for being a awesome boyfriend

The Discovery

(Your boyfriend Jin is reluctant to allow his sexual fantasy to become a reality.)

Warning: Smut, male dom, female sub, spanking, fellatio, teasing, intercourse, dirty talk. I am so going to hell for writing stuff like this.

“Jin.  Jin!  Jinnie! Yah, KIM SEOKJIN WAKE UP!”

Your attempts to gently nudge your boyfriend awake had failed, so you shook him awake instead.  You had already been up for an hour, had showered, dressed, did your hair and makeup and were ready to go do something fun for the day.  Your boyfriend, Jin, was always so busy with work it was rare to have a whole day for just the two of you.  You had spent the night at his place so you could get an early start on your plans for the day.  First was a bike ride in the park, then a picnic lunch, a trip to the aquarium, a puppy café, a movie, dinner, late night bowling and drinks.  Jin had laughed at you when you told him your list of what you had planned, and he was right, it would be impossible to do everything, but you wanted to try to do as much as you could.

Jin wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down onto the bed so your head was against his chest. He held you tightly so you couldn’t move much. “Baby, why don’t we just sleep a little while longer.   You wore me out last night.”

You smiled thinking of last night.  Making love with Jin was always such a pleasure.  He wasn’t adventurous in bed, but he was a generous lover, always making sure you were well taken care of.  You sometimes missed the wilder sexual activities you experienced with previous boyfriends, but you wouldn’t trade Jin for anyone else in the world. He was by far the kindest boyfriend you had ever had.

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Episode 93, part 2 (part 1 is here), and Kaiba’s coping well with human interactions!

Okay, he’s coping so-so. Try not to get too tired, babe, we HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED THE DUEL YET.

It comes out, in Kaiba and Isis’s surprisingly drawn-out pre-duel chit-chat, that Isis was the one to suggest the tournament to Kaiba, and Jounouchi is…

… characteristically bafflingly over-enraged. I think he’s under too much stress, he keeps fReAkInG oUt over things that really aren’t worth screaming at people over. 

(Yami is fucking gorgeous just what the fuck idk kill me)

Isis coldly tells Kaiba that she’s going to straight-up wreck him in this card game and he goes:

… I think he’s actually aroused by the concept of being beaten in a card game? Is that a thing? Like a really really specific graysexual humiliation kink?

Isis isn’t fucking around, though, she intends to beat Kaiba…

She straight up intends to jump on the grenade masquerading as a mental illness masquerading as a person that is Yami Malik. She has seen the future and she intends to die facing Yami Malik. Does she know she wins against him?? Does she know her sacrifice works??? Or does she just have the vision as far as her death????

Anyway, Kaiba has remembered that he’s not supposed to let on that he’s aroused by the idea of losing a card game and defaults to…

… aggressive disdain!

“Use you”, sweetie, it was like

Isis: So I thought maybe if you ran a t–


In any case, he’s not worried about her magic jewellery.

That’s literally what you always say. (Is it just me or does his smile here look like an awkward Disney Prince kinda smile?)

But his boyfriend is more wary, being less dismissive of the awesome power of haunted necklaces…


Isis says she already knows every card Kaiba will play, which sounds familiar to the Nerd Herd, but Yami sets them straight


Yami points out that it’s much too windy up here to rely on scented cards, which seems like a odd angle to take, since she explicitly pointed to her great-big-fuck-off gold necklace with a honking great eye on it as the source of her future-vision, and they really should know by now that gold things with massive eyes on them are imbued with Plot.

Isis quickly proves her ability to “see” Kaiba’s cards by playing a “your opponent chooses two cards to be discarded from your hand” card, which Kaiba HAAAAAATES

like WAY more than I expected him to

how aroused is he right now?

She doesn’t even have to look to choose his cards.

In fact, she even keeps her eyes closed, which seems unnecessary since he’s across the fuckin blimp from her, but whatever. It’s part of the ~Drama~ I guess. She is an Ishtar after all!

Yami Malik recognises her tactics from Malik’s memories

Surfaced? That sounds like he’s a road with nice tarmac on him.

Also HOW did they have fucking DUEL MONSTERS CARDS in their fucking ISOLATIONIST CULT DUNGEON seriously what even is this show.

Yami Malik has gotten sick of Slightly Less Murderous Malik’s repeated exclamations of “Sister!” (in his defense, it was kind of annoying) and locked him in the Glass Case Of Emotion

and I’ve just noticed that Yami Malik ALSO changed his trousers when he went to change out of the lilac crop top?? surely he should have preferred the black trousers? did he not want to overdo the goth vibe?? so many questions…

Back in the duel, Kaiba has a plan….

And Isis has a vision of the future….

She does feel bad about it though.

okay well (a) how do you turn it off? do you just not wear the necklace? or does she have to Ask the necklace stuff? and (b) does predicting the future actually Help? like, surely, if it’s the unavoidable future (which it isn’t, but she thinks it is), it doesn’t really matter if you Know or not?

Regardless of this philosophical quandary, Kaiba has unleashed his Virus combo which is SUPER BROKEN

I’m pretty sure it’s only Monsters of 1500 ATK or higher, but I’m also pretty sure Seto Kaiba thinks that monsters with fewer than 1500 ATK are just silly children’s stories like the tooth bunny, so as far as he’s concerned, the Virus does destroy all Actual Real Monsters.

Isis stops him in his tracks with Oh Fuck These Yokes!

that’s what they ALL say.

But Kaiba isn’t rattled. In fact, he’s positively poetical.

Um … by which he means, he’ll play a card that will force her to discard all the Magic Cards in her deck. Magic Cards, of course, commonly referred to as a woman’s feathers.

Also wow, what a brokenly overpowered card! Why doesn’t he use this card every duel?? It would really fuck up Yami’s deck!

And Mokuba isn’t worried either!

He is a little gremlin, but he’s not worried!

Kaiba’s faith (not that he would ever call it that) is rewarded, he can feel…

good lord you are just so fucking much all the fucking time can you just maybe take one deep breath and phrase something in a normal, card game appropriate, calmly understated kinda way, please?

… no of course not.

i honestly dont understand why drop dead diva is such an underrated show on tumblr i mean

its a show about a not-so-intelligent aspiring model who dies in a car crash and goes to heaven and there she’s sent back to earth in the body of a very intelligent, overweight lawyer

it has everything

  • strong female lead(s)
  • most of the main characters are women
  • WOMEN WHO DONT LAUGH AND CRITICIZE EACH OTHER even if they dont get along
  • deb, the woman who dies, gets in the body of jane, and well it’s the exact opposite of her previous life. but you know what’s the best? it takes her a bit to readjust to the new body but she NEVER says she’s ugly or stops loving herself. she just starts this new life being an awesome lawyer and winning all the cases and just being an awesome fashionista who has amazing hair and fantastic makeup skills.
  • and deb’s boyfriend (grayson) starts working at the firm so jane has to deal with him everyday, watch him grieve over her and date other women, etc - and he can’t know that she is actually deb
  • kim kaswell aka the badassest feministest and most intelligentest lawyer who gets pregnant and refuses to take checks from her ex and RAISES HER CHILD ON HER OWN
  • teri lee is jane’s assistant and she’s an asian woman who takes no shit from anyone. always speaks her mind and she’s no afraid to talk about her sex life or about her “butt of the day” screensaver or the roleplays she and her boytoys do in bed
  • stacy is also a model and was deb’s bff and is actually the only person who knows about her. they live together and even if she’s not as intellgent as the other women she starts a successful business on her own and lately decides to be a single mom using a sperm donor.
  • it has body positivity af
  • feminism af
  • there’s a plotline when fred (jane’s guardian angel) is dating stacy and he thinks he’s not ~masculine~ or dominant enough and other guys tell him to be thouger to stacy. the situation ends up with fred thinking “meh, i know stacy is more dominant than me and i’m okay with that”
  • and honestly the guest characters in every episode are fantastic (after all its a lawyers show and they have new cases everyday), let me just say that they portray an awesome transgender lesbian, a dominatrix, a lesbian high school couple and lots of minorities: asian people, people of color, even amish.
  • just watch it
  • watch drop dead diva ffs
Super Junior Reaction-Calling them daddy (18+)

So basically there has been a request for this for every band that we do reactions for so here it is.  I’m sorry it took so long there are a lot of members to write for.  Here you go!—Admin B   (Has anyone seen admin M?)

I don’t own these gifs

Leeteuk:  You and him had been chilling just hanging out in his apartment when you decided to have a little fun with your Oppa.  You would throw it casually into the sentence you were saying but he heard it right away.  He’d flip you over so hes on top showing you his cute dimple.

Heechul:  You were certain your shy, yet bubbly Oppa wouldn’t mind you saying that word to him.  After dinner you would call him that to see his reaction.  He would turn savage, in a good way, and make you his for the rest of the night.

Yesung:  Since your boyfriend was always sweet and cute and adorable to you, you figured he wouldn’t know what to do when you called him that.  So when you called him daddy, he was kind of confused so instead of being savage he was cute and loving, just like normal.

Kangin:  He would be be confused once you called him that word as you’ve never said that to him before.  So he would ask what you wanted from that word before he did anything.  Once you told him, he’d do his best to make sure you got what you wanted.

Shindong:  He would be happy that you said that word to him after you said you maybe one day would.  At first he would make fun of you for finally saying to him.  Then, he’d make your fantasy come true.

Sungmin:  Weirdly enough Oppa had been wanting you to call him that word for a long time but he had never told you about it.  Once you found out from the other members you would corner him in his bedroom making his wish come true, and yours as well.

Eunhyuk:  You’ve actually called him that word before and knowing that it works on him you couldn’t wait to use it on him again when he got back from touring.  When he came into the room after months you called him that making him surprised at the moment but then he’d pick you up and press you against the wall for an awesome night.

Donghae:  Being the sweet and charming boyfriend that he is, he actually hasn’t heard you say that word to him, but when you did, he would tell you that you don’t need to call him that for him to be yours.  He’d give you sweet kisses while he told you that you were his.

Siwon:  He was already waiting for you when you got home and you called him that word, he was happy to make your fantasy come true.  He would pick you up and carry you into his bedroom for the night.

Ryeowook:  Thinking that your boyfriend was was too sweet and conservative to like being called that, you never said it to him.  One night when you two were kissing you accidently let it slip.  He didn’t show much sign of a reaction at first but then put you on his desk for some more fun.

Kyuhyun:  Being that you hadn’t dated him for long you decided you wanted to try it out just for fun.  Once you did say it, he would be confused.  He didn’t think that you would ever say that to him.  He just ignored it but tried to give you a fun night.

Zhoumi:  He told you that he would be down for anything that you wanted.  When you suggested that you both try something new he was down.  When you called him that name, he turned into a different person giving you a night you won’t forget.

Henry:  Even thought he is funny and qwirky, he wouldn’t miss the chance to make your wishes come true.  Instead of being all dark and mysterious he would find some way to make his funny personality shine through as he made you happy the entire night.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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BIGBANG Reactions to You Being Too Short to Reach the Top Shelf



You let out a startled gasp as you heard the sudden sound of your boyfriend behind you. Embarrassed and slightly worried about using one of Seunghyun’s prized possession to reach for the plates, you hopped off, ready to apologize. Upon seeing your apologetic and embarrassed face, Seunghyun let out a small sigh. “It’s ok, jagi. I actually think it’s a little adorable that you’ll always need me to help get down the dishes since there is no way in hell I’m letting you stand on one of my babies again.”

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You hopped off the counter with the cookie jar. As you turned around, treasure in hand, you let out a gasp as you saw Taeyang’s frame leaning against the entrance to the kitchen. “O-oh hi Tae!” you stuttered out, hoping he hadn’t seen your mini mission in action. “Hey Y/N. I noticed you struggling with the cookies there,” he chuckled watching you turn a shade of pink. “It’s okay jagi. I would’ve done something but I’m not tall enough myself!”

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You felt someone lean over you just as you were about to grab the sugar for your coffee. Before you could grab the container you kept it in, the person behind you closed in on it. You could feel the vibrations of his laughter on your back. “You know I had that, right Jiyong?” you huffed, defensive over your height. “Jagi, you know you like it when I press up against you so just appreciate it,” Jiyong whispered in your ear while wrapping his free hand around your waist. “Now come on Y/N, let me make you coffee.”

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The shelf was a lot higher than you originally thought. Even sitting on the counter proved to be not quite high enough to reach the fancy bowls. Deciding to try your shot at balancing on your tiptoes on the edge of the ledge, you began to to stand. However, as soon as you began to balance yourself, you lost your footing on the edge and slipped. Just before falling off, you felt a pair of hands grip your back and push you back upright. “I swear jagi, you could’ve just asked me to help you instead of trying to prepare this dinner all by yourself and nearly hurting yourself,” Daesung sighed, obviously concerned over the fact that you could have seriously injured yourself had he not been there. “Sorry Dae. I thought I could reach the top without help but it looks like I’m not tall enough,” you said. “It’s okay jagi, I find your height to be adorable.”

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Stretching yourself on your tippy-toes was a futile attempt to reach for a new box of your cereal. Right when you were ready to admit defeat and grab a chair to get it, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap themselves around your waist and a head nuzzle against your neck. “Seungri? What are you doing?” You tried to turn in his grasp but he wouldn’t let you. “Well, you see, I was just minding my own business but then my shortie of a girlfriend here starts to struggle with the simple task of getting down her cereal. So I, being the amazingly awesome boyfriend that I am, will help this small cutie get the food she wants.” 

“Seungri, you’re so fucking lame I can’t.”

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~Admin  K(nows she’s lame and embraces it)

Imagine being a youtuber that dates Tom Holland

·       Him and Harrison being included in all the weird shit you do. (think Jenna Marbles)

·       Harrison being in it because he’s a weirdo too.

·       Tom being there because he loves you.

·       But he supports you in everything because he wants you to be happy.

·       But sometimes it gets too much; shaving your eyebrows, bedazzling your face, your feet, your hands…. bedazzling everything.

·       Doing skits with Harrison because you’re both bored and Tom told you guys not to do it

·       Being friends with Harrison.

·       Doing the boyfriend/girlfriend challenges!

·       Imagine having your make up done by Tom

·       Imagine doing Tom’s make up while Rihanna’s Umbrella plays on the background.

·       Him giving you a “seriously” look

·       But after doing his makeup, your outro is basically you and him dancing to Umbrella

·       Doing imagine tom Holland reenactments.

·       Doing a shoutout to your bae Tom, “GOODLUCK TO MY BB BOI AND HIS CAST MATES, HOPE YOU ALL WIN SHIT. LOVE Y’ALL”


·       Playing horror games

·       You scream and him barging in the room and shouts “BABE, I’LL SAVE YOU”

·       But you just look at him with a frustration and just “I CANT FUCKING BEAT THE FUCKING GAME”

·       Him judging you

·       Tessa judging you

·       But he still loves you tho.

·       Him helping you finish the game

·       Basically, both of you support each other with the shit you both do just as long as it makes you happy and is making you a better person.

Kit and Ty being awesome boyfriends. (No spoilers. Just cookies and love.)

Kit and Ty and the others are all right. They are fine. They live a happy life in L.A. (If only.)


The voice was cut off just as abruptly as it had started. Kit wondered if someone had been murdered. He walked in the direction that the voice had come from, not because of the voice’s enraged call, but because of sheer curiosity. Kit found himself in the kitchen of the Los Angeles Institute, staring at Ty Blackthorn’s slumped shoulders and headphone-covered ears.

Kit doubted that Ty had yelled at him to get his ass to the kitchen. It could have possibly been Emma, or maybe Julian. But it had sounded like a girl who had yelled. Kit walked over to Ty and tapped Ty’s shoulder to let the other boy know that he was not alone. Ty startled and then smiled when he saw Kit.

“Hi,” Ty said. “I was just thinking about you.” Kit felt extremely pleased at that. He had been dating Ty for a few months now, and the whole kissing-and-holding hands sort of thing was still new and oddly thrilling.

Kit grinned at Ty and then gestured at the bowl of flour Ty was holding. “What are you doing?”

“Baking cookies,” Ty said. “Because I remembered when you first came to the Institute, you would eat cookies. A lot of cookies.”

Kit laughed at the memory and reached up to run his fingers through Ty’s night-black curls. “I love this. I love you.”

Ty looked momentarily startled at the words, his gray eyes going wide. But then he took Kit’s hand in his own and stared at their entwined fingers. Kit felt Ty’s rough calluses brush against his skin; felt the warmth of Ty’s hand run through him like a wave. “I love you too,” Ty said quietly.

Just then, Emma burst through the door of the kitchen and pointed a finger at Kit. “There’s someone waiting for you at the front door.” She seemed to register the fact that Kit and Ty were holding hands, and then her eyes scanned the mess of flour and bowls behind them. “Oh. Sorry. Carry on.” She backed out of the kitchen slowly and then disappeared.

Kit squeezed Ty’s hand and then pulled the other boy into a tight hug. “I’ll be back.”

“Okay,” Ty said. “While you go see whoever it is Emma told you about, I’ll be baking cookies.”

Kit flashed a smile at Ty and then walked toward the front door of the Institute. Being Ty’s boyfriend certainly had its perks, from cookies to lots and lots of animals.

So yesterday/last night was 6 months of being with my boyfriend and being in a awesome, fun relationship. He came over after he got out of work, watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’ together (glad that I’ve been watching it with him), ate dinner, and had some fun afterwards. I’m glad to that he remembered our 6 month anniversary and looking forward to our first year. I also told him last week that I was serious about me being his Hinata. Ever since back in Middle/High school, I always wished that I was that particular anime heroine who got paired up with the main guy (Usagi and Mamoru, Sakura and Li, Edward and Winry). Last attempt was with the ex (We both liked SAO, I wanted to be Asuna and when I mentioned that he was Kirito to me, he threw that out the window). So I’m glad to say that I’m happy to call my hun Naruto and looking forward to being happy and laughing with him.


Oh Dorkwin…♡

This one is for @alwaysbesassy, because she’s weak too when it comes to chocolate :) Thanks for creating Princess Erwin and the whole Dorkwinverse with me…Me and my blog would be pretty empty without your weird ideas!

@ellen-reincarnated1967 :))

“You ok there, Sammy?” You smirk watching the younger Winchester, who’s trying to hide the fact that he’s emotional right now.

He barely nods his head, continuing to stare at the big screen TV in your bedroom. You came down with the flu and being the awesome boyfriend that he is, Sam let you pick whatever movie you wanna see. So naturally you picked your favorite movie, A Walk To Remember. 

“It’s just a movie, babe.” You giggle as tears threaten to spill out of his big, hazel eyes. 

“I’m fine, Y/N. I just didn’t expect her to die.” He clears his throat, trying to appear unaffected. It’s just so cute.

“Considering her situation, it’s kind of a given. I always ball at the end, even though I know what’s coming.” You shrug.

“Why the hell is this your favorite movie? She dies for Christ’s sake. She finds the love of her life and then…she’s gone.” Sam studies your face like he’s trying to decide if you’re a sociopath. 

“Don’t judge me, dude. I can’t explain it. I clearly have issues.” You answer casually before stretching your arms out.

“At least you’re aware.” He snickers, making you smack him with a pillow in response. 

“You’re dating me. What does that say about you, cool kid?” You playfully glare.

“That I’m a smart man. Your blow jobs are fucking unreal so I’m willing to look past the crazy.” Sam cracks making you both burst out laughing. 


Pairing: BFFs! Edmund x Reader
Requested: Nope
Plot: Reader tries to support Edmund after his girlfriend breaks up with him.
Warnings: None!
A/N: This is late, but I got a busy day and couldn’t edit it yesterday, so I rather delay it than upload a crappy story… Hopefully you guys will understand! Anyway, when I thought about this at first, it was a series of how Ed and Reader start falling for each other and crazy love and all that cheesy stuff (which I personally love), but I like the way it ended! (even tho if it’s a little sad)…. So if you guys want, I can continue it, just let me know! Hope you guys enjoy it, even though it’s really short!

Yo Y/N, I’m here, can you open the door or I have to climb to your window?

Y/N read the message quite confused. As far as she remembered, they were not hanging out today.

I guess I can, even tho it’s 1am


She got up from her bed and marched downstairs to open the stupid door to her stupid best friend. He’s probably drunk, she thought, or maybe he wants to eat something. At the moment she swung the door open, the girl’s annoyed thoughts about Edmund interrupting her movie marathon vanished.

“Ed… Are you okay? What happened?”
She scanned the boy with atent eyes. He had red eyes and a sniffling nose. He’d been crying. Y/N gently pulled him inside.
“Oh, it’s nothing, y'know, Rose just broke up with me and-” Y/N’s eyes widened and she interrupted him mid-sentence.
“Aw, Ed, I’m so, so sorry!”, she tackled him with a hug and ran a hand up and down his back, the other playing lightly with his hair. “I still have ice cream from last week…”
Edmund brought her closer. He loved the fact that Y/N had to stay on her tip toes to hug him properly.
He smiled sadly. “I would love some ice cream… But can we stay like this just a little longer?”, his voice trembling in the end.
Y/N blushed, but her grip on him tightned. She nodded and murmured a soft “sure”.
After a few moments of comfortable silence, he slowly pulled away, “I think I’m ready for that ice cream now”

Y/N quickly went to the kitchen, grabbed two spoons and the pot of ice cream, and came back to where Edmund stood. They silently made their way to Y/N’s room.
When the pair arrived, they sat on the edge of the bed. Y/N didn’t know what to say exactly. ‘God, I’m awful at this’
“So, uh, do you want to talk about it? If not, we can watch something or play Mario Kart or -” Edmund looked at her and she trailed off.
He sighed after a moment. “I really don’t know how to explain it… She just said that she wanted to break up…”
Y/N pressed her lips, trying to think how to comfort her best friend. “I thought… I thought you two were serious and that she loved you”, the girl looked up at him with glassy eyes. Seeing her bestfriend so hurt, hurt her too. She truly wanted him to be happy no matter what (even though she didn’t like Rose at the beginning of their relationship, Y/N knew she made Edmund happy, and that was enough for her)

“Don’t get me wrong, we broke up in good terms, but I can’t believe it. I mean, I loved her so much…” Edmund almost whispered the last sentence, thinking that maybe that way, all of that would be just a nightmare. He shoved a full spoon of chocolate ice cream on his mouth. Y/N’s heart clenched. He was so sad…

‘I’m the world’s worst best friend’. A few weeks earlier, she broke up with her boyfriend and Edmund, being an awesome friend, stood with her all night long, chatting and supporting her – and in the next day, he punched the guy. But she couldn’t do that. She didn’t know what to say or do, so she just sat there, speaking the clichés “everything is going to be okay”, “she will regret it later” and “she lost the most wonderful person I’ve ever met”.

“Do you want to sleepover? We can build a pillow fort, and watch something. You need to distract yourself” Y/N suggested simply.
Edmund chuckled, “That’s only an excuse to cuddle because I’m warm”, he looked at her and she put a hand on her chest, pretending to be hurt at his (actually true) comment. 
“It’s not an excuse! You know what, I take it back. And I’ll keep that hoodie that you forgot here last year”
“I didn’t forget it, you stole it! You were cold and I gave it to you! You swore you would give me the next day!”
“So you do admit you gave it willingly to me!”
The boy shook his head, smiling a little, “You, young lady, are the worst human being ever”. Y/N smiled, “I know”.

They laid back, staring at the ceilling, a million thoughts through their heads, but they still couldn’t describe any of them. 
Edmund decided to break the silence, “I guess it was for the best. I mean, she didn’t like Star Wars”. He looked at Y/N, as she tried to muffle her laugh. “She did have a horrible taste in things. No offense to that weird face of yours”. Edmund just laughed at her statement.

“Well, I think you should have broken up with her long ago. People who don’t like Star Wars shouldn’t be trusted.” Y/N said. “What did she said to you, anyways?”. Edmund froze at her question.

“You can’t do this, Rose, she’s my best friend!”
She exhaled and closed her eyes, “I know that, but as long as you two are friends, I’ll never be sure that you love me more than her!”
Edmund rolled his eyes, “The way I love you and the way I love her are completely different! Why can’t you understand that!”
Rose let a shaky breath and walked to him, “Ed, we’ve been together for eight months now. I know you love me, I do, and I love you too… But I know that you still feel something for her, and I can’t stay with this never ending doubt that you probably wished you were with her and not me… I’m sorry it has come to this point, but this is the checkmate… It’s me or Y/N”

Edmund didn’t regret choosing Y/N. Yes, he loved Rose, but Y/N was his best friend. Yes, he had feelings for her 6 years ago, but she didn’t want a relationship with anyone, so he moved on. Although he considered all that, it still broke his heart hearing Rose’s last words to him, “I really hope you get her someday”.

Episode 215

Can you believe we’re halfway through the season already? O.o Boggles the mind! Also, this ep was directed by Peter frickin’ DeLuise! Peter DeLuise of the Jump Street and SeaQuest fame, ladies and gentlemen! How awesome’s that?

What I loved?

  • The Malec scenes. Alec waking up in that luxurious bed, them finally talking, them being awesome boyfriends. Just them BEING, basically. Lovely, lovely stuff!
  • The parabatai scene and Jace being wonderfully supportive.
  • The Jace and Valentine scenes. I love it when they go toe to toe.
  • Idris. WOW, seriously. WOW! Now that’s the Idris we should’ve gotten in S1!

What I was ambivalent about?

  • Izzy’s inconsistent characterization: give Simon space, don’t push, don’t give Magnus space, push… eh. But I did like that she told Jace to back off and let Clary decide what she wanted.
  • The Sebastian stuff. I get that we needed all this as a plot setting for the future but it felt like too much exposition at once. 
  • Aline. We haven’t seen enough of her for me to form a lasting opinion. I’m inclined to like her, she seemed cool, but I liked Max at first, too, and now I find him rather annoying, so… I’ll wait and see.

What I didn’t care about?

  • The Simon storyline. His fight scene was good, don’t get me wrong, but I think I should feel sorry for him because of the whole Seelie Court thing yet I do not. All I can think of is Maureen, the girl he slept with knowing she was in love with him, while all he wanted was Clary. Whereas Clary actually gave their relationship an honest shot, he threw Maureen away like yesterday’s socks. Karma is a bitch, Mr Nice Guy™, isn’t it?

Interesting observations for the future:

  • Alec mentioned the possibility of being de-runed for lying to the Clave. Was that a foreshadowing? Especially since that councilman guy that Izzy and Jace met in Idris is a pretty known actor, I don’t think they would just throw him away on one and done.
  • Will Sebastian make Duncan the “mole”?
  • Will Alec as the Head of the Institute be blamed for Valentine’s escape?

Also, I WAS FRICKIN’ RIGHT about the real “Sebastian” being burned and disfigured. W00t!

EXO’s Reaction to You Asking Them to Buy You Pads/Tampons

I’m really not one hundred percent sure how exactly periods are treated in Korea, but I feel like the stigma surrounding menstruation is, unfortunately, pretty universal, and likely more so in the more traditionally-strong countries like South Korea. Slight research on the subject only seemed to turn up a small amount of information for me, such as the fact that women receive menstrual leave from work, which makes me feel like it is indeed an issue there as well. But anyone can feel free to correct me if I happen to be wrong. :)

Baekhyun: would agree, but the only thing that would get him through this supposedly-traumatic experience is the thought of a possible reward when he returns home with your desired items. “Soooo? Don’t I get a kiss for being such an awesome boyfriend and doing something so nice for you?”

Chanyeol: would be reluctant, mostly worried that he wouldn’t be able to pick out the proper kind, but as soon as you offered up an old package as comparison for him, he’d be all for it, even coming home with a helpful supply of pain killers and comfort food to make you feel better. “Y-Yeah, I’ll definitely grab you some. Just hold tight and I’ll be back with the right stuff soon! Probably.”

Chen: would surprisingly be all-too-happy to head to the store for your feminine needs. Chen strikes me as one of those guys that’d be okay with this errand, purely because he’d be able to brag to everyone who saw him about the fact that he had a girlfriend.

D.O: can you say “awkward”? Kyungsoo won’t feel totally comfortable with this, but he also wouldn’t want you to be unhappy, so he’d be stuck in an inner debate, trying to factor out which side of this issue he wanted to side with. But in the end, you’d win, and Kyungsoo would grudgingly find his way to the store for you, a very vivid description of your needed item clutched in his hand.

Kai: would agree to this adventure, and would set off for the store right away. But, he’d likely get lost with all the types of tampons and pads and may just have to call one of his sisters for a little assistance, not wanting to rely on you ‘cause he’d want you to think that he could manage such an easy task on his own. “Of course I did it on my own, Jagi! Wh-What do you mean, my sister called you to see what kind you needed? Ahhhahah, sorry.”

Kris: this would honestly be probably the LEAST cool thing you had ever asked him to do, and he’d be prepared to grumble and bitch like hell about it. But after he got his complaints in, he’d suck it up and run to the store for you. He’d grab a random assortment of different types and hope to hell that one of them was your preferred type, 'cause he’s sure didn’t feel like making a second trip in.

Lay: would feel a little awkward about it all, but since he knew it would make you happy, he’d be up for it. You’d best send some old packaging along with him, though, or he’d probably be at the store for way too long, standing in the hygiene aisle, becoming increasingly more confused as to why there are so many different types, and coming home with the completely wrong one for you. “Extra long? Heavy flow? Overnight? Why…why does this one have wings?”

Luhan: Really? You think Luhan’s going to be going on a tampon run? Yeah. I don’t think so, honey. He’d be afraid that if he were to go, he’d be mistaken for a girl, and God forbid that happen. He’d be a little embarrassed that he was unable to run such a simple errand for his girlfriend, but that’d be nothing compared to the embarrassment of being mistaken for a woman. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ll drive you to the store, though?”

Sehun: totally seems like the type to agree to this for your sake, but also strikes me as the type to attempt to cover up his identity for the journey, not wanting anyone to actually see him buying such things. Like, he’d throw on a hat, baggy clothes, and a pair of dark shades, and he’d look like the sketchiest person in the world, probably gaining him more negative attention than anything else, but he’d damn well ensure that you got what you needed. I’m sorry, this is the only good gif that i could find a Sehun with sunglasses haha

Suho: would know that even if he didn’t want to go on a tampon run, he didn’t have much of a choice. He’d know it was an argument that he just wouldn’t win. He wouldn’t waste time in the store even though he would be thrown off by the many different types and styles, he’d simply buy a very large variety of pads and tampons, likely gaining some odd looks from the store clerk, but he’d be happy knowing his job was done. For the month, anyway.

Tao: would refuse at first, but as soon as you began describing, in excrutiating detail I might add, the process that your poor body goes through monthly, he’d decide that heading to the store and getting it over with would be much easier than staying put and listening to such gruesome things. “Ew! Fine, Y/N, I’ll go to the store for you, just please stop!”

Xiumin: is going to be totally prepared for this situation, knowing full well in advance that your special time of the month is coming, and he’d have purcashed your pads/tampons for you ahead of time, tucking them away for when you needed them. “Just look in the back of the bathroom cabinet, Jagi-yah. I already got you covered.”