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can you make some headcanons about josh pleaaaase? btw I love your blog!

Fuck yeah I can!!

  • Josh was held back a year in kindergarten and so he’s in the same grade as his sister’s despite being older
  • Josh is hella Pansexual but didn’t know it until like high school because he figured EVERYONE was just like that. cause how can you not fine every gender attractive?
  • Josh is the average heigh of he guy at 5′8″ but next to the giant guys of the rest of the group, he’s tiny looking.
  • Next to the girls he looks tall, but not next to Hannah and Beth who are basically the same height as him. (this he is very ashamed about)
  • Josh met Ashley through Chris and started hanging out with her to get Chris laid but then realized Ashley is fucking awesome and she became one of his best friends
  • Josh holds a guys night often when only him, Chris, and Mike hang out and do stupid shit (Matt is more friends with the girls than he is with any of the guys) then after he met Ashley, he invited her along and when Mike complained Josh told him, “She’s more of a man than you are so if anyone is leaving it’s you.” Mike never complained again.
  • Josh was a magician when he was younger. He used to put on shows for his sister and Chris would be his “lovely assistant”. he stopped doing it around middle school but he still knows a few tricks to drop some pants.
  • Josh has had several DUIs but his dad’s money managed to get him out of trouble
  • Josh and Beth used to double date and they once dated a set of twins. Josh unknowingly was having an affair with the girl Beth was dating, and honestly believed that he was fucking his date. They ruined the sister’s relationship and Beth and Josh never double dated again.
  • Josh and Beth did compete over Sam nonstop. They would constantly try to get her attention and keep her away from the other to win her affections. Sam forever remained unaware of this and just thought they were weird
  • Josh’s bracelet was a christmas gift from Hannah. She got a matching set for all three of them, and josh never took it off
  • Josh once tried to write a book but it was hard for him to keep focused since he had a million different idea’s going on in his head. Then he read some of Ashley’s stuff and he decided to quiet writing cause he’d never be as good as her.
  • Josh and Emily fight nonstop since they both like to be in control and hate being bossed around. Josh will never admit it, but he get majorly turned on when he’s fighting with Emily and would try to bang her if not for how insufferable she was.
  • Josh is also super super attracted to Mike and is trying to get that boy out of the closet cause it’s obvious that Mike’s not straight but everyone but Mike seems to know that.
  • He has kissed everyone in the group (minus his sisters) at least once.

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Ellie from The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog concept artist Ashley Swidowski

Absolute perfection.

It never even crossed my mind that Ellie looked anything but awesome - and then I heard about the shit heads complaining about the way she looks. Complaints about Ellie seem to be coming from a place of thinking she looks too manly or like she’s not taking ‘care’ of herself - which enrages me beyond belief. Regardless of whether or not this is a post apocalyptic setting (and a persons ability to give a shit about how they look) I rage about the expectation that because she’s a female she needs to look a certain way. SHE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN BEING. SHE LOOKS AMAZING. I could see this person walk past me in the street today and I wouldn’t even look twice. I see a lot of myself in her. If I rolled out of bed in the morning this is it.

What is WRONG with people?!?!?!?!?

Again. Absolute fucking perfection. I love you Naughty Dog. Keep breaking shit down. Fuck expectations.

No fear. No Hiding.

Requested by anon.

Request: Halsey and y/n hook up at a festival after months of a secret relationship.

WARNINGS: None, just love and sweetness :)

A/N:  I didn’t read this over, so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.

“Ashley, are you sure about this?” you said apprehensively looking at your hands while playing with your fingers.

You felt her fingers passing through your hair in a way that made you smile instantaneously. “I can wait a bit longer if you want to, it’s alright.” she said looking at you in a calm way with a comprehensive smile.

You thought about waiting more time until you’re really confident about yourself, but being with Ashley was confidence enough for you to want to express and show your love for her to everyone.

“No, I think I’m ready.” you said confidently, taking a huge breath before looking straight at her eyes.

“Okay babe.” she pressed her lips against yours for a few seconds. “I just don’t want you to feel forced to do anything.” her gaze was worried and she licked her own lips nervously.

“I wanna do this, Ash. I’m ready.”

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this is not a request but do you have rec of people to follow? (chris stans, karamels, bonkai blogs?)

I answered this question multiple times already with my favorite blogs (that I do follow) but since I also don’t follow some people (I like their blogs but some things they post piss me off so I’m not following them anymore, or else I never followed them for obscurs reasons and I will follow them after this post), I’m gonna do it again.

For blogs that post a lot about Chris I will stay with the same old thing : @chris-woods @christophers-wood @actualpuppychriswood @jake-riley. By the way if you want to speak with amazing people, go to them too. I mean I never talked with Shauni and Puppy Wood but Danielle and Ashley are just awesome, from what I know since I only spoke with them once bc I’m too shy to engage conversation smh. And there’s also @mon-kai-el because she’s like super Chris trash so obv she posts a lot about it, though she could fit for Karamel too.. She’s gonna be everywhere I stg. (Tho watch out, girl’s naughty af, if you’re innocent - lol who’s still innocent on tumblr? - don’t do that).

For Karamels, smh.. Honestly I’d say all the squad? I’m probably gonna forget people but smh I have the list next to me so if there’s people missing it’s not my fault I don’t have a big badass memory. So : @karamelcoveredolicity @juliakaze (< don’t ever say you never watched Star Wars with her, she’s gonna disown you) @karadanversprince @starcrossed-comets (< actual puppy) @gldngrl7 @winelover1989 @busysciencegeek @contygold86 @sweet-karamel @kelbottumbles @pwettypwita @emarasmoak @zorelsmendler @teacactus @fangirlintheforest @alex-wesley @highwaytothe7hells @awestallendevotee @breadrunnersofcakedom @wladyb91 @taurusclh
But also mention to some others, @iminyourhandskara @loveislettingyourselfbesaved and @karamelmondaes

For Bonkai, I have to admit I don’t have favorites that I do follow but I really like @bonkai-diaries and @albion19. For the last one, I don’t really check their blogs often but I do know they always like or reblog my bonkai posts so I think I can include them here (because they have all my love ♥), so it is @thenameismaynard.

To end up, I want also to mention other blogs that are rly awesome but I didn’t knew where to put them? So here it is. @luthcrqueen is really friendly, though she’s absent for now. @kaiparker is one of my absolute favorite blog ever, and there’s also @shadowandbones with her karamel blog @karamelshakes
And if you’re into Teen Wolf as well, god dammit go follow @chimerakingraeken immediately because that blog is absolutely perfect.

Pretty sure I forgot some people, but I’m gonna prepare a FF for my 500 followers so if you wanna know who’s the people I’ll always follow, well you’ll have it.

EDIT: Smh at me because I forgot someone I absolutely wanted to include. If u like os and things like that, go follow @teamkaiforever because oh my god, it’s like the only thing I read and it’s just so perfect (and i’m pretty sure the blogger is nice but idk I’m too shy to go talk to people so smh, if you’re less shy than me you know what to do)

A Little Bit of Advice

If you’re on Tumblr and know about Ashley, here’s a bit of advice:

Don’t send hate to Ashley

Don’t think she is a whore because she is friends with Mitch

Don’t shove Mashley into people’s faces

Don’t force people to change their icon to Ashley

Seriously don’t fucking do it it’s their blog they can do what they want

Don’t like Ashley’s videos and/or her style of commentary? Okay! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! But because she is playing with one of your favorite Youtubers, that does not make her a whore. That does not make her a slut.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Ashley’s style of commentary but I can accept her doing videos with the Youtubers I like to watch! That does not mean I will go send her hate. In my opinion, Ashley is an awesome, beautiful person and I am planning on checking out her channel sometime soon.

Now if you disagree with anything up here, okay. Just get the fuck off my blog.


Here’s the fic that signals we’re on 2/3 of today’s marathon! SFW, 1.056 words, one of the best pairs to write about nowadays. I’d go for a NSFW if I wouldn’t be pretty sure half of the pairing wouldn’t suffer from a major freak-out. So until then, this will have to do.



Maybe she should subtly hint that it’s time to forsake drowning their sorrows in litres of alcohol, or maybe she should just let the blonde drink until she can’t remember a thing anymore. Truth is, she doesn’t know what the best course of action is when your best friend breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to go on some self-destructive path of boozing and whining about her ex.

“Honestly?” Ashley’s voice sounds squeaky, “Fuck him. Fuck all of them.” She gestures wildly, bottle of beer in hand, “Men suck.” She adds glumly, “We should make a video about that. Actually, we should make an entire video series about that.” She spreads her hands in the air, pretending to watch a billboard, “All the reasons why men suck.”

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Comic Con impressions

Am I the only one who noticed a lot of arrogance from Ashley during all the Comic Con interviews? There was this one interview I watched with just Ash and Shay and the whole time Ashley was making Shay answer all the questions while she played with her hair and rings and starred into the distance like she didn’t want to be there, and not smiling either. And when she did answer questions it was like one/two/three word responses. In a way she actually had a ‘pissed off’ look, like a “get me out of here” look. She just looked like the type of person where if a fan said “can I please take a picture with you” she’d do it, but roll her eyes once the photo is taken. Ash was very different to everyone else at Comic Con. My favourite was Troian. She wouldn’t stop speaking! I fking love Troian!!! Always smiling. Always got awesome, positive things to say. Love her sense of humour too. I will follow and watch any project Troian ventures onto after PLL. And Lucy and Sasha were awesome too. Sasha is only 19 and she was talking with such confidence! Love her so much. And Lucy is just gorgeous <3 But Ashley kind of annoyed me in her interviews. I actually didn’t want to watch her anymore. Which is weird because I love Ash to death and Hanna is one of my favourite characters (first favourite is Spencer, duh). Maybe she was just having a bad day or isn’t good at the intensity of having questions fired at you every second. Maybe the one interview I watched of Ashley was the last one of the day and she was tired from a long day and wanted to go home (fair enough). Don’t know what the point of this post is. Any one comment please. Anyone else notice this from Ash or am I the one having a bad day!!? Hahahahaha

Babysitting Nightmare By YessyLove (BVB Imagine)

(Wazaaap!! xP here with a new imagine :D. In this imagine (Y/N) is stuck babysitting her little five year old twin cousins. And The guys help you out ^.^ Enjoy!!)

It was the weekend, and instead of going out to the movies or something you were stuck at home because you had to babysit your little twin cousins nicholas and jaimie. They were identical boys and they got on your nerves. You were not looking foward to this night at all. When you told the guys to help you out, begged was more like it, they finally agreed and said they would be over as soon as possible. You hear your doorbell ring and stand up to open the door, “Hey aunt lillian.” You greet. “Hello sweetheart, here are the boys.” She says and hugs you, “Thank you so much for doing this for me sweetheart.” She says with a huge smile.

“No problem I know how important this meeting is for you.” You tell her. “It really is, here are all the phone numbers you can reach me in.” She says giving you a small list, “I have everything under control dont worry about a thing.” You assure her, she thanks you one more time and hugs you, “Alright boys, please be good to your big cousin you hear?” She tells them. “Yes mommy!” They both say with smiles on their faces and you just roll your eyes. In front of their parents they were little angels, but behind their parent’s back, they were straight up little devils.

“Alright see you guys later.” She says. “Goodbye aunt lilly!” You say and close the door. You turn around to them and theyre just smerking at you, “Alright listen up you little boogers! Im gonna have some campany over to help me out so you better not be messed up to them or youre gonna get the worst spanking of your life!” You warn them. “We dont have to listen to you buttface!!” Jaimie shouts, theyve used that nickname on you ever since you could remember. “Yeah! We could do whatever we want! And you have to deal with it!” Nicholas adds.

You sigh of frustration, “Aunt lilly please hurry back…” you say to yourself. “Are you talking to yourself? Youre weird buttface!” Nicholas says and you roll your eyes. You hear the doorbell ring, “Ugh thank you!!” You say looking up and you open the door. “Thank goodness you guys are here.” You say relieved. “You okay?” Jinxx asks. “Yeah, its just that my twin cousins are here.” You warn them. “Just a heads up, theyre a pain in the ass.” You notify them. “Dont worry, I’ll make them respect us.” CC says pounding his fist to his hand. You all look at him a little freaked out, “What are you gonna do to them?..” Ashley questions all frightend. “I dont know I was just thinking of bribing them with candy or something.” He says.

“Oh trust me its gonna take a lot more than that to stop these two.” You warn them and they step inside the house. “Hey!!! Put cookie down!!” You shout at them when they start grabbing your kitten like crazy. “Boys be polite and say hello to my friends here.” You say. “Hello boys, I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun together.” Andy says benting down. “Youre weird.. youre just like buttface!” Jaimie says and Andy goes from smiling to pist, “What did you call me?” He asks. Nicholas starts laughing, “Hey he’s a buttface too!” They both laugh loudly, “Buttface! Buttface! Buttface!” They both shout. “Well your face is gonna go in your butt!” Andy shouts but the guys hold him back.

“Andy relax yourself!” Jake yells. “Let go of me! Im about to make my own human centipede!” He shouts. The twins just point and laugh at them, you massage your head and sigh…”This night is not gonna go well…” you say.
Hours later the twins have the house destroyed, trash was all over the floor, the walls filled with finger paint, gum stuck all over the couches. It was your worst nightmare. “You cant tell me what to do you buttface!!” Jaimie shouts and kicks Ashley’s knee. “Ugh!!” Ash shouts, “Thats it, Im kicking their identical asses!!” He shouts. “Ashley please theyre little kids.” You say. “More like little demons!! What planet are they from?!” He screams.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” You guys hear and rush upstairs to find Jinxx getting beaten up and tackled by the twins. “Say uncle you buttface!!” Nicholas yells out. “Uncle!! Uncle!! For the love of my ass Im saying uncle!!” He shouts. “Boys get off of him right now!!” You scream. “What are YOU gonna do about it? Buttface?!!” Jaimie yells. That was the last straw for you, you give them the most deadliest stare ever. Even the guys were slowly backing away from you, “Call me buttface one more time….” You say grinding your teeth. “Oh no..whats gonna happen?…” Jake asks very scared. Ashley and CC hug each other shaking. “CC..if anything happens to us I just want you to know…that I love you man…no homo…” Ash says. “Yeah back at ya buddy…also I broke your phone cause I sat on it…” he confesses. “What?!” Ash yells and CC pets his head, “Its okay…its okay…” he whispers.

“Buttface!!” The twins shout and you scream, roaring at the top of your lungs. “I’LL SHOW YOU A BUTTFACE!!” You scream…..
Moments later, the boys were sitting on the couch quietly, well behaved this time. Your yelling really scared them into being good little boys. “Good job (Y/N) you totally scared them.” Andy says and you nodd, “Somebody had to.” You say. The doorbell rings and you go and open, “Hey aunt lilly back so soon?” You say and she smiles, “Yup, the meeting ended sooner than I thought.” She says, “Come on boys we’re going home.” She says and the twins quickly go to her. “Lets go mommy right now!” Nicholas beggs. “Alright then, thank you so much honey.” She says giving you a check for babysitting.

“Youre very welcome..goodbye boys.” You say smiling like a villan. “Aaaaaaah!!” They scream running outside pulling their mom with them. After you close the door you hug the guys. “Thank you so much you guys you were awesome to help me out.” You tell them. “Hey we buttfaces have to stick together.” Jinxx says and you all giggle. “CC you forgot to run.” Ashley tells him. “Why would I run?” He asks puzzled. “Because you broke my phone dumbass!!” He shouts and chases him. “Im sorry!!! I broke Andy’s phone too!!” CC yells out. Andy becomes outraged.
“What the fuck?!!!”

(Hahahaha buttface lmao xD)