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anniversary sex with tom

  • Anniversary sex with Tom be so passionate and loving 
  • Tom would honestly spoil you for your anniversary whether it be your 1 year or 5 year anniversary like it doesn’t matter he’s gunna go all out
  • it might be a bit cheesy but he’d be so excited   
  • he’d take you to a fancy restaurant and he’d buy you jewelry and he’d just honestly spoil you
  • he’d probably get a hotel room near the restaurant and you guys would take a little scenic walk to the hotel 
  • and you’d be holding hands and he’d probably give you his jacket and you’d drape it over your shoulders
  • and it would be so sweet and he’d probably stop by a street vendor in the park to get you both ice cream 
  • it honestly would be so romantic but he’d be eager to get back to the hotel
  • and once you got back you’d see why
  • he’d have champagne and chocolates on the table and another gift and there would be roses on the bed
  • and he’d be blushing because he’d think you might think it was too cheesy but you’d grab his cheeks and kiss him and he’d just melt into the kiss 
  • he’d grab you by the hand and lead you into the bathroom and there would be a massive bath and he’d start to run the water and he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands of you
  • he’d help you strip down and he’d be leaving kisses all over your shoulders while he told you how beautiful you looked
  • and honestly the bath wasn’t supposed to be sexual but the way you pushed your body against his would have him rock hard
  • you’d sit in between his legs and he’d massage your shoulders and leave kisses down your arms till he couldn’t take it anymore and he’d turn you around to face him
  • he’d look so good,his hair would be damp and he’d be running his hand through it and he’d be staring at you like you were the most important thing in the world
  • his lips would latch onto yours and you’d slowly climb onto his lap
  • and you’d ever so slowly start grinding down on him
  • and the water would lapping up against your chests and you’d be letting out little moans 
  • and before you knew it he’d have lined himself up to your entrance and thrust into you 
  • and he’d be thrusting up into you and water would be going over the side of the tub but you wouldn’t care
  • you’d have your hands on his chest trying to steady yourself 
  • and he’d be kissing up your jaw in between moans 
  • the only sound in the room would be both your moans and the sloshing of the water 
  •  he’d have his hands on your hips and his grip would be so tight that there would defiently would be marks left 
  • he wouldn’t last long at all and would probably cum in you without warning 
  • you’d both sit there for a minute kissing before you got out and wrapped yourself in a towel 
  • tom defiently wouldn’t be done tho and he’d probably carry you to the bed bridal style even though you were both still wet and you’d be giggling in between kisses 
  • he’d lay you down and spread your legs and just go to town 
  • he’d suck on your clit till you were shaking and screaming his name 
  • and you’d be grinding on his face until you came 
  • and wow that orgasm would be one of the best you had yet and Tom would look so proud and he’d probably go back to the bathroom and get you some bathrobes 
  • and you’d cuddle in bed with a glass of champagne and he’d be kissing your neck
  • ‘‘happy anniversary y/n’‘

she’s a sticker on my redbubble now, y’all

Patricia… you really think that girls who like Lego are super rare?

can we start collectively tagging posts pertaining to politics and discourse shit like… i’m so tired

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so you wouldnt say that your one of the big scriddler blogs

I would politely disagree with that because in my opinion and personal experience ‘big name’ blogs (especially for particular ships) tend to get regular amounts of the following:

- Regular asks inquiring about their opinion on pretty much anything which is even vaguely related to the ‘thing’ which they are considered a big name for.

- Consistent inclusion in rec lists (be it blog rec, fic rec, art rec, etc) and being tagged in regular/new posts.

- Adoption of their headcanons outside of their own posts/work until their hcs become ‘fanon’ and refusal to adhere to them is considered somewhat odd.

- Fanart or fanfic dedicated to their particular interpretation of the characters/ship in question.

Aside from one or two rare instances (which i am absolutely thankful and amazed at) I get pretty much sweet little of any of these lmao so i wouldn’t consider myself a popular or ‘big’ blog. I have my own precious little niche corner of the fandom and that’s all i need xx

I was just scrolling through my lj dash and saw a post about some guy who went picking mushrooms and fought off a bear that attacked him with his bare hands I’m yellin

and the kicker is that when he describes the event he says that he “wasn’t scared at all, but noticed that the bear’s fur was soft as silk” while they were wrestling so I take back everything I said before re: stereotypes about russia being common misconceptions I take it back my dudes russian people can and will fight off a bear with their bare hands AND will be poetic as fuck while at it



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what about altean body marks or tattoos? i think that might be a neat idea, especially since it seems as though they already have the marks on their face, why not the rest of the body?

i used this as an excuse to doodle allura in a crop top i’m sorry

Also in regards to Coran, i’m thinkin he might have a tattoo hidden somewhere that he doesn’t want anyone to see. Not that it’s bad it’s just he got it when he was a teenager and it’s embarrassing. Either that or he has a massive one on his back that he thinks is super cool and tough. 

yall bruce wayne is the most extra guy in the world like he keeps the diamond that selina stole the first time they met has it made into an engagement ring confesses love in the rain on a rooftop and proposes