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I'm trash for...

…this poisoned!Red plot they have coming down the line. I’m basically just scrolling back through the Lizzington tag and reading all those great theories and blurbs and fanfic stuff you wonderful people have posted. I’m so desperate for Liz to care about what happens to Red. 😭

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Well, I got rid of Lolly…

thanks to some raspy ass bitch named Kate who scammed me out of her. A+ cool you’re an awesome person. 

This is literally the first villager trade I have ever tried to do.

Here’s all our interactions after she asked to trade Gaston for Lolly, right up until the conclusion of this thrilling saga where she deletes her fucking tumblr.

Anyway, fuck you and I can’t believe I just wasted TWO HOURRSSS to get fucked.

STAY AWAY FROM “KATE” FROM “PEACHES.” I took a screenshot of her FC so changing her blog/name/whatever wouldn’t matter.

Blacklist 5129-3536-7391 because she a trick ass hoe and gave me a headache.


no wonder the sword’s in your heart! if anyone ends up with this, there’s a good enough reason.

how can you joke about someone’s weakness? are you a psychopath?

do you think you’re any different? “you aren’t the goblin’s bride, focus on reality.” you weren’t exactly kind and gentle.

i said all that for your sake.

Shit my flatmate has said while playing Dragon Age:

(About Daveth, Jory and Alistair): “They remind me of the trio from ‘O Brother where art thou?”

*Clicks the ‘what if the archdemon appears?’*
Alistair: We soil our drawers.
Flatmate: Oh, I’ll soil yours all right. 

During the darkspawn attack: ”It’s going all Lord of the Rings … mixed with Five Night’s at Freddys … and Bambi …”

To Loghain: “You are a pube.”

*pets dog* “The best decision I’ve made so far.”

And she’s desperately trying to regain approval from Morrigan, and is no longer sure whom to follow to the end of the world.

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I kinda have a headcanon that envy could dance. not bh envy cus he'd crush the ground beneath his feet but maybe 2003 envy. either way, his outfit honestly looks like belly dancing material idk if it's just me or...

yeah, i bet brohood/manga!envy would probably cause a few minor earthquakes, but what do you mean 03!envy could dance

I’m really just considering leaving the MK fandom because this place has the most toxic and unaccepting people I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Bullying an artist into making their innocent art set to private because the pairing makes you uncomfortable? Sending people who ship this pairing dozens of hate because apparently shipping two adults together is pedophilic and anyone who has even thought of accepting the imagination of others automatically condones an actual child and a grown adult being in a sexual or romantic relationship? Spamming the ship’s tag while protecting your precious pairings, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those right?

By the way, isn’t it funny that ships like SubCassie, ErronJin, etc. are considered pedophilic and the fact that there’s literally a canon ship with a middle aged man and a woman that’s over 10 thousand years old. That’s somehow okay? Hypocrisy at the finest.

Let people live, for Christ’s sake. Just blacklist the ship and go on with your day. Don’t act like you’re here to police people into doing the things you want them to. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

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Why do you dislike Lapis? I'm not asking to be argumentative or anything, I want to hear your perspective. I remember a post of yours a while back that gave a really thorough and cool response to an anon that asked about your love of Jasper.

there’s a few reasons, and one of them is more unfortunate than the rest

to begin with, i didn’t really bond with her.  i never felt a connection with her when i watched the whole thing.  she was just kind of there.  and i didn’t really like anything about her.  she had a few nice moments, like when she was with steven while in the mirror, but then there was the fight, she almost drowned him and connie, she was just fighting for blood and survival.  that was cool.  i was okay with that i guess.  but i didn’t really care for her still

then came me getting involved in the fandom.  this is the unfortunate reason.  everywhere i looked, she was getting treated like some pure, innocent creature while jasper was being demonized.  and i really hated that.  it made me so angry, especially after how everything went down.  i didn’t understand how people could look at the two of them and what happened between them and compare jasper to this awful, vial creature while elevating lapis to an angelic state.  and the more i was exposed to that, the more i hated it, the more i grew to hate lapis

now, since then, i’ve blacklisted lapis for the sake of getting over that issue.  it was causing me a lot more grief than i ever needed to experience over something fictional.  it was a personal thing i needed to get over.  and blacklisting helped.  the less i saw her the better i got about the situation.  now i can say i don’t hate her and i can handle things a lot better, but i still don’t like her.  i don’t like what the fandom has made her into.  and moreover, i don’t like the things she’s done

so to get into the things that deal more with her, i don’t like what she did to and with jasper.  i don’t like how she’s handling things.  i feel like she’s full of vengeance, anger, malice, and venom.  she didn’t need to fuse with jasper to hold her captive.  she was right by the ocean.  she could have crushed her with the water.  or even if she said no and didn’t fight, it wasn’t as if the crystal gems would have let jasper beat her up.  jasper was defeated and she figuratively tore open her wounds further and shoved salt into them.  i don’t like how she’s handling the whole situation either.  she says she’s trying to protect steven, but there’s better ways to carry out what she’s doing.  i feel like she thinks what she’s doing is right, and she might have good motives.  she could really be trying to protect steven.  i don’t personally feel like that’s the main reason she’s doing what she’s doing, though.  it’s just like i feel she’s full of all these negative emotions and she’s taking it all out on jasper.  and that makes me upset.  i hate when people take things out on someone else who doesn’t deserve it.  i’ve experienced it all my life.  and i absolutely hate it.  it makes me so upset.  and it’s one of the things i refuse to do.  i just can’t deal with it.  i feel like there’s potential for her.  i want her to get help.  but i want her to understand what she’s done and why it isn’t right.  i feel like one day i could like her, but today is not that day


i will be tagging all spoilers as “the raven king spoilers” and “the raven cycle spoilers”