for all the tears


What do you say? Pen pals for life? 

with love, from anonymous by @bechnaesun and @westiris

this fic is killing me but it’s also keeping me alive

Because I always insisted on being with you during your darkest hours,
Did you think I was tired and needed sleep during light?
Why is it that you never once greeted me when the sun was shining on your flawless skin and it was time to eat your favourite meal?
I never slept, you should have known that.
The few times I tried, you shook me awake to cry another whole night.
I did not sleep and always kept tissues just for you but I also had a list of fun things we could do.
The tissues weren’t enough and you used the lists like they were just extra tissues.
So we never got around to doing the fun things; we never got around to doing anything but wiping your tears.

A co-worker asked me why I was so emotional today

And I couldn’t control myself from telling him “because in the Supergirl finale Alex PROPOSED to Maggie and it was so adorable and THEY’RE SO IN LOVE. HAPPY LESBIANS! ON TV?! Can you even believe it???? Emotional is an understatement my man!!” as actual tears poured down my face


I’m speechless

“TVLine has learned that Lonnie Chavis aka Young Randall on NBC’s freshman hit will guest-star on the CW superhero series as Marcus, a young alien boy who bonds with James (played by Mehcad Brooks) after the rugrat’s mother attacks National City.”

“There’s a lovely moment that I have with Mehcad, about accepting who you are,” shares David Harewood, who plays DEO boss man Hank Henshaw aka “Martian Manhunter” J’onn J’onzz. “James is reluctant to step in and help somebody, and I persuade him, as a hero, that sometimes you have to go against your own instincts and do something that’s right, as opposed to what you think might be right.

A young black boy bonding with an adult black male superhero?

Who, in turn, looks to another respectable black man as a mentor??

Generations of black male role models???


Ed Sheeran performs Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by candlelight in the Rolling Stone offices.

“Devastatingly Handsome Friend”

“You’re my family”

“I love you”

“I love all of you”

“We’re fighting for you Cas”

“We’re family, and we don’t leave family behind”

“Let’s go home”

“I almost lost one of my boys”.

Me @ Cas Haters right now:

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