for ally xoxoxo

Ugh. I told Elena not to let anyone in. I’m hungover and my daughter is at her friend’s house for the next day, so that means Mommy needs to sleep, unless there’s an emergency. Are you bleeding from your eyes, are you dying? You’ve woke up sleeping beauty and seriously, unless you’re Liam Hemsworth, I’m going to hurt you.”  

So Samantha( @the-other-sam ) and I were talking earlier, and she was expressing a bit of frustration that Sebastian had the chopped off version of her poster - aka the one posted on IG that has the bottom and top missing — and it hit me. I went and looked again at my post on IG - the one that I did to get his attention, so he could see who the actual creator of the artwork is — and look! LOOK! That’s the whole poster!!! He went and found the entire poster somehow. He didn’t just screencap the one off IG and post it on weibo…oh, no. He flippin’ found Samantha’s complete poster. That man is fucking amazing. If possible, I think I love him even more. Bless you, Sebastian Stan!!! xoxoxo ~Ally