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prompt!! carl is being extra snappy towards everyone until tara goes up to him like "dude. u gotta stop" and he actually admits to having a crush on ron and not knowing how to deal w it and she gives him gay relationship advice. ron is the same thing, but with denise. (then they both confront each other and makeout)

Thanks for the request, anon! :D hope you enjoy ^^ happy rarl prompts is good for the soul guys

also warning: Tara is a gross mom. Denise is just cute.

Tara was on her way to visit Denise when she caught sight of Rick and Michonne talking amongst themselves quietly outside of their house.

It seemed as if they were in a heated argument over something, Michonne shaking her head and rolling her eyes as Rick said something to her. Triggered by the urge to help, Tara reluctantly backtracked, figuring that her sweet girlfriend could wait if she could possibly fix whatever was going on there.

Slowly strolling up to the two, Tara interrupted the ranting Rick with a soft, “Hey guys, what’s up? You both seem upset.”

“It’s nothing…” The Grimes muttered under his breath with a hint of annoyance.

“It’s Carl,” Michonne countered.

Usually, that never meant anything good and Tara couldn’t stop herself from thinking the worst case scenario. “Huh…? Wait, what?” She rasped. “What’s up with Carl? Is he okay? Is he bit?!”

“No, he’s not bit. No need to freak out, he’s fine,” Michonne assured her quickly after, having realized that her short explanation hadn’t been the best. “He’s just been lashing out lately.”

Tara blinked, caught off guard by the small problem and glanced between the two. “What do you mean?”

“Carl has been extremely snappy towards everyone since yesterday. Daryl, Enid, Glenn, Maggie…” With the way Rick faded, Tara came to the conclusion that the list went on much longer. “It seems like nobody can get through to him at all. He won’t even talk to me or Michonne about whatever it is that’s bothering him.”

“Maybe I can help?” Tara tried.

“I don’t know…”

“Let me try,” Tara suggested. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the people that you’re super close to your problems because you’re afraid of being judged. Trust me, I know about that feeling all too well…as you can imagine.” She looked at them both, hoping they’d catch on without her having to explain. “He’ll probably have an easier time telling me what’s going on.”

It was obvious they didn’t need the explanation because they were quick to take her word. After a short glance to Rick, Michonne nodded. “Alright…” She said. “But remember if he snaps at you, don’t take it personally.”

“I’m too sassy for that. If anything, I’ll snap back.” Tara responded, making a point of her statement by snapping her fingers jokingly. She effectively put a smile on the worried faces of both Michonne and Rick when she turned and boldly sauntered away as if she belonged in a Mean Girls movie.

It didn’t take very long for Tara to find Carl. He was sitting between two houses under the shade, hunched forward with his head buried in his knees. After glancing around carefully, she quickly jogged over and joined the mopping kid, throwing herself down beside him and clearly startling him.

“Hey, Carl.” She sang, snuggling close beside him.” What’s up?”

Carl didn’t hesitate to snap. “Go away, Tara.”

“So it is true that you’ve been rude to people all day today and yesterday,” she murmured, more as a remark rather than a statement.

“All the more reason to go away.”

Tara cocked an eyebrow at the younger one, finding it unbelievable how sharp and impolite his tone was. Now she could understand why Rick and Michonne had been so irritated about this earlier. “Okay. Dude, listen,” she growled. “I’m going to be straight up here. You gotta stop this.”

Carl didn’t even bother to make eye contact, opting to stare at the grass instead. “You don’t understand.”

“Then make me understand,” Tara replied, nudging Carl’s shoulder with her own. “I was a snappy teenager once too, you know.”

After a few seconds passed, Carl looked up and turned his head, locking gazes with Tara as if considering something. Then, he opened up his mouth slowly, though no words came out right away. “….I think I have a….” A reluctant pause. “….a crushonRonandIcannotdealwithit.”

The last part had come out in such a fast, jumbled mumble that Tara felt as if she had just been mind fucked.

“….What? Slow your roll, kiddo.”

As if that had been the hardest thing he had ever done in his life, Carl sighed, long and hard. Then he opened his mouth again, this time blatantly trying to speak slowly. “I think….that I have a crush…on Ron.”

Having expected something much worse, Tara released the breath that she had unconsciously been holding before looking away with a grin. It was entertaining how Carl was so bothered by a little crush, on Ron Anderson–no less, that he felt the need to snap at people because of it.

In fact, Tara was so entertained that she snorted. “And…?”

“That’s.. It….” Carl muttered sheepishly.

“Okay, so what’s the problem?” Tara inquired, half-jokingly because she already had an idea of where this was about to go.

“He’s a guy!” Carl cried almost immediately. “I just…I don’t know how to deal with it!”

Tara eyed the Grimes kid in hopes of finding him to be joking. She didn’t; he wasn’t. “What do you mean ‘how do I deal with that’?” She sputtered in a hysteric whisper. “It’s the same thing as having a crush on a girl!”

Blinking his blue eyes, Carl stared at her and made it obvious that he didn’t believe that.

“Okay, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s not all that different either,” Tara added in correction. “The only actual difference is the gender. Trust me, I am a walking, credible ball of gay who also used to like guys. It’s like when you crush on a girl, you see her and you go…!” She held up her hands and grasped at air. “I would squeeze her soft lady lumps so hARD.”

Carl’s face grew red. “Tara!” His cry was in vain; she continued.

“And then–AND THEN. You see a guy, in your case, Ron…and you go…!” After a split second of confusion, the brunette lowered her hands and fondled the air again as if grabbing something. “That ass is grass and I’m gonna MOW it. Or you know, the other way around if you’re a catcher.”

Tara had never seen Carl look so horrified.

“I’m kidding!” She said, throwing her shoulder into his playfully. “But you know, there’s really nothing to it. You’re blowing it out of proportion and snapping at people for no good reason. If you don’t do anything about it, then it’s going to eat away at you, and you’ll just keep being moody.”

“What do I do?”

Tara shrugged. “The same thing you would do if Ron were a girl. Admit your feelings to him. You can say it,” she murmured. “….you can show it.”

“Show it how…?” Carl asked.

“Denise kissed me. It’s an entire confession in a single action. In most cases, it saves you from stumbling over your words because you don’t even need them.”

Carl closed his eyes and sunk back against the house miserably as if that were the last answer he wanted to hear. “Easier said than done…”

“Yeah….” Tara hummed quietly in agreement. “Yet better than never knowing, especially in this kind of world.”

“Carl having a crush on Ron….” Denise murmured under her breath as she stocked newly bought medicine from boxes. With a small smile on her face, she nodded her head in amusement. “I see it and honestly, I think that’s adorable.”

“It is. He was all blushy and shit, too,” said a grinning Tara, who was leaned against the white wall near the door with her arms crossed. “Never thought I’d live to see Carl like that.”

“Wish I was there,” Denise pouted softly. “So when is he going to tell Ron?”

Tara raised her shoulders in a shrug. “Not sure. He didn’t tell me a specific date. Guess we’ll have to be patient.”

When she glanced down at her watch, she jumped upright and off the wall. “Oh shit, it’s almost time for my watch. Gotta go!” Tara bounded over to her girlfriend and managed to peck her on the cheek before running out the door, passing by a familiar brown-haired kid walking in. “Hey, Ronald! Bye, Ronald!” She called, ruffling his hair as she hurried past him.

Ron Anderson had been completely startled, freezing by the doorway with his eyes wide when his hair was messed with. “Oh….bye.” He whispered softly, turning to the other female in the infirmary who was looking on with a big smile. “….Hi, Denise.”

“Hey, Ron,” She chimed, going back to rummaging through the boxes of pill bottles. “Need something?”

“Yeah. Medicine for an aching heart.”

Denise stopped and looked at Ron with a more serious expression, seemingly analyzing him for the meaning of his words. “Um, I don’t think we have that. But sometimes talking is great treatment. If that’s fine with you, I’m all ears.”

“….Don’t laugh at me, okay?” He asked timidly.

Leaned against the table, Denise raised an eyebrow at that. “I’m offended that you think I would laugh at your heart break.”

Ron took note of the door that had been left open by Tara and closed it. Then he crossed the room quickly to get close enough for Denise to hear his low whisper. “…..I like somebody who might not like me back…”

“Is this somebody named Carl Grimes?” Denise inquired, nodding her head as soon as Ron’s eyes grew wide. “Righto, okay. Listen, I’m not all that great with giving relationship advice, but I can tell you one thing. You’re going to regret not saying anything. Letting it stay the way it is now isn’t going to heal your little achy breaky heart.”

“But what if he doesn’t like me back…? I don’t think Carl…rolls that way.”

The question made Denise think back to Tara; how she had kissed her, how things might have been had she never kissed her. Then she said, “but it’ll be a weight off your shoulders for sure, regardless of Carl’s response.” She had to hold herself back from telling Ron what Tara had just told her.

“I don’t think I can… “ Ron replied, shaking his head. “I’ve been avoiding him as much as I could without worrying him, but…”

“Oh no, that’s not okay.” Denise muttered, more to herself than anybody.

Ron seemed startled by that. “What’s not okay?”

“Well, hey,” she started, completely ignoring Ron’s question. “Carl has been really snappy lately so obviously something is bothering him. At least hang out with him today.” At this point, she was ushering the Anderson towards the door. “Like right now, maybe. Then come back later, after Tara’s shift has ended. She gives great advice and I’m sure there’s something she could tell you that I can’t.”

Allowing himself to be pushed out, Ron responded with a reluctant, “….Sure. Thanks, Denise.”

“No problem at all!” When she was sure that he was gone, she whispered, “go get asked out, kid. It’s now or never.”

Sitting behind one of the unused houses, Ron and Carl were side by side, shoulder to shoulder, leaning against the wall of Alexandria. The sun was bright and practically in their eyes, so they didn’t have much places to look besides the back of the bland house and, every now and then, each other.

“So… you’ve been snapping at everyone lately, huh?” Ron asked after what felt like an hour of silence between them.

“Yeah,” Carl murmured. “And I feel bad about it.”

The Anderson grimaced at that and sighed. “I get that. I’m in the same boat right now. The only difference is that I’ve only snapped at my mom and Sam since I practically locked myself in my room all day.”

“I probably should have done that, too….”


After that, they were accompanied by more silence. It might have lasted a minute, two, five…maybe even ten minutes, but it didn’t last long. Eventually, Carl would speak up.

“Hey, Ron…?”

When Ron turned towards the sound of his name, Carl cupped his face with both his hands and stole his lips in a kiss. The sun was blinding and had allowed for Ron to be taken by surprise, but the longer their mouths latched together, the easier it became for Ron to accept what was happening and kiss him back.

They only pulled back for a second in which Carl straddled Ron’s lap and captured his lips once more with Ron’s arms wrapping firmly around his waist.

In the midst of their crashing mouths, Carl snaked his arms around Ron’s neck and shifted his body to find that Ron wasn’t going to let go that easily. His grip was extremely tight and it made Carl smile into their soft kisses.

Tara had been right; there were many words being exchanged in their little actions.

It seemed like Ron was saying, “I’m not gonna let you go.”

EXO Reaction; having social anxiety / depression

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Suho; (DEPRESSION) Junmyeon’s excited smile dropped as soon as he saw your frame sitting hunched over at the kitchen table, visible tears leaking from your eyes. He’d quietly take off his coat and place his shoes at the door, walking over to you hesitantly. He’d be pretty scared, not knowing anything of the current situation. ‘’Jagiya? Is everything alright?’’ His voice would be soft and quiet, placing his hands ontop of yours from across the table. After you had told him about finally getting the diagnoses of being depressed after years of already knowing it, he’d be even more quiet if that was possible. ‘’You and me, we’re gonna get trough this, maybe even seek help, but we’ll make it’’

Baekhyun; (SOCIAL ANXIETY) Baekhyun would be holding you hand as the two of you strolled around your hometown, passing by the shopping as he would ask you if he could take a look around some shops. You’d gulp and just nod, not wanting to ruin one of his rare days where he didnt have to practice for him. The shopping centre would be packed and panick would be rising in your chest, a lump caught in your throat as your breath started to become heavier. Baekhyun would look concerned, hues widening as he quickly pulled you aside and to some public bathroom nearby. Once he calmed you down with kind and gentle words whilst rubbing circles on your skin, he’d ask what happened. With you telling him about your struggle with social anxiety, he’d be even more concerned, wanting nothing more than to help you. ‘’You’re gonna be fine, that’s for shure’’

Chanyeol; (DEPRESSION) Chanyeol would have a long deep conversation once you brought up your past struggle with depression. It had been tough, opening up about something so major, but he’d understand, often flashing a genuine smile your way to reassure you that he was listening and that he cared, because he did. Chanyeol would want you to get some help, wanting nothing more than to see your smile every single day, when he woke up, during the hours you spend together, and when you’d both went to sleep. Not only that, he wanted you to forget all your worries and be happy in general. ‘’I fell inlove with your flowers, and now i’m falling ever harder for your roots’’

Kai; (SOCIAL ANXIETY) It’d be a huge issue for Jongin. His face says elsewise on stage, but his heart is bigger than the entire planet. Once you told him, he’d be more than understanding, always planning shopping trips on days where he knew there wouldn’t be much people, and only taking you to things like family parties when he had a long talk with you before hand to make shure that you were okay. That’s all he really cared about, your health and your safety. 

D.O; (DEPRESSION) Kyungsoo would find out trough your family, when he had decided to visit them one day whilst you were running errands and what not. They’d tell him because he saw him as a part of their family, and he needed to know. He’d grew quiet, all smiles and happiness leaving his body. He’d never guessed you were depressed, hell he’d never even seen you upset. When he got home he pulled you in a tight embrace, telling you what your parents had told him and he’d keep you close all night, talking right up until 4 AM, sleep taking over the both of you. ‘’Honestly Jagiya, i’m for damn shure that you and i are going to fix this problem, together’’

Sehun; (SOCIAL ANXIETY) Sehun wouldn’t have guessed it, right up until you were going to a family party at his parent’s house in his hometown. You’d be pretty relaxed, since the two of you got there early, but once people started coming in you started feeling bit unwell. You didn’t dare to eat, not wanting to feel like everyone would be looking at you, judging you. Sehun pulled you aside, and you finally confessed your struggle with the anxiety. He may seem like a sassy little shit (which he his) but he has the biggest heart in the world. ‘’You should’ve told me earlier, i wouldn’t have been so inconsiderate’’

Kris; (DEPRESSION) Yifan is mostly concerned, but wouldn’t get to close to you whenever you were feeling heavyhearted. He’d give you all the space you needed, wanting to be comfortable enough to come talk to him about it after you’ve calmed yourself down a bit. He mostly wouldn’t know what to do other than letting you know he’s there. ‘’I’m right by your side trough this, you know that right?’’

Xiumin; (SOCIAL ANXIETY) Cold sweat would be forming on every part of your body as misery took over your mood. All you’d be doing was sitting at the kitchen table with his family, trying to enjoy your meal. But nothing seemed to be gettin trough your already dry and hoarse throat. Minseok would notice and place a hand ontop of yours, giving it a squeeze. He knew about your social anxiety from the beginning and had always been there. He’d lean over when his parents were busy with their conversation. ‘’You’re alright babe, relax’’

Luhan; (DEPRESSION) Like Minseok, Luhan would’ve known from the start of the relationship. He’d noticed you were down in the dumps most of the time, even when you were really delighted to be with him. when you had finally spilled the whole story from beginning to end, he would stay with you none the less, his number one goal to fix you. Whenever he saw you looking rather down or straight up hopeless, he’d whisper softly that he loved you or just shot you a reassuring smile.

Lay; (SOCIAL ANXIETY) Yixing would be the most clueless out of all. He’d know every single detail of your face, know all your pet peeves and flaws, but he would have never guessed for you to have social anxiety. Yixing would be straight up upset himself, not knowing why you were always so damn nervous when eating or working, only to find out that you felt extremely judged whenever you did. ‘’There is no reason to feel judged, or helpless, do what you love with all the passion in you my dear’’

Chen; (DEPRESSION) With you feeling nothing but distress and sorrow, Jongdae would feel so bad that this would happen to someone so beautiful and kind hearted. Deep inside, he’d kind of know already. The way you looked so discouraged at times, but he never told you. When you told him, he’d simply flash a small genuine smile, nodding and listening to you ramble on and on about your struggles. ‘’No need to worry Jagi, i will fix this problem for you with all i have in me’’

Tao; (SOCIAL ANXIETY) He’d actually need some time for himself, to think everything trough. Not that he was gonna leave you or anything, he would never. Zitao would need time to take a breath and think about what the next few steps would be, and how to calm your nerves and how to deal with panick attacks. He would still be there right beside you, trough thick and thin.