for amy xd


Played a  Doodle Game with DanielasDoodles and had a blast today! Thank you Dan Dan! 

Link to her gorgeous DOODLES:

Each drawing was timed for 10 minutes a piece. xD
Curse the timer..


What-If: Mark’s Beard Never Grows Back

Just what if! What if. It always makes me laugh when we shout “Babyplier!!! Or 2012 Mark haha.

(This was a thought that could not leave my mind. I have no idea why but it made me laugh XD Hope y’all like it!)

“ Well that outfit doesn’t seem to be working on me, OR you.”

“ Don’t flatter yourself. I said ultimate, ass wholes, sweet heart. You’re just a sad plain one.” 

Whats this? TWO doodles in one day ( 6 v 6 ; ) guess i got it bad with these two lol