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The Board Game Hannigram - Hannibal series explained as a board game - help Will Graham to play hard to get
(it’s actually playable!! Feel free to print these pages and play if there are fannibals in your neighborhood. Love you all guys=) the game is still in progress, so i’ll be updating this post, I ’ll add  about 80 “situation cards” and other stuff)
!!  The Situation Cards are here  !!


EXCLUSIVE: Kelsea Ballerini’s Major Moments, From Singing With Taylor Swift to Falling in Love  

The First Time You Met Taylor Swift (not as a fan!)

Interviewer: I want to know about the first time you met Taylor Swift not as a fan.

Kelsea: She texted me right after she tweeted about my record, which was insane, and she was hosting a birthday party for her friend Abigail at her place in Nashville and invited me and just ran up and hugged me, like grabbed my hand, brought me into her apartment and introduced me to all of her friends like Hayley from Paramore and Kings of Leon..

Interviewer: No big deal..

Kelsea: And I was like, “Hi, I’m Kelsea”. But she was so lovely. That was the first time I met her.

The First Time On Stage For The 1989 Tour

Interviewer: What about the first time you stepped out on stage for the 1989 Tour?

Kelsea: Oh God, I was so nervous, I was so nervous. And I just remember being down below the stage, you could still see the upper rim of the arena. So I was down there and I was looking up and she was announcing me and I was like, “Oh, like it’s gonna go up and I can’t get off, I can’t get off now.” And it just started going up and I was like, “Oh, oh gosh”. And then you just are up there and you see the whole arena full of people and it was hectic, it was amazing. I got home that night and I was laying in bed and she posted the picture of me and her from that night on her Instagram and I looked at it and I bawled. It was the first time that it actually hit me what had happened that night.

I’m not mad that the dirty dancing remake producers had a chance to make a movie about Baby and Johnny’s teenage daughter (ALYSON STONER BITCHES) exploring her recently deceased father’s legacy at the resort where he got his start and met her mother (who’s totally a doctor now) while also discovering a romantic interest (*cough* Adam Sevani *cough*) of her own and trying to get her grieving widowed mother to understand her and vice versa. She’s surrounded by people, by dancing, by her passion, and yet she can’t really feel anything and no one can really understand her because they only one who did is gone now. And she’s got to do all this while trying to come to terms with her dad’s death. I’m not mad. I’m writing that fan fiction now. I’ll fix this everyone don’t worry.

(cont) That was a day for Abigail and her husband, and all their family and friends! It was not the time or place to try and meet Taylor. It was a private event, that was NOT about Taylor, and it’s not Taylor or anyone else’s fault that the fans stood in the rain and got ignored, it’s the fan’s own faults. I understand why they were upset, but their reactions to her wanting privacy were rude and unacceptable. Taylor had every right to arrive at Abigail’s wedding in private and ignore her fans.

American Revolution on Tumblr AU:

Alexander Hamilton: @publiccreditisgood Reblogs every economic tumblr post he sees. Posts all these long rants complaining about how the current government is weak and inefficient.Occasional uploads of pics of Eliza or John Laurens with him. Probably the most boring tumblr of all time.

Thomas Jefferson: @virginiaisgoodland Reblogs about every tumblr posts concerning current social issues. True libertarian. Advocate for the conservative ideals of small government and extremely decentralized federalism. Posts his own writings also, but they are not as boring and unpleasant to read as Hamilton’s. Still a boring tumblr tho.

John Laurens: @blacklivesmatter Black Lives Matter.

Lafayette: @vivelarepublic Posts about his aristocratic life in France, his stately homes and his zeal for revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic. Oh, and he also posts about George Washington and him.

George Washington: @georgewashington1 Somebody took the username @georgewashington long before he’d even heard of tumblr, so @georgewashington1 was born. Washington doesn’t post anything on tumblr except for reblogs of posts about July 4th celebrations.

Comte de Rochambeau: @comtederochambeau Posts things about the French royal navy in which he serves as an admiral.

Hercules Mulligan: @hmthetailor Reblogs everything on Alexander Hamilton’s tumblr but is primarily a fashion blogger. Big fan of cheap but stylish clothing. H&M is his absolute, all-time favorite. Has like a ton of H&M outfit ideas on his tumblr.

John Adams:  goes on tumblr often but does not have one himself.

Abigail Adams: @asadams Feminism & egalitarianism.

James Madison: does not know what tumblr is and is not at all interested in knowing what it is even though his mentor Jefferson spends hours every day getting into fierce debates with one of their mutual adversaries, Hamilton, on tumblr.

Aaron Burr: no one knows if he has a tumblr or not. No one actually cares.

John Hancock: @jhancockofficial Is the revolutionary equivalent of C-SPAN. The huge political nerd.

Sam Adams: @revolution Activist on tumblr. Organizes protests and riots every week. The most infamous revolutionary tumblr.

Roger Sherman: @shermancobbler Business account for the company Sherman Carpentry Co., Inc. Probably the only serious tumblr run by a revolutionary that does not get into trouble at all. Sherman also runs a personal tumblr on which he rants about the chaos in government though, and that one is very controversial.

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Does sebby still play in Sam's band? Has ethan ever been to one of their shows?

Of course he still plays! and Ethan had been one more than their shows, he’s their number one fan!
Ethan has no musical talent, but he likes to listen to music and wanna hang out with the coolest kids in pelican town, so he usually attends to jam session with the gangs (they were totally cool about this!)

Ethan made T-shirt, of course, for all of them!

Thanks for asking!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND My knd kick is STILL GOING STRONG What is wrong with me omg.

But yeah, I’m a hardcore Cherry Shipper (if that is still the name of the ship lol) Man, I just love these guys though~ But it was always crazy how the show was just one big drama in disguise on WHO NIGEL WOULD GO FOR! Hints of Abby liking Nigel, Numbuh 2, or Maurice? Numbuh 362 being another option for a new girlfriend for Numbuh 1, and Lizzie breaking up with him but wondering WOULD THEY GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN???

So many things man. The show was REALLY good. So seeing that Galatic Kids Next Door thing made all sorts of things kick up again~ Including the idea of Nigel maybe doing certain things for his comrades. (since in the trailer it was her name that made him hesitate). But I would imagine even if Nigel was doing this for the better of all kids, Abby would always think for the good of everyone and would stop Nigel at all costs…maybe.

Either way, this is just my fangirl SHINING through and clearly overtaking my brain for some good old fashion fan service to satisfy my broken heart of lack of this good show. Kinda doing a fusionfall mix up on styles here. OH I hope they appear in the new version~ Threw them in space for dramatic effect

Hope you all enjoy this!
In 'Timeless' renewal, NBC chief says he heard Save Our Shows pleas
'Timeless' spared cancellation after all, and NBC chief cites Save Our Shows poll and fan support among factors.

In an email, Greenblatt said USA TODAY’s Save Our Shows poll, which asked readers to vote on the fate of 24 borderline series, was a factor in NBC’s reversal, along with an organic #RenewTimeless fan campaign. “All of the fan reaction, which was confirmed by your poll, was part of the reason we worked so hard to bring it back,” he said of the series, which stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter and Malcolm Barrett.

you know what pisses me off? luke follows more fans on twitter than any of the other boys yet the minute he unfollows/ blocks some who are nasty as shit to him all of sudden he doesn’t care about the fans, luke has given fans hugs/kisses on the cheek without the fans even having to ask, luke gives their friends/ crew members hugs all the time, other celebrities that have met luke have all said he was nice as shit, when they were asked about ‘you suck’ luke told michael he liked all the things about him that abigail used to insult michael with,luke helps malum drink water so they don’t have to stop playing their instruments,  luke loves his band mates so much, when asked what they’d say to kurt cobain if they ever met him luke said he’d ask if he was sad bc he ‘doesn’t want it to happen again’, luke is so full of love yet gets so much hate, luke is so sweet and kind yet i all i see directed towards him is hate, harassment or praise for his looks

something that really boggles my mind is the fact that no one was able to figure out that Miley was Hannah Montana. all she did was put on a blonde wig. when celebs dye their hair, you can still very clearly obviously 100% tell that it’s them….just with a new hair color. Hannah didn’t wear wild crazy makeup, no prosthetics to alter her features, no mask, no nothing. just a blonde wig yet no one noticed? How many wigs has nicki, chyna, kylie, gaga, etc worn and you can always tell its them instantly ofc bc it’s just a wig!! I wouldn’t expect ppl at Miley’s school to wonder about it (perhaps) but if Hannah was this big mega superstar that the show portrayed her to be, how on earth did no one see her on the streets with brown hair and flip out at their random celebrity sighting. No one even recognized her speaking voice that she didn’t bother to change? if you’re a big big stan you even recognize friends of celebrities that regular ppl wouldn’t even know about (like Taylor swifts friend Abigail or Rihanna’s friend Melissa as a random example), so if Hannah had all these wild fans who could still recognize Lola even though she had a new wig every fucking day, how didn’t they realize she was Lilly? It was a known fact that most ppl at her school were big Hannah fans. In the first season they basically beat up Oliver (I think it was him) over his tickets! They were nuts for Hannah! Yet nooooobody could recognize Lilly and Miley??? Or when Miley was dating Jake Ryan and the media was going wild trying to figure out the identity of this “mystery girl”. BITCH it’s obviously Hannah with brown hair! Same voice, same height, SAME FACE, same age, cmon now! None of this makes any sense. Miley should’ve only been able to keep her secret for a week max after she became a top star and thassa fact, jack!

Guess who bum rushed this just so they could have something out for the first anniversary of Stardew Valley? That’s right, me. I can’t believe that I completely spaced the date! 

This game literally changed my life and gave me the drive to draw again and to push myself to improve. If it wasn’t for Stardew Valley I wouldn’t have improved as much as I have over the past year and I wouldn’t be finding as much joy in creating art as I do. I may have moved on and not draw as much Stardew as I used to, but I still love this game and the characters so, so much! Once I get all of my big midterm projects out of the way this week, I’ll probably draw a proper commemoration picture. For now, have the trio enjoying some good gaming time!

Also, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve drawn chibis. I gotta start drawing them again.

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*Tumblr TURN fan:

*Simcoe is tortured, looks like bloody rag*   “No problem”

*Andre finger fucks Philomena in public*   “That’s so cute”

*Andre pimps Philomena out to Charles Lee*   “Okay”

*Abe and Anna almost have adulterous sex on kitchen table*    “Fine by me”

*Andre makes Philomena dress up for his roleplay kink, fucks her over the dining room table and is caught by Abigail, later dumps her and brushes her off when she informs him of pregnancy*   “All righty”

*Simcoe engages in light BDSM in a direct plot point to further the development of his character, in the process showing the best male body to be seen on TURN in four years*    “ OH MY GOD HOW DARE HE HAVE SEX I WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS I CAN’T LOOK MY VIRGINAL EYES HAVE BEEN TRAUMATIZED I’M SO TRIGGERED I’LL STILL BE SUCKING MY THUMB WHEN IM SIXTY!”

Some of y’all make me shake my head….

Simcoe gif created by the-great-gay-jatsby

Bottom gif:

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Once the album comes you won't see her doing those instances lives it's promo it's not like you guys are Abigail or Martha your just a fan all artists and business do this

Thanks Debby.
Renewed 'Timeless' to honor fans at San Diego Comic-Con
USA TODAY's 'Save Our Shows' poll was integral in the return of the NBC time-travel drama.

While the Lifeboat’s getting fueled up for a second season, Timeless is returning to San Diego Comic-Con next month to honor those who stuck by it during a rough voyage.

Just three days after being cancelled in May, the NBC time-travel drama was resuscitated by the network. And to thank all those who were part of the online #RenewTimeless campaign, a Q&A session and fan celebration at the annual pop-culture extravaganza will be held at the San Diego Convention Center July 20 (3:30 p.m. PT in a 2,200-seat venue).

Timeless was the top choice for renewal among 24 endangered series, with a record turnout in USA TODAY’s annual Save Our Shows poll, which was also a factor in NBC’s reversal.

Yours truly will moderate the panel featuring stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett and Goran Višnjić, as well as creators/executive producers Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke. The Timeless crew will look back on their favorite moments from Season 1, answer questions about some of the show’s unsolved mysteries and look forward to the 10-episode second season, which is slated to air in spring or summer 2018.

“As a fan myself, I always love coming to Comic-Con, but this year is particularly sweet,” Kripke says. “It was the fans who saved Timeless, so this panel is for them. And I can’t wait to come down and give them my sincere and humble gratitude. They can look for me. I’ll be the one cosplaying as Lucy Preston.”

Adds Ryan: “Can’t wait to party with everyone down in San Diego. I’ll be cosplaying as Wyatt, so all our fans can ship Eric and me.”