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bnha good “end”: mineta gets replaced by shinsou and nobody ever talks about mineta again. shinsou makes 9052452 friends and is loved forever and never has to hate himself again for having a “villain-like” quirk

Do you ever have those friends where it’s like, if one completely random thing hadn’t happened you wouldn’t even be friends? Do you ever think about how wild that is??? And then you just become really thankful that you accidentally spilt coffee on a random stranger that one time or that you got a nice ask from someone who ended up being one of your best friends one day

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what kind do kid were u in highschool (i'm assuming u aren't in high anymore). like we're u quiet or talkative ect ? man ....i hardly had friends cos i was quiet so i had a small group also gay so heh.

well for the 3 years i was at my high school in NZ i was relatively quiet, like I was just seen as that weird and super depressed emo kid that was popular online n this one real popular girl at our school had a huge crush on me which was amazing because she’s GORGEOUS like still to this day I love her so much she’s so lovely. Idk ppl just knew they could come to me if they had problems or if they wanted to flash their titty bc they all knew I was bi af (I went to an all girls school). But yeah no I’ve always been the third wheel friend since primary school n people tend to like drop me frm their friend groups p easily. In Germany I was still quiet but me and my bffl were like glued 2 the hip I love my bb 2 pieces 

tbh during every school I’ve been 2 I’ve been really quiet n just kind of sometimes spoke up in class when I wanted to shred people bc Im good at debating when I’m passionate about smth but I hate talking/communicating/I’m terrible at doing the people thing n that was usually more mel’s territory than mine but yeah I was real real real quiet n just kinda bounced from group to group bc i had friends scattered throughout I guess idk


Update Again!

Pride Bees Post 1

Row 1 - transgender pride, asexual pride, bisexual pride
Row 2 - rainbow/gay pride, lipstick lesbian pride, lesbian pride
Row 3 - pansexual pride, genderfluid pride, non-binary pride

Pride Bees Post 2—-> here.

The bee with the axe is based on one of the lesbian pride flag designs.  Yes, sometimes TERFs use this flag design, but I have also gotten many messages from lesbians that use the flag and are not TERFs. More about that —->  here.


op:I have no idea if anyone feels the need for more pride flag colored bees, but here is a few more.

UPDATE: i guess there was a need so MORE BEES.

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party