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hi, what bughead fics are you currently reading and why. thx -anon

This is a very big question, GrayFace. Firstly. I read a lot of fic. A LOT of fic. I love all the tumblr one-shots from our immensely talented Bughead writers. I wish all of them posted them on Ao3 so I could comment and squee all over again along with all the other one-shots I’ve read and reviewed. There are only officially a total of 595 Bughead fics on Ao3 right now - and I would guess I’ve read at least 500 of them… 

However, I get the feeling the question is talking about the WIPs I’m following at the moment. I’ve subscribed to 19 pages worth of fics for all different fandoms - so I can’t really give a concise answer.

How about I just share a bunch of Bughead fics (because let’s be honest - like 90% of those of you who actually actively interact with me are fellow Buggies) - that I am EAGERLY awaiting updates on. As of right now - none of these are complete - and only SOME of the fics I have alerts for. 

Long Live Rock by @ficmuse- because seriously, unless you’re new here - you already know that FM is my girl. The BLT series should be required reading for a Bughead shipper. 

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder- LITERALLY filmed in black and white. It’s Film Noir at it’s VERY finest. I can’t get enough of this fic.

The Stacks by @malmo722- Juggie and V are the best of friends and V is a big Bughead shipper. I love them.

fall in light by sylwrites  - DUDE. It’s just about over and I’m not prepared. One of my most favourite Bughead fics ever. Roomates->Friends->Lovers  **just finished this afternoon** 

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey - Underground Racing Bughead. Need I say more?

tell them we sold out by thedeadsea33  - DUDE. Fight!Club Bughead. We need more. So much more of this. What does a fangirl have to do to get more of this?

In the Still of the Night by BlueLonghand  - Amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Behind the Rear Window by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency- Rear Window AU

1971. by @katiedegennaro- set in the 70s. Super good. Mystery and Journalism. 

Do You Believe in Fate? by @jennimisk - Because it’s a Bughead in Italy AU and it’s wonderful.

Skin to Skin by @burgerheadjones - Soulmate AUs are my BAG. I wish there were a million more of them. I love them.

the winged beast by @onceuponamirror - I’m a sucker for Juggie from the Southside.

Make It Work by @raptorlily - because Fake Dating is awesome. Also because all of raptorlilly’s fics are awesome. Also  And Other Collisions  - because.

red sunrise by @lusterrdust - Zombies and Bughead! Nearly complete - but seriously, I’m subscribed to Luster - so I get notified every time she posts anything and I stop what I’m doing and read it. Because it’s Luster.

Needing/Getting by slantedsunlight -  SKI TRIP Bughead! It’s AU but it’s fabulous and I’m dying for more.

That Primeval Cosmic Night by LoneWulffe  - this one just started but there are dreams involved and I’m parking myself right here waiting for more.

Bughead by @wordgirl80 - Goes along with the episodes - but is SO much more. And I’ve managed to convince her to continue through the summer instead of waiting until the new season picks up. You’re welcome.

Finding a home by @bughead4days- Serpent!Betty. Honesty I would read anything Erika writes - even if it was just Bughead watching paint dry - so I’m biased here. And there are quite a few of her fics that are WIPs and I’m waiting on all of them:  A Dangerous GameTurf Wars - seriously all of them. 

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night - A sweet take on Bughead getting married young and the traumas that surround that.

Softening the Edges by Ruby_JW - through their whole friendship - vignettes from their past. This is really good.

Ash and Smoke by saltyhowell - SOUTHSIDE REPRESENT!

We are all Riverdale by NyGi  - Post S1 - and super good. the update today had me emotional.

Jughead’s Circular File by AvenuePotter  - I feel a lot of feels when I read a new chapter of this. It’s full of pain and angst but I love Juggie’s voice in it.

The Boy on the Bike by SereneCalamity - AU - Betty and Juggie meet in LA. So good. There are motorcycles. lol.

Gun Song by Shippershape - it’s been so long since this was updated but it’s also so amazing and awesome. Maybe if other people go forth and fangirl that will help the author know we’re dying for more?

Edited after because I suck!
Self Conclusion by @betsforsythetrash
 - warning mentions of suicide attempts but also so super good.

I’m still working on my giant spreadsheet of fics (but I recently got distracted trying to write my own Bughead fic). The list is still gonna happen though - Complete and WIPs too - but the fic needs to happen too. 

So yeah. I hope this answers your question, Grayface. And remember - this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are lots of fics I’m still reading and probably didn’t add to the list. If you wrote one and I missed it - I’m sincerely sorry. Love to all of you!

I’m constantly amazed at how nice writers in this fandom are. Like seriously, every time I find the tumblr of one of my favorite writers they are either incredibly sweet & kind or turn out to be people that have reached a level of fame where they simply can’t answer all asks anymore (but still reblog stuff that I very much agree with). And no matter what level of fame they have reached they are never unnecessarily rude, despite sometimes having to be firm in their replies. I don’t have problems with unfollowing people if they post something that makes me uncomfortable but I’ve never had to do that with any of them.

Just. A huge shout out to all of my favorite writers. I’ve barely talked to any of you and I doubt you know I exist but you guys are seriously the best ;A;

(Also a huge shout out to writers in general. Thank you for being awesome and pouring so much time and effort into something that I can easily consume & enjoy when I’m dying for new ship content. You guys are a m a z i n g too T^T)

Stop the Anon Hate

Ok I have had enough of this anon hate. I see friends getting it, I see writers and blogs that I admire getting it. Hell I even see book blogs getting hate mail!!!

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Now I do not get hate mail, aside from the one Anon who misinterpreted a comment made to a dear friend and accused me of bullying her, and numerous other people. I have never bullied anyone. I was a victim of (brutal) bullying in school, which got so bad that it wasn’t safe for me to go to school. So I would never bully anyone. But I am quick to defend and offer up kind words to those who I see getting bullied. But there is a reason that I don’t get hate mail… I’m not a popular blog…..

The way I see hate mail…. if you get it, it means that you are doing something right. You are becoming a (or are) a popular blog. And people get jealous. So they attack you with vicious, hurtful words because they are jealous and/or are unhappy in their own lives an want to take it out on someone. The point is, hate mail is (usually) because you have an active, popular blog and you post a lot of fics. People get jealous. The want to make you angry and hurt you. 

Don’t give them that power. Ignore their messages, turn off anon if you must. But don’t let them win. You are strong, you are talented and all us writers know how hard it is too write… so don’t ever let anyone tell you your writing sucks because dammit some people have no idea how hard it is too write!!!! Having story in your head and getting it down on paper is HARD. And I applaud everyone who is able to do so!!

Anons… I’m sorry for whatever is going on in your life that is causing you to lash out at people like that. Instead of sending hate mail, try reaching out to one of the blogs that you are targeting. I bet any one of them would be willing to talk to you and give you advice. 

But please think about this: One day when you have kids, or grand kids, and they are being bullied… they come to you, crying on and wanting to know why someone would ever do that to a person…. what are you going to say? What are you going to feel?? I bet you anything that you will regret all the pain your hurtful messages caused when you see the direct result of bullying, happening to someone you love. 

Words are powerful. They can build you up or tear you down. So please… STOP WITH THE HATE MAIL. 

Do you really want to send a message that say’s how ugly a person is? Or how much of a terrible writer they are? or worse yet, telling them to kill themselves? (Yes, I have seen such hate mail). Before you hit send, THINK!!!! Think of how you would feel if you got such hate mail. You would be devastated!!! So WHY SEND IT TO SOMEONE ELSE??? Think before you send!!! PLEASE!!

Tumblr really needs to work out a way to stop the hate mail. If you are going to send an ask saying for someone to kill themselves, it should be that you CAN’T send such a message. Or make it easier for a blog to find out who is sending the hate mail so they can be blocked and reported. Because it really has to stop!! I’ve seen blogs gets messages about anything and everything from complaining about the bloggers hair color. And the amount of followers the blogger has. About their writing… It has all got to stop!!! Because at the end of the day, when I look back on life, I want to know that I did not spread hate…. what do you want to look back on? 

Instead of spreading hate, spread the love. My mom is the nicest person you will ever meet, and I have watched her throughout my whole life… and I try to be like her. I have seen what being nice and treating people right gets you in life. And I have seen what being rude and mean get you…. so I always try my best to be the nicest person that I can be…. and it makes me a happier person.

So lets all try that. 


*Requested* Can you do an imagine where the reader is the Mikaelsons younger sibling who always hated Aurora and so when she come to New Orleans they fight and the reader gets seriously hurt and the siblings don’t reaction well to it (all the Mikaelsons)

( I decided to set this in 3x07, the lovely Thanksgiving episode. Obviously, if you haven´t seen the episode yet do not read. There are lines from the actual episode and all the credit for them go to the talented writers of The Originals. I hope you @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers & and everyone enjoys. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Aurora, Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Tristan, Lucien

Story Title: “Out Of The Easy”

Warning: Season 3 Spoilers

Word count: 1.067

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s one of your favorite holiday today; Thanksgiving. Unfortunately though, this years Thanksgiving is going to have some unwanted quests, which you are not aware of quite yet.  Your brothers Klaus and Elijah invited old acquaintances for dinner, to which you more refer to as enemies. Especially because they kidnapped Rebekah and are hiding her somewhere.

You walk into the compound, expecting anything than the sight you witness with your eyes. Lucien Castle, Tristan de Martel and his sister Aurora are seated at a big table with your brothers around them.

Y/N: “Enemies at the dinner table, delightful.”

You glance over to your brothers, who seem to have a good time questioning our unwanted guests. Speaking of, Tristan is the first commenting on your arrival.

Tristan: “I am pleased to see you haven´t changed in the slightest, Y/N.”

Y/N: “I see you haven’t either. Still the same arrogant vampire you always were.”

You look over to Aurora and feel waves of hatred and disgust wash over you. Looking into the face of one your greatest enemy is certainly not an easy thing to do, without punching into it. Very violently.

Y/N: “I see your nutcase of a sister is with you as well. What an awful surprise. Then again, she always seemed to behave like a lapdog.”

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13!!! Who are your fave writers (here)?

who are your favorite writers?

so by here, do you mean like fanfic writers?? ahh, that’s so hard! there are so many talented writers on this site. but here are a few:

@roselirry has so many amazing fics. i honestly love everything eliza writes. she’s so so talented.

@mackabees is another one. leesh’s fics are always to die for, and i really love all of her characters. they’re always so amazing and really well developed!

@booksncoffee love eriza’s stuff too! not a bad thing is one of my fave fics on here, and not too mention, her banners are always gorgeous. probably none of my stories would have banners if it wasn’t for this gal!

@nebulastyles !! i cannot even count how many times i’ve read crooked heart. such a good story, and if you haven’t read it, i highly recommend it! lou is such a great writer, and that’s really evident in crooked heart.

i know i’m missing tons and tons of people. but there’s honestly so many talented writers on here, and i named them all, i’d be here for hours! but here are just a few off the top of my head. check them all out!

ask me something!

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You might not be expecting this, but what I remember you for as a writer is going above and beyond for your fans. You allow them access to you; comfort them; and go above and beyond for them. It's honestly incredible. I know you're younger than I am, but it makes you a bit of an online hero of mine. Your fans honestly just don't understand how incredible you've been to them. You're a very talented writer and all around great person. I wish you nothing but the best!

This is really sweet, thank you so much! I totally wasn’t expecting that, but I appreciate it very much! <3

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Do you have any dom!Cas fic recs? I'm already ready everything you've ever wrote and my subscriptions have run dry. :(

Oh, my friend!  Giving me the chance to talk about some of my favorite authors and their wonderful work?  Yes, please!

One of my absolute favorite Dom!Cas works, a MASTERPIECE among fics, is I Can Make You Scared, by the totally unparalleled @shennanigoats AKA Dangerousnotbroken.  I cannot, cannot, cannot recommend it more highly.  That marvelous creature and I will also be collaborating on this year’s DCBB, so look for something yummy from both of us a few months down the road.

Another long and involved but gorgeous work that I adore is I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me), by emwebb17.  CN there for very serious mental illness.

I also really enjoyed Fear of Falling (Apart) by 3988Akasha and  ElDiablito_SF

The Bad For Me ‘verse by ArtemisAnne (KasMarie) also has some fabulous Dom!Cas and is delightful in its own right.

Submersion, by the spectacular @archofimagine (ArchOfImagine on AO3) and  hufflecas, is a work of art and a thing of beauty [TW for past sexual abuse/kidnapping/forced incest (it’s certainly a plot point that gets addressed, and there are occasional flashbacks to events surrounding it, but the incident in question was a single incident and is not depicted graphically)].

I also loved The Kinks, by  ashwinchester4 (ashriddle4), and highly recommend that one.  

A Traditional Family, by @@majesticduxk (majestic_duck on AO3) is an ABO fic, which is not usually my jam, but has a VERY Dom!Cas.

Hopefully those should be enough to give you a good start.  They’re all great works by really talented writers, and I recommend them all without reservation.

Interestingly enough, all of them are AUs–that wasn’t a deliberate choice on my part, I just seem to have found more really great lengthy Dom!Cas fics that are AUs, and I was guessing (given your affection for Snowbound) that you were looking for works that were a little more in-depth.  Let me know what you think of them, and please don’t hesitate to tell their authors, too.  You know we thrive on feedback!

BONUS:  Check out Ready Check by @relucant (relucant on AO3).  It’s a quick one-shot but it is a GORGEOUS Dom!Cas/brat!Dean quickfic, and while you’re at it, go read everything else she’s ever written, too.

Enjoy!  Happy reading!

Under appreciated Sterek fanfics…

I’ve noticed that a lot of Sterek fic rec blogs and rec lists (my own included) tend to feature a lot of the same authors and fics because they’re so popular in the fandom (because they’re awesome)

I want to start featuring lesser known fics and authors on my rec lists, so if you’ve read a really great Sterek fic that doesn’t get the attention you think it deserves, submit it to me.

There are so many talented writers in this fandom, let’s help them all shine. 

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Who's your dealer?

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@wakandasoldier @writingbarnes @currentlyavengerstrash @sebstan-theman @whostheblondegirlwriting @writingcreatingstorytelling @waitingfortherightpartner @mattymattymerduck @sebeefstianstan @chrisevans-imagines @evansscruff @vibranium-ass @just-call-me-mrs-captain @fvckingavengers @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @bbbarneswrites

FOLLOW ALL OF THEM BECAUSE THEY’RE AMAZINGLY TALENTED WRITERS. Also, they’re just wonderful people in general, they won’t let you down <3

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Honestly you know what? I have never read a bad fic in this fandom. Never. Not one. All of them have been so good. Why are all these writers so talented. What kind of goddamn sorcery is this. @stucky writers how are you all so good. All. Of. You.

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Right??? It astounds me that people put so much of their time and effort and love into fics and they turn out so goshdang good, like every single one. It just blows my mind how much talent the fandom and every writer has like damn