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I’m donating this drawing to the Anime Boston charity auction for the National MS Society. The convention is March 31-April 2, and the auction is on April 2. Mike and I also signed some cool stuff you can bid on too: a chibi Aang figure; a Korra poster book; and a plush Appa. I’ll post about it again when it’s closer to the event.


OMG, It’s done!
This was a lot of work, but worth every second! :D

I present to you: The Dungeon Master’s Mimic!
The idea behind this project was to make one single container that a GM, or well prepared player can store all their RPG needs in and easily carry them from game to game.
And what other way to make a chest more roleplaying game related than making it a mimic? :3

It’s made from solid pine that I stained with a nice walnut stain and finished with briwax.
All the hardware is steel and brass. It has a soft, 100% wool felt lining to protect the books it’s carrying
The main compartment comfortably holds around 5-6 large rule books and a smaller secondary compartment holds an insert that can safely store all your dice, miniatures, tokens and pencils!
It measures 14 inches across, 9 inches deep and 10 inches tall. The main internal compartment measures 12 x 6 x 10 inches.
The teeth are solid wood, too and have been dulled for safety. (I’d still not joke around and slam it shut on your friend’s hand, though…)

This project was loads of fun, even though throughout the built I came across some rather annoying stumbling blocks. Making it would have been a lot easier if I had a table saw :P
Still, I’m so happy that it’s finally done and am very proud of how it turned out.

I won’t sell this as usual through my Etsy store. It is a unique item that I put a lot of my heart and soul into and I don’t feel that Etsy’s “first come, first serve” policy on purchases would do it justice.
Instead I have listed it on Ebay in a one week auction. I thought that way instead of whoever happens to see it the quickest, it will go to whoever wants it the most ^__^

Here’s the listing:

Love you all <3

Will Roland auctioning off Ben’s cast to raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS at the April 16th 3:00 performance of Dear Evan Hansen! Recorded by me, @neglectedrainbow 

This must be the fluffiest White Ermine moth ever! I obviously got a little carried away with fluffing out it’s wooly body. It almost looks needle felted, but I actually took the hard route and stuck individual hairs onto it’s clay body (I don’t like to make things easy for myself - oh no). Still lots of finishing touches to do on this one but I think she’s looking quite sweet so far! If you like the look of this mobile, it will be up for auction on the 6th August, 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Butterfly charities.


Rare brocaded satin pregnancy robe, 1790s, 

Pale green silk sprigged overall with ivory and peach trefoils tied with tassels, comprising: petticoat with waist ties and two matching bodices, one high fashion (for early pregnancy) in ‘pierrot’ style cut low and tight with closed front, faux waistcoat panels, short tails to the back lined in striped silk, narrow curved sleeves; the other in open-robe form with inner boned closed front panels and loose deshabillé-like outer panels, the neckline outlined in cartridge pleats, with three ribbon drawstrings to allow for expansion, lined in patches of tartan and striped silk; together with a fine white lawn fichu with whitework embroidered edges 

Kerry Taylor Auctions

New Jersey elementary school under fire for slave auction reenactment

  • An elementary school in New Jersey is facing backlash from parents after a substitute teacher staged a slave auction in a fifth grade classroom, the Huffington Post reported.
  • According to CBS New York, the mock auction took place at Jefferson Elementary School in Maplewood, New Jersey, while the class’s regular teacher was out. 
  • The principal sent a letter home to parents explaining that a substitute had conceptualized the exercise, which “was not part of the curriculum, not part of the teacher’s assignment, not condoned by the classroom teacher, and not authorized by the district.”
  • The activity was intended to teach the children about the horrible reality of the slave trade, but understandably, the auction upset parents.
  • “There was a sale of a black child by white children in the classroom,” Tracey Jarmon-Woods told CBS New York. “If you’re demoralized — sold on a block in 2017 — it may affect you the rest of your life.” Read more (3/22/17 10:50 AM)

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Students asked to make slave auction posters for history assignment

  • Parents at South Mountain Elementary School in New Jersey walked into the school ready for parent teacher conferences when they greeted by posters hung in the hallways advertising slave auctions.
  • According to, school officials have now called a community meeting to discuss the fifth-grade assignment and its implications.
  • Parents took to social media to blast the assignment. Read more. (3/11/17, 2:23 PM)

A fine striped robe à la polonaise, French, 1770s 

Cinnamon and ivory satin stripes, with double engageants, English back, the interior with tapes and loops to form polonaise folds; with ivory satin stomacher covered with pinked ribbon rosettes; and a finely quilted ivory satin petticoat with overall lattice design and flowerheads within triangles to the hem; together with a modern choker made to match from Valenciennes lace and ribbon (4) 

Kerry Taylor Auctions

haughtflepuff  asked:

Hi! You said that the snapback Kat was wearing during sdcc had your art on it. Could you give me a link to there I could find that piece of art? I'd love to see it up close cuz it's impossible to have a good look at it on any of the pictures of the cast wearing the snapbacks. I've searched your blog but I can't find it. PS. I really love your supercorp art it's wonderful <3

Hey! Hi.

I didn’t post the piece after completion because I wanted to help keep the surprise element for SDCC… Now that same lovely group of people who coordinated making the caps for the cast and crew are going to be auctioning off 2 snapbacks and 2 prints of the artwork for LGBTA+ charities (one US based, the other CAN based in true Black Badge style). They’ll be headed to DragonCon to meet up with the Wynonna Earp cast and get the prints and hats signed!

You can follow their exploits on twitter @WayhaughtHats

As for the original art… here it is.