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yo, i keep seeing ppl on twitter talking about jackson got a nose job, did he?

im assuming this is bc of his new pictures

and since i think many people have been wondering about it, im gonna make comparisons for u. (personally i dont believe that he had anything done at all.)

this is predebut jackson

and this is first year debut jackson

this is 2015 jackson

his nose looks pretty much the same in all of these right? i think the issue now is that his nose looks smaller recently?

here’s a screenshot from January 5th 2017, his nose looks a lot smaller and defined here

however i’m pretty sure its just the angles because here’s a screenshot from the exact same video

and it looks the same as normal but it looks like there’s a *drastic* difference between the two which is impossible since its literally in the same video…

(here’s another comparison from november 17th 2016)

In conclusion,

Jackson Wang, king of all things organic did not get a nose job. he just has an amazing team of make up artists and he knows his angles. i mean.. i could be wrong but..

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As a published author, maybe you could answer a question for me. Can someone's fanfic cred -- high number of kudos, large number of dedicated readers, etc. -- ever be used as a selling point to agents or publishers? I lean toward no, because there's no quality control with fanfic, it's just not the same as professional publication, and there's still stigma associated with fanfic that you don't necessarily want to expose yourself to -- but I'm hardly an expert on the industry.

Hey, Anon!

So, first of all, there’s definitely no easy answer to this. The answer might be no, but it also might not. My fanfic cred (not that there was ever much of it; I have a bunch of well-reviewed stories in my pre-professional-publication fandoms, but no real stats that I could point to) was something I chose not to include in query letters to agents. But it might not be the same for you. Here are some things to thing about, though, as you decide:

1. Are the agents you’re querying into fandom/fanfic themselves? Many agents are. Some secretly, some loudly and proudly. Others have no idea what fanfic is or why anyone would write it. Your query letters should be pretty individualized according to their recipients anyway, but this will definitely vary on a case-by-case basis. FWIW, when I was agenting, I always kept an eye out for people mentioning fanfic in their query letters. Not even because of writing quality or whatever; just because it’s like discovering you have a language in common before you even meet.

2. Is your fanfic in the same genre as the work you’re trying to sell? For instance, are you looking for representation for a romance or erotica novel and can your fanworks point to how good you are at attracting readers to your romantic/erotic content? Are you a Star Wars fanwriter seeking representation for a space opera trilogy? Are you an urban fantasy writer who can point to Joss Whedon and Buffy as an inspiration for your worldbuilding?

3. Do you want your professional name associated with your fandom name? Some people do. Some people don’t. It’s an individual choice with no wrong answer. But it’s definitely something you should probably keep in mind right from the beginning.

I hope that helps. Good luck!!


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Hi. Can you help my friend by reblogging this post? She really needs money for place to live, because her parents kicked her out for being gay. And she has only a week to raise the money. Thank you! angelicdeancas[.]tumblr[.]com/post/155946030930/my-parents-kicked-me-out-i-need-your-help

sure thing! :)

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im curious: ur top 10 saddest moments in the books (not counting the baudelaire mansion fire & parent's deaths)?

hey anon, good question! there are a million depressing moments in ASOUE, but in no particular order:

1. klaus realizing that it’s his thirteenth birthday while they’re in the jail cell waiting to be burned at the stake
2. the moment that the baudelaires get separated from quigley in the stricken stream
3. kit and olaf dying ohhhh boyyy don’t get me started
4. discovering that uncle monty has been murdered and especially when klaus has a meltdown about the peaches. that was so accurate and such a relatable thing about grief
5. DEWEY DENOUEMENT and also when olaf asks what else he can do in that same scene
6. knowing that friday caliban is sailing away to her death because of ishmael
7. jerome squalor abandoning the baudelaires outside veblen hall
8. violet trying to explain their situation to the operator at the beginning of tcc - and then crying when she realizes they’ve hung up
9. when olaf hits klaus, and then the three children cry all night in their one bed
10. when the baudelaires lose duncan and isadora, the only people that actually seem to care enough about them to want to help

wow this series is so depressing

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Twitter is annoying, it was divided between Poor Raj! vs. Hahaha Shut Up Raj. And Em even added to it with why feel sorry for Raj when he did bad thing to Izzy last season. Now all I see are Fuck Raj, he was the one who put her on trial. I am SO SO! Pissed.

Anonymous said:raj:
im just doing my job 2 mins later: i’m a complete dick for no reason @writers whatisthetruth

Anonymous said:
Why did they have to write Raj that way? Harry and Em were both saying shut up Raj on twitter. They told us he was funny and a badass fighter. What happened 

Hey anons, i hear you! I saw the ep and some of the cast & writers on twitter. It’s better not to look, it’s very ugly on there. Raj did nothing bad to Izzy last season so i don’t appreciate that retconn.

And yes to the second anon, that’s my biggest issue. S1 Raj just did his job, S2 starts with him literally saying that line, then five minutes later deciding to taunt Magnus for no reason? Why would he? You know it’s just because the writer wanted a bamf!Magnus moment and didn’t really care who got hurt (or even consider the representation Raj provides).

Considering the rest of the ep (white izzy, a darker skinned alec, some of the other bits of writing) this wasn’t the best episode for representation at all.

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next episode is the scene where saphael fights? wait, did i miss something?

Hey, Anon.

Remember the promo for season 2? This scene had us screaming:

In the 2x04 (next week’s episode) promo there’s this tiny scene that caught my Saphael shipper eye:

So that’s it.

I think they’re examining whatever the heck was that Simon and Magnus found in Camille’s home in 2x02.

Jersey- Isaac Lahey (Prompts)

Anon: hey i love your blog ! 24, 36 and 37 with isaac (prompt)

You felt horrible. Your boyfriend had just broke up with you, it was something that caught you off guard. He just walked up to you and said “I can’t do this anymore, sorry” and that was it. Two years of relationship were thrown to the trash just like that.

You didn’t want to worry the pack, so you tried your best to conceal it, but since your ex broke up with you your routine consisted in going to school, then to pack meetings and cry your eyes out for the rest of the day.

As you were crying alone in your bedroom you heard your window being opened “Hey Y/N” Isaac said entering your room, when he finally looked at your puffy red eyes he couldn’t help but frown “Bad timing?” He asked sitting right next to you on the bed as you nodded

“Jason broke up with me” you mumbled in a croaky voice, Isaac pulling you into a bear hug

“I can kill him if you want” Isaac joked and you giggled
“No” you said and he smiled “And by the way, you should familiarize with the word privacy” you joked after some time, Isaac rolled his eyes.

“C'mon I’ve known since we were in diapers. Privacy doesn’t apply to me” he scoffed “Besides, I brought you something” he said showing you a jersey that said “Lahey 14” on the back “What are you waiting for put it on!” He said eagerly and you giggled

“Alright but turn around!” You giggled

“What? No!” He said and you rolled your eyes

“Well at least close your eyes!” You pleaded and he groaned

“Okay, fine” he said as he did so. You took of your shirt and when you looked from the corner of your eye Isaac was peeking in the space between his fingers, so you playful punched his chest

“Perv” you giggled as you finally put the jersey on, he laughed as he took his hand off his eyes

“It’s perfect” he said smiling widely “Would you wear it for the game tonight?” He pleaded putting his hands together and giving you the puppy eyes you loved. When you slightly bit your lip resisting to his eyes but when he did a little pout you gave up

“Alright I’ll wear it” you said and he pecked your cheek before going to the window again

“See you tonight” he winked at you before jumping out of the window

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That Chiam article had me dying of laughter. So, she gave him a pass to work on his solo career that she has not only not supported, but not even acknowledged? Okay. Also, he gushed about her in the Twitter Q&A because he said he was happy? This is the same Q&A where he cryptically answered the "Woman Crush" question so he wouldn't have to lie and say her to appease those people that actually think Chiam are relationship goals. The whole article was a serious joke. Can we please free Liam now?

Hey anon,

Yeah, well they’ve always picked up scraps and made more of it.  Twas ever thus.

No idea what the next steps will be, or whether until and past any solo Liam stuff and perhaps the Ziam collab whether it’ll continue or if distance will be the deciding factor.

We aren’t meant to know of course aside from the message liam is very definitely only with cheryl…meanwhile Cheryl doing some kind of shoot today - this from twitter.

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I'm blaming this episode on bad writing and I don't want to recognize it as canon. Raj was ooc and they're using magnus' wariness of shadowhunters to create a bamf moment out of nowhere. This is awful in so many ways. The race parallels they're meant to do fall short when it pits 2 moc against each other. There was a million other things they've could've written but unfortunately the writers whiteness got in the way. Raj didn't deserve this

Hey anon, yeah that’s how I see it too. I know shadowhunters are privileged and do often treat downworlders badly, but one of the reasons Izzy (usually) works is as a Poc actress she is the more enlightened shadowhunter. 

You know last time she messed up? Ep 13. Which had the same writer as this ep. So yeah, I’m happy blaming the writer!

Hey Anon,

I can’t say for sure about every school/employer in the world. But during High School, and my studies at 2 separate universities, depression and anxiety were absolutely recognised as legitimate disabilities. I have also had an employer that was very accommodating and classed depression as an illness that warranted time off work. However, that job was actually working in the mental health industry, so that may have been a factor in them being so understanding.

I’m Australian, and there are certain laws here about mental illness and how it should be treated by employers. I’m not a lawyer though, so I find them a bit hard to understand. I don’t know anything about other countries, but I am sure you could find out.

Depression and anxiety are illnesses. They are called mental illnesses, but there is a physical basis behind them, as the natural chemicals in your brain regulate your emotional state. That’s why many mental illnesses can be treated or managed with medication. The drugs help your brain produce the right chemicals so that you can feel better. It’s not “all in your head” and it’s not that you have any weakness. You just need a little extra help and understanding, and that’s okay.

So, if I were you, I would definitely contact the school’s disability support staff and ask them whether or not your depression/anxiety makes you eligible for their assistance.

But also be aware that no matter what the school policy or even the law is, there’s always the possibility of a professor or employer being an asshole about it. Some people are just jerks who don’t understand. I had a teacher in High School who refused to accept my doctor’s certificate asking for special assessment, even though he was legally required to comply. I chose to take the crappy grade and not complain, because it was easier. The overwhelming majority of teaching professionals have been very supportive, and helped with my special needs above and beyond what is required of them. But be aware that it isn’t a perfect world, I guess.

But always hope for the best!!!

Good luck, and I hope you can get some help negotiating your special circumstances! STAY SHINY AND SLEEK LIKE A CAT IN A VINYL TUXEDO!!!

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

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Hey, so after reading that post about euros's headstone puzzle, I realized how fishy the whole thing was?? like, how did euros change all those headstones as a child? that seems like it would be extremely difficult to do, especially if she had to replace them completely and make them look old. And the puzzle itself seems strange and kind of illogical, especially with the extra line Sherlock added to the solution. It feels like it's either supposed to not make any sense, or really lazy writing

she didn’t put the headstones there. she just used the numbers on the headstones to create the song so that it’d be a puzzle

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You answered my full and it was v cute so I'm going to ask a few more over the next little while probs I hope you don't mind. Junkrat, Mccree, Genji and Soldier jealously headcanons?

((hey anon, i don’t mind at all!! plus u keep requesting junkrat and he’s one of my favs so it’s no problem at all!!! •^•))

- oh dear is jealousy one of this boys problems
- he can’t stand the thought of you being taken, largely due to the part of where in the outback things weren’t given, but taken
- He definetly really just pouts until you notice something’s wrong
- when he tells you, all u really have to do is just assure him once or twice that no, you’re not gonna leave him
- he’s fine then, atleast until the next person comes again
- this man takes a little bit to get jealous, but it’s noticeable
- he’ll become way more aloof, and sorta distant. He hates that he’s jealous since it’s so petty, but he can’t help it
- He mopes around the house, and tries to show you in little ways that he is good enough for you
- if you ask, he’ll say something besides jealousy until you really press him, he hates admiring weakness
- but once he does admit it, he feels soooo much better, and he’s ready to try and stop being jealous, once you reassure him
- this man gets possessive and kinda,,,,, hot
- He hates that he’s jealous, but you’re his and he’s yours, so he doesn’t mean bad by it
- he justifies it to himself that you should be complimented by his jealousy
- when confronted, he denies it, and tries to charm his way out of being talked to about it
- but overall, some cuddling and a date night, plus reassurance is what he’ll need to get better
- he hasn’t been this jealous since his playboy days
- he tries to steal you away from the person taking away your attention, and will constantly drape himself over you in front of the person
- no shame, his jealousy is all out there, even others start complaining
- when confronted, he defends himself, “You barely have any time for me!!” “i just spent three straight hours with you”
- all in all, just really talking to you and getting to understand how he feels makes him know your his, especially when you make the effort to take his feelings in account

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hi toni, just saying, if they do go engaged route again that z**i ring looks worse than the z**rie one

Hey anon,


 I have no real concept re yjeweller on cost and all that business,  but if they do head down that route and who knows, I’m quite sure they wouldn’t spend an absolute ton on something that’s only there as a temporary measure and will likely be binned or scrapped later. 

As opposed to Liam’s ring he wore in Cardiff (and my very own little HC that Liam wore a different rings on each night) your man Zayn likely did the equivalent of an Indiana Jones crossing land and sea and dodging dangerous foes before mining the gold himself to create it. 

Of course Liam did exactly the same.  

That or it (they) was custom made..whatever’s most likely. 

hey earlier anon here are some tips!
also heres a link for ao3 without rei.mob/incest/underage by the great @rider-phantomhive✓&work_search%5Bsort_column%5D=revised_at&work_search%5Bother_tag_names%5D=&work_search%5Bquery%5D=-filter_ids%3A+10482619+-filter_ids%3A+11255476+-filter_ids%3A+11152561+-filter_ids%3A+11036167&work_search%5Blanguage_id%5D=&work_search%5Bcomplete%5D=0&commit=Sort+and+Filter&tag_id=モブサイコ100+%7C+Mob+Psycho+100

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Hey can we not make fun of johnlock shippers atm? What happens was that Gatiss and Moffat specifically and explicitly wrote Johnlock jokes and references to that shipping subculture INTO THE SHOW, as well as in interviews, etc. Because of that, the show is queerbaiting, and it's really upsetting for me as a trans lesbian to see people write off the whole Johnlock thing as "shippers upset over their ship." It's really lgbt people upset over being mocked and baited in media for years.

Moffat and Gatiss repeatedly made it clear in interviews that John/Sherlock wasn’t gonna happen, especially over the last couple of years.

That some fans decided that there were secret codes and references and allusions that only they were smart enough to decypher is not Moffat and Gatiss’ fault.

If LGBT fans want TV shows where they can watch characters like them, they should watch and support TV shows that have canon LGBT characters in the first place. The BBC even made some of them.