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My favorite thing about the Jojo anthologies

So you’ve got each character’s image song, and all the titles have a deep meaning, or some significance to their personality or aspects of their life. 

For instance, Jonathan:

“Heritage for the Future: Jonathan’s Ballad.” A good example of Jonathan’s spirit and devotion to his destiny, symbolizing his role in beginning the Joestar legacy. A nice reference to the arcade game as well. 


“Crazy My Beat.” Demonstrates Joseph’s playful and energetic attitude and his hamon skills.


“Star Platinum.” The name of his stand, in reference to how his journey begins and the source of his power.


“Goodbye Nostalgia.” Hinting at his lonely childhood and how he finally found friends in the stardust crusaders. Also reflects his tragic end and last moments.


“Fire of Soul (Hell 2 U!).” Reflects his stand, determination, and strong spirit. Also includes a quote from one of his most important scenes.


“NAKED SILVER.” Clever reference to his stand, in how Chariot takes off its armor to reveal its agile exoskeleton. Also shows off his flirty, outgoing personality.

And then we have old Joseph. 

abyssdoesstuff  asked:

I saw the other user asking if you had a dog. If you could have any breed of dog ever to exist, which one would you have?

excellent question!!!

today the answer is a tobet, the CAS variant from kazakhstan, and my current dog fixation:

image sources: x

ask me in a week and my answer will probably be different though


anyone have good anime from like.. before 2000?

or good like .. quality anime i guess ??

I think it’s weird when people are like “Taylor doesn’t owe us new music!!” because ??  Yeah she kinda does?? You don’t keep die hard fans (or fans at all) if you disappear for 10 years and then drop a greatest hits album?? Like I’m still going to listen to her old music every now and then but you won’t catch me running a Taylor Swift blog or spending money on old Taylor Swift merch in 2019 if there hasn’t been a new album since 2014 and there’s no official word from her about new music?? Like I love her but you can’t expect people to devote their time to an artist/celebrity who isn’t doing what we spend money and time on them to do? I didn’t get into Taylor Swift for the candids lol

friendly reminder that “dear white people” came out on netflix today and it’s written, produced, and directed by black people!! and it’s WOKE AS HELL and funny as fuck while talking about black issues like blackface, cultural appropriation, and racism just in the first episode. don’t y'all fuckin sleep on this. support black media.

someone left a comment in their tags on my last drawing of the DA girls that just said ‘i love arm’ and ive been thinking abt it for days….. like same… i love arm too. heres some more arm sketches for you