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more batkids as things my friends have said

jason: i’m running through a cemetery, i don’t know where i am and i wanna get out

babs: where’s my fidget spinner. *spins fidget spinner* yeah. girl power.

dick: i don’t give a fuckin YOLO about that shit!

jason: i probably should’ve killed tim when i had the chance, now that i reflect on my life

damian: this game makes me want to kill millions of people

cass: why is the cat making that noise?

damian: it’s his crying time.

steph: i wanna shower but i don’t want to stand for 10 minutes.

jason, to tim: you are everything i wish to never be

tim, after his second all-nighter: not even a minute! only 60 seconds!

tim: i’ll beat your score

steph: well, we’ll just see who’s alive in the end

duke: okay, what the fuck, kids

damian, on why he won’t be going on when it snows: the outside is as white as the oppressors of my nation

dick, having not slept for a couple days: on rare occasions, you meet morpheus and if you fight him you become the new sandman and beat the shit outta celestials

cass:  the only person who can judge me is myself

duke: i thought you were going to say god.

cass: yeah. myself.

If swear one day we’ll get a notice that kun left SM and I won’t be surprised. They keep playing with him and its frustrating. And you know what isn’t helping, the so called fans. I really don’t want to be that person but kun literally gets thrown to the side. In the beginning he got so much support but then new rookies were introduced and all of sudden people were like “kun who”. I love the other two guys so much and my ass is waiting for them too but it does sting when I see nctzens mention them two and not kun. Kun was part of nct u, he alongside winwin prompted nct in China. Kun changed his background picture on his phone to nct, he literally supports all nct activities BUT if he isn’t receiving support then what’s the point. SM isn’t going to give him any importance especially if the hype isn’t there. I have literally become THAT bitter kun stan and I don’t want to be. I still want to believe SM has huge plans for him but if not then I wouldn’t mind seeing Kun in a nice company in China.

Ok but could you imagine some kind of an annual football game at the compound w the avengers??

-they made a special football field at the avengers compound

-new agents are allowed to enter in as well but they have to really show that they are worth it bc natasha will be like nah fam youre out

-one time a new agent came to the game and she was like wtf i dont know you i didnt approve that youre here and steve is like oh no let him play,

-and then shes like okay let him spar with me for a few minutes to see if he’s worthy of even being here, needless to say that she kicked his ass and he couldn’t play w them

-he became the waterboy just bc he wanted to stay and watch

-the secret to winning is not to get distracted by the fact that you’re having too much fun bc that’s how people get hurt

-sam, steve and bucky are all on a team

-thor, tony, and peter are on the other (surprisingly deadly)

-tony always complains that peter is too tiny to be playing but then again thor balances out the team pretty well since he makes like 3 people

-pietro isnt allowed to play anymore after he almost gave peter whiplash one time

-you and nat just enjoy sitting on the sidelines seeing their butts in basketball shorts

-until bucky gets hurt one afternoon and you’re like omg omg omg

-good thing you have healing powers bc hes def got a broken wrist

-everyone is like omg so cute look at frozone and the new chick

-hes def got the hots for you since you helped him at the game

-next game around they do a halftime special of him asking you out like yall are in highschool or something

-literally so cute since everyone is there including the twins and rhodey

-and when family comes to the games they all make posters

bumkeyk: Hello, this is Shinee’s Key. It’s been a while since greeting you all. There is something I’ve been thinking about a lot these days. With our tour coming ahead I thought that Boa and I would greet you all through a reality which is why I am late to tell you this but I want to tell you guys now. It may be too soon but we are planning to pick ourselves up and returning to our normal lives. Our members are trying to stand up again and obviously we won’t let the incident with Jonghyun hyung destroy us. Hyung’s self caused many people, including his family, to be worried, and we are sad that we can’t see him right now, but at the end of the road we know that he is waiting for me. Instead of working harder than ever and covering up hyung’s empty spot, I want to always act as if hyung is there. This is something we dare to request but if you ever meet us in any setting or fashion, we would thank you if you would talk to us normally and keep loving us. If you just keep supporting us so that we can get stronger, we will not disappoint you. Thank you. KEY


i understand not liking bootlegs. From an artistic standpoint, bootlegs are illegal distribution of that persons work without their consent. But to compare bootleggers to the sexist, racist, sexually assaulting, disgusting piece of filth that calls himself president is unacceptable.

Dear Evan Hansen has always been a show that claims to want to help people. But Dear Evan Hansen is also a show that not many people have the opportunity to see. The ticket prices for deh (as well as most broadway productions) are astronomical if you can even manage to find a night where it isn’t sold out. Most people, even if they do live in New York, do not have the money to get tickets. Do they not deserve to experience the show? The people that are going to the trouble of filming a bootleg are those who want the experience to be shared with those who are not fortunate enough to see it in person. Most, if not all, of the people that are viewing the bootleg are fans who just want to feel closer to the show. There is only so much a cast album and a wikipedia synopsis can provide. Bootlegs fill the gap that is left.

This would not be a problem if broadway shows were professionally recorded and distributed. We are in an age where it is shown that there is a market for these shows to be put into theaters and marketed for home viewing, but they aren’t for the sake of keeping live theatre live. But people can not afford to view live theatre live. Even if the show you love happens to come on tour, tickets are still pretty expensive and that’s if you live in a country where they tour. Bootlegs fil that gap as well. As someone who has seen both the bootleg as well as the live production for multiple shows, the bootleg did little to ruin the experience of seeing live, nor did it make me want to see any show that i love less. Bootlegs do not kill shows. Some of the most bootlegged shows are also some of the longest running and most successful. If people want a bootleg it is because they want to experience the show, not because they do not want to support the artists that are behind it.

You can hate bootlegs, I don’t care if you don’t approve of bootlegs. They are illegal and from certain aspects i can even understand the hatred behind them, but, Kristolyn, comparing the very same people that are the supporters of your show, the people that just want to have a greater understand to your show, to that foul piece of shit is ridiculous, petty, and simply unacceptable. #accountability

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Do you hate all representations of taller Tom/shorter Tord? Sorry I'm bad at interpreting typed out stuff

Nah, people can headcanon what they want🤷‍♀️
It just what you start making tom a buff monster and tord a sweetie cuties feminine little hoe is when I gotta take a breather and process what the fuck is going on, but that’s none of my business, I know some cool people who draw them like that and I just let them do what they do
But I get the most mad when I see short cute kitty cat submissive ass edd
Fuck that

So, you guys remember this, right?

Of course you do, how could we forget….

Well, I think that this was Anti warning us. Warning us about Jack.

See, I think Anti is trying to protect us, in his own sick way… Anti knows something horrible about Jack, that maybe Jack tortures Anti and that’s why Jack calls him “the troubled me”….because Jack made him that way.

Maybe Anti just wants to have all the people that care about Jack, us, care about him in the same way…maybe he wants to care about us in the same way Jack does…

Maybe Anti is the good guy after all.

Cause, going off the way Jack tortures us with Anti hints all the time, Anti knows that that’s way more evil than anything he can do…he hates the way Jack hurts us by doing that, so he broke through and left this message to tell us, warn us…


Jack’s lies.

And I feel like this is more relevant right now than ever.

Grayson Annual 3

This annual gets a lot less credit than it deserves.  I love this annual.

Constantine’s story about Dick fighting vampires and the vampires weren’t even mad when they were defeated was great.  I like when Dick is portrayed as confident but without a boastful ego which is a quality Dick has throughout Grayson.

Azrael’s story of a righteous Dick Grayson was fantastic.  “It absolutely IS my fight.” Dick feels so strongly about helping people.

Harley’s story was one I didn’t know I needed until this part happened.  Dick and Harley working together, Harley even unloaded some baggage on Dick about her and the Joker’s relationship and it was pretty sweet.

Dick seeing newbie Simon and literally his mentoring habits kick in right away and he gives Simon a lot of good advice.  Simon even wanted him as a partner.

You can tell he really made a positive impression on all of them.  I love it because these impressions were made with no relation to Batman or any of them treating him a certain way because they knew his history as Robin or Nightwing.  But just through his actions they could see Dick’s heart still stayed in the same place so it was easy for them to figure out who he was if they already knew him.  

And when he takes their memories and leaves them he doesn’t show that he’s super sad or anything even though we know that relationships are important to Dick.  He knows the mission and what he needs to do and keeps moving forward in search of new adventures.  I really love the little things about Dick that were brought out by this annual.

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Question: why in general, is shipping real people wrong? I understand not doing it to child actors because they’re children and they should be protected, but what is wrong with people speculating on a relationship between two adults? No one can force two adults to be together if they don’t want to. And in that case, do you consider writing imagines/readers about actors inappropriate? Cause I see a lot of (insert celeb) x reader fics in the marvel fandom all the time.

imo nothing really but twitter has really fucked fandom lines. back in the day, fans used to stick to fandom spaces but now since creators and actors are so available, especially younger fans expect actors and creators to interact with them. idk it’s weird. like showing fanwork to authors and actors used to. just. not happen like it wasn’t a thing people did? in fact people actively worked to hide in case they got sued and shit.

mod z


Me: … Well, okay. I respect your opinion to ship that, as do I respect that you don’t ship my ship.

Same dude: Then why do you get a little upset when you see Gency posts or posts going against Genyatta?!

Me: Gee, I dunno. Probably the same reason you dislike seeing Genyatta posts. Just because I respect people shipping something I don’t doesn’t mean I want their preferred ship shoved in my face. I like my ship. You like yours. Let’s just–gee, I don’t know–keep it like that. We don’t gotta flip out because we don’t think the same fictional characters would make a good couple.

Me: -breathes-

Me: Let’s just respect each other’s opinion.

Me: also I don’t wanna see sin of either ship shoved in my face but that’s just me. My point is: chill.

ok look not to be that person but @ the people complaining that star trek discovery is “badly treating” their characters of colour and their gay characters:

what do you want them to do, exactly??? they can’t just stick them all in a corner and have them not do anything. it’s a sci-fi action show, if you wanted everyone to get a happy ending maybe watch another genre.

the writers aren’t sitting at their computers going “huahauhauhauhauhau we’ll kill off all the gays just to piss off tumblr” like,,,,

they’re trying to write an interesting, compelling story. every character in this show has flaws and makes bad decisions sometimes, just like real life

and whilst we’re on the subject - please don’t forget that this show has an awesome, badass, female woc as a lead. just saying

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I just wanted to thank you for always being real with us. I'm a spoonie and don't really have the energy to go all out like so many people do no matter how badly I may want to sometimes and it really gets me down but then I just tell myself "Anna can't do any of that crazy stuff either and she's still just as valid as the people who can" and then I cut myself some slack so thank you for being real with us and showing us that you don't have to go all out to be goth

Aww, thank you <3 I really don’t see the point in pretending that I’m all gothed up 24/7 because that simply is not the truth. I know lots of other people are able to look that way every day and of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s just not realistic for me at the moment and that’s okay too. For a subculture where the elitists yell how it’s all about the music, they are also strangely fussy about people who don’t “look the part”, but you can’t let that get you down because the truth is goths come in all sort of looks and sometimes life just doesn’t let you dress up like the Siouxsie Sioux of your dreams.

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I was wondering you’ll still be sharing your reading of Taehyung’s natal chart? I feel like so many fans still misread him as a goofy, kiddish boy even there’s so much to him then what meets the eye? The stuff you’ve have shared about him thus far has confirmed that. Otherwise in the meantime would you mind sharing anything in particular or interesting you’ve found in his chart which you haven’t mentioned yet?

I will be sharing it, yes. I don’t like feeling pressured though. But I do agree with what you said, there’s still parts of the fandom that only see the part of him that he was instructed to portray before. But I don’t think we can blame them, for a long time that was all he was allowed to show. Also he’s actually quite reserved so if he doesn’t want people to truly get him they just won’t, and only by observing him more closely you’ll get his ways. He’s very, very smart.

Originally posted by bloombwi

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about a few placements of his that talk about something that is kinda serious so I’ll put this under a read more. You’ve been warned.

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is it ok to get jealous in a negative way by seeing other trans guys transition before you ? I got dumped by my ex bc I have really unnacepting surroundings & untreated mental illness that they decided was all too much for them & theyd rather be with this other friend who has support & treatment for everything. Im still friends with both of them but whenever I see them talk about how their families love them & is getting them top surgery and T I cant help but suddenly feel super shitty and sick

It’s only natural to feel jealous of people who seem to be getting to where you want to be faster than you are however you cannot let the negative feelings consume you.
Jealousy is an emotional response and you have to let yourself feel it, then push through it and move on. -Matthew

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I have a really random question for you because I want to be able to talk to you but am weirdly shy and can't start conversations~~~~ What is your favourite thing about your bias??? - ShyShyShy Anon

aww, being shy is okay ♥ but if you ever have a brave day I love meeting and talking with new people ♥♥

Now, onto your question: Favourite things about Kim Donghyuk

1. The very first thing that caught my attention about Donghyuk was his strength - emotional, physical and spiritual. In episode 9 of WIN he goes to see his father, and we were all taken on this surreal ride of watching a bright and sincere smiling Donghyuk take us to where his father’s memorial was. We learn he was only 8 years old (7 Western age) when he lost his father. I admire strong faith in anyone, in any religion but Donghyuk’s faith was twice as impressive. At the time I watched WIN, and in years that followed I had a huge personal crisis of faith and Donghyuk was someone whose example kept me going. 

Survival shows bring everything to the surface. With Donghyuk we saw the depths of his affection for his members, the dedication he had to his dreams and personal growth. We saw how deep and unwavering his spirit was. It was what endeared him to me the most. 

2. I think I’ll call this part “Optimism” even though Donghyuk has said a few times in interviews that he is someone who overthinks and worries a lot, and his nervous tick to bite his fingers reinforces that confession. Donghyuk is someone who has an incredible amount of optimism. He does his best to always put on a cheerful and positive thinking image. When he talks to ikonics on Ch+ we can really see how real and genuine this side of him is. He always has an encouraging word to share. 

3. His affection for the members. Donghyuk is the oldest son in his family, but in iKON he fully embraced the “youngest brother” role. He’s silly and affectionate, clingy and playful. He joins in with (nearly all) silliness and laughs with his whole being. It’s easy to see how his sweetness has infected all the members with replying affection for him. 

4. His outgoing nature. If you’ve paid attention to Instagram posts, you can see how many friends Donghyuk has and visits and spends time with. He’s also praised by the members for being their most social member. His warmth and exceptional manners makes him irresistible for anyone. It seems he easily makes friends and takes care to maintain all of his friendships, even the ones from his childhood as he mentioned on Ch+ that he was hanging out with his grade school friends before. 

5. His talent. Donghyuk’s talent and skill is something that he never stops working on. From learning choreography that has nothing to do with iKON (like the ones he posted on withikonic last year), to his continued drive to improve his vocals and hone his own personal colour and tone. He’s a critical part of iKON, often the support for dance and for vocals. It’d be hard to image any iKON song without Donghyuk’s crystal clear voice blending the two halves of iKON’s other vocalists (cool pop vocals from YunHwan and the raspy rock voices of JunChan). 

It’s important to put Donghyuk’s skill in context of its own timeline also. The Donghyuk we saw on WIN was insecure, nervous and unsure. His nerves infected everything. His dance had a small feeling, like he was avoiding attention. His vocals often fell short, his lack of confidence in his own abilities sucked all cleanliness from his notes. The work that Donghyuk has put in since 2013 is another part of his strength that I mentioned first. He has never stopped working on and bettering himself. The strength he needed to address his insecurities and listen to critique and advice and grow with it cannot be overstated. He’s incredible. He’s felt such loss, he’s felt failure and he’s had such personal doubts but he’s never stopped moving forward. He’s incredible and I don’t think I’ll ever stop admiring him. 

Also, another thing I’d like to add re: ship culture toxicity - Whenever I bring this subject up, I inevitably get a lot of people saying “Oh, the only reason I never write gen fics ever is because I don’t feel like they’ll be appreciated. People only care about ship fics, so that’s what I write.”

And I understand that feeling, god knows I do, so I sympathize with you all, but at the same time… don’t you see what you’re doing?

You say you don’t write gen fics because they’re underappreciated. You want to write a gen fic, but you look at the small number of gen fics out there, you look at how little feedback they get compared to ship fics, and… you decide not to write a gen fic. And so does the next person, and the next person, and the next person, and you get a whole group of people saying “Oh man, I’d love to write gen fics, but nobody likes them.” It’s a cycle, guys. Come on.

I’d also like to point out that for those of us who can’t enjoy shipping for whatever reason, we write those ~sad, lonely underappreciated gen fics~ because it’s all we can write. “Oh, my gen fics never get as much feedback as my ship fics!” Well, none of my fics ever get as much feedback as… anything, because everything I write is that rock bottom tier. I don’t know what it feels like to write a ship fic and get feedback on it. 
And because nobody else writes gen fics, those of us who do wind up pushing ourselves to write more and more fics, just so that our tiny group will have something to read. We push ourselves, and burn ourselves out. It’s like trying to stop a leaky boat from sinking by scooping the water out continually with your hands.

Still, I understand how you feel. I know a big part of writing is wanting feedback, of course I understand that. It’d be presumptuous of me to demand people write gen fics, and of course every content creator has the right to prioritize things they know people will like and appreciate, rather than spending time and energy on things they know nobody will care about. That’s reasonable.

But this whole thing is cyclical, and that’s the real problem here. This is a problem with the community, and- and I’m especially speaking to ship writers here- instead of everyone just sitting around going “Oh well” or “If only”, we need to actively try to fix the problem. 

So, what can you do to help?

  • Appreciate gen fics. Read them, give them kudos/likes/favorites, comment on them. Destroy this culture of gen fics not getting any appreciation.
  • Promote gen fics. Reblog gen fics on Tumblr! Add gen fics, and gen fic authors, to recommendation lists! Share them with your friends! Talk openly about how excited you are for your favorite gen fic to update! Show gen writers that their hard work is appreciated, and show other readers that a fic doesn’t have to be about a ship to be good.
  • Encourage the creation of, and discussion of, gen content. Make writing prompts that aren’t just for ships. Make ask memes that don’t assume everyone is into shipping. Ask your favorite writers/blogs questions that aren’t just about their ship preferences. Instead of excluding non-shippers from discussions, give them things to talk about!
  • Don’t try to sort everything by ship. What I mean by this isn’t that you shouldn’t tag ships, but like… There’s kind of this idea that shipping takes priority over everything else, and often no room is left to account for stuff that’s not about ships. A lot of times, fans are expected to identify as X shippers or Y shippers, regardless of how much they actually care about a particular ship. So when you write lists of recommended blogs, don’t categorize every person based purely on which ship they seem to prefer over others. If someone asks you for fic recommendations, don’t go “Well, here’s what I recommend for pairing X, and here’s what I recommend for pairing Y”- just tell them which fics you like, and if there’s a ship in it, you can mention that when you summarize it.
  • Seriously, just write some gen fics every once in a blue moon. Again, I don’t think anyone has to write gen fics, especially not just because I say so… But why not give it a try, if you like? Adding more to the small amount of existing gen fics will make non-shippers really happy, and it’ll help encourage others to write their own gen fics as well. If you write a lot of ship fics, it won’t really hurt you to write a gen fic every now and then, even a short one. If you have an idea for a gen fic, instead of lamenting that nobody will like it, give it a chance! Also, if you have an idea for a fic that’s more about plot than romance, you might want to consider the possibility of not putting ships in it, if the plot doesn’t require any.

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Gerudo Male Link au. The remaining champions finding out and reacting to Link is actually a Gerudo.


“So… You’re Urbosa’s kid?” Link nodded, his circlet held in his hands. He didn’t want to be chief when Urbosa passed. He didn’t want to be chief in the first place. “Well. Now I know who to go to when you start acting up!” A hearty laugh had him smiling. Daruk was good at lifting peoples spirits.

“And if we see a dog? Who do we go to then?” Daruk froze, staring at Link.

“We don’t see a dog.” Link grinned. “Link.” He put his fingers to his mouth. “Link!” A sharp whistle had Daruk rolling off as there was a quiet barking from down a canyon. All Link could do was keep from laughing when Urbosa reprimanded him later. When Zelda gave a quiet ‘woof’ however, they both burst into laughter. Telling him he was gerudo had been well worth the trick they got to play.


“Is that why you’ve always been so tall?” He hadn’t been able to hide it from her very long, not when her kingdom was full of water. So he had decided to face the music. Seeing her gentle smile and kind eyes had him at ease.

“Maybe. Or maybe I’m part zora. But then, wait. I guess I’d be pretty short, huh?” She elbowed him in the side as they both laughed.

“Oh hush! You’ll eat those words when I hit my next growth spurt.” He grinned teasingly.

“You mean if you hit it. At this rate you’ll be short forever!” He laughed, ducking out of the way as she tried to grab him.


“It makes sense as to why you are… Such a good warrior.” Link was startled, staring at him for a second.

“Pardon?” Seeing Revali get flustered made him smirk.

“Don’t make me repeat myself!” His smirk turned to a grin.

“Why not? Can’t be the bigger person and admit it?” Revali huffed, swatting at him.

“You fight well! There! I said it!” After a moment spent laughing at Revali’s expense, he gently nudged the rito’s shoulder with his own.

“Thank you. You’re an excellent archer.” Revali just stared at him with a look he couldn’t quite place before he looked away.

“O-Of course I am! I’m the best, even among the rito!”


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What are the chances of you dating a fan/viewer of your videos?

If the dynamic of our relationship is entirely you are someone who is a fan of me/my work, it’s gonna be an awful problematic power dynamic to overcome, even actively.

To date anyone healthily, you have to see each other and know each other as more than the surface level things you know or think you know about them.

Dating is complicated. Fan/creator dynamics are also complicated. So the marriage of the two compounds that, making it, while not impossible, really dangerous in the wrong hands. And I always want to stress that and point that out, as people on YouTube specifically but all over the world have been in unhealthy relationships with power dynamics, even if both people aren’t aware of it.

So the chance is slim. But then again, the chances of any pairing of people working out is typically slim as well. This is just a different kind of slim that I think it’s important that we all are aware of, regardless of what side of it we’re on.

A wandering fairy as appear with dreams of the future ~ it’s been a few years since I join tumblr and since I switch to this account. Through out these years I meant many new people in which some of them became my friends. I discover so many things and found new interest that I wouldn’t even think of trying if I didn’t see it on here and thought ‘hey this looks interesting I want to try it’. 

Right now I have over 500 followers which great if you are really following. I’m sure or a least hope that half you are here because you like following me and enjoy what you see on my blog. If I’m following you it means because I want to follow you not because you are following me. I hardly unfollow people and if I do they’re  not active for months or there was something I just didn’t like.

Lets keep this short and simple here - thank you all to my followers and to who I’m  following. If anyone is looking for a new blog to follow please check these amazing people out! I’m sure you can find some one new on here and maybe make a new friend? Thank you again!

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I believed prince ezra miller for a hot minute until she lied on me and try to make me look stupid. There’s another blog she tried to convince and called her a friend and now she’s shitting on them too. That blog ignored all of my posts and wouldn’t talk to me all because she manipulated them.

Ezra is out there chillin. He’s not stalking anybody. He wants us to leave his personal life ALONE but apparently y’all are out here leaking their address? Wtf is wrong with you? They could get hurt over some funky ass anon messages. I don’t believe in all of her fake anon tumblr messages, as you can see a lot of people don’t believe her either. She knows jackshit.

No I don’t run that “prince ezra miller is a liar” blog. I know that question will come up so there’s that on that. It’s from someone on twitter who caught onto her shit. I’ll give you their twitter because unlike those anons they have nothing to hide. I really didn’t want to talk about this but it’s gone on far enough. She’ll never delete that blog because she loves the attention and won’t stop until she gets it.

She claims I’ve tried to impress him through the internet with my fan blog? As if that makes any guys dick hard? He’s going to treat me the same as anyone else, I don’t have to pretend to be ANYTHING and that’s good enough for me. Ezra accepts people for who they are. I know that and so should all of you.

Please don’t stress over this. It’s your choice to unstan him or not, but don’t let anyone make you feel stupid for your decision. Always think for yourself and know that the truth will find the light every time.