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“Rejection”; Chapter Seventeen

NOTES: You guys can all thank the great-and-mighty @elisakou​ for pushing this chapter out today! Oh yeah, Happy Memorial Day! :D

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Also, when the “golden soul” is mentioned in this chapter, that soul trait represents “justice”. Thanks, and here’s some more juicy Sans x Reader fanfiction!


You took in a deep breath; hefting the ball in your hand, you launched it at the wall behind you where Sans surely was.

Wrong. He teleported out of the way, chuckling evilly; his laugh echoed around your head, and it drove you crazy. There was silence until you saw him leaning up against a different building. You backed up, trying to flee from the situation, but froze when he glared at you. His entire body was concealed in shadows, except for his bright eye. It flickered in the wind; sparks of yellow flying out from his eye socket in infinite directions.

You stood your ground, and curled your fists by your sides. “I’m not scared of you, Sans.” You remarked bravely, your chest agreeing by pulsing a shiny orange hue from within the jacket. Sans glanced down at this, and snickered. “that’s a lot of talk for a human who doesn’t have anything to protect herself with.” He sneered, and stepped from out the shadows.

His shirt was a pure, white color, and his ivory bones glowed in the afternoon light. His black basketball shorts rustled in the wind, as well his fluffy pink slippers. You would’ve acknowledged the fact that he looked like an angel straight out of a painting, but you were too petrified. Pale yellow streaks flickered through the orange soul in front of you, but alas you took in a deep breath and remained calm.

Fear was not getting to you now.

“the way i see it, you have two options.” Sans played with the large and threatening snowball in his hand; you narrowed your eyes at him dangerously. “you can surrender now, and it’ll make both our lives easier. or-” He quote you from earlier in snowball fight, and snapped his eye to meet your gaze after inspecting his perfect projectile, “-you can try and stop me.” He raised a hand, and made the gesture that you recognized as “come and get me.”

You thought it over, when your soul glowed a stunning golden that was the same hue of Alphys’ scales. You got into a battle stance, and readied your fists. The bird from before peeked its head from around the corner, and sang the beginning chords of your favorite song from Undertale. One that filled you with terror and confidence at the same time.


“you wanna do this the hard way? fine. then so be it. just don’t say i didn’t warn ya.” He steadied himself, and flung the ball at you. You dodged it easily, laughing at his poor aim. “You missed, Hawkeye!” His voice sounded from behind your shoulder, causing you to flinch. “did i?” Spinning around, you heard footsteps crunch in the snow behind you at a fast pace. “What the fu- AHH!” You shrieked, tackled to the ground by Sans.

You laughed, and landed onto the fluffy snow. Sans’ eye dimmed down to his normal appearance; he chuckled happily as well. “You planned this!!” You shouted, tears leaking from your eyes. He lay in a plank position above you, and bobbed his shoulders. “of course i did. when you were fighting paps, actually.”

You kept on giggling for another good minute; slowly but surely, you finally relaxed. Sans had been quiet, staring down at your soul. Noticing his unwavering attention on the “private” entity, it returned to its lovely red-pink color. You followed his gaze back up to his face, and realized how close you actually were. There was only a couple of inches, perhaps three or four, from your faces touching.

You soul beat faster; its thumping growing so loud you knew that Sans could hear it. The blood rose in your cheeks, probably making your face look like a firetruck. Sans saw your embarrassment; his left eye instinctively sparked a cerulean mist. His cheekbones deepened with a beautiful blue hue, and you smiled.

Sans could feel his soul ready to jump out of his chest, but knew he couldn’t let that happen. That was like running around butt-naked in public. His knees were placed in the middle of (Y/N)’s legs, so she couldn’t get up even if she wanted to. Sans had to be the first to get off, which was just something that his soul was telling him not to do.

He was just so….drawn to her. It’s like her soul had magnetic capabilities to lure its victims in. His mind told him to get up and walk this whole situation off as a joke, but he couldn’t do it. Chances like this only roll around once in a lifetime, so he might as well make it count. He sighed, and lazily looked down at the human beneath him. Seeing his jacket on her, her long eyelashes twisting gently in the wind, he convinced himself to bring a hand up to his chest.

You watched as the skeleton brought up a hand to his white shirt, and cup whatever was in his hand carefully. It was a white heart, which you concluded was his soul. “Sans…what are you doing?” You whispered, and he brought his attention back down to you. He didn’t say anything; the look in his eye sockets prevented you from saying anymore.

They almost looked… submissive. The very thought of Sans drawing out that- magical blue tongue of his made your skin crawl with anxiety, and… something else that you couldn’t place. If your cheeks could grow any hotter, your face would be melting off. Instead, your ears and chest took it upon themselves to sink into a dark shade of crimson.

Sans raised a non existent eyebrow, seeming to ask for permission.

Permission for what…? You thought, and squealed internally when he took your expression as a “yes” for whatever he was about to do. An idea crossed your mind, but you shook it off. No. Sans is just starting to warm up to me. He wouldn’t…he can’t… But he did.

Ploddingly, Sans let his soul hang in the air right beside yours. Heat radiated off warmly, beckoning your soul to move closer. Sans chortled deeply, making your heart beat faster than it had ever gone before. Dragging his hand towards your hair, he slunk his spine downwards like a cat’s. His hand landed right beside your left temple; you grinned shyly. His permanent smile expanded, but his hooded eye sockets remained the same.

It was like he was in a trance; one where not even the strongest magic could break through. The scent of his jacket and shirt wafted up into the air, and you breathed in softly. The smell calmed you, but it did not decrease the red in your face.

And then it began.

Sans dipped his skull half an inch lower, when suddenly your eyes grew heavy. The white soul less than a millimeter away from yours shone like a supernova, illuminating both of your faces in a clean white.

Your soul thumped from that lovely red-fuchsia to a cerulean blue, as it barely made contact with Sans’. Your eyes fluttered shut; you felt the breath of the skeleton above you just a mere inch away. You part your lips, a tingling sensation burning in your core from even the littlest interaction between souls. Just as you were about to carry your face up onto his smooth teeth, a loud and disruptive bark sounded from about 10 yards away.

“AM I INTERRUPTING SOMETHING, BROTHER?” Papyrus snickered, and your eyes shot awake. Sans opened his eyes wide with fear, and quickly shoved his soul back into his chest. You tried jumping up, but Sans’ knee hit your groin, causing you to wince; Sans rolled over onto his side, and stood up straight. You remained on the snow, silently commanding your soul to re-enter your body. It did as it was told, but the warm and tingly feeling from before faded away and left a pit in your chest.

“no.” Sans simply stated, the blush in his cheekbones vanishing quickly. You had no idea how he did that, for you were still the same color as before. Only this time, it wasn’t from the cold. “YEAH, RIGHT. AND MY PASTA ISN’T DELICIOUS.” Papyrus crossed his arms, and rolled his eye sockets. You sat up, forgetting about the pain in your lower regions temporarily.

“It’s true! Sans was just throwing snowballs at me, and he accidentally tripped and fell on top of me.” You lied, biting your lip. He’s not gonna buy it…  He “accidentally fell on you?” Yeah, ok. I guess he also “accidentally” brought his soul out, too. You nervously made your way up from out of the snow, brushing your- er, Sans’- jacket off. The comedian sent you an impressed look, but he did not smile.

Papyrus uncrossed his arms, and cocked his head to the side. “REALLY? IS THAT TRUE, SANS?” He looked over to his older brother, who was leaning up against the building next to him nonchalantly. Sans got off, and walked over to you. He didn’t get as nearly as close he did before, which slightly upset you, but you shrugged the feeling away.

“yep. totally. humans never lie, bro.” He rest a hand on your shoulder; you cringed at his touch. His hand was cold, not the kind and warm surface you had grown so fond of. You nod reassuringly to Papyrus, who was observing you and Sans for any suspicious behavior. When he found none, he sighed a breath of worry away.

“ALRIGHT, THEN. I BELIEVE YOU (Y/N). YOU MUST BE HUNGRY, DEAR HUMAN! I KNOW I AM.” Papyrus smiled, and ran back towards the square. “Although I could’ve sworn I saw Sans’ soul out…” He mumbled, but eventually forgot the assumption altogether as all the monster children ran up to him with admiration.

While Papyrus went on about how he was going to join the Royal Guard someday, Sans slid his hand off of you; you both sighed in relief. “That was…awkward.” You muttered, flipping Sans’ hood over yourself again in embarrassment. He snickered, placing his hands inside his pockets. “heh, yeah. i’m really flattered (y/n), but next thyme, try be a little more gingerly when you decide show your clove for me.”

He laughed so hard you could hear the rumbling of his bones inside of his shirt. You gasped, and flinched. Is he flirting with me?! “Are you s-seriously making food p-puns when you know I’m starving?” You stammered pathetically; in response, he gave you a shit-eating smirk. He winked playfully, snapped his fingers, and made his way towards Papyrus. You were left standing in the alley like a complete buffoon; but you knew deep down that you were gonna get revenge later.

No matter what it takes.




Chapter Ten (Where all the chapters before that are.)


Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective