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Sis, who are POC in fandom we should be following? -nyxswaifu

Welp, got my blackass here and @louisvuittontrashbags holding it down in the Thot Squad, and here’s a list literally off the top of my head that is very much incomplete of people who create content for fandoms who are POC (and if I tagged you and I am wrong… MY BAD I GUESSED WRONG PLZ FORGIVE)

@toottootcosplay @thegoddesseos


Feel free to add yourself to this list if you’re a POC holding it down in the fandom world! I LOVE Y'ALL OKAY

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Angsty Prompt - Alison still hasn't offered an explanation as to why she kissed Emily in 6x10 and Emily is running out of patience

I assume you meant 7x10 aha, this was my first angsty one-shot and it was really really hard but I loved trying it so thank you!! I hope you like it xx

“Ali, I know you’re home. Open up” Emily’s fist lay still, sore from banging so hard on the front door of the Dilaurentis house. At first her voice was loud, commanding. But the more Ali ignored her constant pleas the softer, more desperate, it became. “Please” she muttered at one last ditch attempt. The light scuffle of Alison’s slippers on hardwood floor could be heard and Emily’s heart leapt, staying frozen at the door, fearful that one move would make her change her mind. Emily could feel her mouth go dry as the unbearable scratch of metal on metal echoed in her ears as Alison dragged the latch open. Hesitantly, she opened the door, gracing Emily with one of her eyes through the small crack she had allowed herself. Emily gulped heavily, clenching her jaw in frustration. “I said open up, Ali.” She repeated, the strength coming back to her because, honestly, she was completely bored of waiting. It took her a moment to gather the courage the pull the door back all the way, and when she did Emily felt a little sick as she moved aside to let her in, the house she had spent so much time in with so many memories suddenly looming in front of her with unknown answers to ageing questions. Blue eyes met brown as Emily took a step inside, her arms crossed as she stood immobile in the hallway. The adrenaline and anger and frustration that had carried her all the way there suddenly melted away as she looked Ali in the eye, being met with nothing but fear and hurt. For a second nothing mattered more to her than wiping away the pain. She forgot all about her own anguish and confusion because in that moment she remembered that Ali was riddled with it too. None of this was happening because Alison enjoyed being so vague and undecided, it was happening because Ali understood nothing about her feelings either. Silence strangled them both, until it was unbearable.

“I’m sorry” Ali said, voice broken, her eyes not leaving Emily as tears already created a thin film, clouding her vision. Emily’s whole body breathed out, her muscles unclenching as more tears fell from Ali’s eyes, sliding with ease down the contours of her face. Emily fought against her desperate desire to close the infinite gap between them and hold Ali until the smile that warmed her heart so much was the only thing that could be seen. She resisted reaching out to take her hand and kiss each wrinkle of her skin, tracing her finger lightly across ever crevice. She resisted because while it killed her to see Ali in pain, Ali needed to be in pain if anything was ever going to get resolved. And it had to get resolved.

“I want to help you, Ali” She said clearly, her voice confident “I wanted to help you come to terms with who you are. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do” Emily couldn’t bear to meet her lingering gaze, knowing that the second she did she would crumble. Ali inhaled desperately, taking a tentative step closer to Emily who stood grounded and unmoving.

“I hate hurting you” Ali said “I don’t want to go back to that. To what we were before. I don’t want to play with you or-or use you or take anything for granted. I care about you too much for that” Emily’s heart raced as more words dropped from Ali’s mouth, her brows pulling together in confusion.

“And you think promising me that the reason you were kissing me was because you wanted to, only to go back to saying it might have been because you needed a shoulder to cry on, was a good way of avoiding that?” Emily sighed, dropping her head so that her eyes were fixed loyally onto a patch of discoloured wood that lay isolated on the ground.  “sorry” she muttered “I didn’t come here to yell at you” There was another stretch of silence.

“So why did you?” Ali asked fearfully “why did you come here?” There was no resentment in her voice, but it was laced with untainted bewilderment and relief. Emily took a moment before she replied; she had been trying to work out the answer to that question every second since she had arrived.

“I miss you” She answered finally “I really miss you” Her voice broke despite her best efforts to stay composed, and as she allowed herself to look into Ali’s eyes she couldn’t help but release a tear as she saw a hint of a smile tease Ali’s face.

“I see you every day” Ali said quietly. Emily’s eyes fluttered shut for a brief second, slowly shaking her head.

“Small talk in the teacher’s lounge and committing crimes with the girls is not seeing you, Ali. I miss being with you. I miss sitting on that couch and laughing together and-and talking and helping each other and being together” Thinking of the place they had gotten to, the place before that kiss, before everything had become hazy and unsure, hurt her heart.  They were finally back to the way everything was supposed to be. How had they ended up back here? How had they ended up with Emily being in love and Alison being unsure? Again?

“I don’t enjoy hurting you, Emily. How else do I say it? I don’t want to be too close to you because I don’t know what is going on in my head. I don’t know why it kills me to see you in pain and why everything I do, I do to put a smile on your face. I don’t know why being with you feels more like home than being with anybody else. I don’t know why you are the only person in the whole world who I trust with everything. I don’t know why you standing so close to me yet so far away is shattering my heart into pieces” At this point Ali didn’t even attempt from letting the silent tears from falling, she could feel them burn her skin, leaving behind hardened surfaces. Emily stared at her in awe, so understanding yet so completely infuriated because it was the most obvious thing in the world. And then words that she was told years back, words from a girl who Emily thought about almost never, came back to haunt her.

Everybody has a Maya.

And it all clicked into place. Ali really didn’t know why. And nothing Emily could do or say would be able to speed up the process of self-discovery. No matter how hard she wanted it and how much it pained her to be away from it, the only thing that was going to help Ali accept herself was…Ali.

“All I want is you, Ali. I don’t care what form that takes. If you want me as a friend or as something different then we can get to that.” She didn’t even flinch at her words because they were true. The thought of not having Ali in her life at all was the most painful thing she could think of.

“I just want my best friend back” Ali said almost inaudibly, looking at Emily through sodden eyelashes. Emily smiled, overcoming her stubborn nature and breaking the gap between them, pulling her into an embrace that she had missed so much. “I’ll get there” Ali whispered into her ears “I promise. Just give me some time” Emily nodded, stroking the back of her head. We’re getting there. She thought to herself. We’ll get there.

How to react to this week’s new reveals about Hydra-Cap: 5 easy steps
  1. Be happy that Cap isn’t Hydra after all. If you were mad that he seemed to be, then logically you should feel happy to learn that he isn’t; and not outraged like I see some people being.
  2. Make sure to correct anybody who thinks that this plot development is a result of fan complaints. Explain that this would be impossible for Marvel to pull off, due to how far in advance comic books are planned and made.
  3. Apologize to Nick Spencer for the shitstorm thrown his way.
  4. Do not try to find some new reason to be mad at Marvel about this, just so you can keep being angry. I know it’s tempting, but don’t.
  5. Remember this. Remember the awful way the ridiculously entitled fandom world reacted because Marvel published one comic book that they didn’t like. With hatred and death threats. And don’t be such idiots next time.