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So another year has come and gone. Another great year of TV shows and movies that we all so love to blog about. I truly appreciate all those who decided that my blog was worthy of a follow and chose to re-blog my crappy edits. Also thanks a bunch to those who took a minute of their time to stop by my inbox and just send me nice messages. It truly has been a great year. ♥

Happy Holidays!!

*haven’t been on tumblr much lately so my follow forever is going to be smaller that usual (sorry if I forgot anyone!)

These are the blogs who I can’t help but admire and re-blog everything they post and make scrolling through my dash worthwhile.

abd: accolapierce, aryastarks, baddamon, barbieklaus, bellisaro, calikalie

def: deanswinchesterrdelenasex-diaries, doubrevdrowninginawesome, elenasnowbert, elenathesavior, emyclarke, fairchildjace, finnickodairr, for-bittenlove, forged-by-fantasy

ghi: gameofthronesdaily, greyewind, hacelgrace

jkl: jones-swan, kalijahastings, kelenas, lastisle

mno: misslooch, ndobreve, nianslooch, notaqueen, onetrueslayer

pqr: petrovaboobs-pierce, piercekath, porntrova, redshollow

stu: samclaflliin, saviourswan

vwxyz: valyrian, varous, xbrokenarrow, xholdonforever, zoebnsns


since it’s follow forever season, here’s mine! happy new year to everyone, i hope 2016 is amazing for you all! i also wanna say thank you for making my dashboard and time on tumblr pretty great. i’m sorry if i forgot anyone or if you’re not in there and i’m following you, i still love you a lot (otherwise i wouldn’t follow you). and this is so long, sorry! oh well, thanks everyone, i hope y’all spending happy holidays. :) don’t ask me why i made such a sad gif omg

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