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What if..

I was looking at this picture and I thought: “what if all of them have Midoriya’s expression?”

So I get to work..


And this is the result:

He is so cute OMG



Please Horikoshi sensei make this boy smile more often.

Well.. uhm.. No comment..


Everyone with All Might ’s face 


The Ass Inn

I’m DM'ing and of course my players wet somewhere I wasn’t expecting.
During a post victory pub crawl, they decided to visit, and I quote “the best worst looking bar on main street.” I hadn’t exactly thought out the particulars of the area yet as they’d taken a sharp turn in their expedition to get shit faced, and as a result I was scrambling a bit for a name. I settled on “The Mule Inn” which was almost immediately met with
Druid: “The Mule Inn? More like The Ass Inn, am I right?”
Fighter: “So… We’re eating out at The Ass Inn?”
This establishment has since become their main operating base and I get to deal with it every session.

Today In History

Malcolm X, Muslim and founder of the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), was born in Omaha, NE, on this date in 1925.
“When I am dead, I want you to just watch and see if I’m not right in what I say: that the white man, in his press, is going to identify me with “hate.” He will make use of me dead, as he has made use of me alive, as a convenient symbol of “hatred” – and that will help him to escape facing the truth that all I have been doing is holding up a mirror to reflect, to show, the history of unspeakable crimes that his race has committed against my race.

You watch. I will be labeled as, at best, an “irresponsible” black man. I have always felt about this accusation that the black “leader” whom white men consider to be “responsible” is invariably the black “leader” who never gets any results. You only get action as a black man if you are regarded by the white man as “irresponsible.” In fact, this much I had learned when I was just a little boy. And since I have been some kind of a “leader” of black people here in the racist society of America, I have been more reassured each time the white man resisted me, or attacked me harder – because each time made me more certain that I was on the right track in the American black man’s best interests. The racist white man’s opposition automatically made me know that I did offer the black man something worthwhile.“ - MalcolmX

(photo: Malcolm X)

- CARTER Magazine

I Hate This (Part I) || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: N/A

Paring(s): Jughead x Betty, Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1728

Parts: Part II Ending I, Part II Ending II

Originally posted by fightingtheangels

Your POV…

It’s been weeks since Betty and Jughead got together. It’s been weeks since you talked to Jughead as well. I’ve been avoiding him like the plague. I’ve been avoiding all of them really. Archie’s tried talking to me but after so many years of seeing it, wherever there’s Archie, Jughead isn’t far behind. So I did what I do best, ignore and run. Betty and Veronica have tried talking to me but they get the same response. The only one I haven’t ignored is Kevin Keller, my best friend.

“(Y/N), talk to them. They’re going crazy trying to find out why you’ve been avoiding them,“ Kevin stood by my locker giving me the same spiel he has been giving me the weeks I’ve been avoiding them.

“Kev, I’ve told you this many times before, no. And you know why so don’t bother asking,“ I closed my locker while meeting his gaze. Over his shoulder, I could see the four people I didn’t want to heading our way, “I’ll see you in biology, Kev,” I walked away as quickly as I could from them.

“(Y/N)!” I ran around the corner and to my class at the sound of Jughead’s voice. I’m not facing any of them just yet.

Kevin walked home with me. He wanted to talk more about it and I finally agreed.

“Okay. We’re in your room. Why are you ignoring them?“ Kevin asked me.

“I’ve known Jughead, Betty, and Archie for years. I met them in fifth grade when I first moved to Riverdale. Whereas Betty and Archie were best friends, Jughead and I were too. Jughead and Archie are brothers. Archie was the only one to know I had a crush on Jughead and he used to make fun of me for it but Archie stopped because I got over Jughead.“

“Is there a reason for this backstory?“ Kevin threw himself on my bed in feign annoyance to get me to laugh. In result, I laughed but he also got a face full of my faux fur pillow. I faced him as I sat down at my desk just across from my bed.

“Yes there is. Archie told Jughead and Betty that I used to like him after I convinced Archie I didn’t like Jughead anymore. Well, Jughead and Betty laughed at me. Made fun of me and Jughead even said that he didn’t and probably wouldn’t ever have a crush on me. I played it off like it didn’t matter to me but I went home that night and cried because I still liked him. I thought I got over him over the years but once it came out that he and Betty were together, I did the same thing I did when he said that to me. I came home and cried,“ I got up and leaned against the sill of my window.

“You still like him,“ I could see all of the gears in his head spinning. I saw all of it clicking in his head.

“I guess he was right. He never liked me and he never will,“ I smiled softly at Kevin’s look of pity.

Kevin’s POV…

I stormed over to their table much to the disliking of (Y/N). I could hear her calling my name but I ignored it. I had a few things I needed to say to Thing 1 and Thing 2.

“Jughead, Archie, I need to talk to you too,“ I walked away with them following in tow.

“What’s up, Kev?“ I wanted to chuckle at the seemingly normal tone of voice Archie had.

“What’s up is that you two are pricks. No wonder (Y/N) doesn’t want to talk to any of you right now.“

“Wait, she told you why she’s ignoring us? What’d she say?“ I laughed at Jughead’s question because I wanted to tell them and call them out on their shit but it wasn’t my place. It also wouldn’t look good getting into a fight with my dad as the sheriff.

“It’s not my place to tell but you two definitely know why. Betty does too,“ I pushed pass them and walked back to (Y/N) who stood there with her usual poker face and her arms crossed, “Something had to be said, (Y/N).”

Your POV…

I wasn’t upset with Kevin for confronting them. I was kinda glad he did but I was also anxious because this would mean that they’d confront me about it asking why. That wasn’t something I was ready for but in all honesty, it probably wouldn’t be something I was ever ready for.

The day went on as normal. Them trying to talk to me, me avoiding them, and then me going home as quickly as I could to avoid all confrontation. Unfortunately for me though, the universe was not on my side. As soon as I got home, I got an hour to myself before Jughead came to visit me.

“Hey there, Juliet,“ I spun around in my desk chair at his voice before turning around and rolling my eyes. I still didn’t say anything to him, “Why are you ignoring all of us? And what did you tel Kevin to make him lose his shit on me and Archie?“ Jughead was probably already in my room sitting on my bed but I wasn’t going to turn around and find out, “(Y/N/N), come on. We’re best friends, why won’t you tell me what I did?” I couldn’t stop the cold scoff that came from me.

“I hate this, Jughead. I really do,“ I refused to turn and face him because I would lose it.

“Hate what, (Y/N)?“

“All of this. I just-“ what’s the point? This isn’t going to change anything, “Nevermind.“

“No tell me,“ his voice was concerned but it was also very strict in its tone.

“Why? What’s the point? Anything I say now can ruin our friendship. But it’s not like that matters. It’s not like it’s ever mattered,“ fuck it. I turned around and faced him with a burning in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

“It matters, (Y/N). You’re my best friend and I care about you. And it won’t ruin our friendship,“ I could see the hurt in his eyes but I still couldn’t bring myself to believe him.

“Really? You care? Is that why you haven’t put much effort in trying to talk to me? At least Archie, Betty, and Veronica stopped me multiple times in attempts to get me to talk.“

“What could I have said that they didn’t already?“ he was raising his voice at this point, something he rarely ever did towards me.

“Does that even matter? You didn’t even fucking try and yet you still call me your best friend. You know what, Jones, we haven’t been best friends for awhile. Not since Betty asked you to help her with the Blue and Gold. You stopped talking to me and hanging out with me as much, Jones. I wasn’t the one who stopped. And you know for damn sure that I wouldn’t have given up as easily as you did if our roles were reversed,“ the tears were flowing freely at this point and I don’t care anymore.

“What would I have done? Waltzed up to you and you would’ve magically talked to me? I know you, (Y/N). It wouldn’t have been that fucking easy otherwise I would’ve done it. And as for the whole best friend thing, you are my best friend. I just hung out with Betty more because she did the one thing for me that you couldn’t. Make me happy and calm every fucking demon in my head. You’re jealous of her and every one can see it. She’s everything you’re not-”

“Trust me, I know she’s everything I’m not, Forsythe. She’s smart and I’m not. She’s pretty and I’m not. She’s everyone’s friend and I’m not. I’m barely even yours. She’s the perfect girl next door with flawless, milky skin, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and radiant smile. But I’m not jealous of any of that. I don’t wish to be her. I’m jealous of the fact that she took my best friend from me and made it look like you were never even my best friend in the first place. That’s what I’m jealous of, Forsythe,“ my tone was calm, my stature was calm, but anyone could see the pain I felt in my eyes as tears fell down my cheeks like it was raining.

“Are you sure?“ I hate the smirk that he was wearing as he got up and took slow steps towards me. It’s the one he wore whenever he knew something others didn’t, “I think you’re jealous of the fact that I love her and not you,“ that’s what did it. I froze as I felt myself going numb from his words.

“Fine. I love you and I fucking hate it. Are you happy now?“

“Then stop loving me-”

“I can’t! Don’t you get it? If I could, trust me, I would’ve stopped when I first started to. I’ve loved you for years, Forsythe. And I hate it so fucking much. I hated it when I told Archie years ago, I hated it when you all made fun of me for it, I hated it when you broke my heart, and I hate it now as you break my heart yet again. So I’ll say it again, I hate this,” I got up and walked towards him as my words were muffled slightly as I spoke through gritted teeth. I saw shock seep into his eyes as everything that was happening clicked.


“Save it. I think you said everything you wanted to. Don’t you agree? And I proved you wrong yet again. What I said ruined our friendship. Just go, Forsythe,“ I turned back to my desk and sat down in my chair.

“(Y/N), I-“

“Go,“ he sighed heavily before I heard him take his leave through my window. Once I turned around to make sure that he was gone, I walked over and shut the window, locking it as well. I could feel everything hit me all at once as I reached for my phone and called Kevin.

“What’s up?“ I couldn’t form a coherent sentence through my sobs but luckily, I didn’t need to, “I’m on my way.“


one day, even decides to make a batch of christmas themed cupcakes, and he wants to decorate them with red and green frosting. but the thing is that the red food coloring he bought is really not pigmented enough and when he mixes it with the frosting, it turns into a shade of bright pink. 

and isak is by the sink, filling himself a glass of water. and even-

gets an idea. 

“baby, c’mere” 


“i said come here,” he repeats, huffing out a small laugh. 

so isak comes up to him, and even’s eyes go from his face, to the small bowl of bright pink frosting, and he remembers. a little over a year ago, beautiful isak with pink stripes on his face. and so he takes a spoonful of the icing, dips his finger in it, and isak watches said finger as even brings it to isak’s left cheek. isak leans away from him. 

“what are you doing?” he asks, a confused look on his face. 

“we’re reenacting a scene,” even replies. 

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Jealousy and Firewhisky

Request: “Hello I was wandering if you could write a Sirius x reader where like all the marauders and y/n are drinking but concious and Sirius is really drunk and can’t take it anymore and so confesses his love to the reader and everyone is like surprised but kind of knew💖💖💖💖💖thank you”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: implied smuuuut & alcohol 

Originally posted by belandsx

You sat cross legged, taking yet another swig from the bottle of Firewhisky while James rounded up the last of the partygoers, shooing them out the door. Sirius haphazardly snatched up the bottle from you, tutting with a wild giggle.

“You’ve had enough (Y/n).” He stated, ending in a hiccup.

“Speak for yourself!” You snorted. “You can barely sit without toppling over.”

“That’s the last of them.” Peter huffed, taking a seat beside you, soon to be joined with James.

“I’d call that party a success, what do you think Moony?” James eyed the boy who was already climbing up the stairs to their dorm.

“Yeah, great.” Remus answered through a yawn. “I’m going to pass out. I have an early potions class tomorrow.”

“You’re so boring.” Sirius shouted at his friend with an easy smile.

“Boring, and getting better grades than you Padfoot.” Remus reminded, disappearing up the stairs.

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Got7 when their gf plays volleyball


Mark would be very supportive/as they all would be. But Mark would be the most calm out of all of them. He’d show up to games and practices if his schedule would allow it.

“Yeah! That’s my girl!”

Originally posted by marktuan-oppa


He’d get really turnt at your games. And aggressively disagree with the calls the ref makes if it happens to be against your team. He’d be that guy people have to tell to shut up.


“No Jaebum, I wo-”

“wE WON!”

Originally posted by igotdefsoul


hYPE MAN! This child would do his best to show up to every game/practice to show his support. He’d have your best friend text him the results during the game if he couldn’t be there


Originally posted by got7ish


He’d be very calm about it. More so than Mark, cause it’s Jinyoung. He’d make sure you were always in top shape and would get annoyed if you got hurt during a game. Which happened quite a lot…

“You sprained your thumb again?”

Originally posted by j-miki


Sunshine would be very interested in the sport. He’d ask you to teach him, and would be very supportive. He’d do his best to show up for games and practice. Even if you lose, this boy will take you out to celebrate.

“Let’s go get celebratory dinner, Jagi,”

“But we lost?”

“Hush. Let’s go, Jagiya.”

Originally posted by kookihyunnie


hYPE HYpE HYpe HYPE! For reals though. This boy would be your biggest fan. Showing up to games with your number on his shirt and cheek. Aggressive cheering and yelling should the ref make a bad call. Also boy people would yell at to shut up.

“Yeah! Go baby! yES! YOU GO GURL! *dabs aggressively*”

Originally posted by gag-queen


Would find it cute how focused you got while playing. He’d find himself researching the sport so he could talk to you about it. As well as go to every game when he could, making sure he could go to any big tournaments/games.

“Jagiya, I know you lost but there’s no reason to spike the ball in her face,”

Originally posted by chichangyu

I play volleyball and frequently like to channel anger into spiking, in case you didn’t notice.


Maedhros did deeds of surpassing valour, and the Orcs fled before his face; for since his torment upon Thangorodrim his spirit burned like a white fire within, and he was as one that returns from the dead.

As a fan of the “post-Thangorodrim Maedhros was fucking terrifying” school of thought, and as a result of a long meta discussion about his hair, I have actually drawn some fanart for once. Kinda sketchy but I’m away from home and photoshop is laggy as hell on my laptop so this is the best we’re going to get.

A selection of short, fluffy fics to sit and read in the shade after applying the proper amount of sun protection

That’s Not My Name     |     @lululawrence​   |   3k

The one where the cute boy coming into the coffee shop gives Louis a different name every time…for over a month.

Make Him Want to Sin     |      @becomeawendybird​   |   9k

Harry is a curatorial assistant at the London Museum of Natural History, on the day of the big annual gala he catches a glimpse of someone unexpected.

Tentatively     |     @shyshyserious   |   8k

Louis is a feline-born, and Harry’s big dumb crush on him is so massive he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Pizza Boy     |     @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee   |   2.8k

Harry fancies the pizza boy and attempts to flirt.

Based on the Friends episode The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt.

Let’s Go Get Away     |     @letsjustsee   |   6.8k

a fluffy AU in which Louis owns a restaurant that’s next door to Harry’s shop, and Louis is completely unaware how smitten he really is.

Ain’t My Fault     |     @afirethatcannotdie   |   9k

AU. Liam posts an ad on the wrong section of Craigslist, Louis is pretty sure they’re gonna get murdered as a result, and Harry’s missing an avocado.

Zero to Sixty in Three Point Five     |     @realitybetterthanfiction   |   2k

Harry bumbles himself out of a bind…and into a boyfriend. It’s Niall’s fault, of course. As it always is.

Sun-Dappled     |     @becomeawendybird   |   3k

Louis and his best friend Harry are in their seventh year at Hogwarts, facing down their future together.
Louis has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember, and he begins to feel a sense of urgency as the second semester begins.
Finally he hatches a plan to tell Harry about his feelings on Harry’s birthday.

Somewhere I Can Rest My Soul     |     @lourrynavy   |   3k

the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.


Chicago Marathon 2017
2:56:17, 6:44/mi, 611th overall, 88th age group

I had high hopes when I rehabbed my way back from plantar fasciitis. I managed to put up some respectable race times in the spring. Not my best, but close enough to my adult PRs to feel like I could pick up where I left off before the injury last year. Maybe a legitimate shot at my 2:47:40 marathon PR from two years ago was in reach.

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Afraid of Losing You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m soooooo excited for tonight (criminal minds) but I don’t want this season to end 😢 I’ll just have to watch reruns to fill my void of criminal minds deprivation
Warnings: abuse (by unsub), umm I think that’s it 😬
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: you guys argue for whatever reason and spencer refuses to talk to you. You decide to go to a building with the team there but at a distance where they can’t really help you and you face off with the unsub by yourself then you get seriously hurt. Spencer is super super worried and once you wake up
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader is in love with Spencer but he doesn’t know it…
“Just let it go Spencer.” You said exhausted and annoyed.
“Let it go? You want me to let this go? I asked you of one simple thing.” He said walking after you.
“It was my choice! You had nothing to influence it!” You snapped as you faced him.
Earlier, he told you to stay in the car as he checked out the house of the suspect.
But being the ambitious character you are, you had to check it out for yourself, resulting in you barely getting a scratch as you took down the UnSub.
“Is it a crime I want you to be safe? That’s all I ask for!”
“No one is guaranteed safety when we do what we do! And you aren’t my guardian angel I don’t need you to protect me!” You yelled slamming your apartment door in his face.
You sunk to the floor, embracing the silence you have craved for the last hour.
Spencer was your best friend, but boy can he be annoying.
The next few days Spencer hasn’t really talked to you.
Was it out of anger?
But you didn’t know that.
He was afraid.
Afraid of losing someone he holds so dearly to his heart.
But that all changed.
The team, including you, went to the abandoned warehouse where Penelope traced down the UnSub.
You all split up, you pairing with Rossi but you saw movement in the opposite direction he was heading, so you changed routes.
You were relatively confident in your defense and attack skills, so you were okay on your own.
You entered a small room, unlikely he would be in there though.
You turned around and were struck in the head with something hard.
You gasped as you doubled over, only to be kneed in the face, sending you to the floor.
You finally opened your eyes to see a man, easily 6 foot, standing over you.
You tried to crawl a little further away but he picked you up by your FBI vest and slammed you onto the ground, knocking the wind out of you.
You tried to speak, to convince him to stop but knowing this mans MO, you knew you didn’t have a chance.
He watched your slowly sit up, gasping for air until he kneeled next to you and painfully slowly put his hand around your throat.
He wasn’t choking you, just squeezing the sides, restricting blood flow.
You struggled to grab his hand, to get it off of your throat, but he quickly used his heal and stomped down on your wrist.
The pain was so intense, a scream escaped your throat as you felt something snap.
Thankfully to your rescue, Derek stormed in, yelling at the UnSub.
He didn’t release any pressure on your neck, in fact, he started to cut off oxygen by pressing down.
You gasped and Derek yelled again until Hotch came in and shot the man in the leg, causing him to collapse with you as you coughed and gasped for air.
Your vision has gone blurry from the loss of oxygen.
Then you felt arms wrap around you and prop you up.
“Y/N Y/N hey look at me.” You heard a voice say.
You thought it was Derek, until you saw him walking the UnSub out.
You looked up but were stopped midway when a pain shot through your head.
You felt comforting fingers comb through your hair as you were rocked back and forth.
You even felt a tear fall onto your burning wrist.
Was it yours?
The arms you were in felt so desperate.
They wanted to hold you tighter but then again also held you like you were porcelain.
You faintly saw more people come in the room with a stretcher.
The medics.
You slowly started to interpret reality a little more as they put an oxygen mask over your face.
You felt a hand hold yours and you gently squeezed back.
You finally found the energy to turn your head and to your surprise, you saw Spencer.
He noticed you were looking at him and he quickly wiped his face of tears and smiled sadly.
“You’re going to be okay Y/N.” he said still squeezing your hand.
You slightly squeezed back and then let go as the medics hoisted your stretcher into the ambulance.
You heard him ask if you could come with, which surprised you.
He wasn’t even talking to you like an hour ago.
The bright ambulance light made you screw your eyes shut as a shooting pain sent up your back.
You keep your sensitive eyes closed and you saw faint blobs of dark cross your vision.
The sounds became more distant.
Your hands starting tingling and you didn’t feel as much pain.
Was it medication or are you dying?
Pretty soon all of your senses faded away, leaving you in darkness.
You woke up to more blinding lights.
You turned your head slightly as if it would shield you from the blinding light.
Then they disappeared, leaving you in the slightly dim room.
“Y/N!” You turned your head and saw Spencer kneeling next to your bed.
“I said are you okay?” He asked with a concerned look.
You looked down at his hand, which laid on top of yours.
“Yeah… I’m okay.” You said, your voice raspy.
Spencer smiled and gave you a cup with a straw he grabbed from the side table.
“It’s just water.” He said as you weakly took the straw in your mouth.
The cool liquid felt extra cold as it went down your dry throat.
You went to grab it so he didn’t have to feed the water to you, but you lifted your left arm and there was an object on it.
A cast.
“Oh keep it elevated. It’s been 8 minutes you should keep it up for at least 17 more.” He said reaching across and laying your hand down on the little pillow that was to your side.
“Why?” You asked weakly.
You had a full question in mind, but why was the only part that came out.
“Why? Well if you don’t elevate it there can be a fault in the healing process…”
“No… why did you come… why did you come with me?” You asked, the question staggering to come out of your weak throat.
“I had to. Your my best friend.” He said combing through your hair with his fingers.
“But I thought you were mad at me.” You said immediately feeling better at his touch.
“Mad? No I was never mad at you. I was… scared. Your just so… dangerous and I thought distancing myself would decrease the impact of losing you if something were to happen but that was probably the stupidest assumption I could have made so I’m sorry for being so distant.” He said with a small laugh.
“You don’t have to be sorry. I understand.” You said squeezing his hand because it’s really the only movement you can make besides talking.
He smiled shallowly and kissed you on the forehead before leaving.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol 3 Swatches & Review

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol 3, Wearing shades: Tiki, Escape and Treasure

I love shimmer, glow, gloss and everything that sparkles, except when it comes to eyeshadows. I’ve always been someone who prefers matte shadows over shimmer and metallic, the fallout and the horrible task of removing makeup and still finding little bits of shimmer all over your face two days later are dealbreakers for me. However, I’ve got to say this Tarte palette is a real treasure. Tarte never seems to disappoint me with their eyeshadows and this palette is no exception. Designed as a “highlighting eyeshadow palette”  this palette contains 8 shades, all of which, but one are shimmer based and in addition to being used as an eyeshadow, these also work great as highlighters on the rest of the face. Each shade is inspired by beautiful beaches, sand and seashells and each one performs consistently well.

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anonymous asked:

“i never loved you.” with jason todd pls???? i need some angst right now

@madelyne-pryor @niightwngs @batarang-s @girlygirlbishop @paperclipmac @mutantlaura @pizzaplanethq

Danger comes with him, you knew that from the beginning but you didn’t care about that because you needed him and any risks that were involved were worth it to be with him. At the end of the day, no matter how many bullets you pulled from him or the amount of guns you would find hidden around your shared apartment, the amount of threats or close calls, the ounces of blood that you would scrub from the kitchen tiles or the horrible nightmares that left him waking up in a cold sweat, shaking and on the verge of tears, Jason was worth it all.

He didn’t seem to think that he was worth it, especially when you’re the one being threatened.

Jason has no idea how Black Mask knows your name or how he knows that you’re his partner, he’d been so careful to hide you from his enemies. He could probably figure it out if the camera that was trained on you wasn’t so fucking close to the apartment. 

His blood boils and hands clench at his side, an ugly noise reverberates from the back of his throat. “How?”

“Ah, Red, you know, you aren’t as careful as you’d like to think. My lackeys followed you to their apartment, all it took was looking at the mail box.”

“Don’t you dare hurt them.”

Black Mask only chortles at that, turning to face Jason and grins widely, “I won’t hurt them. But Hugo here will in about, oh, five minutes if I don’t call him.”

Jason sucks in a sharp breath of air. There’s options here, but none of them are desirable. It’s be easy to just shoot him right here and end it all right now but he wouldn’t be able to get to you in time or he could comply with with Black Mask and somehow get you underground when the time is right. Both result in losing you. Then again, he could just wait until after Black Mask calls.

“Either you work for me or I never make my call.”


He comes home with a chip on his shoulder and his feet dragging on the ground. You watch him plop down on the couch next to you and drags his hands down his face.

“Jay, is something wrong?” 

He snorts, head falling back against the back of the couch, trying to find the best way to get you to leave, for you to never look back at him. As much as he knows this will hurt, he’s got to do this. If you got injured… if you died because of this, he would never forgive himself. 

“Please, tell me what’s wrong. Don’t shut me-”

“I never loved you.” He says, cutting you off and he holds his breath, not being able to look at you. He wouldn’t be able to go through with this if he even glanced at you.


“You heard me. I never loved you.”

Neither of you say a thing. You try to take in what he said, trying to understand why he would say that, if it was even true because you know, you know in your heart that he loves you.

“Why would you say that?”

“Because it’s the truth.” He sees you reach toward him and he pushes himself up, making his way towards the door.

“How can you… that’s not true,” You’re quick to follow him, grabbing his shoulder, trying to get him to face you, “Jason, that isn’t true. Stop lying.”

Jason shrugs your hand away, picking up his jacket and shoving his arms through the sleeves. This is better. this is better. it has to be. For you. For the both of you.

“None of this was real. It was playing house and stringing you along for the ride. Did you really think a man like me could ever love you?”

“You’re a coward!” You shout at him, wiping away the tears that had escaped, “You can’t just run when it gets tough. We’re supposed to be in this together. Please, talk to me, we can still fix this.”

“I’m not running. I’m saving you.” God, he was even convincing himself that this couldn’t be fixed, that you’d be saved by him running away.

“No, you’re not. You’re saving yourself,” You take in a breath, wrap your arms around yourself like they could shield you from what was happening now, “If you walk out that door, it won’t be open for you ever again.”

You don’t really mean it. It’s just the first thing that comes to your mind and it doesn’t have it’s desired effect. You can hear Jason whisper that it would be better like that before he opens the door and is gone in a blink of the eye.

You don’t know what’s worse, the fact that he’s actually gone or that his things are still littered through your home, serving as a reminder of what you’ve just lost.

little things to love about each member of performance unit :-)


  • Like he looks and acts really cool like a damn model, but once he actually starts talking he’s just so OVERLY EXCITED AND SMILEY AND JUMPY AND IT’S THE CUTEST THING,
  • it’s a complete contrast from his stage!self.(and when he dances oh diddly darn he looks like he could kill someone, his stage presence is no joke)
  • He even calls himself the “quiet pretty boy” and that describes him 50000% like he always has his head up in the clouds as if he’s looking for something greater than what’s here on earth (srry for getting poetic but it’s true and he’s a gift from the heavens)
  • (except when it comes to his good looks of course)(if i looked like that id never let anyone forget it either tbh)
  • (but he said he’s envious of seungcheol’s confidence when they probably have the same amount of confidence like wtf)
  • and this cutie also hides snacks with him but he said that sometimes the members eat them all (awwww)
  • but I bet he never even minds, he’s such a humble boy.
  • (or aggressively showing minghao his affection lmao)
  • And on OFD when he kept being everybody’s motivational speaker and had a “DON’T GIVE UP” attitude, like they could have been stuck in a Lord of the Flies situation with half of them dead and he’s be like
  • “This is fine, guys,we’ll find a way :-)”
  • “This is fine :-)”
  • “…”
  • “We can do it if we believe! :-)”


  • ok so i’m gonna try and not be biased so god help me,
  • but he’s such a good leader honestly, like he comes up with the choreography of every song,
  • and he also let’s chan come up with some parts,
  • and he gets inspiration from the littlest of things (like a damn tissue, rlly? omg)
  • like he’s so talented and ambitious, like i forgot who said this, but someone described soonyoung as a boy who just wanted to improve his singing, and he was part of the vocal team originally, but he wanted to dance instead,
  • and he’s so caring towards the rest of them team, like he never fails to let them know that he’s also their friend.
  • AND THE WAY HE TUCKED IN CHANNIE IN OFD, like he was up after he tucked him in, so chan was literally just waiting to be tucked in and i cried so much,
  • he’s such a nice older brother to him and he’s soo cute and soo fluffy and soft and the king of squish,
  • AND THE WAY HE HOLDS THINGS WITH HIS TINY HANDS IS SO CUTE, like he grabs things with both hands kinds like a baby or a bear, OR A BABY BEAR, and he holds a microphone so preciously like he puts one hand on the bottom and one near his mouth and IT’S ADORABLE, THE SAME WHEN HE DRINKS WATER,
  • like the way he just holds himself is sooo cute.
  • Like when he smiles, his face scrunches up and his eyes almost completely close and his bunny cheeks get even more high, and then he also laughs with his entire body and he brings his hands up to face to clap in his cute way that he does, like he claps from the palm to the fingers adnjnjfevfvv and he makes himself into kinda a ball (do i make sense ajahah?)
  • He just cares so much for everyone and it just trying to make people smile, that’s all he wants. He’s such a pure soul :’-)


  • ok like with this boy you take one look at him and you go “awww he’s sooo cute :-)”
  • and you’d be right like 500000%,
  • like the way he talks so softly and his laugh is so dorky and his hair seems really soft despise it being probably dead
  • (like in 17project when he had a different hair color everyday and he looked so darn cute in all of them and when they performed everyone loved ‘the kid with the silver/blue hair’)
  • but he still somehow looks really cute ykno, lik even when he was screaming at mingyu in OFD (i swear, that show brought out their true selves) i was stilll heart eyes emoji on him.
  • but he did say thta he hated the fact that he’s so skinny and can’t put on weight :-( but he’s still really toned despise that !!!!!! like w o w
  • and the fact that he was probably was a puppy in his past life
  • likr really showing soonyoung how much he respects him but choosing woozi over him one time
  • (which resulted in a pouty soonyoung awww)
  • and the way he’s just always fanning over chan and squeezing his face like he’s the cutest little thing ever (he is)
  • and let’s not forget about his bromeo mingyu who are the kind of best friends that keep reminding everyone they’re best friends no matter how annoying it gets,
  • and idk minghao just gives me such bubbly feels ykno, like he’s so cute and sweet but also has such an independent aura around him


  • AwwwW my boyfriend channie, who everyone plus their mom love to fawn over,
  • but hey he can’t help it that he’s the cutest person in the world.
  • And like he’s honestly such a good answer which must come from his genes because his parents are also dancers wow boi.
  • And he’s so neutral evil like this fker acts like such a sweet endearing maknae but will probably break a plate and blame the hyungs so tht he can watch hell unfold bc he’s sick of them, what a babe.
  • And like he tries to be a bright person to cheer up the others which must be hard on him yknow, everyone deserves to feel down once in a while but he tries to not let it show
  • i also like the way he has just gotten used to the idea that he will probably always get fawned over for being young so HE TAKES WELL ADVANTAGE OF THAT
  • and like his voice is so deep too,
  • like in still lonely when he had tht part with hosh and HE DID UNDERTONES
  • and he’s also growing so handsome :-))!!!!
  • like we already knew he was an attractive kid
  • but he’s growing (not taller rip)
  • like his features
  • or how he kept telling the members in OFD that he’s gonna have to date one day
  • and they were all like “NOOOOOOOOOO”


A puppy? (Remus Lupin)

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader
Warnings: Mention of war? Idk if that counts.
Word Count: 868

The picture is not mine. If there are any grammatical errors, let me know! ^^

Remus and you were in the Gryffindor common room, sitting near the fire with his head in your lap. You were softly stroking his hair while he eagerly leant into your touch. The two of you were dating since the fourth year, and now that your N.E.W.T. exams were coming, you talked about your future more occasionally.

You were positive you wanted to live together with him after graduation, even thought Remus felt uneasy about his condition. What if he attacked you someday? He couldn’t bear the thought of you getting hurt at all, let alone because of him.

“So, I thought for a while. Do you think we could get a puppy?” You asked quietly, not wanting to ruin the peaceful atmosphere.

“A puppy? Why do you want one?” Murmured your boyfriend opening one eye to look at you.

“You know how my mother loved her cats more than me? She never let me have any pet, no matter how many times I begged.“ 

"You could always ask Padfoot to help you out there.” He closed his eyes again as if he would consider the conversation finished.

“You know that’s not the same.” You chuckled at his silly statement. Sure, you loved Sirius, but you couldn’t ask him to transform whenever you wanted to pet him.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, though.”

“Remus, I’m serious. It could keep you company after full moons too.”

“I thought you were the one to keep me company. Of course, if you want to skip on that, I understand…” He sat up from your lap, turning around so he could look you in the eyes. He had a slightly hurt expression, which instantly made you regret your previous sentence.

“You know very well that’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did you mean?” He asked, eying you carefully.

“It’s just that… With the war coming and all… Oh, just forget it!” You had enough of his piercing gaze. You stood up angrily and headed in the direction of the girl’s dorms.

“Wait! Listen (Y/N), I know what you meant, but… you have to understand. There’s no way I would let you alone, especially since there’s a war coming.” He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you to his chest. You snuggled to him, inhaling his oh so familiar cologne. He reminded you of old books with his signature chocolate smell.

“I love you. Never forget that, got it?”He whispered to you, then kissed your nose sweetly.

“I know, Moony. I love you too.” You smiled at him right before giving him a proper kiss.“So, how about that puppy?” You smiled at him softly.

“I don’t know, love. Are you sure you can take care of a dog?” He questioned carefully, but his cautiousness still wasn’t enough to prevent you from getting pissed at him again.

“Whatever, forget it. I’m going to sleep. Goodnight!” You said, annoyed and stormed up the stairs. How dare he question your trustfulness when you patched him up after every full moon?

It took another two hours for you to finally fall asleep. The next morning you woke up by something wet on your face. You slowly opened your eyes, and there it was, the most adorable little guys you ever saw. 

It was a small puppy with light brown fur and tiny paws. You instantly knew who was responsible for this, so you grabbed the small dog and rushed to the boy’s dorm.

“Prongs! Pads? Let me in!” You knocked on the door, with a smile so wide that your mouth started to hurt.

“The door’s open, let yourself in!” You heard the annoyed grumbling of your friends, but you couldn’t care less about waking them up. You teared up the door, and with the puppy close to your chest, you jumped to your boyfriend’s bed.

“MOONY!” You shouted and tackled the sleepy werewolf.

“I love you so so much, you’re the best!” He chuckled, slowly processing what was happening.

“I guess you found my present?” He smiled lovingly at you and opened his mouth to say something else but you cut him off by kissing him passionately.

“Whoa, if making (Y/N/N) happy results in this, I will try it out sometimes too.” Grinned Sirius smugly, just before a pillow collided with his face.

“My girl, get your own!” Growled Remus protectively. You just giggled to yourself, still smiling like a maniac. You looked down at the puppy in your hand.

“We will love you and take care of you very well. Maybe teach you a few tricks, like messing up Padfoot’s hair and such.”

“Oi, don’t let that little monster get near me!”

“Are you talking about the dog or (Y/N)?” You smiled evilly at James’ question and started to chase Sirius around the room, with your new little puppy in your hands. As Sirius screamed, the others laughed and the small dog barked from time to time threateningly, you couldn’t help but think how much you wanted this to last forever.

The Marauders were your family, and with Remus at your side, you felt like even Lord Voldemort wouldn’t be enough to tear you guys apart. You were together, and nothing could ruin that.

Hope you liked it! :) Feedback and requests are appreciated!

@analusername: Sorry i couldn’t straight face this ridiculous pose. Felt like crap today but had to get up and work it out. It’s been over a month so i figured i’d update my current progress post workout. Broke under 160 recently. Results def showing more. Day by day. If ever in a dark place, strive to become the best version of yourself. Mentally and physically. I see I’m also out of tissues… so thats a problem.

anonymous asked:

OMG you accept Yandere requests! How about some Yandere!Moira kidnapping a woman she deems genetically perfect. NSFW Possibly?

this request is so damn good oh my god,,, also be ready for a moira spam bc i have like ten asks ab her lmao. didn’t end up making this nsfw, but dw! so much moira sin will be posted soon ;)

*side note: i really appreciate all of the nice comments you guys have been leaving on my posts!! i wish i could respond to them, but this is a side blog so all responses would be coming from my main :// 

Yandere Moira kidnapping a ‘genetically perfect’ woman 

  • Moira gets what she wants. There’s no question about it. Whether it’s an illegal substance she needs for experimentation or a new test subject, it’ll soon be in her possession. So, when she decides that you are utterly flawless, you’d better kiss goodbye to your old life. Friends, family, job, house - everything. Why would she let a creation so perfect roam freely in a world so dangerous? That would be astoundingly stupid.
  • She halts all of her research and pours her undivided attention into getting her hands on you. The scientist meticulously plans your abduction -drawing excruciatingly detailed maps of your house and learning every little thing about everyone and everything close to you. After getting final preparations in order for your capture, she realizes that she knows little to nothing about YOU; sure, she could recite your genetic coding and cellular structure as if it were tattooed onto her forehead, but didn’t know anything about your emotions.
  • She scorns herself for this. In an effort to repair her mistakes, she spends a sleepless night getting to know you. She bribes Sombra into hacking all of your personal information and is disgusted by what she reads in your messages. It would seem that you were getting very close with another female. Moira isn’t jealous - well, she is slightly, but what is really disturbing her is how much BETTER you are in comparison to the woman you’re flirting with. “How pathetic.” Moira growls with a feral grin, accessing all of the other woman’s medical data and scoffing at how sub-par her genetics are when displayed next to yours. Why would a flawless being like you be interested in such scum?
  • You wake up the next morning in a room that’s not your own. Chained to a cold metal bench, and stripped of all clothing. The strong scent of chemicals and sterile air makes your head spin, as does the obnoxiously bright light shining into your tired eyes. In panic, you try to tug on the restrictions, but find absolutely no success. You’re arms and legs are completely dead. All you can do is make a sound; a very quiet groan that no ordinary ear would’ve been able to hear. “Hush, my dear, no need to worry.” Moira smirks, Irish accent growing husky as a result of sleep deprivation. “Let me run some tests, then I’ll get you put up in a room more fitting for a person as perfect as you.”
  • You can’t move your head enough to catch a glimpse of your abductor, but that’s probably for the best. The manic grin on her face would only frighten you more. The scientist suppresses a chuckle as she grabs a freshly sharpened scalpel, and the sound of her heels eagerly clicking against the floor terrifies you. “Don’t worry. I’m only going to be taking a small sample.” Moira informs you, pressing the blade to your stomach and drawing a drop of blood. Not that you could feel it - she’s been kind enough to numb you for this process. 
  • “Mmm, pure perfection.” The scientist practically moans, running your blood through on of her many machines and analyzing the results. Sauntering back over to you, she jabs a needle into your neck, and you wince at the idea of her putting anything into your veins. Almost instantly, you feel your eyelids growing unbearably heavy, and though you try to fight it, you feel yourself losing consciousness. “Don’t resist it. Relax, a stór, I’ll be looking after you from now on.”