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  That’s what you can feel surrounding you, along with the tightness pulling you in, holding you in place. It’s safe. It’s calming. The scent of him filled your nose each and every time you inhaled. The familiar smell of whiskey, leather and a hint of spearmint gum that he was chewing an hour ago. 

  His heart beat is steady in your left ear. Its a friendly reminder that he’s here; alive beneath you just like you need him to be. His index finger is tracing circles on the small of your back, assuring you that you had all the time in the world to lay together in complete silence.

  You wouldn’t dare admit to Dean that you loved these moments more than you should. They were a rare occurrence already; only after a tough hunt would you both take comfort in holding each other. The next day, you would pretend that nothing ever happened. He was a badass hunter and you were the strong independent girl who didn’t need anyone to fight her battles for her. It was a terrifying thought that deep down you needed a man like Dean Winchester to hold you to make you feel safe. 

  You don’t need anyone Y/N. You can take care of yourself.

  But you knew that as long as Dean held you. As long as you felt him engulfing you into him. You were letting your walls down and allowing him in; allowing yourself to fall for a man that would never fall back. 

  His arms wrapped tighter around you. “You okay?” he whispered.

 How were you supposed to answer that? ‘Yes Dean, I’m fine except for the fact that I love having your arms around me and I never want you to let go.

  “I won’t then,” he stated. He placed a soft kiss to the crown of your head. 

  “Did I say that out loud?” you muttered.

  “Yes,” he breathed out. “I never want you to let go either.” You buried your face in his chest, mostly to hide how red your cheeks were. It didn’t stop you from gripping him tighter in the process. 

So i have a theory...

You know how Nico mention that Bianca chose to be reborn instead of moving on to Elysium? What if Bianca was reborn into Percy’s little sister? Like, the signs are little at first, but as she grows Percy starts to notice that his sister has the same toughness and independence Bianca had, and the willingness to do anything for family and then one day Percy just knows and he feels like maybe its just wishful thinking but he (embarrassed) tells Nico, expecting him to just disregard it, but instead Nico just smiles with a little bit of sadness in his eyes and nods because he had known all along just from her eyes and so Percy is just 10x more protective because theres no way in tartarus hes getting her hurt again and Nico makes it clear that he will cause anyone who hurts her immense pain so Percy’s sis has two designated badass older brothers who love her to death

suggestion by @swiftboone! enjoy some sportarobbie valentine’s day chocolate hijinks! :) 


It was that time of the year again – when spring was just around the corner, when the sun shone bright and the birds sang sweetly, and Robbie wandered through Lazytown with bulging shopping bags full of Valentine’s Day chocolate.

He could’ve done it without the bird making a racket and the sun in his eyes, sure, but nothing, nothing could beat the day when numerous rebuffed lovers would cast aside the fancy chocolate boxes they’d gotten for their intended. Robbie had never really understood how a heartbreak could make anyone could lose their appetite, especially for candy, but he was not one to question it – merely to reap the rewards of other people’s idiocy. 

Valentine’s Day was fun.

“Oh, tough luck,” he commiserated in sickly sweet tones, pausing to gaze down at the young man on the park bench who had that tell-tale hunch, and who was also clutching a two-layer box of Belgian truffles. “Would you look at that, and on Valentine’s Day too. What a tragedy. You probably want to just forget all about it.”

“She just- “ the young man hiccupped. “She didn’t even show up!”

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cute things to think about

  • Iwaizumi fighting anyone who makes Kiyoko feel uncomfortable.
  • Kiyoko standing on her tippy toes to kiss his cheek before matches.
  • Sawamura and Kiyoko walking home together since freshman year.
  • Kiyoko treating him with shoyu ramen when he’s had a tough day.
  • Sugawara braiding Kiyoko’s hair and decorating it with pretty flowers.
  • Kiyoko leaving him small love notes in his bag/locker.
  • Tanaka and Kiyoko going to a Karaoke Bar on their first date, and him singing horribly just to see her smile.
  • Kiyoko making him melon pan in her Home ec. class.
  • Nishinoya going crazy with milk to try and grow another three inches.
  • Kiyoko running her fingers through his hair as he lays sprawled out on the floor with a tummy ache after
  • Oikawa and Kiyoko getting jealous of the other’s fangirls/fanboys.
  • Oikawa giving Kiyoko piggy back rides.
  • Kuroo trying to ‘woo’ Kiyoko with his nonexistent knowledge of English literature.
  • Kiyoko lending him some of her favorite books so he can actually talk to her about something besides volleyball.
  • Hetero Kiyoko ships.

ok but imagine Anya having a history of taking what she wanted with women and them just willingly giving into her desires. imagine Anya finding herself completely dumbfounded when she realizes she has a crush on Raven, this tiny Skaikru girl with a snarky mouth and a wit sharper than her knife, and not wanting to push her to do anything. imagine Anya being respectful of Raven’s space and leading herself to believe that Raven doesn’t want her, and being completely oblivious to Raven’s blatant attempts at flirting until one day Raven’s just had enough and pulls her down for a kiss that absolutely blows Anya’s mind. imagine Anya just staring at Raven, who’s of course smirking at her smugly all ‘who’s the boss now, tough girl’, and not even knowing what to say because she thought Raven would never want her like that.

and then imagine Anya cupping Raven’s face and kissing her, but kissing her gently like she’s never done with anyone before. imagine Anya being soft and caring and gentle with Raven because she’s the first girl who she’s cared about, because Raven’s just so new and different and she doesn’t just want to fuck her and leave her - no, imagine Anya treating Raven like a fucking queen, and Raven being completely surprised to find this soft and gentle side of her, but loving it nevertheless.

the signs as children

aries: tough and would protect the other kids from the bullies

taurus: went for seconds in the school cafeteria on dessert days, wanted to be friends with everybody

gemini: made games for everyone to play in break time so people would be more active

cancer: had a lot of friends because they connected well with pretty much everyone, gave advice to anyone who asked even if they had no past experience

leo: played dress up and used those mini make up kits for kids, extroverted when others were around but quiet when alone

virgo: popular with the opposite sex, always knew what to say and when to say it

libra: would try to make peace between everyone, would become emotional if confronted for anything at all

scorpio: did every dare and was the best at sports

sagittarius: super smart and quiet, awkward with their body but later grew into it

capricorn: didn’t feel comfortable with children their own age, would hang out with the adults at parties, charismatic

aquarius: sat on the swings instead of playing with the other kids, misunderstood but still loved

pisces: kept to themselves and spoke rarely, but everything they said was worth listening to

Thank you @getmegingerdoctor this was fun!​

A/age: ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ
B/biggest fear: my future
C/current time: 2:38 pm
D/drink you last had: water
E/every day starts with: checking what time it is
F/favorite song: Starman★
G/ghosts are real: real but I don’t want to see them..ㅋㅋ
H/hometown: meh
I/in love with anyone: Bowie
J/jealous of: who?
K/killed someone: whoa tough
L/last time you cried: when I watched tv drama….
M/middle name: x
N/number of siblings: 1
O/one wish: pass the test
P/person you last called or texted: one of my korean friends
Q/questions you’re always asked: my future,,,
R/reasons to smile: Bo..wie….
S/song you last sang: 떠나야할~ 그사람~
T/time you woke up: if there were no limit → 11am
U/underwear color: what?
V/vacation destination: any place to play Pokemon Go well XP
W/worst habit: think too much before going to bed
X/x-rays you’ve had: teeth chest spine
Y/your favorite food: pizza… any kind..
Z/zodiac sign: Leo 🦁

Home At Last (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

this is also Avengers x Reader btw but that made the title too long and it sort of ruined my non-existent aesthetic 


Request; Hey could i have an long(if possible) avengers imagine where they were having a day off from all of the saving the world stuff and have it that the reader has powers like wanda and is dating bucky please xx also could you have them all act like a family if it makes sense thanks love xx


Y/N - Your name

Warnings; none 

Word count; 321 

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To the rest of the world, the Avengers were a group of well-composed, professional super heroes.

To anyone who knew them personally, it was a whole different story. Today was a day off from work. They’d had a few tough days at the office - Tracking down evil organisations, killing aliens and stopping evil robots from wiping out humanity. Just an average nine to five job.

You were sprawled out a sofa in the lounge at the Avengers base. You’d occupied a whole one to yourself - Originally, Natasha had been sat next to you, but when she got up to use the toilet, you quickly snatched her seat.

Nothing particularly strange was going on. Sam and Bucky, your boyfriend of a year, were fighting over which film to watch. Tony was trying to pick up Thor’s hammer with his Iron Man suit gloves, Natasha was drawing faces on a passed-out Clint and Bruce was absorbed in a Steven Hawking lecture on YouTube. Wanda was showing Thor the wanders of YouTube (’And the videos are free of cost? Fascinating!’).

You could hear their thoughts racing round your mind, and you groaned and tried to cover your ears with a pillow. Being a mind-reader did have its perks, but being partially asleep and hearing a rowdy bunch of people’s thoughts didn’t match.

‘You okay, Y/N?’ Bucky lifted up and legs and sat down next to you, You pulled them towards your chest and huffed, shaking your head.

You looked around at the craziness. Sam had now run off with Rhodey’s movie, yelling ‘I’m gonna get my wings and fly off with this piece of crap!’ whilst Rhodey fought back with ‘I have a suit, dumbass!’

You smiled to yourself, despite the slight head ache. You scooted your legs up so Bucky could sit down, and you leaned into his side as he kissed you on the forehead.

‘Yeah, I’m great. I’m home.’

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Punk Princess | Closed RP | Dean and Punk!Cas


It had been three weeks since the mystery boy showed up. Word around the school was he didn’t stick around for very long but that made Castiel wonder why he made it a point to talk to her. He was nice, he saw beyond her tough exterior and decided that he wanted to know the person who she really was. It wasn’t often that anyone did that, actually, no one ever did that. She had her group of friends and that was it, there was never anyone new. 

They had a few classes together, a study hall, English, gym and their lunch period. Today was a gym day, a dreaded gym day. Castiel couldn’t stand gym because she wasn’t exactly athletic and the gym teachers always ragged on her about her facial piercings but she refused to take them out. Today they played kickball out in the field. Cas’ team was out in the outfield and some dumb jock decided to be a hero and kick the ball with all of his strength and it hit Castiel right in the face. Her hand immediately went up hold the point of impact which was her nose and when she pulled it away, there was so much blood.