for an hour

I’m honestly still in a state of disbelief that today is the day we begin to say hello to a wedding between two men who were brought together by a fiery, lustful, and desperately dangerous affair, who waded their way through trauma, trepidation, hatred and heartbreak, all while loving every part of each other from the start to the end; every flaw, every strength and every weakness. 

Aaron Dingle, the scruffy, sarcastic, grease monkey mechanic with a tragic past and a huge heart. The man who didn’t ever think he deserved to be loved, who would have rather ended his life than live it to what he thought was repulsed upon, who was so lost in pain and repression of his feelings, not being able to come to terms with the fact he’s gay, so much so that he’d given up on genuinely reaching for light amongst the darkness or ever finding someone to grow old with.

Robert Sugden, the trash mouth materialistic sassy businessman with a brassy demeanour that slowly but surely comes to a halt when someone really takes the time to get to know him, and to care. The man who had always felt like a failure, been shoved aside as an outcast, second best, and left to wallow in the fears of not belonging anywhere. The man who couldn’t bear to accept himself or his sexuality and was living a lie for years. The now redeemed man who really was far from perfect, who’d made often unforgivable mistakes but who tried and is still trying to fix that with that kind, dedicated heart that is underneath.  

These are two soulmates attuned to each other. Two soulmates who slowly grew to find home within each other amongst the business meetings and the fumbles in barns, secret hotels and portacabins. They’ve pushed their buttons to the limit, screwed up and hurt until they can hurt no more but somehow they’ve always ended back in each other’s orbit because it was meant to be. Both the peace and the insanity that had been injected into both their lives since 4th December 2014 lead them to where they are today and this is it, they no longer have to feel alone or astray in the world, wonder if they are loved or worthy enough because they have that family unit staring back at them to reassure them they are united whatever the uncertainty of the future holds. They’ll get through life’s obstacles together, knowing they have that guidance, protection and security. This is what matters the most; two broken souls fixed together to make a whole.

“This isn’t a love story” except it is and it’s every bit wonderful as it is eventful. What a journey. 


Alucard Emery, here to steal your prince’s heart 

A little cosplay in anticipation of the release of A Conjuring of Light and getting to see @veschwab again next week. 


I couldn’t lose anyone. I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you. I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would. If they hurt any of our people, any more of them, that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.