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Rip to all of these mcu ladies

Most of them aren’t even dead

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In what might or might not be the first episode in a new series, we take a look back at a few Xbox 360 shooters and blab about how much we like them more than their current counterparts. There’s dogs, doctors, and dick jokes. Probably dick jokes the most


I’m trying to live for my gay superheroes and there happy lives but Y'ALL KEEP FUCKING WITH ME!!! I Just read X-Men Blue #2 and surprise-fucking-surprise, Iceman’s boyfriend, who has appeared in only 4 comics, just ghosted Bobby. I assume we’re never gonna see him again. Y'ALL DO THIS EVERY FUCKING TIME!! America #1, she broke up with her girlfriend. The Ray, the new gay JLA member, had a boyfriend for ONE PAGE! 📢LET📢GAYS📢BE📢HAPPY📢Why is every single happy gay couple pushed to the sidelines? Midnighter and Apollo? Done. Wiccan and Hulkling? Gone. Rictor and Shatterstar? Blocked. Are Harvey and Ivy even still together or did you fuck with them too? And while we’re at it let bi and pan characters like Hellblazer and Deadpool actually have relationships with men. Mild flirting or using a man’s attraction to another man as does not representation make. Just let queer people BE QUEER!!