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Humans are Space Orcs

So I’ve been loving the “humans are weird” tag lately and I came up with one myself. Here goes…

Breathe in… Breathe out… The yoga soundtrack on Kenzie’s phone was interrupted by the nervous clicking of a member of the Ghrivak clan. Thnybux, a third-tier member of the clan, approached her on a swirling cloud, as was standard of the Ghrivaks.

“Human Kenzie,” said Thnybux, through the translator in her ear. “Human Kenzie, what are you doing? You will rip your flesh with those movements!”

Kenzie straightened from her yoga position and greeted Thnybux with the series of clicks common in the Ghrivak dialect. “This is called yoga. Humans actually need to move and stretch their bodies. It’s good for us.”

Thnybux regarded her with some confusion. “Do you know why the Ghrivak move only on clouds, Human Kenzie? It is because if we move our bodies too much, our bones will disintegrate from the forces of gravity on this planet. I do not understand this theory of movement. How exactly is it beneficial to your species?”

“Human muscles are connected to hard, quasi-living rods in our bodies called bones. These bones are created by specialized cells, and are both very lightweight and very strong. Our muscles are made of specialized cells, and when they are very minimally damaged, repair themselves so that they are stronger. If a human does not exercise, the muscles will die off, and the human will no longer be able to move.”

“Surely the force of these…muscles…on these living rods will shatter the rods?”

“No, our muscles are not that strong,” Kenzie laughed. “Our bones are much stronger than that. And humans break bones fairly frequently. It hurts but the bone just heals stronger. That’s kind of a theme in humans actually, when we get hurt we just heal stronger.” She returned to her yoga.

Thnybux hid xie’s fear from the human Kenzie, and took note of this new information. What kind of creature becomes stronger when it is hurt? Lesson number one: Do not anger the humans.
On Sleeping with Sherlock Holmes

Description: “If I freeze to death in the middle of the night, I’ll haunt you,” John mutters. “Glad to know you’ll stick around,” Sherlock jokes. 

Review: Bed sharing fic that eventually leads to a first kiss. Really cute and sweet, good read for just before bed. 

Rating: General 

John Was Nice Like That

Description: Sherlock Holmes may not ever sleep, but that hasn’t prevented him from having a kip on the couch with John. 

Review: Really, really sweet and cute. John is napping on top of Sherlock and Sherlock is just running his hands all over John and thinking about how much he loves him. I loved it. They’re both so adorable and John is sleeping which is always a plus when reading a fic. Loved it. 

Rating: Teen 


maddypenney  asked:

wow kenzie's body love solo touched my heart. her emotion and passion really showed. so proud of that girl and how much she has grown! i hope she knows how incredible she is!

Thank you! She has been begging her choreographer to create a piece to this song for awhile. She learned in less than a week before she performed it. Lots of people in tears after she stepped off the stage.

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! So I just heard this song from my cousin (who's also a huge bellarke fan) called "Body of Armor" by Kenzie Moore, and I heard it and immediately thought of bellarke!! From bellamys standpoint talking to Clarke!!! Could you maybe write a fic based off that song??? You are amazing!!! Xx

It’s really short, nonnie, sorry :/

It took me a lil bit to find a grasp for this idea, but thank you none of the less!

Much love & I hope you enjoy. (Send another request if you have anymore ideas!)


You don’t love her, but you’re never gonna leave.

“Bell?” Clarke managed through a sniffle. “You home?” She peers through the open crack of the doorway and lets herself into his apartment. Closing the door and toeing her shoes off, she hears a soft thud, thud, thud as Bellamy’s and Octavia’s cat Helios greets her by rubbing against her legs. “Hey there,” she murmurs, bending down to scoop him up and letting him rub against her neck instead. She’s in desperate need of some cuddles right now.

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