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oh and dallon has stopped touring with panic! in order to work on idkhbtfm more and OH boy am i excited

Fall Out Boy MANIA Review

To the few people who will read this, this is my review of the amazing album that is FOB’s MANIA. So here it is!

1) Young And Menace

Electronic,yes. Experimental,yes. Good or Bad? Neutral

Th first track is experimental, I’ll give it that. Considering that the I listened to this after listening to I Don’t Care, it gave me a bit of trip. Soon, this first track off of the band’s next studio album was a head whirl for many but for some it was deemed very strange and others loved it. For myself, I was in the middle. It had lyrics about how they felt as if they weren’t meant to be a band for this long and how they are still here. 


I saw on many social media sites that some were turning their nose up at this track itself. Though, I still found myself neutral at this, as well. It had an amazing rhythm and amazing vocals from Patrick. The lyrics express how one can be a champion and win, no matter what struggles they were going through or what life threw at them.

3) Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea

Dear Lord, where do I begin!? It’s BOP! I love it and enjoy it! It’s a hard driving rock track that is beautiful and electric. I really don’t have many words on how to describe this other than how energetic this track feels to me and how angry this sounds, like this would be played in a brutal fight club scene. Patrick really pushed his vocals throughout this song and all I can do is applaud this man. Well done.


I LOVE THIS!!!! Of course it came out many weeks before the album dropped but Lord did this song make me dance and bop my bussy! It has a vibe of Mexican electric guitar when the songs opens which I can recognize because I’m Mexican. It’s an essential love song about yearning for someone after a stop in the relationship. The writing style is amazing and constructive and builds and builds throughout. Overall, HOLD ME TIGHT is an awesome song.

5)The Last Of The Real Ones

This was the track that many were skeptical about after Menace and Champion. Everyone had mixed feelings before this came out. Some worried it would flop and others were optimistic. I had faith that this track. And that faith had been reassured when it came out. The piano in the beginning was amazing and so well done. The build in  the pre-chorus only made me more excited for the chorus. It’s another love song yes but one about wondering about someone else’s love for them. I praise this song very much.

6) Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE TRACK ON THE ALBUM!!!! I’ll tell you my first favorite in a second. The one line in the song that stood out the most to me was “I became such a strange shape from trying to fit in.” It has a bit of a AB/AP vibe to it. The chorus is beautiful and amazing. It has a nostalgia feel to it like a mid 2000′s feel to it. Expensive Mistakes  will be an absolute amazing experience to hear live. 

7) Church

Ah yes. The song everyone wanted to hear because of that one line “If you were a church, I’d get down on my knees.” and many speculated it would be a gay love song to Patrick. It does include an organ and a gospel in this. Patrick’s vocals are crazy good here and it just progresses through the whole song. Honestly, this songs makes me feel powerful and strong to do anything. Plus, the music vid is awesome and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, awesome song.

8) Heaven’s Gate

MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE TRACK ON THIS DAMN ALBUM! It has a doo-wop driving through the beach at sunset feel to it. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine the band performing this at a small room venue drawing a crowd because of it’s amazing run. Patrick’s voice in this is angelic and so unique and distinct. It’s his push and run in this track that makes me so happy and feel that this may be one of their top well-done songs. Praise!

9)Sunshine Riptide (featuring Burna Boy)

Distinct reggae meets rock and electronic feel. Patrick sings about how he wants to give up and explains how he’s stuck in just one place(i.e, Sunshine Riptide) Burna Boy’s verse does help Patrick’s soul voice with his growly and reggae infused voice make this a bit more of a kick of a song that you would most likely hear at a club and you’d be there dancing with your friends. Good Song!

10) Bishop’s Knife Trick

The finishing song of this already amazing album. How could Fall Out Boy possibly manage to make an awesome finale to this purple experience? You start it with the piano and have the leading man wishfully lament his decisions that he has made in the past. Then you bring in the guitars and drums done with such an exquisite way. If I could describe this song in one word it would be “stellar” because that’s what this is. A stellar finish to an amazing one of kind purple album.

This album exceed my expectations greatly. Patrick, Pete,Joe and Andy outdid themselves here and I applaud these four men that made an amazing seventh return to the music scene with MANIA. The purple experience that has so far had my vote for best album of 2018. That was my review on MANIA and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Later, Youngbloods!



Miss you
saying this makes me miss you more
i miss you even though im looking at your photo
time is so cruel, i hate us
seeing each other for once is so hard between us

it’s all winter here even in August
my heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer
i wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand 
wanna put an end to this winter
how much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring, friend

like the tiny dust like tiny dust floating in the air
will i get to you a little faster if i was the snow in the air 

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring 
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer

is it you who changed or is it me?
i hate this moment that this time flows
we are changing you know, just like everyone you know 
yes i hate you, you left me 
but i never stopped thinking about you, not even a day
honestly i miss you but ill erase you
cuz it hurts less than to blame you

i try to exhale you in pain like smoke, like white smoke
i say that ill erase you but i cant really let you go yet

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you

you know it all, youre ma best friend
the morning will come again 
no darkness, no season can last forever

maybe its cherry blossoms and this winter will be over 
i miss you i miss you 
wait a little bit, just a few more nights
ill be there to see you, ill come for you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer

the world: #taylorswiftisdead
taylor: *deletes all of her previous social media posts causing mayhem*
taylor: *announces an album causing mayhem*
taylor: *goes number 1 on iTunes with her new single in less than an hour (35 minutes), breaking a record*
taylor: *led sales of her single by 95% on iTunes, breaking a record*
taylor: *breaks spotify record of most streams in one day with 3.8 million streams*
taylor: *sold over 200k (PURE SALES WITHOUT STREAMING) of her single in 24 hours, expecting to sell over 500k in the first week which will be the highest selling first week single sale since “Hello” by Adele*
taylor: *broke the 24 hour Vevo record for lyric videos with over 10 million MORE views than the previous record holder*
taylor: *broke the 24 hour Vevo record for her actual music video beating adele’s previous record of 27.7 million views*
taylor: *now holds the record for most views in 24 hours on a lyric video and a music video*

sorry, guys. i don’t think she’s going anywhere.