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I don’t know if the requests are still open , but if they are could you do an imagine where YN and Blaise prank Draco ( YN’S boyfriend). Also your blog is awesome and I love your aesthetics.have an nice day

a/n: thank you, love! I hope you don’t mind, but the relationship is slightly altered. it’s a bit more…dramatic? oh well, comme est la vie.

To befriend Blaise Zabini, one must have a certain edge. They have to embody Salazar’s dream, while remaining interesting, confident, and remarkably intelligent. It was no wonder when he began sitting next to Y/n L/n during meals. 
They had met in Transfiguration. Neither could remain interested, and both would rather fight the Whomping Willow than hear another lecture on the power behind accenting certain syllables. As his moon-like eyes wandered around the room, they paused on a girl attempting to morph a feather into the past night’s homework. She stared with determination at Hermione Granger’s scrolls, not bothering to watch her own quill morph into a near replica. Zabini was astounded, and exceedingly intrigued. They’ve been best friends ever since.
It wasn’t unusual to see the two lounging under a tree, casting pebbles into the Black Lake. When Y/n needed the sun, and Blaise needed fresh air, the two would find their way to a tall oak, casually discussing life, sinister plans, but specifically, the past week. 
‘And I swear, if that oaf, Weasley, thinks I’m just going to let him ruin our project, I’ll positively pass out from internal combustion. If we get paired up again, I think I’ll accidentally crucio him.’ A smirk of realization made its way to Blaise’s lips. Of course! How had he never thought of this before…

Y/n and Draco!

It was a perfect match! The way they talked, the way they acted, it was like a pair made in heaven. 
‘Oh, Y/n, dear, have you ever thought about dating anyone at this barmy school?’ She narrowed her eyes, flicking his hand with a small smile. ‘Now, Blaise, you know I love you, but-’ ‘Not me, dimwit. I’m just wondering if you ever thought about, perhaps, going on a blind date?’ Her nose scrunched in thoughts, a gentle breeze kissing their cheeks. ‘I suppose, after that horrendous afternoon with Oliver Wood, I wouldn’t mind being courted.’ He jumped up, already marching towards the common room. ‘Then it’s settled. Puddifoot’s, half past five, dress nicely!’ Y/n chuckled to herself while staring off at the branches. Maybe the mystery boy wouldn’t be all that bad.
‘No.’ It was preposterous. Feigning a look of astonishment, Blaise gasped, plopping himself onto one of the common room’s multiple armchairs. ‘And when have I ever steered you wrong?’ Draco looked up from his novel, milky tendrils falling onto his forehead. ‘Last month, I had to sit quietly while Daphne Greengrass complained about magical nail polish for three hours. Two weeks ago, you set me up with Bullstrode at Honeydukes. Have you ever seen a Bullstrode at a sweets shop? It’s like watching a starved warthog chomp on cake.’ Heaving an exhale, Zabini strolled towards the fire, a shallow smirk gracing his lips. ‘I guess I’ll have to find someone else to quench L/n’s loneliness.’ As expected, Draco looked up, his eyes wide with astonishment. ‘Y-You mean…L/n said yes…to a date with me?’ Blaise couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty at the childlike wonder in his best mate’s eyes. ‘Course she did. But, since you’ve no interest-’ ‘I-I’ll make time.’ He looked down to the blonde, watching as he picked at a fingernail. It was as easy as taking candy from an elf.
As the breeze tickled down his back, his nervous breath floated with the current, eyes everywhere at once. She said yes. Y/n L/n actually wanted to have dinner with him! For years, he’d watched, wondered, craved. Zabini always had a knack for collecting the most marvelous things for his collection. He had a cufflink once belonging to Merlin, a hairbrush used by a young Grindelwald, but most importantly, he had the most exquisite being in Britain swayed with ambitious alliance. No one could ever even touch an item in his possession, and here Draco was, standing outside Puddifoot’s, anxiously waiting the arrival of Zabini’s pride and joy. ‘Don’t tell me you got all dressed up for little, ol’ me?’ He spun, quickly, inches away from deep, e/c eyes. Pronounced speechless, Y/n curtsied, offering her hand. ‘Y/n L/n. I believe you’re my date.’ They entered the quaint shop, diving into interesting discussion. You must understand, Draco didn’t do anything like this. He’d been on dates, sure. He’d conversed with some of London’s finest. Yet, none grabbed his attention. No witch could ever light that spark behind his eyes, and here she was, igniting an inferno. Y/n, on the other hand, never did anything like this. She never dated, never conversed. To say she was a recluse would be like calling Dumbledore ‘aged.’ When she won Zabini’s care, she had been playful, spunky, and snide. What she hadn’t thought of was the side-effects, resulting in a mean-streak, harmfulness, and ultimately, cruelty. She watched as Draco’s expression turned from joy to horror as he looked in his tea. A live cockroach climbed out of the cup, fluttering onto his pant leg.
Most people didn’t have the luxury of knowing Malfoy as a child. He was optimistic, but spoiled, yet curious. During a trip to South America, the young boy promised himself to try new and exotic foods. What he hadn’t expected was the lack of cleanliness in the kitchen to affect his meal. He bit into a crunchy, odd tasting soup, finding half a bug left in the substance. He had to be immediately apparated back to his room in England, where his mother cradled him for a week.
Y/n did not have the luxury of knowing Malfoy as a child. 
He stood, quickly, his body shaking violently as the roach clung harder to the fabric of his pants. He began pulling at his hair, while Y/n became actively worried about the state of his mentality. She, hastily, pulled out her wand, zapping the creature out of existence. Looking around in fear, Draco met the eye of every patron, their stare forcing him to run from the shop. Y/n flicked a galleon onto the table, before following him into a darkened alley. She found him in a ball on the floor, his head resting between his knees as his hands scratched his leg where the insect had resided. She kneeled next to him, brushing a strand of his hair. ‘A-Are you-’ ‘Why did you do it?’ Her mouth gaped while his shut quickly. Through clenched teeth, he hissed. ‘Puddifoot’s is clean, and c-clean places don’t have roa-’ He had to stop himself. She fiddled with her dress, looking anywhere but his trembling figure. ‘I didn’t think it’d be that bad. I-I’m sorry. I’m not good with dates, a-and I thought it might be funny. I didn’t think-’ ‘No, you didn’t.’ She sat next to him, looking at his scrunched nose and boiling cheeks. ‘Will you come with me to one more place before our date ends?’ Although he was shaken and certainly unsure, he had never been more curious.
Poofing out of thin air, the pair found themselves a few miles outside Hogwarts, feet pooling into a crystal clear pond. A faded waterfall poured misty water into the lagoon, the forest cocooning them into a peaceful frame of mind. ‘It’s called the Cleansing Pool. Legend says if you bath in the water, you’ll be rid of all sorrow.’ He looked at her, his hard exterior melting light a candle. ‘I really messed this date up, but if you’ll let me, I’d really like to swim with you.’ He grimaced, his gaze following the ripples. ‘I’ve brought no swim trunks.’ She smiled, meeting his eyes which matched the lake. ‘Lucky for you, I’m excellent with transfiguration.’ 

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Ginerva Weasley x Blaise Zabini
Good Girls Loving Bad Boys

“Ginevra,” Blaise whispered through his teeth, his eyes full of molten lust as he felt her fingers slide up his shirt. “I’m not a good person.”

Ginny licked her lips, matching the look in his eye. “Have you not heard, good girls always love the handsome, rugged, in trouble with the law, bad boys.” Her smirk riding up her lips and he wasn’t sure he could resist them any longer.

Don’t do it // Draco x Reader

Words // 1302

Warnings // Spoilers for the seventh book/movie

Summary // Y/N and Draco are together and he has to do a certain thing which might just tear them completely apart.

A/N // I’ve left the end open because I had a few different ideas for the ending which is why I left it open as I couldn’t decide on just one. If you want a part 2 you can request it.

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“Blaise said you wanted to see me.’’ You said, your boyfriend Draco had been rather absent the whole day and you decided to ask Blaise which was the exact moment when he told you Draco wanted to see you up in the Astronomy tower. You felt like the reason for his absence now wouldn’t be that he just had a cold or didn’t want to bother with his classes, he had been growing rather distant and he, in general, seemed rather down all the time.

“Yes. I.. I don’t know how to say this.’’ You sat down next to him and stared down for a few seconds, it was winter and not necessarily cold but there was a massive layer of snow you could see even being this high. “I’m not breaking up with you if you were worried.’’ You nodded and shuffled closer, he had a small smile on his lips.

“I.. I suppose you know my parents used to be death eaters, still are. And well…’’ He hesitated but did do it, he pulled up the sleeve of his shirt, underneath was the dark mark. It was just like a tattoo only everyone knew this was definitely different and definitely had more meaning to it. “I couldn’t refuse and well.. I got a mission. I need to kill Dumbledore.’’ 

There was a tense silence and suddenly you spoke without thinking. “Run away with me.’’ He gave you a puzzled look.

“Don’t do it. At the end of the year you can come home with me. My parents were aurors in the first wizarding war, they’re two of the best there are.’’ You suddenly said, it was true. They were part of the order of the phoenix and some of the best aurors there were now. This might have resulted in you excelling an extreme amount in Defence against the Dark Arts and knowing every offensive and defensive spell there is, which came to be very useful last year during Dumbledore’s army.

“You of all people should know I can’t just go.’’ And it was true, you of all people should definitely know and you did but for a second it was nice to not think about how it actually worked and that just leaving wasn’t an option.

“I suppose this was just.. more to apologize for how I’ve been acting.’’ For a few moments there was utter bliss. The snow was quietly falling but it luckily wasn’t too cold, you were sitting next to each other and just admiring how beautiful everything looked, for a moment it was utter bliss. 


You were wondering what was going on at Hogwarts when the bell rung. You and your parents decided it was far safer for you to stay at home during your last year, the threat was far too big and especially with your parents being very outspoken against Voldemort and have been ever since he started to rise. Your home, of course, was a fortress. Not necessarily unbreakable but damn hard to get in to it almost being impossible. They were somewhere now, they had a mission which is why you were left alone at home, they really didn’t like the idea but most people you could go to were absent or busy doing something themselves which is why they decided to add even more protection charms, they basically went through everything there is.

You glanced through the window to find a suspicious familiar mop of silver hair, Draco.

“Hi.’’ You said once you opened the door. You noticed how incredibly thin he had gotten. You let him inside as it was pouring and he smiled once he sat down on the couch, you locked the door again before sitting down.

“I hear you were at the wedding.’’ You nodded, Fleur and Bill had invited you to come and you couldn’t refuse, there was some danger to it obviously but you had grown up with the Weasleys as basically your older brothers and younger sister which is why you couldn’t refuse. “I didn’t get a scratch, don’t worry.’’ You said with a slightly smile.

“So… It’s kind of funny you know, not like the proper funny but sitting here, it’s almost like we’re still at Hogwarts, when everything was sill fine and you know.’’

 He nodded sadly. There was a small awkward silence but it stopped once Draco leant in, not to kiss you, and you embraced it. You two just sat there for what felt like eternity, holding each other but not saying a word because you both knew you had much to say but now words could explain it but this gesture was able to. After an hour or so he left as your parents were getting close to coming home and wouldn’t really like to see Draco at their house. Still, this was enough and would be enough to keep you two going. Just to have something like this again.


Don’t do it. Three simple words which somehow turned both your and Draco’s world upside down. Eventually it was released that Dumbledore was going to die either way but that didn’t meant that Draco couldn’t have prevented it or at least postponed it. Still, he did what was told and because of that Hogwarts was unsafe.

Despite that those simple three words turned both of your worlds upside down, it were also the words that were able to save you from what could’ve been a deadly shot. Of course you had come along to fight, it was hard not to with your parents constantly fighting, you wanted to do something useful instead of sit at home, listening to radio or staring at TV. Your parents disapproved at first which was simply because they wanted you to be safe but eventually they realized that they couldn’t stop you and tested you a few times to see if you had what it takes, it was tough but you easily got through it with both the spells you had already learnt from them and what you had learnt at school.

But then Harry supposedly died and rose again which continued the fight. Of course you were fighting again, the person you were with was hit and down and you, in return, shot them down but there was someone facing your back. You would’ve been lying on the ground, dead or almost if it weren’t for those words. Don’t do it.

It was screeching through the corridor and you snapped around in a millisecond to see Draco jumping in front of you, it wasn’t in slow motion like people always dramatically said it. The opposite was happening, it went by in a flash, Draco got hit on his right arm and you immediately fired a shot back, hitting the death-eater right in the chest.

Somehow you were able to drag him all the way to the great hall where everyone way by now. It was filled with both people clinging onto life and people who died. You were obviously focused on Draco, he was the person you started out a little rough with but eventually became the one person you cared about most with your parents. Someone got around to help him and you noticed his eyes were still closed and because of that you glanced around to spot a ginger mop of hair lying on the ground and after a few seconds you recognized whom it was, Fred.

You did your best to ignore it, as though it wasn’t real but you knew it was. You’ve always been so close with him it sees hard to not imagine him being around, you didn’t even try to grasp what George was going through. You decided to just focus on Draco for now, he still had a chance to be alive.

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do you have any favorite barriscowest headcannons? i love your blog btw :)

aww thank you!! barriscowest owns my soul so:

  • barry, cisco, and iris like to lounge around on sunday afternoons, in their favorite pj’s, eating ice cream and watching disney movies
  • cisco is constantly at barry and iris’ place, picking up groceries for them or feeding the turtle before having dinner with them and crashing on their couch
  • he’s there so much that iris and barry give up their office room for him
  • cisco stops by the ccpd with iris to have lunch with barry
    • and when he finds out they have big belly burger every day, he decides to cook puerto rican and colombian dishes (”do you want to be called gordo y gordita? that’s what i thought”) 
  • after the whole musical situation, cisco and iris try their best to get barry to sing more often because they simply love his voice 
    • (they won’t mention the bet they have going on, though)
  • when barry and cisco have the loft to themselves, they pig out and watch tv and cuddle and make blanket forts all day
  • when cisco and iris have the place for themselves, they practice dancing and they cook new meals together and they work on crafts 
  • every other friday night, the three of them like to dress in their nice clothes and go out to their favorite fancy restaurant before they go to a nice club 
    • afterwords, they all cuddle up on the couch of their home, netflix playing in the background as their hands intertwine and their heads on each other’s shoulders, falling asleep with smiles on their faces

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Hi :) I've been wondering about something and wanted to ask (but if answering makes you uncomfortable you don't have to answer.) I remember you once said that you had planned for Blaise to have a larger role in 6&7th year of Like Brothers, and i'm curious to what did you originally planned? Not asking for a continuation, just the more general ideas you had in mind at that time, if you're comfortable with talking about it. (If not, please feel free to ignore this.) Thank you <3 <3

He was going to suffer an immense personal loss that would have galvanized him to fight against the resurrected Voldemort with almost unthinking fury and dedication.

The only sport I know anything about is Quidditch and its not even real