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The most enjoyable event I went to. I love how this event was created for fangirls like me. The characters was super on point with their personalities. The event was really heavenly.

I was really really shy to ask the cosplayers for photo but the character would actually initiate and make you feel like you were really the star of the show or however you call it. I was blushing the entire event and I couldn’t stop fangirling.

V was really friendly and was the one who served me. Thank you very much !

Yoosung was so adorable that I can’t express my words. “ LOLOL! ” My friend was really fangirl over his cuteness. Same goes for me.

ZEN was really fun to be around with. I wanted to call out “ Zen Oppa ! ” but I guess I was too shy. ZEN was really handsome though ~

Jumin probably made me the fangirl the most out of all. I really like the small “ fanservice ” he gave. Thanks for the head pat !

Seven definitely was the funniest. He also gave me and my friend a little “ fanservice ” too. Thank you very much haha !

I really enjoyed the event and I hope I can participate in it again if there’s another event coming up !

I would definitely miss Jumin and ZEN the most ! Ahhhhh. They were so friendly ! ♡

I’m dropping hints that I love them. I love them.

A really big thank you to those who organized it. I really had tons of fun.

You had me at; “It’s trauma, it’s what I do”


Thanks to the legendary; NatsAshes and her fangirl-enabling playlist I’ve spent my day rediscovering Bernie Wolfe, right from the start of her holby city journey and it’s delicious. Throwing around some praise for her first day as a fully fledged GS Locum Consultant on Keller, even though she spends the day in Darwin.  

Excessive fangirling under the cut.

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Considering how goddamn oblivious Simon is to literally everything, I feel like he would be really gullible too? And Baz knows this and teases him all the time by doing the ‘oh my god what’s that on the ceiling?’ thing. So eventually, Simon catches on that he’s being made a total idiot out of, so stops looking. Baz stops asking. Months go by and then all of a sudden they’re dating and Simon has no idea how they ever got to this point. Baz is still annoying (but now Simon finds it kind of cute even if he won’t admit it) but they aren’t enemies anymore and everything has changed. One day all of a sudden Baz starts trying to catch Simon out again, but Simon has learnt from years of practice to train his eyes to stay on the ground. This goes on constantly for about a week, until inevitably Simon forgets and looks up, but turns out that there is something written on the ceiling. It’s a sentence, undeniably in Baz’s handwriting, and it’s only four words long.

#Cosplayer @xraellax as the Genie from #Disney’s #aladdin! #cosplay

@Regrann from @xraellax - Still totally in love with that cosplay and all the pictures I’ve got of it 💕 I guess this one is my fav cosplay so far. Although bodypainting was a pain 😂 photo made by @anbphotography_by_alex I did some editing ☺️ #disney #disneylove #disneycosplay #genderbend #dschinni #genius #bodypainting #magic #fandom #fangirl #cosplaylife #cosplayers #smile #selfmade #sewing #costume #disneymagic #fb #tb

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I need friends to watch Lucfier. It’s getting harder and harder to hold in my love about this show. I have no one to talk to about it in real life. I’ve been a ghost fan of the show since it started and only came to embrace publicly, pretty recently. So I guess this is me actually informing you all on here that I am indeed Lucifer Trash. My blog has more or less always been about The X-Files, this is the first show I’ve ever watched that’s affected me to the point where I feel the same way I did when I was new to The X-Files almost a decade ago. Since then I haven’t come across anything that’s had the same impact. It’s refreshing to have more than one show to fangirl over now, one that I’m even considering breaking my fan vidding slump for. I haven’t vid anything but Mulder & Scully (and sometimes Bones) in years and my inspiration for them has been minimal the last few, hence only one video being made in the last three years (okay, I also have an actual editing job that takes up my time and energy for editing and before that it was college too). I just want to share the love of this show and Deckerstar. They fill my heart with joy and anxiety (a lot of anxiety actually), that’s when you know that shit is good. I hope it gets renewed for a 3rd season, so I can relax and not regret falling in love with it like I did Lie to Me back in the day (RIP Callian, never forget). No seriously, can we not repeat that experience, please. I know 90% of my followers are Philes, I hope there’s room for another show on your dash. Gillovny Mulder & Scully still own my ass. But now I’m being tortured by Deckerstar.

One thing I absolutely love about tumblr is how when I see someone from my fandom or talking about any subject i’m passionate about, I can just join in and share my views and it’s like this giant family dinner but one in which your opinions are heard and I guess all I wanted to say is you guys are my family & you get me through everyday by seeing me when i’m invisible to the world. Giving me love and also an open pass in your quest of saving dragons and slaying monsters. All those ships and canons being through thick and thin in this journey of a lifetime. How you understand and be there for each other and for anyone who can’t find ‘home’ in their own family, we find it amongst you. So thank you to everyone in all the fandoms in here, because despite our differences we are one big family where no one gets left behind. One more thing i absolutelylove about Tumblr is the existence of @thesweetfandomlife this blog. Thank you 😘 ❤


Because of You

A/N: If this seems too OOC or sappy or cliche, sorry, I just wanted some fluff for me and for you! And I know none of this actually happened in the books or anything, this is just my own little cute on take of it all. If you don’t like it, guess what? You don’t have to read it! Amazing how that works!

Newt nervously clutched his suitcase, this time packed with personal items. Scarf, pajamas, day clothes, everything needed to travel with.

He was more nervous than usual. His fingers trembled slightly, as he fumbled with his suitcase. Newt didn’t mention to Porpentina that he was coming to New York. He wanted it to be a surprise. But the longer he sat there, the more he was regretting it. Was Porpentina going to be angry with him for not warning him? Was she going to be delighted to see him? Newt knew he wasn’t the most socially aware of how other people felt, but surely she’d be happy to see him, right?

“Well, I’ll be happy to see her…” Newt mumbled softly to himself. He looked up to see that they were pulling into New York. The Statue of Liberty could be see off in the distance, along with the skyscrapers reaching towards the heavens.

He took out a small worn out portrait of Porpentina and smiled. Porpentina picture waved at him and beamed a warm smile back at him.

Then his heart sank. He didn’t tell her the book was finished either. He thought that’d be a nice surprise too. Newt slipped the small photo back into his pocket and took a deep breath. She was going to be furious. Really furious.

“Maybe I should have sent her an owl,” Newt said absentmindedly to himself.

A man in a fedora gave Newt a strange look and said, “What?”

Newt shook his head violently and said, “Just… thinking to myself. Talking. Yes, I was talking to myself.” He gave the man an awkward smile and turned his head away, hoping the man would just leave him alone.

The man did leave him alone, and Newt was back to thinking about how Porpentina would react to him not telling her that he finished the book.

A voice hollered out, “Ship will be docking in ten minutes!”

Newt hastily stood up from the bench that he sat on the very first time going to America. He clutched his suitcase tightly and made his way to the front.

It wasn’t too long before Newt was standing in front of the huge beautiful building, The Magical Congress of the United States of America. He felt almost at home, but at the same time out of place.

Newt was about to enter into the huge magical wonderland, when someone called from behind.

“Newt?” a familiar voice called.

Newt knew that voice and turned around, smiling. “Porpentina,” he said, trying to hold back his excitement.

Porpentina’s large brown eyes settled on his suitcase. “Newt…” Porpentina said in a low voice, studying the suitcase.

“Don’t worry, it’s a regular suitcase, I promise. Want to see it?” Newt closed the empty space between them, holding the suitcase up.

Porpentina looked a little overwhelmed, but she lowered his suitcase from out of her face and studied his face. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Newt’s excitement overflowed, dropping the suitcase, he picked up Porpentina by her waist and spun her around. Porpentina’s arms wrapped around Newt’s neck and she let out a giddy laugh.

“What are you doing here?!” Porpentina laughed, as Newt gently set her down.

Newt smiled at the beautiful lady and said, “I came back because I finished the book.”

Porpentina let the words sink into her mind then she said slowly, “Why didn’t you tell me you finished it?” her eyebrows kitted together as her brown eyes focused on Newt’s eyes.

Newt bit his lip, the same anxiety he had earlier flooded in. Crap, she was angry, wasn’t she? “Because I wanted it to be a surprise…” There was a small silence. “Want to find something to eat…?” Newt asked timidly.

Porpentina crossed her arms and said, “You truly are socially clueless… I really should help you.”

Newt blinked. “What do you mean help me?”

Porpentina picked up his suitcase and then took his hand. “Let’s grab some grub, and I’ll explain. But I do want to see that book, soon you hear me, Scamander?”

Newt smiled, “Of course, Porpentina.”

Porpentina led Newt down the busy streets of New York, and settled on a small café just around the corner.

After making their orders Porpentina demanded for the book.

“But I thought you were going to help me,” Newt replied back in good humor.

Porpentina thought about it. “Book first.”

Newt, being sly when he could, said, “You help me first, then I’ll let you see the book.”

“Okay, fine,” Porpentina sighed exasperatedly. “You’re socially awkward, there’s no doubt about that. And you’re clueless.”

“I’m not clueless,” Newt growled.

Porpentina laughed, which made Newt blush. Did he say something wrong? “Okay, you’re narrow minded and too focused to pay attention to anything else.”

“That’s not true either!” Newt insisted. He was growing a little frustrated and embarrassed.

“Oh yeah? Then what’s something you’ve noticed that isn’t just about beasts?” Porpentina laughed out loud.

Newt fidgeted with his silverware. “You,” Newt mumbled, forcing himself to look at Porpentina in the eyes.

Porpentina smiled at him. “If you’ve noticed something other than just beasts, sounds like you don’t need a whole lot of help,” Porpentina chuckled. “Where’s the book?”

Newt coughed, and hastily took up his suitcase, glad to be doing something else. He hastily opened it and pulled out a beautiful book. It was crimson with gold decorations etched into the skin. He handed it silently to Porpentina.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” Porpentina whispered. She gently flipped through the gorgeous pages, filled with illustrations of terrifying and beautiful beasts. “Newt… this is amazing…”

Newt smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it, Porpentina.”

“I don’t just like it, I love it. These pictures are gorgeous…” Porpentina mumbled, almost as if she were in a trance.

“The editor almost didn’t take the illustrations,” Newt explained. “He wanted actual pictures of each one. But I wanted them illustrated.”

Porpentina nodded and mumbled in agreement. “Illustrations, definitely.”

Newt was quiet as Porpentina kept gawking at the book. He didn’t really come to New York just to show her the book. But Porpentina was right. He was awkward and didn’t know how to express himself.

A waiter came by and handed them their food, and Newt silently attacked his sandwich, as Porpentina ignored her food and kept reading.

After about five minutes, she put the book down and began to eat her food. “You’re really good at writing, you’re quite exquisite at the detailing.”

“Thank you,” Newt said quietly.

Porpentina noticed Newt’s awkwardness. The way he was sitting, all stiff like. The way he kept twitching. He wasn’t normally like this at all. “Newt, is something the matter?”

Newt shook his head. “Of course not,” he lied.

Porpentina didn’t believe him for one bit.

After they ate, they took a small walk. They discussed business and how things were going. As it turned out, Porpentina was taking a small break and had actually considered visiting Newt.

“You really should come to visit me,” Newt tried to persuade her even more. “You’d love it there, I could show you around Hogwarts, I could show you the new creatures I’ve collected!”

Porpentina shrugged and said, “I don’t know, Newt. It’s something I was just considering and decided against.”

“But why?” Newt asked curiously.

Porpentina slowed down and said, “Because of work.”

Newt slowed down too, and looked at Porpentina. Her soft face looked a little troubled. She was avoiding eye contact. “Are you… lying?”

“Yes,” Porpentina said reluctantly. “I am.”

Newt closed the space between them. “But why?” He repeated softly.

Porpentina sighed and looked down at her feet. “I don’t know. It’s just that… you’re from England and I’m from America, Newt. We’ve both got our jobs and—”

“This isn’t just about visiting me and stuff, is it?” Newt interrupted, his calculative expression made Porpentina smile. He was catching on, even if he was still clueless at times. “There’s something I have to say, Porpentina…”

Porpentina looked at him curiously. “What’s wrong?”

Newt closed the gap even further, his hand daring to do what he wanted to do for so long, gently caressing Porpentina’s hair and tucking it behind her ear. “Listen,” Newt said hesitantly. “I didn’t come just because I wanted to show you my book…”

Porpentina’s intelligent eyes never left his. He could tell she was holding her breath, waiting. “Can… can I kiss you? It will only be on the cheek, and you can always push me away if you don’t like it,” he stuttered, almost innocently. He figured a kiss on the cheek might be more forgiving than an unexpected kiss on the mouth.

Porpentina didn’t say anything but nodded her head gently. Newt gently pressed his lips against her warm cheek. He held it there for a few seconds, savoring the sweetness. Then Porpentina moved her head so that her lips were touching his. They stood there for a few seconds, not daring to move, enjoying the freshness and sweetness of the kiss.

Porpentina pulled back a little and stared into Newt’s bright eyes. “You came back for me, didn’t you?” She whispered.

Newt nodded. “I came back for you.”


If you want a Newt X Reader, I’m open for ideas, please know that I may not get it done.

it’s weird how men are allowed to have an eternal adolescence and play video games and computer games and get aggro about sports and play fantasy football with their friends, but women I guess at a certain age are supposed to give up all hobbies that bring them happiness except “acceptable” activities like managing their gluten-free recipe Pinterest board, taking their bratty children to see Minions, going to Zumba classes, and gossiping at PTA events. Some older women like bands, and pop culture and chatting online and things that I guess are things for “teenagers.”

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Impossible question; but what's you're favourite thing JDM has been in? Do you have a favourite character of his? It's so amazing how he can go from all fluffy and cute in like the accidental husband to creepy af in stuff like the resident or badass in stuff like TWD and Heist 😍😍

uhhnnn….I guess my overall favorite is the walking dead but my favorite JDM character is – and always will be – John Winchester <3

The thing that makes him such a great actor is his ability to completely change his body language. He can look incredible tough and menacing in action roles like Watchmen but he can also look completely adorable in movies like The accidental Husband. Not all actor can pull that off but Jeff does it with every new character!

I’m such a fangirl LOL

  • Book: Read me.
  • Homework: It's 10pm and you still haven't looked at me. You will regret this later, I promise you-
  • Me: Relax,I'll stop after this chapter...
  • Book: HA CLIFFHANGER, I guess you'll have to read one more
  • Me: I actually finished the whole book. I feel so accomplished. I'm tired though...I guess I should start another book then! Why sleep when you can read?
  • Homework: NOO NO NO NO NO AND NO
  • Me: IS IT 3 AM?!?? WHY AM I SO STUPID???
  • Homework: ....
The MV for ‘Innosense’ is out!!!

*Disclaimer: All the screencaps were taken from the video in FLOW’s Youtube channel. The song and the video belong to them.*

And there’s a little surprise for us seiyuu fans. See the fencers here?

Well, try to guess who they are. I’ll give you a clue:

Ryota Ohsaka (Mikleo’s VA)

and Ryohei Kimura (Sorey’s VA)

Though guessing from the comments, not many people got the reference. I wish seiyuu were more well-known outside Japan.

I don’t know whose idea it was, but it’s brilliant and it’s made me very, very happy. I’ve replayed it at least ten times and even shared it on Facebook. The song and the video are so cool and these two are like the icing on the cake. FLOW, thank you so much!

Also, I’ll NEVER doubt the fandom again :)

I tried to post this last night but I guess tumblr ate it.

This is just more teasing anyway but I won a private meet and greet with Enver in the charity auction Friday night! It was last night and we, with @lillianfromaccounting, hung out at a table in the back of the hotel restaurant. I got to ask him most of my burning questions (and some of yours).

I have enough to do posts on multiple topics so stay tuned for those over at @dailyenvergjokaj

Meanwhile I’ll just say that we had a completely fascinating conversation. He’s smart, thoughtful, extremely passionate and a great storyteller. He’s very respectful of fans and in the interest of making it a great experience he was incredibly candid and answered all my questions.

I haven’t did one of these in a really long time, and the last time I did, I bailed on writing anything nice because I suck at that, but seeing as I’ve reached 413 400 followers, I figured I’d have to woman up and get cracking because you’re all wonderfully awesome!

Thank you all so much, I’ve found such a safe haven on this blog, and couldn’t find a more awesome and chill community. I’ve loved every second of exploring Kara and having her interact with everyone and working those relationships. You’re all just so fantastic for letting me write with you, honestly.

So, without further adieu…

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Funny story

So today I was talking to my mom and she told me about how she was a fangirl of this one boy band when she was my age. Then she showed me a picture of the boy band and told me which one was her favorite (all while she was fangirling obviously). The funny thing was that her favorite member looked just like my dad.

Aobajousai, Karasuno And Nekoma React To: Iwaoi.
  • Requested By: Anonymous.
  • -
  • -Aobajousai:
  • Hanamaki: What? We knew before you guys knew.
  • Matsukawa: Yeah, it was kinda obvious. Your gay shows too much.
  • Yahaba: Seriously you guys are bad at hiding things.
  • Kindachi: Wait?? How could all you guys tell?
  • Kunimi: As always, your observation is low.
  • Kindachi: You noticed too???
  • Hanamaki: The whole damn school noticed.
  • Matsukawa: Amazingly enough, non of Oikawa's fangirls cared..
  • Hanamaki: I guess that tells you a lot about their standards..
  • -Karasuno:
  • Hinata: Wahhhh! Really? The grand king swings that way?
  • Kageyama: ..Why isn't this more surprising?
  • Tsukishima: And I care why???
  • Yamaguchi: Aw that's sweet, I'm happy for you guys!
  • Yachi: D-Do you guys want a gift?? Some snacks?? I- Sorry.
  • Tanaka: So like.. How does that work?
  • Nishinoya: There's no boobs, right? Unless you guys are hiding something else!
  • Sugawara: Noya, please don't ask such things..
  • Daichi: You guys look great! I think Iwaizumi is the only one to really handle Oikawa, honestly. The pairing isn't so off.
  • Sugawara: The pairing that would be really off is Kageyama and Hinata.
  • Daichi: True, you still have money on them going out, right?
  • Sugawara: ..Yes.
  • -Nekoma:
  • Kuroo: I knew those guys weren't straight.
  • Kenma: Neither are you..
  • Yaku: Are any of us?
  • Lev: ..Me?
  • Yamamoto: No you're not.
  • Inuoka: Unfortunately, no one is safe from the gay thoughts.
  • Lev: But-
  • Yaku: No one, Lev.
  • Kuroo: You guys are making it seem worse than it-
  • Yaku: NO ONE.
  • -Iwaizumi and Oikawa:
  • Iwaizumi: That went.. Better than expected.
  • Iwaizumi: Well, we are?
  • Oikawa: But- That feels strangely insulting.
  • Iwaizumi: Your face is insulting.
  • Oikawa: ;-;

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SonAmy ;D

Ohhhh good choice! Sorry for the late reply I was finishing up a mina mongoose sketch ^^’ ok let’s get started!

Who developed romantic feelings first:
DEFINITELY AMY after all she is sonic’s fangirl
What’s their favorite thing to eat: chilli dogs I guess
Are they hand holders: heck yeah they are!!!
Do they have children if so how many: hmm about one or two
Who proposes: Sonic no need to explain
Who confesses their feelings first: I’m gonna go with Amy on this one, because she’s known for being sonic’s fangirl so it would make since that she confesses her love to him first
Well I hope you enjoy these silly little headcanons! :D

I really hope fangirl doesn’t portray young female fans in a negative light, like we already have this stereotype attached to us which causes us and the bands we like not to get the respect we deserve, and I hope it gives more of a realistic light to how we actually are, like it’s not all screaming and crying over some guy in a band cause you wanna marry him (well sometimes it is I guess) but the music comes first. the music always comes first. that’s why we’re here in the first place.