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I Love how henry just doesnt question anything. Like,he doesnt question the Dead cartoon dog,he doesnt question ink monsters,he doesnt question the boards blocking the ink machine and he doesnt question how is co-workers got Turned into ink monsters. But Y'know what he DOES question? A bendy cutout being in a diffrent place

Cartoon dog with organs ripped out: okay

Massive machine that spits out gallons of gallons upon ink, to the point where there’s pipes in the walls full of the stuff: okay

Half-formed humanoid ink creatures trying to kill him: okay

Cultist made of ink worshiping a cartoon as a god: okay

Guy with projector for a head: okay

Cartoon whose head is dangling from a fishing rod: okay

Spider with teeth on its head: okay

Half-blind cartoon trying to beat him to death with a pipe: okay

Cartoon angel forcibly taking him on a date where all he does is collect items so she doesn’t kill him: okay

An entire room full of dead dogs: okay

Cardboard cutout moves three feet to the left: wHAT THE FJUCK????? WHAT THE

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Even if Snape & Lily were together he’d still have to be a Double Agent, right? But Order and her would be on it, since they probably asked him to do it. Lily especially would have to give support if they realize how soul crushing the job is. Maybe a lot of Unbreakable Vows have to be made so he and any family they may have aren’r ratted out. Maybe a pureblood ally can easily fill in as a suitable “wife” if the DE or Voldemort need answers as to who he is with if it ever comes up (P1 of 2)

(P2 of 2) The DE most likely wouldn’t rake through the Muggle system to find out about any marriages or kids, and the only proof of magic birth is at Hogwarts in Dumbledore’s office! And seeing as Snape is s good Occulmens, maybe it’d be a greater testament in his spying if he was willing to go through that so the world could be a better place for his family & others. Plus i love the idea of angst in a Snily relationship, but also the sacrifice and love that’d be needed to go through all that.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on their pairing.

It’s funny, really - Snily was the first pairing I sought out when I started in fandom, but the more I talked online about Snape as a character, the less interested I became in his relationship with Lily; I was much more intrigued by what he may have done during those intervening years, and/or in post-canon redemption stories.

But it’s testament to those who post about the pairing on Tumblr, because I have to admit that my interest has been sufficiently piqued (re-piqued haha) in exploring the AU presentation that’s required to create a world where Snily could occur and be sustained - whether it’s late Hogwarts, or post-Hogwarts.  

Canonical Snape is interesting because he’s pulled away from his love for Lily by his adoration of the Dark Arts, his desire for power, and possibly Death Eaters who wanted to recruit him.  However, it’s not just a pull - he’s pushed down the same path with equal measure by those he was arguably pitted against: the Marauders, maybe Dumbledore, arguably his father/parents.  So there’s a multitude of problems for him to overcome and ultimately, in canon, his love for Lily isn’t enough.  

What’s fascinating about a world where Snily works is that something had to change to stop Snape from sliding down that slope.  Perhaps his parents let up, or Dumbledore sides with him over the prank, or a teacher intervenes and stops the Marauders from hassling him…maybe the Death Eaters even lose interest in recruiting him.  Just one of those changes might’ve been enough for Snape to keep his friendship with Lily ticking over, to the point that it grew into something more.

I’d elaborate a lot more, because it’s a really intriguing topic and basically, you have to go right back and work out how/why things didn’t evolve as they did in canon, and what the implications of those things not happening are (and not just ‘ok, we got Snily, now what’ - you have to think about the consequences of certain events not occuring).  Once that’s done, you have to consider who Snape is and who Lily is, and how deeply they are involved in the war - is a Snape who lives with a Muggleborn still in deep with the Death Eaters (after all, Hagrid wonders why James and Lily weren’t recruited - perhaps Lily would’ve been given dispensation in those early years), and is a Lily who lives with an assumed wannabe Death Eater still welcomed into the Order?  Furthermore, you need to look at the vital things Snape and Lily did - Snape overheard the prophecy, and Lily gave birth to the Chosen One…so what happens with those key things?  Does Snape hear a prophecy?  Does anyone hear a prophecy?  Is Lily destined to bear the Chosen One, only it’s Snape’s son, not James’?

…anyway, it’s fascinating to me - and the only reason I haven’t elaborated more on this is because I keep prodding the embryonic idea that rattled around my head the other month - and if I do manage to get it down on paper, I don’t want to have given it all away before I write it (as I have so often done before!).

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There's a video of Andi Mack cast answering questions about season two for Seventeen magazine. Peyton says the best thing about Andi and Jonah's relationship is that they're not only bf and gf but friends. Guess that confirms Jandi. My Jyrus heart is a little sad right now lol

OK.  I just watched the video.  She says “Andi and Jonah’s relationship I feel like is really special because they are both friends and bf/gf at the same time.”  

This seems really weird for her to say because they aren’t dating so if this is true its a pretty big spoiler even if it seemed like that’s where things were likely to go.  She also literally said they weren’t friends not that long ago.  Also, if this really happens and it lasts I am going to be extremely disappointed that they stuck with the same old boring formula.  They have a real chance to do something special with Jyrus and it will be a shame if they don’t.  

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Regarding your post on marriage and traditional gender roles, what are your opinions regarding such things? Do you think gender roles are healthy within and/or without marriage? Are they necessary for a "proper" catholic marriage?

Great question, Ella! And thank you for asking! There are definitely people more qualified than I to talk about this, but I can give it a shot.

I think it comes down to what you mean by gender roles. I do believe that men and women are different and so are, generally speaking, better equipped for different roles in a marriage, in a relationship, in a society etc. 

But I also think it’s important not to take the idea of “roles” too far. Everyone is unique; people have different strengths and weaknesses and so generalizing can be dangerous. And gender roles, if taken too far, can be used to put people in boxes that don’t allow them to fulfill their true potential. 

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Hey bill, if you're gonna turn yourself into a Pokémon again , try being a pikachu. They're super popular in Alola , get yourself a ticket to alola , poof into a pikachu. Then people will fawn over you

People already fawn over me. It’s actually a little unsettling.

You know, you could add actual security to your property, Bill… —LH

Yes, but Brent seems perfectly harmless. Even if he was going through my trash that one time. —Bill

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I swing from bi and lesbian a lot because I’m not sure if I like men or not? I mean I like fictional boys. Can I still be a lesbian and like fiction boys? I don’t think I’d ever want to date a real one. I want to identify as a lesbian and it makes me the most comfortable but I’m still unsure???

fictional boys don’t count, forget about them. you don’t ever want to date a boy? you’re a lesbian! you can be a lesbian!

Bookish Questions

1. Which three characters would you invite to tea?

2. If you could attend a party that one character was throwing, whose party would you want to attend? 

3. Wed, bed, and behead (list three characters with your ask)

4. You can explore one character’s house while they’re away. Whose would it be?

5. Best dressed character?

6. Which character most closely mirrors your aesthetic?

7. Best library you’ve encountered (fictional or brick and mortar, whichever you prefer)?

8. If you could step into any book and spend one month in that world, which would you pick?

9. Who would win in a bar fight? (list three characters with your ask)

10. Which character do you most identify with?

11. Is there a scene from a book that struck you?

12. What book or series turned you into a bookworm?

13. Is there a book or character that you just can’t forget about?

14. What’s your favorite comfort book?

15. Favorite book-related playlist?

16. Do you have any reading rituals? Is there a particular tea or coffee or wine you like? A favorite chair, candle, room, etc?

17. If there was one thing you could change about your favorite book what would it be?

18. If you could introduce a character to a character from a different book, who would you introduce and why?

19. What is the first sentence of the book you’re currently reading?

20. What books are you currently reading?

21. Which fictional character would you go to for life advice?

22. Quote that makes you laugh.