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Disney Heroine Aesthetics // Jasmine

Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

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Here are some of the outfits for the lives. The first one is what made me burst out laughing during Niji. I just could not take hime seriously when he tried to sing his heart out… omg… most of them were just weird! Especially comparing to everyone else in the band! I get that they tried to make him standout as the vocalist, but did he had to look like from a different time, era and country comparing to the rest? Visually just plain weird and disruptive to a otherwise breathtakingly beautiful stage design.

Even after he got rid of his Arabian princess cosplay outfit I kept getting distracted by his awol eyebrows…

Not sure how my fellow Japanese concert goers keep a straight face. They must be so used to this?????

Image credit: ++Hydeist Times++ @ facebook