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Can you show us an updated pic of you bl comic/djs/fanzine collection? c:

You made me clean… which is good because I needed to dust & re-arrange things. I need to find places for art, fan art and figures now XD

So many favorites and more coming from Kickstarters and other sources soon! I also organize height-wise.  (that section of Haikyuu!! manga just makes me so happy!!!)

I think… I have… a sports anime problem… (but is it really a problem?)

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2 - What drew you to rping this character?

It’s funny, really— next to nothing. I decided to play as Wilhelm in BL:PS mostly because my friends wanted to play as the gals and Clappy. I was left with the grump and I planned to do a playthrough of the others next.

Ohh, how so much has changed. The day after trying out the Pre-Sequel, I pretty much picked up on his personality [holy shit he’s funny] and was like “WAIT. THIS GAME IS NEW. FRESH CONTENT. I CAN BE THE FIRST.” And— welp— HERE WE ARE. The fandom’s biggest Wilhelm trash and proud.

5 - What’s something about your character that you’d like if you had to spend time with them?

If societal rules of age gaps didn’t exist, I WANNA FUCK HIM

That one’s obvious, but if we’re serious here on a platonic standpoint we’d be best buds. Sorta. Maybe. I wanna touch his hair. And his beard. And do that silly thing with your lips that make it go ‘pbpbpbpbpbp’ but because Wilhelm only has one lip it’ll just be ‘ppppppp’


12 - Why do you roleplay?

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Future NSFW content

Just wanted to let my followers here know that in the future i’ll be posting potentially nsfw content here. Mostly BL/yaoi. Didn’t want to go through the hassle of opening another blog. 

If you are uncomfortable with such materials, please feel free to unfollow me and follow my main art blog 

Going through and cleaning up this blog now ^^

Thanks for understanding!

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The recs were perfect because bl is mostly what I read. That or horror :p

Oh good, I was worried I was recommending the completely wrong genre, haha :)


I’ve noticed that, online, I mainly read BL manga. Like, that’s it.

Mostly BL. Occasionally shōjo.

Physically, I’ve read Death Note, Drrr!!, PokeSpe, KH, TLoZ, etc. literally the only non bl/shōjo manga i’ve read more than 20 chapters of on the internet is probably snk and haikyuu. (course even now im a little behind on both kek) i never mustered enough strength to even read tg

just put me on mangahere and i’ll read any bl with decent art tbh. and yet i cant read anything else unless i physically own it.

UPDATE: I literally had a SekaKoi dream last night. It wAS IN MANGA FORMAT. I’VE NEVER EVEN READ THE MANGA