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How to react to this week’s new reveals about Hydra-Cap: 5 easy steps
  1. Be happy that Cap isn’t Hydra after all. If you were mad that he seemed to be, then logically you should feel happy to learn that he isn’t; and not outraged like I see some people being.
  2. Make sure to correct anybody who thinks that this plot development is a result of fan complaints. Explain that this would be impossible for Marvel to pull off, due to how far in advance comic books are planned and made.
  3. Apologize to Nick Spencer for the shitstorm thrown his way.
  4. Do not try to find some new reason to be mad at Marvel about this, just so you can keep being angry. I know it’s tempting, but don’t.
  5. Remember this. Remember the awful way the ridiculously entitled fandom world reacted because Marvel published one comic book that they didn’t like. With hatred and death threats. And don’t be such idiots next time.