for bc's friend

So my family and I went to a restaurant and we were the only guests (chill) and they had three !! Dogs!! One was a tiny bulldog with a LOT of energy another one was a deaf grey and calm dog that came up till my knees and the third was a huge black dog that reached my fucking elbows and didn’t seem to realize that I’m that small bc he literally leaned against me while I pat him they were all sweet and all wanted love and attention and I want them to be mine


she’s trying her best

so keith is probably going to be with the blades during his bday and not w voltron… but instead of thinking about that think about kolivan researching human birthdays and throwing keith the most uncomfortable best party ever

youd gotta wonder like how the hell they go about this. like imagine someone you barely even know coming into your inbox all bothered bc youre following someone who projects on the same fictional characters that you do. like what do they expect? an apology? “oh god im so sorry for being a normal human being with more important things to worry about”. if someone did this to me id probably say “okay” or “i dont care” and what will they have gained besides making a fool of themselves and showing that they havent matured or developed healthier coping mechanisms in all the time since back when this shit was considered acceptable in like 2014 kin tumblr

richie, eddie, ben, and mike comforting stan after he got attacked by hugging him and saying things like “we love you stan” and “we’re here for you” and “we would never let anything happen to you” reblog if you agree