for both Thor and Loki


Loki was brought up with the expectation of entitlement — he was born to rule, both Thor and Loki were born to be kings. And yet, there is no kingdom for Loki, so he has to find one. So he’s come down to earth to subjugate humanity and rule the human race as their king. I guess we’ve skirted over the facts of where Loki disappeared to, but we’ve imagined that he’s had a pretty horrible time and this is his kind of last chance at giving himself an identity or a home, somewhere to belong to.” – Tom Hiddleston

I was doing some giffing and basically re-watched Thor for the purpose (like it was a sacrifice, haha), and I just realised something that gives me new heartache.

Look at this gif:

When Thor broke the Bifrost, he and Loki went flying into the air and would have both fallen into the Void if Odin hadn’t caught them. Thor had no idea - he just couldn’t know - that Odin was going to grab Thor’s leg and save both brothers from dying/becoming lost in the space-time continuum. Still, Thor grabbed Gungnir, for which Loki was trying to reach in some desperate attempt to save his life. Thor still wanted to save Loki, after everything that had happened, and Thor didn’t have much hope, but he saw Loki falling underneath him, trying to get a hold of anything, and they both went for the staff, Loki to save himself, Thor to save Loki, even when he had no way of knowing it was even going to work. But fuck, this hurts the man. Thor tried to be there for his little brother when everything was literally and figuratively falling apart around them, and by the Norns, they might both die, but they’ll die holding that staff together and Thor will die trying to save Loki.

I’m okay. I’m not okay.