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American Airlines Flight Attendants, 1967.
Against a white backdrop, a pair of American Airlines air stewardesses help each other into their uniforms, September 1967. The photo was taken as part of a billboard ad campaign for the airline. Photo by Susan Wood
Halima Aden Wears a Hijab and Braces in Her First-Ever Ad Campaign With American Eagle
Plus, the brand is now selling denim hijabs!

American Eagle is selling denim hijabs! I used to go into AE as a typical insecure teenager and think these are not clothes for me, gazing at the blonde models donning clothes. Going to a school in a 92% white county, I used to think little nerdy hijabi girl who can’t show her hair at prom didn’t fit in with the AE brand. To think if little hijabi me walked into AE today <3

a trio of American Airlines air stewardesses as they pose, in uniform, on an airplane, September 1967. The photo was taken as part of a billboard ad campaign for the airline. Photo by Susan Wood

1988 was fucked up.

  • In the Democratic primary, Dukakis’ campaign leaked news that Joe Biden had stolen a speech from a British politician in the Labour Party, forcing him to drop out of the race (Dukakis fired the people who leaked it)
  • At the DNC, Ann Richards said Bush Sr. “was born with a silver foot in his mouth” and Ted Kennedy said that he was a “dead duck”
  • Bush won the Republican primary almost exclusively on his promise of “read my lips: no new taxes,” which we know now to have been a complete lie
  • Bush repeatedly called Dukakis a “card-carrying member of the ACLU,” stealing the phrase “card-carrying member of the Communist Party” from the McCarthy era
  • Bush repeatedly attacked Dukakis for his refusal to sign a bill requiring the Pledge of Allegiance be read in Massachusetts (the bill would have, as Dukakis later put it, threatened teachers with jail to do so)
  • To make himself seem more strong militarily, Dukakis did a photo op where he rode around in a tank with a giant helmet on and looked absolutely ridiculous. The Bush campaign took that footage and turned it into one of the most famous and devastating campaign ads in the history of American presidential elections (two of the other most famous ads were also from this election, we’ll get to them later)
  • When rumors circulated about Dukakis having a history of depression, President Reagan was asked about his unwillingness to release medical records, to which Reagan replied: “Look, I’m not going to pick on an invalid.“
  • That rumor was supposedly spread by a guy on Bush’s campaign named Lee Atwater, one of the architects of modern Republican campaigning. He also supposedly spread another rumor, that Dukakis’ wife had burned a flag at an anti-Vietnam War rally, something she was forced to hold a press conferance to deny.
  • The VP debate produced the most famous smackdown in American debate history
  • Donna Brazile (the current DNC chair), who was on Dukakis’ campaign at the time, leaked a rumor that Bush was sleeping with an assistant (Dukakis fired her for it)
  • Here’s where it gets really fucked up. Lee Atwater sneakily put out two more of the famous debate ads in America, famous specifically because of how low they go.
    • The “Revolving Door” ad discussed the prison furlough program in Massachusetts, alleging that Dukakis would be responsible for similar programs as president that’d set prisoners free to commit violent crimes against Americans. But not just any prisoners, and not just any Americans- after you watch the ad the first time, watch it again. Pay attention to the section from 0:12-0:17. There is only one man in that entire line of prisoners who shifts his glance up to give the camera a menacing scare. What features do you notice about that man that no other man in scene shares? See where this is going? That was intentional.
    • Here’s the big one. The infamous Willie Horton ad. The audience is introduced to Willie Horton, a scary-looking black man who we are told stabbed a little boy 19 times, then on a weekend pass, he kidnapped a couple, stabbed the man, and raped the woman. The ad ends by emphasizing that this is what Dukakis wants. When Roger Stone (the hardcore Republican mudslinger who most recently served as a Trump surrogate) saw this, he advised Atwater against putting it out. Atwater responded, “y’all pussy.” Atwater’s goal, in his words, was to make people “wonder whether Willie Horton is Dukakis’ running mate.” They mentioned him constantly, non-stop. They wanted the first thought to enter your head when you thought “Dukakis” to be a black rapist and murderer, threatening you and your white family. You want to know the kicker? “Willie” Horton’s name was William Horton. He had never, at any point, gone by the name William; his name was changed in the ad to make it sound stereotypically blacker and more dangerous
  • The cherry on this brutal campaign was during a debate. The first question of the night was directed towards Dukakis: “Governor, if [your wife] Kitty Dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer?” The question itself was shocking and wildly unfair, but Dukakis’ response to it was a very calm, rational response. That cool-headedness in the face of just being asked about your wife being raped and murdered killed him, it made him look completely inhuman.

In the end, Dukakis won 111 electoral votes, and Bush won 426. It was one of the dirtiest elections we’ve ever had, and none of them have come close since until this year.

anonymous asked:

Have to wonder about Sharna's quote . Do you think it is for Bonner? Thanks

Yes, it’s quite possible. It seems to fit my theory.

He decided after elimination that he was done with the lies and games. He felt she betrayed him to the producers. He was hurting a lot and I think went into self protection mode.

I think Sharna was confused during the season. Made poor choices. Bonner responded with poor choices. But I think she wanted to try after elimination.

I think the ET interview Bonner did at the end of the season rubbed salt in the wound because he ended up rejecting her. “Better off as friends”. Hence her freeze out.

Bonner didn’t expect her to stop talking to him. He expected to remain friends. Sharna was like no way dude. You made your choice, you live with it.

Then Sharna started more of her antics with Pierson during finale, Indy 500, his birthday nasty post, etc….

Bonner responded in kind. He was all over the place. Follow, unfollow, post, delete, like, unlike, Mary’s photos, etc….

I think Bonner didn’t count on himself missing her so much. He didn’t count on it being harder to let go. He didn’t expect to still care about her.

He very much likes a challenge from a woman, but I think Sharna proved to be too much for him. He wanted more of a balance. Sharna wanted control. He wasn’t giving it to her.

Think about the men she has been with. Sasha, Paul, Pierson.

Sasha I am not so sure about, but they are good friends now. She loves his fiancé Emma. They probably just fell into a relationship that was really friendship all along.

Paul cheated on her. I feel she lost control in that relationship and she doesn’t want to do that again. The need for control is self protection.

Pierson is immature and easily controllable. He’s fun and temporary.

Bonner is not. Bonner would not give up control, so it became a power struggle between them.

I think Bonner tried to make amends, but Sharna wanted more than what he was willing to give.

Bonner was upset again in NYC 2 weeks ago. He was agitated. Felt he needed to clear the record and we got the IG rant. Sharna was in town. It upset him.

But now he seems calmer. More focused. He’s been less all over the place.

One or two things happened.

He is either completely done with her and moved on to someone else (Mary perhaps?, although I don’t expect she challenges him).

Or he is still trying to make up with Sharna and he’s decided to wait her out.

The quote she liked says “the hard part is getting back in”.

Sharna would never make it easy for Bonner. Bonner would have to work at getting her back.

I think for Sharna to even consider it, it would have to be that he was willing to try again. For a real relationship.

Maybe he is trying? Maybe he is not.

We don’t know.

I do find it extremely strange that Pierson didn’t show up in NY for the wedding this weekend.

He and Sharna have not seen each other in over a month that I can tell. I “think” they are on a break while she is on tour.

Pierson also made himself look pretty petty and immature on IG when he posted himself wrapped in the American Flag with the Eagle. Shades of Bonner’s new ad campaign. I mean come on, how blatant was that?

Personally, I think that a break is good and I hope it is true. Too much happened in LA and getting away, hopefully getting perspective, is a good thing for Sharna.

If Sharna and Bonner were to reconnect, a lot would need to change.

No more Pierson and games from Sharna.

No more hookups with the Billie Jo’s and Mary’s from Bonner.

They would need a clean slate.

And I am not sure if that is possible.

They would need to love each other and both want to make the effort.

That means give and take, balance, traveling to be with each other. Effort for the end game, which is marriage and a family. I don’t think Sharna would settle for a friendship. Nor should she. It’s all or nothing.

I see Bonner focused on establishing himself for the future. Modeling, ranch business, etc… He is preparing himself to support a family one day.

And I did like Bonner’s quote about the heart yesterday. He knows what’s important.

On another note, look at Val and Jenna. They seem to have gone through a reawakening after much disruption in their on/off relationship. They actually seem really in love with each other now. Peta and Maks too.

It can happen. You just need to be willing to try and make compromises.

I know about control, as I am a control freak myself. But I have also learned that when you give up control, the most loving and beautiful things happen ❤️.

Introducing the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2015 ad campaign featuring iconic American model Carolyn Murphy. The campaign was shot in New York City by photographer David Sims and collaborated creatively on with Alex White. Hair by Guido Palau and makeup by Diane Kendal.

Model: Carolyn Murphy
Photographer: David Sims
Stylist: Alex White
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Diane Kendal


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