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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis jumping for Philippe Halsman in 1951

“Starting in the early 1950s I asked every famous or important person I photographed to jump for me.  I was motivated by a genuine curiosity.  After all, life has taught us to control and disguise our facial expressions, but it has not taught us to control our jumps.  I wanted to see famous people reveal in a jump their ambition or their lack of it, their self-importance or their insecurity, and many other traits.”  - Philippe Halsman


I remember the day my sister suggested I’d make an ask blog as if it were yesterday.

She had already made her own ask blog earlier that day and her character inspired me to make @ask-red-robot-scout. I was already a huge fan of team fortress, but I’d never ran an ask blog before let alone use tumblr for anything.

it’s been an entire year since then and so much has happened. Many new people joined the fandom. A rainbow of teams now exist, monsters, aliens, ghosts and all kinds of mercenaries answer asks to this day. Asks were received on a daily basis. The community flourished and I saw so much creativity in such a short span of time.

I’ve never been more proud of people I’d never met before.

Of course we all know how this story ends; teams started dying off fast, members of the community left for a number of reasons, every last drop of inspiration was sucked dry from them. Very few blogs lasted more than a couple months.

I, however, wouldn’t give up. Spite, the need to please others, a friend’s encouragement and multiple promises kept me going, even when there were days of absolute silence, I refused to leave my blogs to die. I believed I was keeping the community alive but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even then, I didn’t care, I had a valid reason to stay.

I’d made a ‘promise’ to be the last ONG standing, to make my followers happy, but now I know I can’t keep to my word. I’ve made so many promises in fact that I can’t possibly owe up to all of them. I’ve exhausted myself emotionally and physically time and time again trying to entertain everybody, I would skip meals and lose sleep making RP replies to the point where I would shake. When you guys told me to take a break, I felt stressed, like I was letting everybody down.

The point is, I’ve realized that I no longer have a reason to continue running this blog, it might even be beneficial to my health if I quit now. Whatever motivation I had for it before is long gone, I need to move on, for my own sake. I will always love the community and adore the game, and I’ll remember you all and never forget your kindness, your jokes, your silly asks and the interactions we’ve forced our poor muses to have with one another, but I think it’s time I go. I’m also sorry I have to drop our threads.

I wish you all the best,

auf wiedersehen.

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speaking as a disabled person, some of us are here for escapism, you know :/ i don't care enough to unfollow and 'not hp /' is all well and good but there's no blacklist on mobile and i can see how people wouldn't like it

okay that’s fair and i 100% get you, but we have close to 100,000 followers and if we didn’t spend some of that trying to make the world a better place by trying to teach our followers about some important issues, what kind of people would we be?

i don’t mean to sound rude and condescending, but for people on mobile, you can easily just scroll past something that doesn’t float your boat.

i 100% understand some of y’all are here for escapism, though. thanks for mentioning it, it’s something i do need to keep in mind at times. thanks for your input.


based on a conversation with @variantappeciation where the topic of dr. hausler’s gender and presentation came up, the simplest answer i can give about what his gender is, is “nothing.” it’s empty, a vessel with no soul, a puppet with no creator, a god with not one worshipper. one cannot describe something that doesn’t exist. for his body is a useless sac of flesh, a hindrance and nothing more. his body is also nothing. a mind completely detached and a hedonistic pursuit of godhood, the embodiment of an apathetic existence. what a tragedy.

HEEEYYYYY! I didn’t expect to make another one of these within about 2 of the last one. I honestly can’t believe I just hit 1000 followers (currently at 1004)! Thanks to all of you for making this a great 5 months and thanks once again for following my shitty ass blog.

These are all the people I follow and my mutuals! I’m pretty sure I’ve most likely forgotten someone, but I’ll remember next time.



Ps. I promise I won’t do this again at least for a while.

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kat how did you loose 60 lbs. ive been trying to lose weight but struggling

i have a very strict diet and i exercise a lot. i drink tons of water. i take a probiotic every morning. i eat six meals a day. i’m gluten-free, i try not to eat anything frozen except for vegetables and things made of vegetables. (and bread, because gluten-free bread has to be frozen.) i eat six-eight times a day, and i allow myself one cheat meal a week. i box three or four times a week, and i try to walk at least four miles a day. oh! and i cut out alcohol except for special occasions. 

the most important thing, i think, is to have a good support system. i go to boxing class with friends. i bring my lunch to work with a friend. i tried to lose weight a few years ago, and my friends said they were supportive but then they’d not be. they’d only want to hang out in bars or unhealthy restaurants. so finding people who support and respect your choices is really important.

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is it normal for some people who identify as Lesbian to occasionally feel something of attraction towards men? like, maybe more than aesthetically, but not in a pursue-a-relationship or hookup-once-or-twice way, but more in a "im-attracted-to-you-but-that-doesnt-actually-make-sense-because-then-the-word-attraction-loses-meaning" kind of way? if you know what im trying to say?

Tbh I think I’d say it’s more common to feel that way sometimes than it is to never feel that way at all. Although I’m a little jealous of anyone who doesn’t struggle with that, lol :) 

It’s a very common result of the force of compulsory heterosexuality, and it doesn’t make you any less of a lesbian. From the day you’re born, before you’re old enough to even know how to read, you’re taught in a million subtle ways that girls should be attracted to boys and not girls, and that boys should be attracted to girls and not boys. It takes a whole lot of time to unlearn things like that that are so deeply ingrained. 

Don’t sweat it too much, that doesn’t make you any less of a lesbian, okay? xx


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Hey I don't want to sound rude or anything, but I wasn't really aware of this until I started doing research. Why is autism speaks so bad? I'm sorry if this sounds really ignorant, but I really don't no. All I've seen is people bash it and I just would like to know the story from someone who may have been effected? Thank you and sorry again ❤

You don’t sound rude at all! A lot of people don’t know why Autism Speaks is bad. They’ve been very effective at marketing themselves as authorities on autism and as THE autism charity. However, there are a lot of problematic issues with them. I actually recently created an infograph to help people understand some of what’s wrong with Autism Speaks. 

For a more in depth exploration, you can check out this article which is what the infograph is based on. We also have more resources about why autism speaks is bad on our resources page.



@universalassassincat said

Oh yeah!!  I completely forgot about that when I posted that ask. I wonder if Black Mask will be the villain, I kinda saw that picture David Ayer posted as more of a response to all the behind the scenes pictures leaked (like the Harley “wedding dress”), but Ayer could be teasing the villain! Thanks. 

@juney-chan said

Yeah, I agree with you. I’m convinced she’s only reading New 52 when it comes to her research of Harley. In the horrible New 52, Harley is the “psycho cinnamon roll that must be protect and be happy with her friends at all times”. Awful. I hate that series so much. Thanks. 

@chickadee333 said 

Wow, thank you! I thought of that as I was writing the reply to the ask, so thanks! I never really realized that ‘Harley’ begins with ‘Ha’ as in a laugh so I wonder if that’s ever spoken about between J and Harls. Thanks. 

@sandalaris said 

Wow, I never thought about Ivy having another girlfriend and maybe just making the “love eyes” at Harley. I think that would be a fantastic idea! As I’ve said before, I predict that Ivy and Harley’s relationship in ‘Gotham City Sirens’ will be kind of like Deadshot and Harley’s relationship in ‘Suicide Squad’, their relationship was kinda flirty, kinda ‘will they won’t they?’ but ultimately it goes nowhere because Harley is still in love with Joker (as she should be). Also, I think that Harley’s character and Harley’s relationship with Joker is in good hands with David Ayer still directing. So that’s reassuring to me. 

“…They are also not making Ivy this woman who is pining over someone who is currently unavailable.” I like that idea a lot too. You’re very smart. I really do want Joker and Harley’s relationship to be explored a lot more before Ivy and Harley possibly become a thing. I hope your idea happens. Thanks. 


So, I’m back. Life has cleared up, I have a job, shoulders doing fine and I’m 30 pounds lighter. And I was wondering if any of you lovely people had the time of day for a giant giggly Elezen? 

I’m looking into a few things, and was wondering if anyone in the rp scene would like to engage in Discord things. Now, heres the thing: I have ideas. I get bored with the every day rp pretty easily(which is partly why I fell off of this last time), so I was looking into programs with dice and the like, and working with anybody willing to give me a chance at dming some small stories. 

The reason being is because I’ve been pushing myself to do a lot of writing, but I seem to have lost the spark and the fun in it. RP has always been a love of mine, and I’m hoping after some time it’ll give me that spark that I love in my writing. 

The stories can be anything! Canon, noncanon, a past story that you never truly explored and are willing to expand on for fun, anything! Yvain has a lot of empty space to fill up in his timeline, so truly, theres plenty that we could do.(Also it will all be on your time, to the best of my ability. Respond when you can/want, and if you are uninterested, just tell me ^^ ) 

Most importantly, I’m just looking to have fun, and I hope you all who partake have fun too. I’m still looking for some sort of dice roller and such that we could use so 1. It doesn’t look like I’m tampering with the results to get the ones I/You want and 2. It just stays fair. 

Anyway, thats an update and an inquiry! I hope you all have been having plenty of fun in the time that I’ve been gone, and I hope everythings okay. ^^ Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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Good morning Nikki, hope ur day is well. Im a little confused because hear this. Camila, Lauren & Lucy used to hang our like good friends before and suddenly stopped?? Was it because Lauren was dating Camila and she was jealous of Lucy or the other way around? Im confused af. All this eye fuck, stares. They all meaned something..

Exactly. If people pay attention to the way the dynamics shifted between all the three girls a love triangle is very possible. Lucy went from being a low key camren shipper and liking camren stuff to not unfollowing her and not interacting at all. Keeping in mind the unfollow didn’t happen until Dec of last year. So literally on 4 months ago and she liked Mila’s tweet about Bad Things on Dec 1st. So…you’re not the only one confused munchkin😂 oh and my day is going wonderfully! Thank you for asking. 😘 Hope your day is going great too!👍

an overeager politically correct word filter changes “sex” to “gender” everywhere, now people have gender appeal, ask if you want to have gender all night long, wear gendery Halloween costumes, listen to Salt-N-Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Gender, Bill Clinton did not have gender with that woman,

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Is there any way to make a plot twist in a way where it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere? That's my biggest problem, people always tell me that my plot twists feel weird and unnatural.


There definitely is – foreshadow. Drop subtle but clear hints about what’s coming all throughout the novel, so that when your readers look back it will be clear that those hints indicated your plot twist.

As an example, I’ll use The Shining by Stephen King (one of my favorite books ever). *SPOILER ALERT!*

Danny Torrance, the protagonist, is a five-year-old with telepathic powers. He has a visitor (his parents call it his imaginary friend, but it’s not) named Tony who sometimes shows him things: Tony once showed him where to find a trunk containing his father’s manuscripts; Tony also shows him horrible things happening in the hotel in which his family will be spending the winter (up in the mountains of Colorado, so they’ll be snowed in). After Danny has a semi-catatonic episode, his parents take him for a medical checkup, just to be sure of his health before they’re snowed in for three months.

The pediatrician, of course, speaks to Danny during/after his checkup, and acts somewhat as a psychiatrist; he then speaks to his parents about his diagnosis (which is nothing serious – only stress). His opinion on Tony is that he was created to deal with hard times (moving, and Danny’s parents considering divorce), and Danny no longer needs Tony, because the family is rebounding; however, Tony isn’t leaving easily, hence the nightmares Danny complains of, and the fainting spell he had. Then the pediatrician says to Mr. and Mrs. Torrance something along the lines of “And of course, you know why he’s named Tony and not Michael or Greg”, and during my first time reading, I didn’t understand what he meant. After the plot twist, it clicked.

Also, it is mentioned that Danny was born with a caul over his face, which superstition says signifies a child gifted with the second sight (in other words, the child will be able to see the future). At the time, this – and what it implies – seems like a secondary detail. Again, at the plot twist it is clear that it actually means more.

The plot twist occurs during Tony’s last visit, which takes place during the novel’s climax. During his last powow with Danny, he comes closer, into Danny’s field of vision – Danny has never seen Tony’s face before, so this is a significant event. Tony looks just like Danny, but older – still young, but maybe 11 instead of 5. Then, in the prose, Stephen King writes Danny’s full name, middle name included, which doesn’t happen at any other place in the novel: his full name is Daniel Anthony Torrance, or in other terms, Danny “Tony” Torrance. The conclusion drawn from this is that Tony is actually Danny from the future, and that Danny has both telepathy and second sight.

This plot twist grows roots throughout the book: how Danny never sees Tony’s face, how Danny was born with something said to promise the second sight, the psychiatrist’s comment on Tony’s name. Basically, Stephen King lays everything on the table without giving us the one detail everything stems from – if it was drawn as a chart, all these small details would surround one big box in the middle, and until the plot twist, that big box would be blank. After the plot twist, that box would be filled in with TONY IS AN OLDER VERSION OF DANNY AND DANNY HAS PRECOGNITIVE VISIONS. That’s what you need to do: lay everything out for the reader except the actual plot twist itself.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

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Can we just talk about how every movement magnus makes is 100% intentional and graceful , he knows what he doing and uses himself as a way to enhance his words , I'm forever in love

yes we can always talk about this

we can always talk about the fluid grace of every movement he makes and the way he assesses all situations. his perceptiveness not only in battle but in any conversation, the difference in his behavior around people he doesn’t trust. you can just watch him shift into the epitome of control and he never has to do anything intimidating to be intimidating, even when he’s walking in that same lilting, graceful way he always does, his shoulders shifting as he appraises everything. he enhances every word that comes out of his mouth with his shoulders and his hands, with the power in the way he takes up space in a room. or when he’s with someone he cares about, someone he’s being tender to, it’s his use of touch or the way he uses space between them and eye contact to drive what he’s saying home. a hand on a shoulder, a hug, all of these little things. it’s also not just movement that this intention and grace bleeds into, it’s also the way he talks, choosing every one of his words so carefully.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again but it’s like the world is a game of chess and he’s a master isn’t he. not to say that he doesn’t take it seriously because it is, it’s very serious. but i keep thinking back to what harry said about him choosing what to get involved in and it’s just so damn true. similarly, he chooses how the world sees him and who gets to see him at his most vulnerable. who he will trust with that and it’s so few people.

he’s just so damn incredible


I’m starting a monthly feature of 10 special things people have said to me that have really impacted me, whether it’s watching my back and telling me someone reposted my story, asking advice, or just saying some really sweet stuff that makes me love what I do.  I love everyone!

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maybe because you drop plots or never reply to threads without reminding people? you dropped like 3 threads with me lol

kinda wanna tell u to mind ur own goddamn business but i guess i’ll try to answer this properly (:

 okay, first of all, good job for sending me a passive aggressive ask about a post i made ELEVEN HOURS AGO when i was in a very low mood and wasn’t actually about threads/replies at all. in any way. literally wasn’t talking about my thread count!! amazing, right? don’t you worry, i have plenty of threads to work through and i haven’t been low on threads for about two years. but, really, well done for making a post i made when i was feeling shitty about you and your feelings. you do realise how entitled this sounds, don’t you? 

second of all, i can promise you, whoever you are, more of my threads get dropped on the other end than on my end and by an overwhelming amount. i’ve had a lot of threads that have gone nowhere or were dropped early. i’ve written with plenty of people who have dropped multiple threads with me. guess what? i don’t give a shit. it didn’t kill me. i don’t harbour any ill will against those writers. nobody is obliged to give you a reply if they don’t think they can. this is a hobby, not a job. 

anyway, i only drop threads when i get overwhelmed because i have more on my plate than i can handle, i genuinely can’t come up with a decent reply or the blog isn’t active anymore. i don’t often drop threads because i hate doing it. partly because i feel bad but largely because i’m afraid of getting this exact response from people. i genuinely avoid dropping threads as much as i can, always make a post about when i do drop threads and rarely drop more than about two or three at a time. no, i don’t message people personally but that’s because of The Anxiety (and i’ve said this multiple times). even without that, though, sometimes i’m just?? slow with replies?? because i’m human?? wild, i know. also, please, tell me what plots i’ve dropped because, as far as i know, i’ve hardly plotted with anyone outside of my small friend group for a long time.

in conclusion, what the fuck? you’ve clearly got some issue with me so why are you following me? this ask in itself implies you don’t think i’m deserving of attention from people around me so, seriously, why? do you really feel that slated by a few dropped posts (that i’m not even sure i definitely dropped since i have no clue who you are nor any evidence to support that you might have just missed a notif or something)? please go focus your energy on something else. (and i genuinely can’t believe i’m saying this shit again after i already wrote THIS POST back in december)

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Itaat to struggle more with language when tired/overwhelmed/brain too full? Like spelling getting worse, leaving out words, dropping complicated grammar, forgetting how to communicate like a neurotypical person basically because it's too complicated

Yup! For many autistic people, language difficulties become more pronounced when tired/overwhelmed/stressed/etc. This can present in all sorts of ways from the things you’ve described to going nonverbal. 


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I would do all that but I'm too nervous. Heck I'm talking to ya anonymously. Miss Bitch got slapped by Mary though. Right in the face.

Ohohooo, Mary, you bad ass!

You just gotta try your best. Don’t let people push you around, you know? Trust me, keeping my posture confident took quite a while to learn. I’m glad I did, though.

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yall so stupid you need to stop with that racist shit im sick and tired of it serioulsy are you dumb enough to belive that bts hate whites like most of their foreigns fans are fucking white you need to stfu this is becoming a joke what kind of bullshit is that like literally stfu you are all so dumb and before you start opening that big mouth of yours im black and you make me sick you can talk about white people bieng racist but what youre doing isnt any better bitch. sort your self out love.