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“I was an only child, and I want to be a part of something really bad. When I got signed by myself, I felt very alone. If my dad was sitting here next to me, he would tell you about all the pages in my journal of me drawing me and four other faceless friends on different instruments. That’s why when I see a kid at a show that looks like they’re crying their brains out because they’re sitting in a room with thousands of other people who get it, I cry onstage. And I hide it because it’s embarrassing. But I get what that feels like to just want to find your place. And this is my place. This is my place.”


dunno if anyone sees this but thought i’d do it any way

i just want to ask you all who post about how gross a ship is, why? It’s not like everyone is suddenly going to stop shipping it just because you think it’s bad in some way. And sorry to burst your little bubble but you’re not making the world a better place in any way by sending hate to artists and other people who post about things you don’t like.

It makes me so sad to see people still getting harassed by these antishippers telling them to kill themselves etc. Yeah, let’s talk about that for a second. I get that ‘kys’ is kind of a meme by now and that’s fine by me and probably hearing that once won’t make anyone actually do it but CONSTANTLY getting those messages really damages a person. If your problem with a ship is because it’s pedophilia for an example, the problem with that is bc those kinds of relationships are extremely damaging in real life, right? Well, don’t you think that it’s wrong to harass people bc they like something you don’t agree with?

You people are really so shallow, you act like you care so much and are such good persons but still you seem to care more about fictional characters and that they “ABSOLUTELY SHOULDN’T BE SHIPPED WITH THAT CHARACTER!!1!!1”, but you don’t give two shits about REAL people’s mental health. Don’t you remember what happened with the teen who drew steven universe fanart here? YOU who tell people to kill themselves because of what they like and what they draw/write/whateverthefucktheydo, you are the kinds of people who cause these terrible things to happen.

No one needs your permission to like what they want to. You don’t have any right to judge anyone else for these things. Live and let live, amirite? Or are you really just that fucking selfish that you can’t think about anything else than yourself and what you think is okay? No one is forcing you to like it, but others can if they wish to. This goes for so many other things as well.

Everyone has the right for their own opinion. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi, pan, trans, or whatever you want to call yourself. I don’t care if you’re black, white, asian, and I could go on. YOU are what you choose to be. You can be a good person if you want to be and are willing to do some work for it. Or you can be a really fucking shitty person if you want to be. Your sexuality, gender, or race, nothing matters. Your sexuality for an example, you don’t need to shove it in everyone’s face. If you really know it to be true, you don’t need to prove it to anyone.

It’s 2017. Think about how far we’ve become. Don’t fight fights that don’t really exist. Be content with what you have. Be kind and be proud of who you are. Be a good person. Say hi to that person you have been wanting to talk to and were too shy to. Hug your dad. Tell your mom you love her. We have a limited time here, use it wisely. We are all just humans in the end.

tl;dr Every ship is okay, you are not your sexuality,gender,race etc, you are YOU, don’t be an ass, love your cat

-rant over-


if you dont think Whizzer would go out of his way to get a pretty chess gamefor him and Jason to play when Jason came over you are WRONG! a continuation of the Apartment AU Im glad people like it!! also i literally dont play chess pls dont attack me if its setup is all wrong im simple ALSO KUDOS if u see the lyric reference hahahaha 

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Hi!! I came to your blog for the art and stayed for both the art AND your personality. You seem like such an amazing person!! Would it be invasive to PM you? I'm sorry if it sounds selfish and/or creepy. I kinda want to be friends with you :D

You should definitively pm me!! Anyone who reads this and feels like having a chat, actually! :’)

Good bye

Thank you all for sticking with me until now, you were really kind to me and having this blog was a positive experience. However, i decided to delete my account for several reasons. I made my main blog more than 3 years ago and it’s time for me to go on and leave tumblr behind. I’ll miss this fandom though:’)

Steven Universe Fandom regarding SDCC 2017

So you mean to tell me you’re upset that people didn’t record the trailer for all to see because they were told not to?

Believe me I understand how upsetting it is that we’re left in the dark while the people who attended SDCC get to see a trailer, but you got to understand that when people said recording isn’t allowed then that qualifies the people who recorded it anyway as leakers, and that’s very taboo when it comes to fandoms of ANY show.

I mean first you say how illegal leaking is, now you’re telling me you WANT them to leak footage?

I will never understand what people want.

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please tell me your thoughts on all of the new voltron trailers/ information we've gotten i really want to know what you think

I!!! am super pumped for Lotor’s general squad, they all look interesting (and hot) and I’m honestly just really excited for a new enemy. For all the Zarkon was the Big Bad these past two seasons, he was a pretty stationary and straightforward guy. Lotor looks like he’s manipulative and takes initiative which’ll keep the team on its toes and force them to react to and anticipate situations in a way they hadn’t before. 

On that note, I think that Lance’s “we gotta stop shooting where the creature is and start shooting where the creature’s gonna be” strategy is going to become relevant soon.

And speaking of my son, holy shit, so excited to see what comes next with him and Keith. The bits I heard from the pre-released episode sound so promising when it comes to their dynamic. And the fact that Lance did The Shiro Thing and gave a speech to calm Keith down just….. I’m so proud of him……….

Look’s like we’re gonna see Allura in Blue!! And leading the Voltron alliance!!! I’m gonna cry kids!!!!!!!

And Resistance!Shiro!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!

I’m also really interested in seeing how Keith handles the Black Lion. It seems like his angry little “you wanted me to lead? well this is how i lead” line was directed at Black, and I’d love to see that relationship explored, especially considering Keith’s close, almost sibling-like relationship to Shiro. I hope they explore his past in regards to him having to deal with losing people (let this poor boy cry :(). I also have some thoughts about leadership within the team and whether or not he’ll actually be the leader (between his close bond with Red, his feelings about losing Shiro, and Lance taking charge in s3e1….. hm………) but they’re not really organized yet. That’s a meta for another day lmao.

I’m just really excited all around!

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Apologies if you've addressed this before, but I was wondering, as a mother (4 kids?) do you have any advice on how to raise children on a budget. I constantly hear from people how it's "so expensive" to have kids and it costs 250K to raise a kid. As I'm sure you know, that's not necessarily true. 250K is what some middle-class people spend, not what it "costs." (working class people spend half that). Earlier generations spent a tiny fraction of what people do now. Thanks. PS You're awesome

I always see that number thrown around and I want to state very clearly, having a child is cheaper than having a pet (yup!). The more, the cheaper. Most of the “MUST HAVE” parenting stuff is all optional. There is cheaper ways around everything. If you don’t mind doing laundry, get all size reusable cloth diapers (diapers for me personally are only at max 20 a month, newborns maybe 35). Infants don’t need millions of clothing, they sleep better if they are kept nice and cool, a few sleepers and onesies are enough. Although it’s hard to resist styling your child because it’s fun (and adorable), babies are cute even in a diaper. I won’t even bother mentioning hand me downs or second hand stuff.

In the toddler stage-just skip dressing them tbh (unless it’s winter, buy sweaters). They are messy and crazy dude. Buy a pack of Hanes tshirts and some sweats. They will stain everything. Good news is, dirt and sticks will entertain them. Buy bleach from the dollar store.

Sometimes they get ear-aches. The urgent cares are usually cheaper for that. If you suspect broken limbs head for the ER, and grab and application to get your bill reduced on the way out, anything else stop by the urgent care first. Call to be sure they don’t require a co payment on the way over. Hospitals are flexible on payment plans.

There are free cleaning programs for kids teeth in every city with or without insurance. If you don’t have insurance, don’t get free sealants, they are trash and tend to keep bacteria sealed in. Opt for pre-payment plan for teeth care.

Every kid is different. By the time they want Gucci flip flops they are old enough to mow lawns for them. Let them make their own money and spend the bucks on perusing their interests even if you think they are pointless (I’m buying a 180 dollar ant farm set up-hint, it’s not for me). Most kids aren’t gonna be Mozart, but maybe they are fashionistas or maybe they like to look at dirt under a microscope?

Total cost per kid per month? Average of 50-300 monthly depending on ages/health issues (I got some autistic bubbies who need some little extras).

When they know the difference between Nike and Walmart it is pricey, but hey free lawn care in exchange for Nike? Good deal.

The 250k everyone talks about? Um these people either don’t have kids or they lay their kids down for naps in yachts idk?

Hi friends. I am so sorry about being shitty with my messages. Whenever I’m in a depressive episode , I hide. It takes all my energy to go through to text my friends, see them, reply to messages- and this time around I didn’t have the energy to expend. I feel terrible , you all are so kind and supportive. And I’ve been shitty.

But I finally feel myself working out of it. I’ll get to you all soon. I am so grateful for the community on here, and I’d never want to seem otherwise. Having people that know and understand you is such a damn gift. I’m here.

Look, guys.

I kinda caught up with all that’s happened because I’m not here much anymore, dealing with my own stuff, but I care so so much about this community, more than anyone might realise, and something just seriously rubs me the wrong way.

You all seem to love to +1 your wholesome status when there’s general talk about adressing issues involving exclusion, appropriation, ableist behaviour, racism and so much more; agreeing to every single word, wanting to make our spaces safer, encouraging people to speak up about their experiences and to also not close your eyes when you see it happen, to stand up..

but when it’s your problematic fave being confronted about the way they act and behave, it’s “bullying” and “stirring up shit” - mind you, I am not talking about hateful anonymous people that have no other goal than to put someone down. I will never support that. Not now or ever.

But man, it is almost hilarious, if it wasn’t so shameful, how ya’ll do a 180 on your stances once it’s someone more well-known, respected and with a lot of followers.

It’s hard to take you all seriously when you talk about making our communities and spaces better, safer, but when something actually happens concerning it, a whole damn lot of you drop your strong words and opinions to preserve a queen-bee of one of the many creepy hives we got around here.

Ridiculous. I’m done with this mentality.

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I'm so pissed off right now I can hardly breath. It makes me rage that people from our community are nor reblogging a posr saying "If you're angry, be silent". WTF! Thanks for the shade for people who are actually fed up with all that's been happening for 18 months now. Jess, you're a trooper.

Ignore anon. I know it hurts to see these things but we just have to accept that there’s a group of shippers who will never, ever understand our anger, and they don’t have to. We’re all free to feel however we want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


And then we have this conversation, where Hiiragi’s like “hey people are going to notice you’re not normal if you just like, start talking to me in public” and Natsume’s like “yeah whatever I don’t care if people think I’m normal a lot. I can see you, you’re part of my life, you’re important to me and that’s really all that matters”.

And this is not something Natsume would have said in the first episode. He’s struggled so hard all his life to hide and not appear strange to other people. He’s felt bitter towards youkai for making him look weird to others, he hasn’t wanted to be a part of their world.

But now he’s like “you know what, this something I can see, part of who I am, this is a world I know and care about, so I’m not going to ignore it even if other people can’t see it or understand it and it makes me stand out or look weird”. 

And I think it’s the conversation with Tanuma that made him realize it. It’s being accepted by his friend and asked “well, are YOU comfortable with this?” that made him realize that he actually is, and it’s other people who have a problem with it, he’s fine. That doesn’t mean he still won’t struggle with it, but he’s taken an important step here in realizing that his own feelings and thoughts on this are more important than other people’s.

And, as another sign of character growth, we had Hiiragi telling him he’s too soft, and instead of getting annoyed and defensive like last episode, he just smiles like “yep that’s who I am and I’m fine with it.” It could partly be because of the different context, but I think it’s because, thanks in part to the conversation with Tanuma, he’s learning to become comfortable and accept all parts of himself.

Coffee Fairy - Miles Luna x Reader

Name: Coffee Fairy

Pairing: Miles Luna x Reader

Word Count: 577

A/N: This is based on Miles’s tweet saying that he flirts by making faces at girls and hoping they smile. Just a quick thing I put together at work.

You took your hands off your keyboard to resist the urge to smash your entire laptop into the floor of the Starbucks. No matter what order you wrote words in, it all sounded like garbage. Your characters had just decided that today of all days was the time to refuse to do absolutely anything that you wanted them to do. You picked up your coffee to take a sip only to find that your cup was empty. Again.

You sighed and looked up to gauge the length of the line only to see that it was starting to stretch towards the door. Even coffee seemed intent on betraying you today.

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Headcannons for the boys when Netflix started trending

I’m gonna rant real quick idk wtf happened but apparently this didn’t post last night so Here It Is Now

-I think we all know it took some persuasion from Pony to invest in an account but after a while he gave in and got the up to four screens at a time pack

-Was highkey pissed when all the boys started freeloading off of it

-He’s all comfy in bed at like 9:30 getting ready to watch OISNB and he gets the message on his tv telling him that too many people are watching at once
-He checks who’s using HIS account

-He picks up his old ass phone (idk but it’s pink and has the coiled wire the bell phones)


- He’s all causal eating popcorn “Listen, Darry. They just put Moana as an option and then I saw that they have Finding Dory too and I don’t have time to watch them separately so-”


-“PS Baby Dory is a-dor-a-ble. Totally deserved more screen time.”


-“Although…I do like Ellen Degeneres’ performance…I find it quite modern and realistic.”


-“Dar, chill it’s like, what? Twelve dollars a month”

-“eleven ninety-nine.”

- “Wait…why are you watching Orange is the New Black?”

-“you know what…forget it. ENJOY YOUR FREELOADING!” He slams the phone so quick. He doesn’t ask about the last show

-Darry hates Piper, thinks she’s a total bitch

-He watches all the trending shows or the unpopular documentaries there’s no in between

-He’s a HuGe fan of Stranger Things

-Watches Friday Night Lights thinking it’ll remind him of his high school days

-He threatens to cancel the subscription when the boys piss him off

-it’s such a powerful threat that it has never gotten to the point where he actually had to do it, they cut the shit immediately

-legitimately how he gets the boys to get their shit together

-He convinced Darry by telling him that it would cost less than going to the movies all the time and a lot safer

-He’s the one constantly reminding everyone that it’s illegal to use their account because they’re cheating the company

-They all look at other with serious faces then turn back to Pony and laugh their asses off because the law has never stopped them before

-It makes Johnny feel bad but he needs his daily fix of One Tree Hill so he got over it

-The one watching The Great British Baking Show because the American version isn’t there but he finds the accents soothing

-He gets frustrated because he’ll think he knows what they’re making but it’s just a word used America that turns out to be a different thing in the U.K. (Stuff like Biscuits)

-tbh doesn’t know what they’re talking about half the time…that or has never heard of what they’re making in his entire young life

-He has the masked icon as his “who’s watching” profile picture

-He somehow managed to convince Darry to get the four screen plan but it was never so that the other guys could use too it was just because he wanted the higher HD quality they didn’t offer in the other plans

-If he watches something he’s ashamed of, knowing everyone has access to his history, he’ll go delete it

-Its like the My Little Pony marathons never happened

-The one who gave the rest of the gang the username and password

-Worst mistake ever because now Dallas has Darry’s credit card information

-He doesn’t watch a lot of Netflix he mostly only went to movies to make Pony happy he only really enjoyed a few

-His attention span is just too short he can’t sit still to watch a movie for an hour or two

-Despite that, he can binge shows if he wants to

-If he’s sad he’ll watch Clueless and quotes the shit out of it

-Honestly Soda is the type to watch anything from a kids movie to a documentary on GMO foods like he only uses Netflix when he has nothing else to do

-To him it’s just one of those apps you don’t want to delete because you might need it but you never really use it

-His icon is the penguin

-He wishes they had a blue penguin

-but they don’t so he settles for the orange one

-he’s called the company multiple times to complain he’s waiting for them to call back

-Fought Pony the first couple of days


-“Listen, PoNyBoNeR. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY watches movies on Netflix it’s all about binging Baby Daddy, my friend.”


-He ignores that last comment and answers the question, “Yes. And I say movies suck.”

-“DUDE the reviews for Wonder Woman were crazy I wanted to see it.”

-“Yeah, like I want to spend my precious time watching a lil twerp watch a chick flick.”

-Truth is he already went to see it five times

-Actually watches every show out there but mostly comedies

-Rewatches Friends all the time

-He’s never actually watched a movie tho

-He’s like Soda he can’t sit still long enough

-He wouldn’t have a problem buying his own account if he had to but using The Curtis’ is much more fun

-He had the free trial for a month but he canceled his subscription when it was over like he does with every other free trial

-Only uses the account to watch porn in good quality

-That’s literally it I’m serious he doesn’t care for tv shows or movies it doesn’t have any other use to him

-Well he’s waiting for a good investment to come along and then he’s swiping that credit card info so

-He doesn’t use it for show watching purposes but he
does fuck around with profile names and changes the pictures to piss Soda off mostly

-He changes the penguin to the Panda and it is a problem because Soda likes penguins and Pandas just aren’t the same

-He watches the trendy shows and movies sometimes

-He takes Pony’s recommendations to heart because Pony loves this kinda thing so he figures Pony must know what he’s talking about

-He really likes Once Upon A Time

-And Raising Hope

-And literally any show that surrounds a group of friends because he relates to them for obvious reasons

-Okay but Gossip Girl is his shit

-The last profile has his name on it but the rest of boys share it

-Obsessed with Riverdale

-Pony didn’t fight with Johnny about using Netflix because he would tag along to movies before they got an account

-Always pushed Darry to sign up for Hulu instead because they update faster and it’s the same price for no commercials as the 4 screen plan

-Helps Dally mess up the names

-Shamelessly watches whatever he wants

-Toddlers and Tiaras? Sure.

-My Little Pony? Yep.

-Cupcakes Wars? Hell yeah!

-Just no OITNB because that shit gets too crazy for him (RIP Dylan)

-Watches New Girl like it’s his religion

- He watched Family Guy and American Dad in the actual order they came out except for the first few seasons bc the quality/art style sucked

- He’s the type of person who need need needs to have something to snack on while he’s watching a show

-like he’ll plan it out or just save his food until he watches his show

-Laughed at Pony for spending all his time watching movies but now he never leaves his house because he’s binging shows

-They had the same conversation as the one with Two except Steve watched Wonder Woman seven times and once was with Sodapop who made him swear not to tell Pony

-But he’s a bitch so he exposed him when Soda refused to admit that Rainbow Dash is better than Pinky Pie

-Pony flipped

-Then Two came forward and it was a huge mess

This is for @maxisprettygay and @matt-dillon-trash

IM STILL SO MAD LIKE WHY DIDNT IT POST?? But at least it’s going up now

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Can You Make The IG of Hanamaki? 🌸🌸🌸

Hello bean, I release the insta edits on the character’s birthday…I started with Noya on October 10th, so the upcoming edits I have planned are:

  • September 20th - Bokuto
  • September 27th - Tsukishima

As you can see I don’t have many other planned, but I do want to continue with people I left out in the first round, like Yams, Ennoshita, the managers, all the Shiratorizawa boys, and so on…Makki is a nice suggestion, I see what I can come up with for his birthday (January 27th) :D

Tbh it’s a little annoying when you see people obsessing over marriage like it’s all great. Marriage is hard. Don’t go into it thinking you guys are going to spend 24/7 holding hands and cuddling. You need to work to provide for yourselves, which creates a distance between the both of you. Sometimes you will only have one day a week to spend with each other, which you will probably want to spend catching up on rest. Don’t get married and plan a pregnancy years into your marriage, because you’re still ‘not ready’, the unexpected is very likely to occur.

I know, everything is so great when you first get married, when it’s all new and the both of you are exploring one another and sharing intimate details with each other, but it only takes a few months for that infatuation phase to pass, and then reality hits. You will still have rough patches, you will still have lonely nights, you will still cry and hurt, don’t expect that to leave you once you’re married.

But don’t misinterpret this, marriage is nice, it can be great, but it takes effort to build it to your liking. It takes sacrificed time and lots of energy to be there for one another and help each other through these difficult times, despite how tired you are from working a 13hr shift. It takes compassion and mercy, letting it slide because they’re tired. It’s being thoughtful, listening and communicating, understanding what they want and surprising them. It’s the little things that are so precious, when they remembered you saying you liked a certain thing and went out of their way to get it. It’s having support and an extra pair of hands. It’s loving each other, flaws and all.

When you can make the most of having the least, because you have each other. That’s marriage.

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i have been seeing people saying they want their money back about dream daddy and that it is transphobic? i don't see anything to that nature at all ;-; what are they talking about?

i… what?? i haven’t seen anything even remotely transphobic about it??? i know damien’s canonically trans and you can make your player character trans if u want but that’s… about anything remotely trans related in the game??? i’ve seen criticisms of the game grumps for being really transphobic in the past, but they had minimal involvement in development and rly just saying boycotting the game doesn’t affect the grumps at all but it does snub the actually lgbt developers who put a lot of time and effort into the game. i honestly have no idea what these people are complaining about now :/

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Hi!! I don't know if you want to hear this or not but I've been following you for almost two years now and your art improvement is astounding! I love your art and I've loved seeing it grow and I can't wait to see it grow more!

anon listen I’m being totally honest when I say that the number one compliment I like hearing re: my art is ppl telling me that I’ve improved, that’s all I ever wanna do and to know that it’s obvious to other people is really great!!!!! thank you so much I’m glad you’ve stuck with me and watched me grow for so long!! <3 <3