for anon. here is his baseball smile

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Could you do Oujitana and black please?? ~baseball au anon

Black: Spy/Assassin AU

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“H-Hideo,” Tanaka grabs Ouijiyama’s wrist, his fingers shaking.  “Um…”

“I’ll be careful,” Ouijiyama assures, smiling softly.  It hurts Tanaka to look at Ouijiyama - so beautiful and pure, strong and stealthy - it hurts to see someone like him put in a situation like this.  They shouldn’t be here, they shouldn’t have to do this-

“This is more dangerous,” Tanaka whispers.

“I know.”

“I… just…” Tanaka fumbles with his words, slowly letting his fingers slip off Ouijiyama’s pale skin.

“You got my back, right?” Ouijiyama grins, holding his fist out.  Tanaka’s breath catches in his throat, but a smile crosses his face as he bumps fists with his partner.

“You can count on me.”