for anita :)

Can’t we just agree that @ocean-sunrise is so amazing, and that she is a person who puts Sweetness into existence and that we are all grateful to the Lord that she is alive and well and amongst us still?

Behind the scenes Janet King season 3!!! ❤️❤️❤️

First of all: thrilled to see Bianca in a suit. Anita Hegh rocks a suit!!

Second: That is a very businessy looking Bianca. I’ve been hoping Janet and Bianca would work together in season 3 too (dream scenario right there!) so that we wouldn’t only get to see them together in Janet’s private life. Bianca looking smart in a suit points to them showing her at work too 👍👍 I really hope that’s the case!! I’d love to see them balance being professional at work and lovers at home. Would be a great dynamic to watch. 

Also: The more Bianking scenes the better! It’s very romantic ❤️

PS. Working-Bianca in a suit might lead to working-Bianca in a gun holster😉

And I’m all for that!