for baltimore

For Baltimore ~ Jalex

The idea to go back home for Thanksgiving had been the best idea Alex had in a long time, because Jack had missed Baltimore but just hadn’t gotten a chance to go back home. Waking up in the houses they grew up in would be comforting, and Jack would definitely have fun flaunting how much Alex’s mom loved him. Not to mention, he could tease Alex’s dad too, and that was always fun. Partying and getting drunk wasn’t really an option here, though, which was really the only downside, but Jack thought it would be okay. Him and Alex could go a few days without alcohol, but if he knew their parents, there would be plenty of it on Thanksgiving day to go along with all the food.

He sighed as he rolled over to face Alex, the both of them squished into his boyfriend’s small bed that he’d had since childhood. He’d been awake for a while now, but Alex wasn’t quite yet, so he’d taken to looking up at the posters on the walls that he’d seen a million times and counting the old glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Once he got bored of that, though, he rolled on top of Alex and spread out over his back, smiling as he nuzzled his boyfriend’s neck. “You’re a lazy ass, wake up.” He whispered.


“’Would you say Don’t Panic is the best album that you’ve ever made?’             ‘Yes’                                                                                                                     ‘And how is it different to all your other albums?’                                                 ‘It’s better’”

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