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Jeep Hurricane Concept, 2005. A twin-engined prototype with 4-wheel steering and 37inch tyre for extreme off-road situations. One feature of the Hurricane’s engine system is the ability to use different sets of cylinders for different driving conditions. Each engine contains eight cylinders, but the multi-displacement system can use all, half, or none of the cylinders of each engine. For example, all sixteen cylinders can be utilized for rough terrain, twelve can be used for charging along off-road trails, eight can be used for city driving, and four can be used for highway conditions. This feature can be manipulated manually or done automatically 


Shout out to @antro789 for this great video of his jeep splashing through this puddle like we all should. #jk #jeep #jeeps #wrangler #JEEPFLOW

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What do Jeeps, Skyscrapers, and Tomb Raider all have in common? #PrizeOfTheTombRaider

Back in 2003, a limited edition Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Tomb Raider model made its debut, coinciding with the summer blockbuster release of Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, starring Angelina Jolie.  

Source: Wrangler Forum

Now, 13 years later, a Tomb Raider themed Jeep returns to celebrate 20 years since the original Tomb Raider launched in 1996, and the recent launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. This time, it has taken on an adventure with Lara, whilst being suspended on a skyscraper in New York City. 

Visitors to New York City are invited to check out the Tomb Raider Jeep at the intersection of 52nd and Broadway all October long. If you spot it while in the Big City, use #PrizeOfTheTombRaider and #TombRaider20 to share your photos of the Jeep.

Fans in the US: 

Enter to win the Jeep using #PrizeOfTheTombRaider or by visiting the sweepstakes website:

The Day it all Ended [ CLOSED ]

ㅡ A yellow Jeep Wrangler was coasting down an open road; cars on the sides of the path, doors open, lights flashing, everything completely ㅡ abandoned. Just a couple days prior, a terrible virus outbreak had mercilessly taken the lives of the innocent and the..not so innocent. 

“Damn..Everyone’s gone.” Kamiko, the woman driving the wrangler, cursed under her breath as her deep chocolate irises focused on what was left of her fallen city. “I can’t be the only one left..No..I can’t be.” It all didn’t make sense to her, why was SHE the only one left? Surely, there had to be more than just her that had survived the outbreak. marshal-lee-the-vamp-king