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(Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact. That this boy. Our Morty. Not only recognized the type of species this woman was, but was ALSO ABLE TO GREET HER IN HER HOME LANGUAGE WITH LITTLE HESITATION)

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9- “The ABC’s of Beth” (5/?)

“Wow, Dad, your place looks way less like a crack house.”

“It’s actually clean, like a cocaine house.”

Submission from @baroquebat: 

So while snooping around online, I managed to find a Japanese edition of The Vampire Armand and I have never seen anyone post the cover art, which is just gorgeous to me!

There seems to be an alternative cover as well:

External image

I found them on, here are the links in case anyone is eager to import!

First Cover

Second cover 

Also there seems to be other titles of Anne Rice’s work also in a similar retro shoujo style if you look at her author page on It’s a shame that it’s only for the covers, I’d love to read an Armand manga in this style, why does only IWTV to get one, you know?

^Above covers and text submitted by @baroquebat, thank you, much appreciated! I had never seen these before, they’re lovely <3

>I’d love to read an Armand manga in this style, why does only IWTV to get one, you know?

*nods* Me too! Of course we have our awful graphic novels of the 90′s but whatever…*

IWTV and TVL got the graphic novel treatment in the 90′s, I’m not sure how far up canon those went bc I didn’t really like them :P IWTV and TVL only, I think. It seems to me that the publishers are missing out on an incredible financial opportunity. I don’t know the backstory on how the IWTV graphic novel Claudia’s Story got made, but I would think that The Vampire Armand would have to go through a similar approval process.

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Miss Oklahoma 2017, Triana Browne, is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. This weekend, she featured contemporary takes on traditional Chickasaw women’s clothing at the “Show Us Your Shoes” Parade, which Miss America contestants walk in, and feature designs that represent their home state. 

Triana wore jewelry designed by Chickasaw jeweler Kristen Dorsey, a romper (inspired by traditional Chickasaw women’s ribbon dresses) by Chickasaw designer Courtney Parchcorn and Cherokee designer Buddy Parchcorn, a traditional finger woven belt by Chickasaw weaver Ashley Wallace, a leather belt by Chickasaw artist Maya Stewart, and custom beaded heels by Courtney and Buddy Parchcorn, which feature the seals of the Chickasaw Nation and State of Oklahoma. 

Good luck competing for Miss America, Triana! Indian Country is rooting for you <3