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Shape of You

Alright so here’s the start of a new AU!

Nesta hasn’t seen her sisters in almost a year. When she’s invited back to their lake house for a long weekend, Feyre insists she brings the boyfriend she’s told her about. The only problem is, he doesn’t exist. 

So out of desperation, her friend sets her up with Cassian. Somehow a weekend filled with fake hand holding and kisses, turns Nesta back into the girl she was before Tomas had destroyed her and the relationship she had with her sisters.

Chapter 1

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck,” I slammed my laptop shut as I threw my pen across the room. Of course my sisters would decide to have a start of summer weekend at the lake. And of course they would call me out for the lies I told them about the boy I met while here in the city.

It had been almost six months since I had last seen my sisters. I moved to the city as soon as I could, as soon as I found a job that would help me pay my half of the rent. I wanted out of that small town, I had to walk away before the memories, the ghosts haunted me forever. The city was my fresh start and even though neither of them understood, they let me go.

Feyre and I talked at least once a month on the phone. She kept asking me how I was doing and she told me that Tomas still asked about me. What she didn’t understand, even though I always changed the subject, was that I didn’t want to know about Tomas. I didn’t want to know about anyone in that small ass town because they were the reason why I left. The only reason I talked to Feyre was to check up on her and Elain.

They were the only family I had left. They were the only ones who mattered.

Sure I missed them. I missed my sisters, but it wasn’t enough to make me go visit home. I wasn’t homesick, I was content here in the city, in this new life I had made for myself. I loved my job at the bookstore. I loved the fact that I could walk everywhere and that things were open well into the night. But most of all I loved the fact that no one knew me. They didn’t know the secrets that had been whispered behind my back. They didn’t know how Tomas had tried to ruin me.

They didn’t know that he had almost won that war.

I read Feyre’s email again. Our lake house, the only thing our father had left to us. The lake house that had sat unused for years until we were old enough to realize the benefits of having that big house that sat right there at the water. The only reason we still owned it was because it was completely paid off. That and somehow Feyre and her fiancee were able to keep up with it.

The lake house where so many things had happened. So many things hadn’t happened too. There had been parties, there had been underage drinking. But mostly there had been tears. From me.

I pushed away those memories and looked at my computer. What was I supposed to do? I had started the lie to make my sister feel better. For her to think I wasn’t all alone out here in the city. Because she didn’t understand that I wanted to be alone. I didn’t want to be with someone who hurt me, who could destroy me. Not after I had been with Tomas for so long.

But I couldn’t tell her that truth. Not when I had fed her enough lies to make this boyfriend seem real. She was happy for me, she didn’t worry about me because she thought I had someone taking care of me. I didn’t need someone to take care of me. Just like I knew Feyre didn’t need her fiancee to take care of her. But it was nice knowing she had someone steady. She had someone real after the horrors that Tamlin had dealt her.

My sisters didn’t know about Tomas. They didn’t really know much about why I wanted to leave. It had been different when our parents died. I could’ve left and they would’ve understood. But I stayed until they were finished high school and then when Feyre announced she was getting married last year I up and left. I didn’t even say goodbye I just left a letter explaining I needed to find my own way now that they were both able to take care of themselves.

I pulled my hair hard, trying to stop the tears from filling my eyes. I didn’t cry, not easily. But I got teary eyed when I was frustrated. I couldn’t tell them the truth. So what was I supposed to do? I squeezed my eyes shut and the door to my apartment opened.

“Fuck me this can’t be happening.”

“Nesta!” I jumped at Rita’s voice, “you seem agitated.”

I met my roommate Rita at the bookstore. She was leaving for another job and I said something about needing a place to stay. We hit it off right away and I didn’t hate living with her. Sure our apartment was small, smaller than the home I had shared with my two sisters. But it was ours, I paid rent and I had my own room. Rita didn’t nag me about my mess and I didn’t nag her about hers.

We were good roommates. We got along and we left each other alone when we knew the other needed space. We were friends, but we were almost roommates. We didn’t get in each other’s business unless there was a reason to. I had gotten lucky.

I groaned, "my sisters want to have a long weekend at the lake.”

“Oh fun!”

“Not when you’ve been lying about having a boyfriend. And they want you to bring him along.”

Rita laughed, “oh shit I forgot. Damn what are you going to do?”

I shook my head, “I’ll think of something.”

I leaned back in my chair and Rita watched me. She raised an eyebrow and smiled, “I might know someone who can help.”

“No. The last guy you introduced me to was disgusting.”

His name was Adam and he was a hipster to end all hipsters. His hair was dirty and his glasses were round. They didn’t even have frames, and he spoke in riddles. I didn’t even spend five minutes in his presence. I found an excuse to leave, I texted Rita and told her to call me, and up and left him high and dry at the coffee shop we met at.

Rita laughed, “I’m sorry okay. I thought you’d get along. But you’ll like this one. Should I have him meet you? Even if he’s not the brightest, he’s easy on the eyes.”

She wiggled her eyebrows at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I bit my lip, was I that desperate?

“Really? Your advice is that I hire someone to be my boyfriend for the weekend?”

She shrugged as she set her bag on the counter, “it’s either that or tell them the truth, Nes. I’m not sure which is worse since you seem so opposed to letting your sisters believe you have someone in your life.”

I winced. Rita never told me what to do, she never scolded me for lying to my sisters. But I knew she was right. If I was so okay with being alone, and I swore I was, then why did I feel the need to please my little sister? I’m sure there was some therapist who would say I really wasn’t okay being alone and that some part of me wanted someone around.

But I wouldn’t believe them. Because I didn’t need anyone, I only needed myself. But I didn’t want my sisters to worry. I didn’t want them to think I left them because they were a burden. They are my sisters and I will always be there for them. But it’s my turn to have a life. It’s my turn to find where I’m supposed to be.

I looked at Rita, she was texting someone. She sat down on the couch and I looked at the picture of the three of us. The only picture I had on my desk of us when I was five and they were babies. I was always there, always taking care of them. They were my best friends, before that night drove us apart. Before that night pushed me so far away from everyone else that I couldn’t find my way back to them.

I didn’t want them to ask about it. I didn’t want them to think they needed to figure me out. If I had someone with me they would direct the attention to him. They would ask him about his life and how we met and what we did, instead of berating me with questions about why I left.

I let out a slow breath and Rita looked at me. She smiled slightly, like she already knew what I was about to say. My cheeks were red as I let the thoughts settle and I nodded my head slowly.

“Fine,” I gritted my teeth as I looked at the clock, “tell your friend to meet me at Luke’s diner in five minutes.”

“He’s already on his way. Trust me you’ll like him. He’s big and handsome,” her eyes got wide as if she had a crush on him herself, “he’s just your type.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, “if he’s a hipster I swear to god I’ll kill you.”

Rita’s laugh followed me as I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I walked down the steps, my heart pounding as I opened the door to our building. The sun was warm, the weather had already started to turn to summer. But goosebumps pricked my skin as I thought about hiring someone to lie to my family.

It wasn’t lying. It was pretending. My sister would bring her fiancee, I’m sure Elain had someone. I couldn’t remember if she told me about someone important. His name started with an L? Or maybe it was a C. She didn’t talk much whenever Feyre put her on the phone, but she told me bits and pieces of her life. Elain was the most upset when they found me gone.

I felt guilty every time she called.

But I knew with Feyre came Rhys and with Rhys came his friends. Azriel the quiet one who followed Rhys’s cousin everywhere she went. Feyre told me they were finally opening up to the idea of dating and while I was happy for them all, they were one big happy family, I knew that meant I would be the odd one out. I always was the odd one out, the one who didn’t fit in. The girl who stood alone and never had someone there beside her.

I wanted this weekend, now that I knew about it, to be fun. I wanted them to see me as the Nesta I always was, not the girl I had turned into after that terrible night. The night I was running from. The night I would do anything and everything to forget.

I rubbed my hands up and down my arms as I rounded the corner and the diner came into view. I realized as I walked towards it that I wanted to go home. I wanted to go to the lake and see my sisters and the family they had made for themselves. But I didn’t want to go alone.

Sue me I still had some feelings. I still had some pride I suppose.

I walked into the diner and the bell above the door sounded. Luke, the owner, stood behind the counter and smiled at me. I nodded in greeting, my eyes sweeping the tables. I knew which one was waiting for me as soon as my eyes landed on him. I stood there for a moment too long and contemplated turning around.

He was a big hulking man, his dark hair was long. He looked warm, his skin glowing in the harsh lights of the diner. His black shirt fit perfectly over his arms and his chest. He took up enough space that my eyes couldn’t wander away from them if they tried. My heart stopped, his eyes landing on me before I could make a run for it. Before I could decide this was a terrible choice and I should just tell my sisters the truth.

“Well hello sweetheart,” he stood up and half his mouth tilted in a smile. He could’ve been attractive, if he cut his hair.

I pulled my chair out, “I’m Nesta.”

He licked his lips, “you can call me Cassian,” his eyes sparkled. Like they were hiding something he was dying for me to find out.

“Right well. I take it Rita told you why I’m here.”

He coughed, “something about you being in need of a male escort to the lake this weekend.”

I winced, “a friend,” I tried wondering if I could go through with this, “to make my sisters stop asking me why I don’t have a boyfriend okay? Can you do that? Pretend?”

Amusement filled his eyes. He tried to fight the smile that tugged at his lips, but when it didn’t stop he ran his finger along his chin. He looked down at his hands and I could tell he was thinking about more than just agreeing to helping me. Hell we didn’t know each other, we had just met and I asked him to date me. Even if it was fake, even if he was helping me, this was still weird.

Me and my stupid pride. I was about to take back the offer and tell him to forget it, that I had a mental breakdown and this was all just the biggest embarrassing moment of my life.

But then Cassian nodded slowly, “you know I’m surprise you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re cute and I know a few guys who like bossy.”

I rolled my eyes, “wow that was super helpful,” I glared at him, my hands were shaking. I shoved them under my legs as I waited to hear his answer, “you can just say no. Rita said you were single and I thought maybe you’d want a free trip to the lake for a weekend. I thought maybe…”

I stopped. I almost thought we could be friends. But I bit my lip hard enough to taste blood, stopping myself form wishing for something I could never have. I didn’t let myself get close to people, not after Tomas wedged between me and my sisters. Not since that night when he destroyed all the threads of trust I had ever had.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you. I just said I’m surprised you aren’t taken,” he smiled then, he liked watching me squirm. He leaned back and stretched his arms over his head. His shirt rode up slightly and I saw the dark markings of a tattoo that disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans.


He wiggled his eyebrows, “well how can I say no when you say my name like that?”

He watched me for a moment as relief flooded through me. As much as I hated this I felt better once he said he would help me. I hated having to lie because everyone thought I couldn’t handle life without Tomas. Except I broke up with him. And I moved here, far away from my family to have the life I wanted.

"What do I get for helping you?” He finally asked, his deep voice smooth as he propped his elbow on the table, then leaned his head on his hand. He kept staring at me and it felt like his honey brown eyes could see into my soul.

I looked down at his hands. His skin was golden, a little darker. He looked like he was carved of stone, like he could’ve been a Greek god in another lifetime. A piece of brown hair fell in his eyes and I wanted to push it back. I let out a breath. I hadn’t thought this far.

“I’ll pay you,” I finally said. I didn’t have a lot but I could do something, “it won’t be much. But you’ll get a four day weekend at the lake house. Meals and showers and everything included.”

Cassian seemed to think it over. He nodded his head, "how much?”


“I know I look cheap, but I won’t act like your boyfriend for a hundred dollars, Nesta.”


He shook his head, “you’ll have to do better than that.”

I blew out a breath, “$500. That’s my final offer.”

He reached across the table and touched my hand. His skin was warm and a spark shot down my arm. He ran his thumb over the back of my hand, “well sweetheart you’ve got yourself a deal.”

“Don’t call me sweetheart,” I snapped. My eyes narrowed.

He laughed, “well I guess we should make some ground rules.”

“The first one is no pet names. Nesta,“ I pointed at me, "Cassian. Got it?”

He sighed, “sure sweetheart.”

He wasn’t going to make this easy. I could tell as he continued to smile, his eyes lighting up as I glared at him. It was like he thought I was a challenge, like he wanted to defy everything I was saying. He licked his lips, his fingers tapping on the table as I thought through what other boundaries we needed to establish. I didn’t realize this would all happen so fast. The weekend would be here in two days and somehow I had managed to find myself a boyfriend to fill the empty role.

Feyre would love Cassian. He was everything I would never want in a boyfriend. He was the complete opposite of Tomas and I couldn’t stop letting that sway me. He was big and dark, whereas Tomas was small and light. Cassian was full of mystery, but not the kind that Tomas carried with him. Cassian seemed honorable, Tomas had just been pure evil.

I let out a slow breath and pulled my hands off the table so he wouldn’t try to touch me again. I couldn’t stop feeling that spark going down my spine. I couldn’t stop wondering why exactly I had wanted this in the first place. I shook my head and finally brought my eyes back up to his.

“Okay so I’ve got some rules. First we hold hands if someone else is in the room. No touching if we’re alone, because honestly there’s no reason for it. You’re there to make me look good. You can kiss my cheek, but nothing more. We aren’t big on public displays of affection. My sister and her fiancé are, but that’s another story,” I rolled my eyes. Feyre and Rhys could barely keep their hands off each other. I hated being stuck in a room with them.

My cheeks turned pink and my mouth went dry, “we will probably have to share a room, you sleep on the floor. We don’t share the room if the other is changing. Make sure you bring enough clothes to sleep in and a bathing suit.”

Cassian nodded, "fine. But you want this to be believable. So you’re forgetting one thing.”


He smiled and it would’ve knocked me to my knees if I wasn’t already sitting. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it through the weekend alive. I had a feeling this new friend of mine was going to try and climb the walls I had built this last year. Like he thought he could break down the shell I had surrounded myself inside.

HIs brown eyes danced as he looked at me, his crooked smile in place, ”the story of how we met.“

Question list because I’m bored!!

So I’m bored and on tumblr so I figured why not get a question list together and I’ll answer every question you ask! 😁 So ask away! I also all dare you too (so ya have too now!)

1: Full name.
2: Zodiac sign.
3: 3 fears.
4: 3 things I love.
5: 4 turn on’s.
6: 4 turn off’s.
7: My best friend?
8: Sexual orientation?
9: My best first date?
10: How tall am I?
11: What do I miss?
12: What time was I born?
13: Favorite color?
14: Do I have a crush?
15: Favorite quote?
16: Favorite place?
17: Favorite food?
18: Do I use sarcasm?
19: What am I listening to right now?
20: First thing I notice in new person?
21: Shoe size?
22: Eye color?
23: Hair color? 24: Favorite style of clothing?
25: Ever done a prank call?
26: What color of underwear I’m wearing now?
27: Meaning behind my URL?
28: Favorite movie?
29: Favorite song?
30: Favorite band?
31: How I feel right now?
32: Someone I love.
33: My current relationship status.
34: My relationship with my parents.
35: Favorite holiday.
36: Tattoos and piercing I have.
37: Tattoos and piercing I want.
38: The reason I joined Tumblr.
39: Do I and my last ex hate each other?
40: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night” texts?
41: Have I ever kissed the last person I texted?
42: When did I last hold hands?
43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
44: Have I shaved my legs in the past three days? 45: Where am I right now?
46: If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
48: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
49: Am I excited for anything?
50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
51: How often do I wear a fake smile?
52: When was the last time I hugged someone?
53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?
54: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
55: What is something I disliked about today?
56: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
57: What do I think about most?
58: What’s my strangest talent?
59: Do I have any strange phobias?
60: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
61: What was the last lie I told?
62: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
64: Do I believe in magic?
65: Do I believe in luck?
66: What’s the weather like right now?
67: What was the last book I’ve read?
68: Do I like the smell of gasoline?
69: Do I have any nicknames?
70: What was the worst injury I’ve ever had?
71: Do I spend money or save it?
72: Can I touch my nose with a tongue? 73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?
74: Favorite animal?
75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
76: What do I think Satan’s last name is?
77: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
78: How can you win my heart? 79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
80: What is my favorite word?
81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr?
82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
83: Do I have any relatives in jail?
84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power?
85: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
86: What is my current desktop picture?
87: Had sex?
88: Bought condoms?
89: Gotten pregnant?
90: Failed a class?
91: Kissed a boy?
92: Kissed a girl?
93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
94: Had job?
95: Left the house without my wallet?
96: Bullied someone on the Internet?
97: Had sex in public?
98: Played on a sports team?
99: Smoked weed?
100: Did drugs?
101: Smoked cigarettes?
102: Drank alcohol?
103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
104: Been overweight?
105: Been underweight?
106: Been to a wedding?
107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
108: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
109: Been outside my home country?
110: Gotten my heart broken?
111: Been to a professional sports game?
112: Broken a bone?
113: Cut myself?
114: Been to prom?
115: Been in airplane? 116: Fly by helicopter?
117: What concerts have I been to?
118: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
119: Learned another language?
120: Wore make up?
121: Lost my virginity before I was 18?
122: Had oral sex?
123: Dyed my hair?
124: Voted in a presidential election?
125: Rode in an ambulance?
126: Had a surgery?
127: Met someone famous?
128: Stalked someone on a social network?
129: Peed outside?
130: Been fishing?
131: Helped with charity?
132: Been rejected by a crush?
133: Broken a mirror?
134: What do I want for birthday?
135: How many kids do I want and what will be their names?
136: Was I named after anyone?
137: Do I like my handwriting?
138: What was my favorite toy as a child?
139: Favorite TV Show?
140: Where do I want to live when older?
141: Play any musical instrument?
142: One of my scars, how did I get it?
143: Favorite pizza topping?
144: Am I afraid of the dark?
145: Am I afraid of heights?
146: Have I ever got caught sneaking out or doing anything bad?
147: Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
148: What I’m really bad at.
149: What my greatest achievements are.
150: The meanest thing somebody has ever said to me.
151: What I’d do if I won in a lottery.
152: What do I like about myself?
153: My closest Tumblr friend.
154: Something I fantasies about.
155: Close your eyes and think of five things that make you smile when you think about them. What are they?
156: If your house was on fire and you had sixty seconds to leave, what would you take with you?
157: When you’re alone in the middle of the night and you can’t quite get to sleep, what do you think about? “Going to sleep” doesn’t count.
158: What is love to you?
159: What is the opposite of love?
160: Is it possible to love someone if you don’t love yourself?
161: Do you believe mutual attraction based on mutual hatred is possible?
162:Is it better to have something amazing and lose it or to never have had it to begin with?
163: Do you focus more on the past, the present, or the future?
164: Do you judge people for what they wear or how they express themselves?
165: Do you believe in individuals over generalisations?
166:When you’re very scared or worried, what do you think about or do to help you feel better?
167: How do you feel about what happens after death?
168: Would you rather live a hedonistic life full of good things that make you feel good even if they’re bad for you, or a healthy life centered around treating your body like a sacred temple and watching your health as closely as possible? Or do you not care either way?
169: Do you think you can tell a lot about a person from the way they express themselves or answer questions like these?
170:Do you have any special or magical memories you’ll always have with you?
171: How would you define yourself, without saying your name or giving a physical description of yourself or your obvious personality?
172: When do you feel truly at peace?
173: Do you like having your worldview or opinions challenged or questioned?
174: Do you believe happiness can exist without sadness?
175: Is there a reason for existence?
176: Do you think the world existed before you did?
177: Do you believe people need breaks from each other, even if they’re deeply in love?
178: What do you find most beautiful in people?
179: Do you take questions like these literally or pick up on what they really mean?
180: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
181: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
182: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
183: Do you always smile for pictures?
5: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
184: What is your Song of the week?
185: What do you drink with dinner?
186: What is your favorite food?
187: Which movie could you watch over and over and still love?
188: Last person you kissed/kissed you?
189: Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
190: Can you cry on command?
191: Are you loyal?
192: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
193: Favorite kind of sandwich?
194: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
195: What is your usual bedtime?
196: Are you lazy?
197: How many languages can you speak?
198: Are you stubborn?:
199: Are you afraid of heights?
200: Do you sing in the shower?
201: Do you think musicals are cheesy?
202: Is Christmas stressful?
203: Ever eat a pierogi?
204: Favorite type of fruit pie?
205: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
206: What do you wear to bed?
207: Who would you like to see in concert?
208: What was the last concert you saw?
209: Tea or coffee?
210: Do you want to get married?
211: Do you want kids?
212: What’s your favorite part about today so far?
213: What are you doing tomorrow?
214: What are you doing next week?
215: Have you ever tried sushi? (Did you like it?)
216: How do you like your steak cooked?
217: What do you like least about yourself?
218: Who’s your best / closest friend?
219: Who do you trust with your secrets?
220: Which friend would you go to in an emergency?
221: What was the last text you sent?
222: Does anyone hate you?
223: How did you meet your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend?
224: Would you rather live in the countryside or in the city?
225: Ever had a detention?
226: Which swear word do you use the most?
227: Ever cried at school?
228: Who is the most intelligent person you know?

anonymous asked:

Yuta, what's your reliationship with Takemichi ?

Huh? Yukimaru? He is my bestfriend, I owe him my life !

Who is your best friend? Don’t go and decide this on your own.

…You don’t want us to be best friend?

D-Don’t look at my like that !

Tch ! Fine, fine ! You can call me like that if you want, I don’t care !

Thanks !

(Actually I’m writing a fic on both of them, it’s about what happened to them in Towa City, if anyone is interested to read it tell me and I will probably post it here ^^’)

i feel like every city has that weird thing that anyone who didn’t grow up there will wtf about like for example, cincinnati, ohio is sprinkled with statues of flying pigs:

there’s literally hundreds of these all around the city and most people don’t even know why like you’ll ask them and they’ll be like, “uhh… well there’s a marathon called the flying pig marathon” and you’ll be like, “but why the statues?” and they’ll go, “I DON’T KNOW JUST BECAUSE” 

no one knows why we have statues of pigs. they’re just there. welcome to cincinnati motherfuckers 

Ten Minutes Ago

Originally posted by losteveragain

Words: 3724

Pairing: Winn x Reader, slight KaraMel, Sanvers mention 

Warnings: Alcohol mention

A/N: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written! Also I think this is the longest Winn fic I’ve seen! We need more Winn, y’all! :P  It is based on the song Ten Minutes Ago from Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It’s also super late and I’m too tired to proof read, so I let Grammarly do it for me. Please enjoy! 

You were disappointed when you arrived at your sister’s apartment to find her sick on the couch. You had come over to get ready with her for a fundraiser she was attending for work. You were to be her plus one, but the way things were looking, neither one of you would be going.

You sat on the edge of the coffee table as you pulled her blanket up onto her.

“Hey, you want me to make you some soup?” You ask as you hand her a box of tissues.

“Chicken noodle.” She said through a stuffed up nose. “And some tea with honey, please.”

“Sure thing.” You smiled.

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Megamind, 37 "Defy" if you want :D

As some of you know, I rarely write fanfiction because it makes me more nervous than original fiction, but because May asked …

Also, this turned out much longer than I’d planned. Sorry.

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The look on Megamind’s face was one most of the citizens of Metro City knew to some degree of well, but nowhere nearly as well as the Warden. He’d seen it again and again, countless times as his — what was he anymore? son? charge? inmate? migraine headache? — was growing up. He first noticed a much cuter version of it the first time Little Blue had gotten in trouble for raiding the prison pantry. He’d been caught, dark brown goop covering all two and a half feet of him, belly swollen after he’d managed to stuff himself with his weight in chocolate pudding after lights out. Those bright green eyes got a certain glint to them and his eyebrows dropped down, forming little baby wrinkles between them. His lips, licked clean from the chocolate, formed a pinched, sticky line. He knew he was in trouble, but he didn’t care. He’d wanted pudding, found it, gotten in trouble for it and would do it again if no one gave it to him willingly, subsequent stomach ache be damned.

Over time, that look became less cute as Blue added a sneer just big enough to reveal the glint of teeth. It showed up after the Warden confronted him following his last serious trouble at school, after escaping prison, committing his first intentional crime after the Paint Bomb Incident (age 12 — theft), at court hearing after court hearing, trial after trial, attempted heart-to-heart after attempted heart-to-heart. He’d seen it when he tried to continue calling him Blue instead of Megamind, thinking it would discourage him from heading down that road. He’d seen it after accidentally referring to Minion a fish instead of a person. The first time he told Bl-, no, Megamind the solitary confinement cell would hold him (of course, it didn’t and he only kept saying it out of hope and habit. “You’ll never leave” was more of a joke to Megamind than anything else — you could tell by the smile that the alien couldn’t suppress as it broke across his face and the Warden knew he had better start pre-medicating for the headache that was likely to soon be his).

His own face had somewhat mirrored his misbehaving charge’s when, over the years, friends, coworkers and family told him to just let Megamind go. He was clearly not interested in repaying the kindness the Warden had shown. “Whatever you want to see in him is gone,” they said.

They didn’t know. They hadn’t seen that little, chubby-cheeked face looking up at him, tears welling in those enormous green eyes, when the toddler fell again after his larger head tipped his center of gravity too far and left rug burn on his forehead. Hadn’t seen those eyes, full of panic, after a bad dream woke him in the night. They hadn’t seen the heartbroken kid after yet another day at a school full of kids who just wouldn’t like him, no matter what he did. The Warden would be stern, would be disciplinary, would be angry, disappointed, despondent, but completely turning his back on his — all right, his son — wasn’t something he was willing to do. He lost friends over it and his family whispered about it when they thought he couldn’t hear, but his conscience, at least when it came to not deserting who Megamind used to be — might still be under all the posturing and misguided genius — remained in tact.

It’s what made it all the more horrifying as he watched Megamind on the television screens going went toe to toe with what looked like an evil version of his old nemesis — more evil even than Megamind had tried to be. As soon as someone had come to free him from the chair Minion had tied him to, he’d switched every TV he could find to whatever news station was broadcasting the battle going on downtown. He’d even pulled one of the inmates with a gift for hacking into the city’s camera system and was now looking at a bank of split screens showing views from all over the city. His heart had beat a dervish against his ribs as he watched as Metro City Tower broke in half and was hurled like a javelin at his son and his passenger. The breath caught and turned to stone in his throat as the hoverbike crashed into the fountain.

His eyes were trained on the crumpled heap at the base of the fountain, so he only saw Metro Man swoop in peripherally — the same Metro Man he’d watched his son kill with a death ray. He wondered vaguely if another heroic version of the city’s hero had come in to take the fallen’s place? Or had Metro Man never really been dead? All of his focus returned to the fountain as the shape shifted into Minion. If Minion was on the ground by the fountain, where was Megamind? Where was his son?

He was too preoccupied with that question to see how it happened, but suddenly, there he was, hovering via some kind of rocket boots next to Roxanne Ritchi. The Warden’s lungs were burning as he finally released the breath he’d barely noticed was choking him. Safe. He was safe.

For the moment.

The cameras on the side streets near the fountain square caught it first and the Warden wanted to yell, wanted to warn Megamind what was coming, but it happened too fast and it wasn’t like Megamind would have heard him anyway.

“Pretty sneaky, sis, but there’s only one person I know who calls this town Metrocity.”

And there, after the initial shock, the Warden saw it again through the eyes of a news camera trained on the alien. The eyebrows dropped over the angry, glinting eyes and there was the sneer. Megamind did nothing half-way, at least not where anyone could see and he was surrounded by people. People he’d begged for a chance to save. People who had despised him for years.

Whoever was watching was about to either see a self-proclaimed villain die for the whole city or become a hero.

First meeting: 10k imagine

The adrenaline was pumping fast through my veins as I ran through the abandoned streets of the abandoned city. Breathing almost seemed impossible at this point. The zombies were running after me with everything in them. Stupid apocalypse with these stupid zombies. I was out of ammo and honestly even if I had a gun there were too many Z’s around to shoot them off.

“Damn.” I cursed as there was a group of zombies ahead of me. Got to think. I didn’t make it four years of this crap to get eaten by a bunch of Z’s. Soon there was a bunch of hungry zombie surrounding me.

“Here goes nothing.” I mumbled to myself as started to go at the zombies. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed. It took a lot of power to plunge through the skulls and I had no energy left after running for so long with no food.

I can hear gun shots going off and zombies started falling to the floor. I couldn’t see over the sea of zombies and honestly I thought I would be bitten by now. I felt someone grab my arm pulling me up from all the Z’s into a moving truck.

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[…]Invest in Gotham. Treat its people like family, watch over them, and use this money to safeguard them from forces beyond their control. My deepest regret is I will not see you grow into the good man I know you will become. And finally, my son… I ask that you never abandon this city to fate. We have lived through dark days, and no doubt there are more to come. But it is the good and great men who stand up for Gotham when others turn and run… In death, I will love you forever.

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Let me ask you this: if you could have Oliver and Felicty engaged again (which I think will in fact happen again) how would you make it happen? Feel free to display.

I think it’ll happen again too, anon, and though I doubt it’s going to go as predicted frame for frame by anyone, you did ask for my ideal final proposal for the two so that’s what you’re getting.

Family Business

Marriage is all about teamwork, starting with the proposal.

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s y n d r o m e s - epilogue

Group : BTS

Members : All seven

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, fluff, angst

Words : 2,561

Description : Everything is over - but did it end like you believe?

A/N : Okay, call me a hypocrite but I couldn’t stop myself from writing an epilogue. This is what happened at the mansion. Reading at own risks. Please don’t kill me. Thanks.

previous : last part


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Riker Au - City Boy

Riker Au For saramolnarova hope you enjoy ;)

Who did he think he was? I realize he came from the city, but now he was here, and here was not the city. This was actually the complete opposite of the city. The city had four million people compared to our four thousand. We had park, lakes, and a farm every mile while they had skyscrapers, highways, and department stores. The city gave you a total different perspective on life than the country did, you could see it in his personality. His name was Riker, Riker Lynch. He was a senior that had transferred from Los Angeles to our little town in Wisconsin. Why he would want to come here I have no idea. Most people try their hardest to get the heck out of this place. I for one didn’t think it was that bad, nobody really did. They just wanted more than a few cafes, and a rundown movie theatre for entertainment. I felt Riker’s leather jacket slam into my left arm, and push me into the locker. I stumbled a little after he knocked into me.
“Excuse me.” I called after him after he walked past. He turned back to me, and scoffed then kept walking. I had really had enough of this guy. I ran after him, and grabbed his arm. He stopped walking, and shook my hand off his arm.
“What do you want?” He spat. I stood in front of him, and crossed my arms.
“Riker is it? Yea I get you’re from the city, and everything. I don’t know if this is how you treated people there, but here we treat them with respect.”
“How do you know my name?” He asked, baffled at the thought of me knowing who he was.
“There’s not much that happens in this small town, if there’s something new we know about it, and you’re definitely new.” I said. Riker looked down at his appearance, and chuckled.
“How could you tell?” He said sarcastically. He definitely didn’t dress like anyone here did. He wore a black studded leather jacket, skinny jeans with rips in them, and combat boots. He had rugged blonde hair, and bangs that he would flip to the side every so often. Riker leaned up against another one of the locker banks, and rested his elbow above the locker. Riker smirked. Contrary to his rude, and angry attitude he displayed a few minutes ago, he had a cheeky grin. I could see his eyes trail down, and evaluate my body.
“You know you’re looking really hot baby.” He uttered with his smug grin. I snapped my fingers.
“Excuse me my eyes are up here.” I reached forward, and tipped his chin up. “We also treat people with respect here. The correct way of saying that would’ve been “I think you’re pretty”. Do you want to try that again?”
“Geez chill out. Most girls would’ve swooned at that comment.”
“Yea well I’m not like most girls.” The first bell to signal us to get to class rang, and students all over started to gather their stuff, and scramble into hallways. “What class do you have first block?” I asked.
“Why do you care?” He scoffed, he definitely had an interesting attitude.
“First I was actually just trying to be nice, but second I’m on student council. I was assigned you to help introduce you to our school the first few days.”
“Oh great, a babysitter.” He groaned. He reached into the tight pockets of his ripped skinny jeans, and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. He unfolded it, and peered onto the page. “Some stupid class…Drawing” He mumbled.
“Oh well it’s just your luck, so do I.”  
One Month Later
The bell rang, and I saw Riker leaning up against the wall by the water fountain flirting with yet another girl. I just rolled my eyes, and made my way over to the water fountain. I bent down to take a drink, and stood back up.
“Hey.” I said slapping Riker on the back. “Time for class.” He looked up, and his eyes growled at me. I could sense the girl being not too pleased with me either.
“I’ll text you later.” He said looking back into the girls eyes smugly. The girl turned bright red, and giggled. She trotted off in the opposite direction of us. Riker, and I started walking towards our class.
“You’re never going to text her are you?” I mumbled.
“No, probably not.” He answered. I chuckled. “What?” He defended. I just rolled my eyes, and laughed.
“Whatever. You know if you think I’m getting in the way of all your flirting, we don’t have to hang out anymore.” I admitted. Riker laughed.
“No, I like having you around. Plus I don’t think I have many other options for friends.” He wasn’t wrong. Within the time he’d been here he hadn’t really made many friends. He flirted with every single girl he talked to, but he never really made any real connections. For me, and Riker we had become surprisingly closer. I slowly was started to hack into what he was really about. Every now, and then when it was just us he would let me see his true self. Underneath all the flirting, and jerk city boy attitude he actually was a pretty amazing person. The only problem was that side of him very seldom came out. It was like he kept it tucked in, afraid to let anyone see his true self.
“Well maybe if you didn’t flirt with everyone.” I retorted. Sometimes I would try to drop subtle hints that he should let his true side show, but it always failed.
“Hey, I can’t help it if everyone wants a piece of this. Well everybody, but you. You’re probably the first hot girl that I haven’t had any interest for.”
“Right because if you showed any interest for me that would be uh… completely weird…right?” I stuttered. Riker immediately agreed.
“Right.”  I actually felt the complete opposite of that notion. Not that it would be weird for him to like me, it totally would be. The thing I felt the opposite about was wanting him to show interest in me. That felt weird, to actually want Riker to like me like I liked him. Why was this so complicating?
We made our way into the art room for our first block class: Drawing. I sat down at the table we usually sat at in the left corner of the room. At our table it was usually me, him, and different one of Riker’s “flirtmances.” Riker sat down next to her, and I sat across the table. He wrapped his arm around her.
“Hey baby.” He said already toying with her hair, and her emotions. She giggled as her cheeks flushed just as every other girl did. Those girls were the reasons I knew nothing would ever happen between us. He had this “big time personality”. He only liked toying with girls emotions. I was not like most girls how they bought into his fake flirtatious persona, and giggled at the first smug grin he gave them. I didn’t just want to be flirted with, I wanted to be cared about, and taken seriously. Something I would probably never get from him.
I never expected to ever have any sort of involvement with a guy like him. He was rude, and rugged, and everything I wasn’t. He was also the complete opposite of the type of person I wanted to be interested in, but there was still something there. It was crazy to think I could feel any sort of real feelings towards him. He was this obnoxiously smug, and cocky boy that flirted with every girl. We were polar opposites. The thing was I knew him, I really knew him. There was this part of him that was nobody else saw. They just saw this leather jacket, and city attitude and failed to see what was real about him. That’s the part of him I’d grown so fond of. The part he didn’t show to anybody.
“I’ll be right back.” The girl stood up from the table.
“I’ll miss you.” He muttered back. I rolled my eyes.
“So what are you drawing Romeo?” I asked. Riker slightly chuckled, and looked up from his drawing.
“It’s a Rose.” He mumbled staring into the drawing, looking for the explanation of his inspiration behind the drawing. “Roses are so deep, and beautiful. My favorite quote is “We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon.” –Dale Carnegie. Roses represent life, and the dreams we all hold. They feel like magic.” His words were light, and airy like every one of them was spoken deeply from the heart. That was the real Riker I saw.
“Wow that’s really deep Riker.” I stared down at his half sketched out Rose. He scoffed.
“Whatever.” The meaning behind it was so deep, he was so deep, but it’s not like he would show that to anyone. There were slivers of him that would peak out when he wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Those were the parts of him I tried to get close to. The girl sat back down in her seat next to Riker.
“I’m back.” She giggled. I once again rolled my eyes. “What are you drawing Riks?” She asked all giddy.
“I didn’t know what to do, so I’m just drawing some rose.” He muttered like it was no big deal, because of course he couldn’t let that side of him out.
“Riker tell me you didn’t!” I stormed up to him on the park trail that we usually walked home together on. Our houses were fairly close. On those walks we always talked about everything going on. We were very open with each other, and I liked that. I liked the fact that we had become so close. But right now I was disappointed with him, shocked by him, he disgusted me with the actions that rumored around him. I just hoped none of them were true.
“Dude chill, what’s wrong?” He defended.
“What’s wrong? It’s not that big of a school don’t tell you don’t know what’s been going around!” Riker rolled his eyes.
“Whatever it’s not that big of a deal.” He muttered.
“Not that big of a deal? Annie is saying you slept with her after homecoming, and then ditched her. I’m pretty sure that’s a big deal.”
“Annie is the short red haired chick right?”
“Oh my gosh Riker you slept with her, and you don’t even know her name?” Riker crossed his arms, and shook his head. He dropped his arms angrily and started to storm off down the path. “WAIT!” I called after him.
“Why do you care anyway, it’s not really any of your business.”
“I care, because I care about you! In case you didn’t realize I actually like you Riker.”  
“Yea sure you do.” Riker continued to walk down the path at an increasing speed. I jogged up in front of him to catch up with him.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I defended. Riker stopped.
“You say you “care” but in reality you think of me just the way everybody else does. Do you honestly believe that story about Annie?”  He asked.
“Well you do kind of flirt with everybody, it just kind of sounded like…” I trailed off.
“Sounded like what? Sounded like something I would do? Yea, you’re right, it probably is.”
“So what are you saying you did sleep with her?”
“That’s not the point! Gahh I was such an idiot for thinking you were any different. You just see me as some thug from a big city that goes around sleeping with every girl just like everyone else does.”
“Well that’s how you portray yourself. I try to see past all that stuff but when you do something like this it’s kind of hard to find the good in it. You’re just embracing the fact that everybody knows about this.”
“You still don’t get it. I NEVER HAD SEX WITH ANNIE OKAY. That’s a stupid rumor.”
“Well why aren’t you defending yourself? All these rumors, and you’re just accepting them!”
“What’s the point? Everybody is still going to see me the same way. When everybody starts treating you a certain way, you just learn to accept it.”
“Is that why you act like you do around everyone else, you flirt with every single girl, and pretend to be a jerk because they expect it?” Riker slightly nodded. “Then why don’t you act like that when you’re around me?”
“Because unlike everyone else in this town, I actually care about how you think of me. But I guess that doesn’t really matter now does it.” I couldn’t describe Riker’s face at that moment. I don’t think I’d ever seen his face hit that expression. He looked completely defeated, and crushed. I hadn’t realized that over time I’d slowly let other people’s perceptions of him get the best of me. When I heard the rumor I just jumped to conclusions instead of thinking about who he really was. “I don’t think we can hang out anymore.” Riker quietly muttered, and walked forward. I walked forward to keep up with him.
“Riker I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I get it if you’re mad at me, but-”
“I’m not mad.” He cut me off. “We just…” He paused, and pursed his lips. “I just can’t do this anymore.”
“You don’t want to be friends anymore?”
“Dang it Sara. No I don’t want to be friends anymore, because I don’t want to just be friends. If you couldn’t tell by now, I actually have feelings for you, and I honestly thought you did too for a while, but I guess I was wrong.”
“No Riker, you weren’t wrong.” I spoke. I had to finally let it out, he needed to know, I needed him to know.” Riker seemed confused, or otherwise not expectant of me to say that.
“We can’t do this.” Riker spoke shaking his head.
“WHY NOT?” I pleaded.
“Because no matter what, I’ll always be one of “those guys” the ones that flirt with every girl, the ones that are no good, I’m no good, and you deserve a lot better than me. I knew ever since that first day I met you, that there was something special about you. I don’t want to get hurt any worse by me. You should just forget about me!”
“Well I’m not going to forget about you! You think you’re a bad guy, but that’s just because everyone treats you that way. I’ve seen the real you, I’ve seen how you act when you’re being yourself, and that’s the guy I fell for.” Riker, and I stopped walking. I turned to him, and grabbed his hands. “I think deep down you know what kind of person you are, you’re just too afraid to show it.” I slowly inched closer, and closer to his face until our noses were barely touching. Riker lightly shook his head.
“I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered. When I tried to close the space between us, Riker backed up urgently. I could see a tear trickle down his face. “I’m not the really the guy you think I am.”
“I came here to live with my mom. I thought maybe I would be a different person than I was in LA, but I’m not” He took a deep breath. “I’m going back to LA.”
I sat on my bedroom floor tears pouring out of my eyes. Today was the day he was leaving. He was going back to LA to forget all about me, and this small little town that we had made so many memories in. There was a knock on my door.
“Come in” I mumbled. My mom slowly opened up the door to my room.
“Are you okay honey?” She asked. I shook my head.
“No, I don’t think so.” I muttered, and cleared my throat.
“He’s leaving today isn’t he?” I nodded, and closed my eyes for it was too painful to keep them open. The tears stung the corners of my eyes.
“When’s the last time you talked to him?” She inquired. I shrugged.
“He hasn’t been at school all week, I guess it just hurt too much to say goodbye.”
“Well than you go do it. Sweetie you need to go after what you want in life. If you want Riker than go tell him. What time is his flight?”
“His mom said 2:00” I answered.
“Well it’s only 1:00 right now you could still make it. Even if he still leaves, at least you got to see him one last time, and if you don’t go you’ll regret it.” Your mom grabbed your hand, and lifted you off of your feet.” You wrapped your arms around her, and nodded your head.
“Thank you!”

“Riker!” you yelled as soon as you located him at the airport. He was sitting on a bench waiting for his flight. Riker instantly looked up.
“Sara what are you doing here?” He asked as he stood up.
“You never said goodbye.” You uttered. Riker smiled lightly, and wrapped his arms around you in a hug. The warmth of his soothing embrace surrounded you. You wanted to stay in his arms forever. He let you go, and stepped back.
“I guess this is good bye then.”
“It doesn’t have to be! You said you came out here to be a better person, and I believe you are. Just because peoples view of you didn’t change doesn’t mean you didn’t.”
“It doesn’t change that fact that I don’t want to hurt you like I hurt most girls.”
“Remember what I said when you first got here. I’m not like most girls. I see you when you’re being yourself. You’re deep, and passionate, and caring. That’s why I fell for you, and I’m not going to forget about you because I am in love with you. I think I bring out the best in you, and you know that.”
Instantly just as the words fell out of my mouth Riker’s lips came crashing onto mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his came tightly secured around his waist. It seemed like I had been waiting for this moment forever, just to feel the sensation of his lips on mine. He pulled away for a moment, and our foreheads collided.
“I’m in love with you too”
‘Flight 43 for Los Angeles now boarding’ The overhead speaker spoke.
“So…” I stuttered. Riker looked at his plane ticket, and tore it in half.
“I’ve changed my mind. There’s no way I could go back to LA. There’s too many things I love here.”

Last Tony Awards Weekend Update

Tony Day is a day that I am never going to forget. From rehearsal, to to the actual awards show to the party afterwards, I am so incredibly appreciative to the entire “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” team. We were all treated with so much respect and kindness from the entire cast and crew (including the Tony/Radio City crew- shoutout to Arthur!) and I feel like there was this awareness that this was really EVERYONES (I’m generalizing, but there’s an insane amount of broadway debuts in this cast) first time on the Tony stage and it was just really really special. To everyone who’s been following along, thank you. And if anyone had any questions about how things went down, I’m able to share more now that the “social media blackout” is over and my ask is open!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped me by reblogging my art! If anyone has any questions about the characters or the setting, my ask box is open!

@rose-of-pollux did message me and ask if Wraith was good, evil, or neutral, and the answer is as complicated as Wraith is! While I can’t answer that directly at the moment, I can say that in this world - specifically in the city of Stellar Valley in which the comic takes place - good and evil are separated by a very hard line.

That is, it’s not the person who is good or evil, but the power they have. There’s very little petty crime (though it does exist) because there are heroes with the power to stop crime in progress or before it even happens. It’s a little Bourne-ish, I know. That really won’t be touched on much in the comic, because Villangel isn’t about that.

Essentially, if you have a power that the Powers-that-Be have deemed evil, you are also evil. In a world where the number of people with powers is about the same as people without powers (and the number of people with powers is growing) this concept once kept people safe. When powers were a rare thing, it was much easier to categorize in this way.

What about now, though? Wraith, Morgan, Lexi, and the rest of Morgan’s classmates all fit into this question, which will be solved in time!

so they established why lena wanted to invite supergirl to her gala–she wanted to set a trap. but she never said anything about an ulterior motive for inviting kara. i’m just saying, there’s nothing that can get a girl to swoon more than being a hero and maybe lena hoped that kara would see her doing this good deed, and think of her in a better light.

She didn’t ask kara because of Catco, she asked because she wanted kara.really, if she wanted a reporter, there are plenty more experienced ones at catco she could have asked to cover the event, who would leap at the chance.

Except, maybe she genuinely did want kara there, and thought about the trap later–two birds, one stone. And she didn’t need kara to be there for the trap–she already had a favor owed to her from Kara because of the fight club. She didn’t need to invite Kara. This isn’t “hey, if you bring Supergirl you can come to my party.”

Lena wanted to invite her. She was so genuinely nervous asking kara to come, and she called kara her friend. Her only friend in National City. Not to mention, she’s Lena Luthor–she probably knows people with private jets, who could easily have anyone she wants come to a party she threw, even if she is a luthor. And she still asked Kara.

Actually, she didn’t just ask Kara. She showed up, in person. This is a woman who is not only running L-Corp, as we found out this episode,she’s an actual genius, and probably spearheading the R&D team. And still Lena went over to Kara’s work place to ask personally invite her to her party, and then found out Kara’s  address and came over again, for a favor this time.

And did you see how disappointed she originally was to see Alex there? She went from nervous smiles to almost hostile appraising–that is, until she heard Alex’s last name–Danvers.

Basically, Alex and Maggie win for The Gayest this week, but Lena is a close third

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Jess are you alright? I've heard about Manchester and.. my heart is breaking.. You might not live in Manchester but it's not just an attack on a city, but a whole country. I hope you are doing fine. All those children dead and missing, I can't understand why people would kill others who are happy and having fun at a concert. It's just... I have no words to say.. 💔💔

I’m ok. Thank you for thinking about me. I don’t personally know anyone who lives in Manchester and I’ve only been once so I think it feels a little further removed from me than the attack in Westminster as I go through Westminster every day- twice- on my way to and from work. I went through Westminster underground station when it was closed a couple of hours after the attack. So this has less of a personal, emotional impact on me. But it is definitely still traumatic and really devastating to think that someone could be so callous. I know terrorists aren’t exactly known for being warm and loving people, but attacking children? Really? What the hell have they ever done to you? It breaks my heart. And it does make me scared. I’ve never been that scared of bombing attacks because if you’re going to be in an explosion, there’s nothing you can really do. But the randomness of these attacks really frightens me. People mowing down pedestrians in cars, stabbing people who walk past them, and so on. You aren’t safe just walking down the street anymore. It’s scary. What is good is that Mancunians are damn strong. They have a solidarity in Northern cities which is very similar to the solidarity we have in Scotland and I know that they will pull together for their city and for their children

overturn ◦ 2

“every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.”




Like I said, Riley Matthews’ life goal is to embarrass me and so far I think she’s doing pretty well. If you don’t believe me, you can ask anyone who went to school with us. Or you know what? Better yet, I’ll tell you all about the moments Riley has embarrassed me myself.

On my first day of school in New York City, the first thing that happened when I walked into class was Riley yelling out, “Lucas! You’re here!” and proceeding to put her arms around me tightly. See, it sounds like a sweet gesture, but all my seven year old peers found it really funny and laughed at us. And after that, she decided to follow me around and take me wherever she went, which wasn’t really that fun for me.

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otp question meme for Coldflash!!!


1.       Who is the most affectionate? Barry. Len has issues with touching, but he’s working on that, even though Barry says it’s fine.

2.       Big spoon/Little spoon? They take turns.

3.       Most common argument? “WHY IS THE MONA LISA HANGING OVER OUR BED, LEONARD?!?” – “Beautiful, right? Oh, listen, if France calls, you haven’t seen me.” – “LEONARD!!!”

4.       Favorite non-sexual activity? I am convinced these two stage Flash vs. Captain Cold battles whenever they get bored. Master level = include as many innuendoes in your banter as humanly possible without people finding out you’re dating.

5.       Who is most likely to carry the other? Barry is surprisingly strong with his superspeed. Len does not carry people. Len lets Mick carry people. If Barry was incapacitated and Mick wasn’t around, Len would probably drag him by his little antennas or sth.

6.       What is their favorite feature of their partner’s? Len loves Barry’s passion and his smile. Barry loves Len’s eyes and the rare times he smiles for real and it’s not a smirk.

7.       What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other? They both individually sit down for a really long time to contemplate the life choices that brought them into this situation. Then, Barry is just a little too slow to arrest Len during a heist. And Len, well, his loot very discretely (but not so discretely STAR Labs doesn’t notice) ends up as a donation to a charity for domestic violence survivors. Also, he leaves donuts for Barry at the site of his next heist.

8.       Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate? Well, Cisco made Barry a red outfit and also figured he should name his villains. So, during battles they’re Red and Cold. Len isn’t much of a nickname person besides that; Barry is one of two people to get away with calling him Lenny.

9.       Who worries the most? Probably Len, but he takes it as an inspiration to make better plans. Because Len plans dates just like he plans heists, everything is timed perfectly and thought out and prepared in great detail. Len also worries Barry could get hurt by someone who isn’t as nice a villain as he is, so their staged fights double as training. Barry is kinda confused because uhm, Lenny, I’ve got superpowers – you on the other hand, you’re only human, and that parka probably doesn’t even keep warm, I’ve seen you wear it in midsummer?!

10.   Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant? Len would, if Barry wasn’t an experimental eater and ordered something different each time.

11.   Who tops? They take turns, but it’s slightly in favour of Len.

12.   Who initiates kisses? Len does it more often, mostly because Barry is considerate and doesn’t want to make Len uncomfortable, so he rather lets him decide when and where.

13.   Who reaches for the other’s hand first? Barry.

14.   Who kisses the hardest? Len gives his best, but Barry has the speed force on his side and takes full advantage.

15.   Who wakes up first? Barry. Jfc that guy is just so full of energy!

16.   Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer? Len. He was planning a heist all night and is too tired for Barry’s “early morning run”-jokes. He’ll get up eventually, but then he’ll be fully functioning even without coffee.

17.   Who says I love you first? Len, and it’s during a battle (and when I say battle here I definitely do not mean with each other, but with some other meta, and Len just happened to be around and of course cannot let them tear up his city/boyfriend). The good: Barry gets a goofy smile. The bad: Barry gets distracted enough to almost get hit, and now Len has to save his life and thinks, “Wow, this was a bad timing!”.
So he says it again later when the meta is defeated and he doesn’t have to shout it over glass shattering and cars being smashed against walls.

18.   Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?) Not on Barry’s lunch, but somehow they ended up with a huge collection of fridge magnet letters, and sometimes when Barry gets up they say something like “What a beautiful day to rob Central City Bank!”

19.   Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first? Len, probably, because he doesn’t have to work up the courage and just tells Lisa in passing. “I’m going on a date with my boyfriend, the Flash. If you tell anyone else, I send your gun to Disneyland for the fireworks.” (Lisa is banned at Disneyland - don’t ask.) Barry stresses a lot about how and where and when, and in the end he has no choice because he got hurt in a fight with a metahuman and called Len because he was in pain, and Len showed up before anyone at STAR Labs could react and drove Barry back to the lab with his motorcycle. Joe considered getting him out of the tickets he got for running all those red lights – until he learned why Len was there to help Barry.

20.   What do their family/friends think of their relationship? Joe has The Murder Stink Eye ™ on whenever Len comes in his field of vision. Iris is… also a little scandalized, but she starts warming up to Len the first time he breaks in somewhere to help her with a story. Wally is kinda spooked. Henry is not really thrilled at first, but compared to a lot of the other guys he met in prison… Well, if his son has to date a con, then Len is a pretty good choice. Cisco and Caitlin are also both taken aback, and Caitlin is still doesn’t like turning her back on Len, even though he hasn’t stolen her wallet in weeks, and nothing was missing last time. Cisco first goes into protective best friend-mode, but moves on to suggesting double dates really fast. Lisa finds it equally cute and hilarious, especially because, “Looks like my brother and I both go for the nerds.”

21.   Who is more likely to start dancing with the other? Barry. Len humors him and goes along with it only when nobody is around or the song is really really good. All other times he just smiles and watches his lovely dork of a boyfriend show off.

22.   Who cooks more/who is better at cooking? Barry is great at eating, but he has no patience for cooking because superspeed will not make the oil heat faster or the cake finish baking sooner. Len has raised his baby sister basically on his own and is pretty good at cooking. Breakfast food is his forte, and if he’s got a recipe he can make pretty much anything.

23.   Who comes up with cheesy pick-up lines? Not exactly pick-up lines, but Len has definitely said “Baby, it’s Cold outside!” more than once when he has come home from grocery shopping and could not reach his keys/lockpicks. And of course also when he does not want Barry to leave during the night.

24.   Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times? You’d think it’s Len, and when Barry’s friends are around you’re right. But Barry has superspeed and has on more than one occasion whizzed into a Rogues meeting and whispered a pun or a dick-joke into Len’s ears without anyone seeing him, and all of a sudden Captain Cold has trouble holding it together and none of the Rogues have a clue what’s going on.

25.   Who needs more assurance? Len. Barry assures him there’s good in him, but even after what went down on the Waverider Len still can’t quite believe it outweighs everything else. So in return, he assures Barry that there isn’t, and goes out to steal something. Usually, the item mysteriously returns within the week, or money gets sent to people in need. Barry smiles and kisses Len on the forehead, and in those moments Len can almost believe him and smiles too.

26.   What would be their theme song? True Love (feat. Lily Allen) by P!nk (idk I suck at this)

27.   Who would sing to their child back to sleep? Hm. First of all, I think if these two became parents, it would be because Len rescued a kid from an abusive home. So, even though Barry has the better singing voice, at first it would be Len because he gets what the child is going through, and they can talk before he has to resort to singing. And Barry is just so much in love with Len as he watches silently from the doorway.

28.   What do they do when they’re away from each other? Thanks to Sara and Lisa, Len got dragged into Instagram culture and starts taking pictures of anything he thinks Barry would find cool. If a photograph is not enough, he will steal the thing. If the thing is too big, part of the thing will suffice.
Barry has his life screwed up and then runs back in time and creates a paradox, apparently. Oh my god, Barry Allen is literally that dog that’s like, “I thought you were never ever coming back and I panicked!”

29.   one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart: okay, this is of course post Destiny and pre Legends S2 – after the Legends lose Len, Mick is the one who eventually cleans out his quarters. In one of the drawers he finds a plain shoebox marked “Barry Allen”. And Mick didn’t want to tell anyone what happened, because telling them would make it real, but now he has to. He asks Rip to drop him off in 2016 one last time before they go on their next mission, and he very awkwardly knocks on Barry’s door. Barry knows something bad has happened immediately, even before Mick explains in that quiet, broken voice Barry didn’t ever think him capable of. Mick finishes with, “Anyway, this has your name on it, so I figure it’s either for you, or he stole it from you.” He shoves the box in Barry’s arms, mumbles a quick “I’m sorry” and leaves, suspiciously wiping at his eyes. Barry sits there for a long time, unable to open the box, but finally he flips open the lid – and inside are dozens of trinkets Len collected during his time on the Waverider: a deck of cards with too many aces from Salvation; the doorknob from the Russian Ballet; Valentina Vostock’s notebook; a long-lost painting of a thunderstorm with a prominent lightning bolt that Len stole from Savage’s home in 1975; the futuristic glasses from 2147; the blueprints for the Leviathan plus pictures; a photograph of a group of unsuspecting kids sitting together on a couch – two teenagers, a little blond boy, and three babies – Barry has no idea who they are, until he reads the caption on the back (“Proof time travel is real – Sara, Stein, Rip, Jax, Mick and I, ca. ??? – You’d love this, Red! – L.”). At this point Barry is shaken by sobs, and so am I.

30.   one headcanon about this OTP that mends it: Barry is the reason Len stays in their time once he comes back. First he wanted to take Barry time travelling with him, but Rip insisted that the Flash had to stay where he was, and Rex agreed because Barry had to co-found something called the Justice Society of America. The idea of a superhero team operating outside of just one city intrigues Len, and he’s going to do his best to support Barry in this endeavour. He should probably stay close to him and see what these heroes are planning on doing, maybe attend a couple meetings with Barry, help them make plans because they don’t seem all that competent – fast forward a couple of months and Captain Cold is a founding member of the JSA and has no idea how that happened. Mick and Sara give him shit, and Barry is so so in love.

Revelations (Peter Parker x Reader)

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You started falling from the roof of the high skyscraper after the bad guy had delivered a kick to your ribs.

You felt tears pricking your eyes as you fell. You weren’t like these superheroes that could fly or swing around with web strings. You were falling to your death and it was too late for anyone to save you.

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It’s interesting how when you are single, your phone is quiet, the streets are quiet. Life is quiet. Everything moves in slow motion allowing you to never feel like you are missing anything. The very instant you get into a relationship, your hotline bling is serious! The city is buzzing and the weather is perfect.

I’ve made the mistake of wanting it all. The house, the car, the picket fence and the dog. The late nights I can’t remember… I was doing too much to fast. Not caring about anyone but myself. Along the way I started losing it again. Losing what I worked so hard for.

Recently my mom asked me if my husband is a good person. “Is he kind Tiffany?!”. Without a doubt I answered her. The kindest man I know! The man who would give you the shirt off his back. Nothing like these Fuckboys that’s for sure! Then she asked so why would you sacrifice that for a few hours of meaningless pleasure? I couldn’t answer her then. Slightly embarrassed but more importantly I didn’t have the answer. I was being selfish that I knew but wouldn’t admit it. My pride can be quite blinding.

Anywho, it’s hard to find genuine, loyal and kind hearted people. People who think you are just as “cool” when you fly coach as you are when you fly first class. People who don’t care whether you are wearing a Chanel bag or Zara shoes. They will love you the same everyday, this goes for friends and lovers. Appreciate them because in the end they will always have your back.

** To my mother, Amanda

-As you always say, “it’s never to late to right a wrong”

& To my Husband, Adam I know I haven’t been putting my best foot forward but I love you and will DO better.

Thank you for saving me from myself…

Olicity: Namesake

Connor Hawke is six years old. His hair is dusty blonde, his eyes are ocean blue, and he has freckles on his cheeks from a summer spent outside in the sun. Connor Hawke attends public school, likes riding his bike, and his best friend’s name is Daniel. His favourite movie is Jurassic Park, and he loves dinosaurs, hates doctors, and he’s always wanted to go up in an airplane.

Connor Hawke has lived with a foster family since he was two years old. After the accident. They’re nice, an older couple. They bought him the bike for his birthday last year.

Connor Hawke met his father for the first time today. He should be happy.

He’s not.

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