (or day).
  • When Sera expresses interest in vitaar Adaar teaches her everything she knows, including secrets passed to her from her mother. She also insists that Sera wear sleeves and gloves when around the stuff. Sera applies vitaar to the spots that Adaar can’t reach when needed.
  • (I think this one is universal amongst Seradaars but hey.) Sera finds out early on that grabbing Adaar’s horns is an easy way to put her where she wants her. She is not afraid to put this knowledge to use.
More Ghostly Trio Ideas

Sam isn’t effected by Blood Blossoms because she has plant powers

Tucker being completely able to defeat Technes by himself

Sam trying to change her suits colors by attacking it with a black sharpie

Sam and Danny sometimes switching suits for the day mostly because Danny secretly likes the color and messing with the citizens

Tucker figuring out a way to track ghosts on his PDA

The trio getting in trouble for smoking when a ghost came near them and smoke came out of there mouths

All of them sucking each other into the thermos both by accident and as a practical joke

All of them sorta freak out when Dani comes along

All of them more or less becoming over-protective “parents” and always try their best to protect Dani

Hello, gentle creampuffs! Since addams-beineke has recently converted to Hollence with a side of Lawstein, she has outsourced a Hollstein ship meme request to me. So let’s get to it.


who’s the cuddler: Carmilla. Carmilla. A thousand times Carmilla. Mostly when she’s asleep or otherwise not at her sharpest/at her most vulnerable.

who makes the bed: Laura. Carmilla can’t be bothered, although maybe she does it once to surprise Laura on a special occasion.

who wakes up first: Laura. Sleeping until 1 PM is quintessential Carmilla.

who has the weird taste in music: Carmilla. Laura caught her listening to Gregorian chants once. She says they’re relaxing, but Laura suspects she’s just messing with her.

who is more protective: Both of them. But Laura’s protective like a small, energetic dog that thinks it’s a wolf and Carmilla’s protective like a cat that will completely ignore the threat until it crosses an invisible line and then unleash hell.

who sings in the shower: Laura thinks it’s only her- and then she hears crystal-clear Puccini floating out of the bathroom one afternoon.

who cries during movies: Laura.

who spends the most while out shopping: Carmilla. Laura buys more food, but Carmilla’s the one who will only accept highest-quality gourmet imported chocolate.

who kisses more roughly: Laura at first, because Carmilla is worried about hurting her. When it becomes apparent that that won’t be a problem, the fangs start coming out.

who is more dominant: Carmilla in the bedroom; Laura out of it. Let’s be honest: the only thing Carmilla won’t do for the tiny gay is truly leave her. But I think she really is more of a top sexually.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10 in the book; 9 in the web series (but it’s more realistic in the web series, so that doesn’t mean the WS is worse).

Fairy tail chapter 449 Mavis and Zeref

Mavis got the same cruse as Zeref!!! I wasn’t expecting that at all!!! But now it makes sense because that’s why he doesn’t age and neither does she!

Also when the 2 military guys were doubting her… I was just like, “just wait and see,” also how here team called her princess (^∇^)

Lastly there was a Zervis iconic forehead touch, now I can see where Natsu gets it from… (Someone needs to do a panel coloring of both of them) (Let’s also not forget she ran to him and gave him a hug (・ω・) )

Overall I liked the chapter but it ended way to soon… Can’t wait for next weeks but I’m dreading this upcoming one sense Friday I will mostly likely cry my eyes out…

I was sitting there watching Winnie the Pooh and letting the silly, utterly inconsequential sweetness wash over me when suddenly it struck me, for the millionth time but with the power of a new ephiphany: Every single character but one here is male… and the only female character is defined exclusively by her motherhood.

Now, we’re not “supposed” to point out unpleasant stuff like this about kiddie movies. We’re supposed to just relax and enjoy them and let them wash over us and not think about it too much. But that’s why it’s so insidious — and yes, I mean that deliberately: insidious.

If our pop culture were pretty balanced among some stories that were mostly about boy characters and some stories that were mostly about girl characters and some stories that were about a fairly balanced bunch of both boy and girl characters and some stories that 75/25 boys/girls and some stories that were 75/25 girls/boys, and so on, it wouldn’t matter. But this is not how it is. The vast majority of stories are about male characters. The vast majority of stories about groups of character feature lots of different male characters — often defined by various traits: The Fat One, The Smart One, The Clumsy One, The Daring One, and so on — and perhaps, if we’re lucky, a single female character who is defined solely by her gender: The Girl One. Nothing beside femaleness is needed to define this character: she is not brave or cowardly, reckless or prudent, smart or dumb — she’s just the girl. She’s probably pretty, because that’s how you know she’s a girl: she’s there to make the world more pleasant for the male characters. She might need to get rescued at some point. She’s almost definitely the carrot dangled in front of The Leader One, with the prospect of her as the prize he wins if he succeeds.

Now, in the world of Pooh, Kanga does not serve this purpose… but she also serves no other purpose but to be mothering. She says and does pretty much nothing but deliver gentle maternal scolds to all the boys around her, who clearly — boys being boys and all — need it. (That’s sarcasm.) But there’s no reason in the universe why Owl could not be female: no story hinges on Owl being male. There’s no reason in the universe why Rabbit could not be female: no story hinges on Rabbit being male.

No, I don’t think that A.A. Milne chuckled evilly to himself and set out to exclude female characters from his stories because he hated women. He was only unconsciously regurgitating the biases of our culture: that maleness is the default, the neutral, and that there’s no reason for a character to be female unless ladyparts are required (such as, in this case, having given birth).

Here’s where the insidious comes in: When all children see are stories in which boy characters run the gamut of human potential and girl characters are only notable for their girlness, they internalize these notions. They learn that boys can do anything and girls can only be a narrow sort of “girlness.” Girls are never The Funny One or The Depressed One or The Wise One.

Kids see this in even the “inoffensive” children’s stories, like Winnie the Pooh’s tales. Like in the Toy Story movies, which grudgingly allow more than one female character in, but again only when they must be female — of course Bo Peep and Jessie the Cowgirl have to be girls — but never when the gender of a toy is absent or ambiguous: Rex or Slinky or Hamm or many of the other toys could have been female, but aren’t. Even the really good, really wonderful, really must-see stories follow the same plan.

It’s depressing to realize this, if you care about exposing children — boys and girls alike — to fairer, more humanist ideas about what they are capable of.

And that’s why it must be pointed out. When even the “nice” movies engage in this, these biases get deeply ingrained and powerfully reinforced in our individual subconsciouses and in our cultural supraconsciousness.

I’m not suggesting that anyone should have changed Milne’s characters in the name of feminism. I am suggesting that we need to be creating new stories that allow girl characters to express the full range of human experience to balance the likes of Milne out… and to make sure that when someone creates a “nice” new story, its Rex or Slinky or Hamm aren’t created male by lazy default.

—  Reposted from this flickfilosopher article (2011) by Maryann Johanson
the zoo

There were few things Arthur loved more than the zoo. He loved the animals: the birds and fish and penguins and tigers and polar bears. Carolyn had taken him to several over the years, mostly when he was younger to cheer him up.

It had amused her when Arthur had asked to to go on their day off in Edinburgh with Martin and Douglas so he could show them both all the brilliant animals. Both their reactions were priceless, trying to look interested but failing. She had glared at them both until they had agreed to take him.

That was how Martin ended up with a panda hat and a plastic grizzly bear - Arthur had decided that bears were the best - while Arthur and Douglas volunteered to throw fish at penguins. Douglas had done it before, that or he was just really good at it like everything else. Martin could imagine him feeding penguins with his daughter in the past, because frankly no-one could throw fish so perfectly first time.

Arthur certainly couldn’t. But from the grin on his face, he was having fun.