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I strongly feel like Blaise Zabini was Draco Malfoy’s only true friend in school. Crabbe and Goyle were like “hired help”, Pansy just lusted for him, and the others aren’t mentioned to interact with him much. But I do feel like he and Blaise had a real friendship. I love reading and writing fanfics where the two of them are as close as Harry and Ron are.

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Hey! Could you do one where Everest drinks a little too much and Blaise has to take care of him? :D

Blaise should’ve known this would be a bad idea.

Delaney’s manic antics were never good. Sneaking mixes of alcohol out of a liquor store, pretending to be twenty-one, all of it was terrible in Blaise’s mind.

Yet he still let his lightweight buddy Everest have a glass of wine.

And another.

And another.

Shots became a thing, bottles of beer strewn across the floor, all of it was horrible.

Blaise felt sick. Nauseated by all of this. But he was nowhere near as nauseated as poor Everest, sitting in the corner and dealing with a deliriously drunk boyfriend. Everest had his head down, his royal blue locks tangled and messed up. He was pale and sweaty, his cheeks flushed and his eyes darting around the room. Delaney was oblivious, doing his own drunken thing. Blaise was the sober one of the three, and he was not oblivious. Not at all. He knew Everest was gonna be sick–and he didn’t want to make the floor more of a mess.

“Hey,” Blaise said, sitting beside Everest and dragging a bucket a bit closer to him for when it was needed.

“H–hic!–hi…” Everest sounded miserable, his normally light voice thick with nausea. Blaise placed a reassuring hand on the smaller boy’s back.

“How’re you holding up?” Blaise asked, inching the bucket closer as a sick burp came from Everest, who just shrugged and shook his head, which was between his knees. His hands had fingers intertwined, resting on the back of his neck. Another sickly belch came from him, deep and rumbly. Blaise ran the hand on his back over his spine. Delaney danced drunkenly in the other corner, tripping over himself.

It was a pretty sad sight, these two.

The nauseous burps and burbling of his stomach signaled that Everest was going to be sick soon, so Blaise helped him lift his head a bit so he could shove the bucket between his knees. And seconds later, Everest ducked his head again and burped up a thin stream of alcohol, coughing and hiccuping. Blaise continued to rub Everest’s back, Delaney still oblivious to all of this.  Shortly after, Everest belched up a much thicker wave, lurching forward as his back arched beneath Blaise’s hand.

“That’s it, get it out,” Blaise cooed, scooting a bit closer to the sick boy. He hiccuped before retching again, bringing up an equally thick stream of pure alcohol. It splashed loudly into the bucket beneath him. Everest began to shake violently, heaving again.

“Oh, Everest,” Blaise sighed. “You really overdid it.”

Everest panted over the bucket for a bit before lifting his tear-streaked face, not wanting to be close to the vomit. “No more alcohol,” He moaned, slumping on his blonde friend.

Blaise couldn’t be happier to hear that.

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Blaise x Theo? :)

this is for the @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • it started with sarcastic conversations in the slytherin common room.
  • blaise hated incompetence, which meant he hardly liked to talk to anyone he ever came across.
  • and theo hated people, it was as simple as that. it was a relationship that worked rather well. especially in secret. 
  • “can you believe the answer weasley gave to mcgonagall’s question today?” blaise snorted, “it was ridiculous. i’m pretty sure i lost brain cells listening to him ramble.”
  • “you’re telling me,” theo muttered under his breath, “i can’t believe he has gotten as far as he has.”
  • “well, you must know why.”
  • pansy’s voice interrupted them, which immediately made theo uncomfortable. he shifted on the couch to make sure he wasn’t seen touching blaise’s leg “accidentally.”
  • blaise flashed him a look, but theo ignored it.
  • blaise wouldn’t admit he was hurt.
  • “and why is that, pans?” blaise decided to ask.
  • he knew the answer, he was bored of this conversation already. especially since it was no longer only between him and theo. pansy noticed.
  • “because he’s the chosen one’s best friend of course, but you already knew that. onto more important things. was i, uh, interrupting something?”
  • pansy was smirking and darting her eyes back and forth between the two of them. 
  • theo ignored her and turned a page of his novel, and blaise glared.
  • “we were just having an intellectual conversation,” he said rather smoothly, “i can only have them with him.”
  • pansy rolled her eyes, “i’m plenty intelligent, thank you very much.”
  • “yeah, inside your own head,” theo muttered.
  • blaise spit out his firewhiskey from laughter, and pansy glared at both of them.
  • “you both think you’re so funny. just go back to eye-fucking on the couch. it’s not like we don’t all know.”
  • theo gulped and blaise looked away, and they listened as her heels clicked away.
  • “blaise-” theo started, but blaise stopped him by scooting over to his side of the couch and planting his lips on his.
  • theo was shocked, but he didn’t pull away.
  • “i’m tired of hiding,” blaise whispered against his lips, “why does it matter if everyone knows?”
  • theo smirked, “it only matters if they know because they will be intimidated by our combined IQ, of course.
  • blaise exhaled from relief, and hungrily, theo kissed him again.
  • they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat, and they saw pansy and draco standing in front of them.
  • “fuck pansy,” draco complained, “you were right.”
  • smirking, pansy held out her hand, “pay up, draco.”
  • draco rolled her eyes and handed her a large amount of galleons. 
  • blaise perked his brow, and theo was blushing, but pansy jutted her head out and said, “did i ask you guys to stop? it was quite a show. i didn’t know theo was a lip biter.”
  • draco smirked at her words, but so did blaise.
  • before theo could continue to die from anymore embarrassment, blaise captured his lips once more.
  • blaise couldn’t hear anything other than pansy whispering to draco, “damn, that’s hot.” 
Planning A Party With Draco
  • Blaise: You... want to invite Potter to our party?
  • Draco: Well yes, and uh, all the Gryffindors uh, to promote... house unity... So Gryffindors, including Potter.
  • Blaise:
  • Blaise: Okay Draco, be straight with me. You can be gay with Harry, but be straight with me.


                    I’ve been searching, running, riding all night long
                        I’ve been thinking about the places I belong


ok i have been seeing a lot of misinformation about harry potter couples? so here’s the real deal

harry and draco are boyfriends and also harry is a bisexual

luna and ginny are obviously married, and they hang out with harry and draco all the time

hermione and ron are still canon but are in a poly relationship with pansy parkinson

neville is ace af so leave my poor plant boy alone

also dean and seamus are together but i’m pretty sure that was canon so it doesn’t need repeating

blaise and theo are being aesthetic boyfriends ™ over in france

remus lupin is also bisexual and is having a great time in the afterlife with his literal wife and also that sneaky dog sirius black

also in the afterlife: lily and james are the only canon couple i truly support w all my heart. pure young adults that died too soon but they get to hang in heaven and look down at harry being happy and livin’ his best life

How Drarry Came To Be
  • Draco: *on one of his Potter rants*
  • Blaise: Oh no
  • Draco: What
  • Blaise: You're in love with him
  • Draco: Ugh, as if! He's so annoying and his hair is always a mess and he always acts like he doesn't care and-
  • Draco: Well it's not like I lie awake at night thinking about him.
  • -Later that night-
  • Draco, lying wide awake in bed: Oh no