for all the bullshit im making

EDIT 2 please for the love of god how do so many people misread a post i hate this post i hate everything i never intended for this to happen

EDIT no one will see this but im not defending the guy, i dont like him, i like making fun of him and picking on him, hes an unoriginal and unfunny asshole who doesnt even have confidence in his own jokes (see: loss parody), idk why people think im defending him or claiming hes doing any good/nothing wrong and im not saying its fair he gets to make money off stupid bullshit because its not. im saying buzzfeed sucks and their humor sucks and adam ellis sucks and its shitty but also enviable that people get money for just being dumb and stealing jokes and i hate it but also i would probably sell out if i could make money doing, again, the most low-effort inane shit possible. not emphasizing with him when i say that bc fuck him im just tryna survive like everyone else

making fun of the buzzfeed comic guy is good but also if you got paid to do the most minimal bullshit possible would you not do it. if buzzfeed offered to hire you to write their “47 funny memes” articles that are all tumblr posts and nothing original and you got paid for it would you not do it. adam tots is actually owning all of us by making money doing the most low-effort inane shit possible

They took away the win from Moonlight tho by now making it about how the Blah Bland folk reacted and doing a whole investigation about how the mix up even happened. Mahershala said he couldn’t feel joy in knowing that he was somehow taking something away from someone else. How fucked up is that? They rightfully won but end up feeling like they were given something they didn’t deserve. It’s bullshit.


CLASSICS (you’ve probably watched these already):

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion : depression, adolescence & mecha: the anime
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : depression, adolescence & mecha: the remake
  • Kill La Kill: see above, but with a commentary on fanservice and the anime industry. also main female characters
  • Death Note : morally ambiguous main character kills people, eats potato chips. everyone loses their shit
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood) : 2 brothers fuck shit up, also save the world through alchemy.
  • Cowboy Bebop : guns in space
  • Every Goddamn Ghibli Movie : do it, you weakling. watch them all theyre all good
  • Ghost In The Shell : theres more than just the first movie. watch the other ones. also the tv series. do it. its about being human
  • Yu-Gi-Oh : believe in the power of the fucking cards karen

CLASSICS II (you probably haven’t watched these and it makes me sad):

  • Perfect Blue : the movie black swan tried (and failed) to rip off properly
  • Future Boy Conan : because miyazaki also does tv series
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena : sword lesbian, a lesbian with a sword
  • Oban Star Racers : racing, but in space. half french
  • Mushishi : spirits, in all their contemplative beauty
  • Black Jack (the OVAs are the best but you can watch the rest as well): the original Dr House, with more money and assholery
  • Koi Kaze : quite possibly the only redeemable anime about incest
  • Sherlock Hound: did i mention miyazaki doing great tv series yet

SHONEN (young boys fuck shit up):

  • My Hero Academia : crybaby protagonist turns out to be most loveable character of all time. becomes a cool hero. love him
  • Mob Psycho 100 : a show about a boy who just wants to be good. ONE manifests in your house to physically punch shonen tropes in the face. breathtaking animation. read the manga before tho. trust me
  • Avatar The Last Airbender (& Avatar The Legend Of Korra) : fuck you its anime because i fucking said so. watch it. the story is great and culturally diverse and also cool shit happens
  • Naruto & Naruto Shippuden : whatever you say some arcs were fucking legendary so whenever you want just watch some cool, non-filler shit. every thing after the Pain arc doesnt matter dont watch it
  • Soul Eater: i have no goddamn clue whats going on but it looks cool.
    also spirit vore
  • Hunter x Hunter : young boy adopts new adults in his family, gets killer best friend. literally
  • Keroro Gunsou : alien frogs try to take over the world. it,,,,, doesnt work very well. featuring otaku frog, angry frog, gay fanboy frog, gay nerd frog, alone frog as well as many other things. the humans are also good
  • Wakfu : its. basically french anime. fantasy stuff, it has great animation (especially in the later episodes) and the main villains are fucking incredible. its on netflix and by all that is holy watch it in french with english subs else i will physically manifest in your house and punch you.
  • One Punch Man : ONE tries to mock shonen manga, does it too well
  • Shaman King : the french OP is in my head and I CANT GET IT OUT
  • Black Rock Shooter (OVA + series) : this times its girls fucking shit up, and theyre also crying. it looks amazing

SPORTS ANIME (i dont give a shit about sports but goddamn i love these):

  • Baby Steps : the most realistic and likeable sports anime ever. weak art but great story telling and pacing
  • Haikyuu!! : what even is volleyball. i care about these characters and the animation is fucking phenomenal. the soundtrack is so good. watch it
  • Ping Pong - The Animation : weird-ass art in the best way, great story & characters. cant fucking believe this was achieved on flash
  • Welcome To The Ballroom : n e c k s
  • Hajime No Ippo : punching people and your own FEELINGS
  • Yuri On Ice!!! : gay ice skating. everyone loves quadruples. very nice and sweet. you will care about dogs
  • Akagi: lets just pretend playing mah-jong while using your blood to bet is an actual sport. also known as ‘wow thats a peculiar art style - the anime’

OTHER SHIT I’M TOO LAZY TO CATEGORIZE (but watch them theyre good i promise):

  • Fume Wo Amu : autistic man discovers how to make dictionaries and friends. some sad happens
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu : like a greek tragedy, except sadder and directed by gods. incredible animation as well. gr8 storytelling
  • Doukyuusei : a short, sweet love story. the animation style is stunning i fucking love it with all my heart
  • Steins;Gate : time travel bullshit. great direction
  • Journey To Agartha : a movie i tried to get people to watch back when they didnt know who makoto shinkai was yet. pls watch its good
  • Usagi Drop : aka “dont read the manga - the anime”. the fluffiest piece of animation you will ever encounter. a dad dadding his life away
  • Psycho-Pass : great thriller/action show. makes you question morality
  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco : fuck you and your feelings im more important
  • Monster : naoki urasawa Does It Again™
  • Kiznaiver : a deconstruction of drama anime in general, with godlike animation and art. the OP makes me want to cry because its so good
  • Wandering Son : a touching anime about trans kids. read the manga
  • Akagi : just makin sure you watch that one. while youre ahead read the manga too
  • Nichijou : slice of life anime presented in the most hilarious way
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : magical girls but with a twist. dont fuckin trust that piece of shit plushie
  • Lupin III : arsène lupin except hes more of a piece of shit than usual
  • Parasyte : i am scarred for life by the things i have seen
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: whatever the fuck is going on here

thats it for now, i will probably update this in the future when i think of it. these are my opinions and my opinions only im not some kind of anime guru kthx

you dont need to know anything for sure. the fact that girls make your heart go thwump thwump or that you think about them a lot or you want to be held in a girl’s arms is enough. definitions are fun, but defining who you are is a journey. just be. 


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

The one thing I noticed, even as hard as it was to watch, was that every time Louis got pushed around and to the ground, he just got right the fuck back up to HELP. That’s just who Louis is, he wants to do nothing but HELP others and it pisses me off that the media could try to make him out to be anything but that incredibly brave, helpful person, who literally puts himself in the middle of hell if it means he can help somebody else, to protect those around him. When will that be his image? When will Louis get to be the one that gets protected for once? I’m furious, and my heart is with him right now and always. He doesn’t deserve this bullshit. Never has.

today was a Rough day at work but it was considerably brightened by this commission of Throw Away the Key by a long-time friend @littlestpersimmon ! I’ve always adored their art (specifically in their comic @eeriecrests ) and this piece is no exception! Thank you sooooooooooooo much Bel! <3 <3 <3

The Kai hate is so overboard and disgusting at this point, none of you actually care abt the ACTUAL issue, you’re just looking for a reason to drag him as usual.

Im screaming you guys are SO transparent

Kai: *talks abt a SPECIFIC dance that Yerin did, expressing an opinion already said by the MCs and relating to his own personal experience to make a judgement*

Yall: rUDE hes a mENINIST, what a POS discrediting all the hard work of ALL GIRL GROUPS EVER

Yerin: *talks abt how her choreo is harder than other girl groups LEGIT making an actual comparison*

Yall: qUEEN!1

Both Kai and Yerin were simply saying their opinions on a VARIETY show meant to be taken lightly. What’s the difference between Kai saying that her choreo doesnt seem hard to HIM and Yerin saying that it’s harder than ‘usual” girl group choreo? Yerin is allowed to have her opinion JUST LIKE KAI’S ALLOWED TO DISAGREE WITH HER. Im wheezing its NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND? The MCs literally said THE SAME THING before him, but I see everyone conveniently forgetting that.

It’s bc of shit like this that ppl feel they can downplay the importance and real meaning of feminism, bc all u fake ass ppl jumping on the hate bandwagon for some retweets and reblogs get urselves worked up over the most mundane things, and give the rest of us a bad name when ACTUAL important issues abt equality need to be raised. Miss me with this double standard bullshit.

Could Jongin have worded himself better? Definitely? Could Yerin have worded herself better? Definitely. None of wehat they say warrants the “controversy” surrounding this and some of u guys making a fuss over this need to go outside and realize there are actual issues better worth ur time obsessing over

Awkward Sleepover (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: Richie and Eddie love their casual Friday night sleepovers where they hide away from all of the bullshit in their lives, however- sometimes they take a weird turn.

Prompt 33: “I’m a screamer. Not sexually, just at life in general.”                                         “I can make that sexually.”

A/N: Thankyou for this request Anon! If you wanna ask me for prompts ask away HERE. If you want to ask an ordinary request ask HERE. This isn’t sexualising the kids !!!! If you actually read it you’ll realise it’s just Richie’s mistake. xo

Richie and Eddie were having their regular Friday night sleepover, which involved in Richie sneaking out of his house and through Eddie’s window as his Mom was most likely drunk and his Dad couldn’t care less on his whereabouts.

They were both watching a horror on Eddie’s cheap TV as the sun began to set outside on the cold Autumn day. Eddie had his blanket pulled up high, covering him from the 80′s romance horror whilst Richie on the other hand was sprawled out over Eddie’s bed, hands behind his head and his glasses falling down his nose lazily.

There were two people in this world. The first type of person is the kind of person who enjoys watching horrors as they either A) enjoy seeing others scared or B) love the thrill of fear. The other type of person are those who hate watching horror movies and are most likely forced into watching it.

In this case, Richie was the first person and Eddie was the second person. Richie had also forced Eddie to watch a horror against his own will.

“I fuckin’ hate you.” Eddie whispered, edging closer to Richie with his eyes wide, being too afraid to blink for a second.

Richie smirked, wrapping his arm over Eddie smoothly, pulling him closer. “You scared Eds?”

“Scared doesn’t come close.” Eddie whispered angrily, yet not moving Richie’s arm or protesting against his common nickname for him, “I’m petrified.”

“Try not to piss your pants again, Eds.” 

“I didn’t piss my-”

Eddie is cut off by a shrilled scream that erupts from his voice box due to a terrifying jumpscare that had popped up on the low quality TV, quickly muffling it so that his Mother doesn’t hear it by stuffing his face into his best friends chest.

Richie, who was barely fazed by the jumpscare, laughs softly and looks down at Eddie. “You sure you haven’t pissed yourself? I feel something warm and wet-”

Eddie snaps his eyes up at Richie’s with horror in his eyes at how teasing Richie was acting in this moment.

“You are a dick, Rich.” Eddie hissed, punching his chest before sitting up- still leaning into Richie’s chest.

Richie smiled wide at the rare nickname that Eddie used for him.

“Gotta say, Eds. I’m very happy to find out that you’re a screamer. That’ll come in handy for my knowledge in the future.”

Eddie’s face wrinkles in disgust as he spits out his next sentence, “I’m a screamer. Not sexually, just at life in general.”

It fell silent for a moment, Richie analysing the boy beneath him. How his face crunched up as if he had gnawed at a piece of paper with his fingers to make it into a paper ball, how adorable he looked to him as to Richie, Eddie was perfect and despite whatever mood he was in- he always made Richie feel warmed.

Richie smirked to himself as he felt his thoughts run wild at Eddie’s previous words.

I can make that sexually.”

Eddie’s eyes widen as he moves away. “Richie, what the fuck?!”

Richie tilts his head in confusion for a moment before realisation hits him as if a brick had been smashed on top of his glasses. Richie had spoke his inappropriate thought out loud to Eddie.

“E-eddie! I was just fucking kidding, calm down. Why the fuck would I want to do that with you?” Faux disgust filled Richie’s tone, too moving away as if a barrier separated the two pre-teen boys.

“I don’t know, why would you?” Eddie retorts, a blush poking at his nose and upper cheeks.

Richie felt heat spread across his face, unable to tell if he was blushing in shame or not. “I don’t! I told you, I fucking don’t want to fuck you!”

“Who said you wanted to fuck me?!” Eddie squeaked, his voice cracking mid sentence.

“No one!”

“Then why are you saying it?”

“I’m saying it to clarify that I don’t want to fuck you!”




Both boys had their eyebrows furrowed and they were panting heavily from spitting out words too quick to be able to catch a quick breath of air. 

Well, this took an awkward turn. Richie thought as he gulped anxiously, turning back and watching the film in utter silence.

Eddie on the other hand felt on fire, as if everywhere on his body was coated in a steaming blush from such awkwardness between the two friends. 

This night was going to be long and painful for both boys.


get to know me; [ 1/15 tv shows ] –– mr. robot

there’s a saying – ‘the devil is at his strongest while we’re looking the other way.’ like a program running in the background silently. while we’re busy doing other shit. 'daemons,’ they call them. they perform action without user interaction. monitoring, logging, notifications, primal urges, repressed memories, unconscious habits. they’re always there, always active. you can try to be right, you can try to be good, you can try to make a difference. but it’s all bullshit. 'cause intentions are irrelevant. they don’t drive us, daemons do. and me? i’ve got more than most.

im laughing someone tried to make an ‘aphobia’ subreddit for exclusionists and all three of their posts are at negative karma with all the high voted comments saying how wrong they were after they tried to self promo in the lgbt sub

it’s a nice reminder that exclusionists are in the minority among lgbt+ people and the community at large won’t tolerate their bullshit

some nasty person: reigen and mob isnt a bad shi-

me, slamming my knee down on top of their head: reigen met mob when mob was 11 and he was 25 and reigen has watched mob grow for 3 years now so fuck off outta here with that pedophilia bullshit. stop romanticizing and sexualizing platonic mentor/student and parent/child relationships and stop making all this terrible abusive content for it its toxic and damaging as shit

serial killer fandom vs true crime community

so it should be clear to everyone that the people who belong in the tcc are people who are interested in psych, mental health, criminology, the criminal justice system, and learning and discussing things about that. Like… jokes are cool I mean obviously we’re not robots and jokes are a good way to deal with dark stuff like this so thats obvs allowed, but people in the tcc understand that there is a line of offensive comments and actions that should not be crossed. 

but… and this is probably controversial, I don’t think you should call yourself a part of the tcc if you are seriously a hybristophiliac, or just in general, condone the actions of the people discussed in the community, want to be in a relationship with them, want to fuck them, or just think theyre better people than they were. (im talking to you columbiners, roofies, and new people in the dahmer community) 

Like… that’s a fandom. I’m sorry but thats a fucking fandom akin to directioners and superwholocks. I mean yes, technically, putting flower crowns on murderers, making a romantic nickname and tag on your blog for a killer, and calling dylann roof daddy isn’t DIRECTLY hurting anyone, it’s hurting you psychologically, and it’s damaging to the actual true crime community, a community of people who are intelligent and want to learn and help people, victims and criminals.

just. there’s a distinction, and i think a lot of people, especially the new members making blogs on here, need to understand.

PS. I swear to god im gonna kick ur ass if u reblog this and agree with me and i go to ur blog and its all fandom edgy columbine bullshit. dont be delusional




He does the motherfucking dishes you pig headed shippers get it through your skulls:

There’s nothing fucking funny about treating your partner like shit and making them do all the work. There’s nothing fucking funny about it and the sad fact that there are so many better jokes you guys are missing out on purely to perpetuate this fucking MYSOGINIST and REGRESSIVE BULLSHIT is fucking INFURIATING.

Victor LOVES Yuuri. Victor gave his LIFE to Yuuri. Victor couldn’t even stand the thought that Yuuri Katsuki could selfishly hurt him. It hurt him so bad he cried, and you guys take this man and want to make him the biggest, most selfish hypocrite alive??? No. Stop.

So yeah. Imma keep posting actually good domestic jokes about these two and you can miss me with that sexist, homophobic bullshit alright?!?

Shy Bunny

Pairings: Jimin x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Hybrid!AU Bunny!AU

Word Count: 2k +

A/N: Sorry this is really short I’m thinking of making a part two and make that one longer and add more to the storyline but like literally all my other ‘im making a p2′ I’m not really sure. THANK YOU!

Originally posted by jjks

“just for a little bit y/n! please!” you best friend begged as she squeezed your arm tightly.

Her legs had wrapped around your waist and her head was heavily weighed on your shoulder, trapping you on your own couch.

“I can’t afford a hybrid right now!” you argued as you struggled against her grip.

“you and both know that’s complete bullshit! You’re just being a bitch!” she yelled back at you.

Your best friend for 3 years has also been an active hybrid protector. Adoption centres weren’t rare. No at all, there were three just a block away.

However, some of these adoption centres weren’t exactly treating their hybrids…nicely.

People like your best friend adopt as many hybrids as possible in order to protect them from the horrors that occur in the centres. Whilst they hold the hybrids other people are currently trying to figure out how to shut them down.

This time however, your friend had taken in too many.

“y/n…I swear to god. Why don’t you want to help?” she asked in confusion.

You instantly felt like an asshole but you had reasons.

“I’m a loner amber, I don’t know how to deal with people let alone take care of them” you whined as she sighed deeply.

“y/n. can you please trust me this one time? I swear you won’t regret this decision” she stated as she stared into your soul.

Something in your head was telling you this was a bad idea but something else was telling you to do it.

Fuck it.


Twiddling your thumbs nervously you heard soft murmurs outside of your front door.

you had been told the basics but there was still a lot you were unsure about.

“okay Jimin! Welcome to your new home!” she yelled excitedly as she kicked your door harshly causing you to jump away from it in shock.

You were about to scowled her for damaging your property when your eyes lay on the shrunken figure behind her.

While you were busy trying to get a better look at your new roommate you friend slammed a duffle bag into your stomach.

With a pained ‘oof’ you fell backward and landed on your ass. A whine escaped your lips leading your friend to laugh loudly at you.

Your hand instantly flew behind you to cradle your now bruised ass cheek. You watched as slowly two bunny ears popped up and the stranger was stretching himself up to his usual height to see all the commotion.

The boys’ hair was swept over his eyes and his blonde ears matching with his hair stood tall and curious. As soon as his eyes connected with yours he nervously ducked down again, his ears flopping to follow his body.

“Jim-“you friend started to say before noticing he was fully crouched behind her.

Quickly, you rose to your feet as amber pushed Jimin forward happily.

“Jimin, meet Y/n!” she chirped. Jimin’s face was as red as a tomato and the poor things hands were shaking.

You smiled as welcomingly as you could and watched as his eyes darted to the floor.

“it’s nice to meet you Jimin! Welcome to your new home” you stated as you held his bag of belongings.

“Alright guys have fun” she said sending you a thankful smile before exiting the house.

Giving your friend a wave goodbye you watched as the bunny hybrid shifted his weight nervously.

“okay Jimin! Welcome to my home” you chirped excitedly, causing his ears to perk up in excitement and curiosity.

As you moved forward, jimin slowly followed you; he was hesitant in his movements but still managed to shuffle his way after you.

“this is the kitchen, this is the lounge…mmmm the bathroom is that way and your room” you said quickly pointing out areas of your decent sized apartment.

“is just over here” you said as you opened his door revealing a double bed and a side table.

“I hope this is okay” you mumbled as you placed his bag next to his walk-in closet.

You looked up to see Jimin gaping in awe.

“t-this…this is f-f-for me?” he stuttered quietly as his cheeks returned to the pink colour that stained his cheeks previously.

“yep! Is this okay? If you need anything else just ask, okay?” you asked him as he continued to ogle at his new space.

“a-and…t-the b-bed? Just for m-me?” he stuttered again as he pulled his sleeves over his hands, clutching them tightly.

“well of course!” you chirped as he slowly approached it.

“so, I didn’t know what kind of food you liked so I figured I’d let you relax for a little bit before we go shopping for some, is that okay?” you asked as you scratched the back of your head.

He looked at you in shock as he nodded his head shyly, his ears changing from upright to floppy in an instant.

“i…I can’t leave w-without a collar” he stated as his eyes traveled to the ground.

“oh, yer! How could I forget! I got one for you before you arrived actually!” you said as you dug your hand around in your back pocket, trying to dig out the silky black collar you had picked out.

“here! Im sorry for not getting you one of those hard collars, they…were just so ugly” you said shivering at the thought of the rough material.

“its…soft” he whispered as he ran the material through his fingers.

“alright jimin! Get comfy, unpack and I’ll see you in a little bit okay!?” you asked before you walked out of his room, leaving him to get used to his new room.

Amber didn’t tell you much about him other than he was extremely shy and extremely cute…she wasn’t wrong with either of those.

If he was going to be living with you, you wanted to get to know him and make sure he was comfortable around you. But how did you do this without overstepping or scaring him?

After an hour or two, you decided now would be a prime time to go food shopping.

“hey jim-“you said as you walked into his room, the door still wide open.

Your heart melted at the sight bestowed before you.

He had snuggled his way underneath the blanket, his body wiggling in joy at the softness as his two bunny ears were shot straight to the ceiling.

You let out a giggle of delight as he fought with the blanket to try and escape.

“i-i-im sorry!” he squeaked as his ears flopped down and his cheeks burned a bright pink, even brighter than before.

“sorry? For what? It’s your room Jimin you can do whatever you want” you smiled happily at him. You didn’t think stomach butterflies were real until you felt them float around your stomach.

He looked at you astonished before nodding his head shyly.

“so, do you want to go get some food now?” you asked sweetly as he shifted his weight off his left foot to his right.

“o-okay” he spoke, trying to speak louder than usual but it came out as more of a struggled shout than normal projection.

You smiled endearingly before clapping your hands together.

“alright! Lets go!”


“Do you like lasagne? Ooo what about some pizza? What kind of snacks do you eat?” you asked as you pushed the trolley through the aisle.

Jimin looked as if he had just entered heaven. His mouth hung open in shock as he scanned the shelves.

“i…I’m not picky” he confirmed as you started shoving things into your cart.

“why don’t you go to the confectionary section and pick out what you like, sometimes I might be gone a while so we can’t have you bored and snackish you said as you examined expiration dates.

“o-okay!” he said strongly before rushing off.

You chuckled a little before texting amber to tell her you were already very fond of Jimin.

He seemed to be trying to get more comfortable and confident around you. You really apricated it but you could see he was struggling with it and causing him stress was the last thing you wanted to do.

“Is t-this okay?”

You turned around to see Jimin hugging a bunch of packets to his body. You almost cried out in cuteness overload as he stared at you with wondrous eyes.

“I see you really like Oreos” you laughed as you spotted the five packets of Oreos tucked into his arm.

“i-m-m s-sorry! I g-g-got too much didn’t I?!” he whined as his ears slowly flopped down.

“Not at all! Here, chuck it in the cart and we’ll continue” you smiled at him.

He stood frozen for a little bit before nodding and placing the items in the cart carefully.

The rest of the trip he stayed close behind you, Giving small comments here and there. As you paid and left the centre you noticed he was getting less energetic.

“are you okay Jimin?” you asked worriedly as the two of you got in the car.

“oh..i…I’m just a little hungry” he said as his hands slowly placed themselves on his stomach.

“when’s the last time you ate?” you asked as you started reversing out of the parking space.

“…two days ago?”

You gasped. Two days?!?!

“sorry did…did you say two days?! As in not yesterday but the day before?” you questioned in utter shock as you tried hard to focus on the road ahead.

You heard him hum in embarrassment and confirmation making your heart melt.

“as soon as we get home I will make you some food! What would you like?! name anything!” you demanded worriedly.

How come he hasn’t eaten in two days? Did amber not feed him?

As soon as you busted through your front door with the multiple bags in your hands you ran towards the kitchen ready to cook up a feast.

“okay Jimin, were going to have to work together so we can get you some food as quickly as possible” you said with determination as you placed your hands on your hips.

He nodded along with you, his eyes hardening to match yours.

As you directed him to draws and shoved food in the fridge the both of you were running around the kitchen to try and get everything done efficiently.

As Jimin finished up the unpacking you boiled some pasta, started on some pancakes and started frying some chicken. You wanted to give the deprived boy a range of different food groups to fill him up properly.

“I finished” he chirped excitedly.

“great, take a seat the food will be done soon” you smiled.

You heard a bunch of shuffling behind you before he sighed in content at finally being able to relax.

“so jimin, how did you end up with Amber?” you asked as you continued your cooking.

“i..i er w-was given b-b-back” he stuttered nervously. You could literally hear him play with his sleeves.

“given back?” you asked hesitantly as you continued what you were doing.

“y-yer…my o-owner didn’t want me anymore…so she gave me back to the adoption centre, that’s where a-amber found me” he explained, breathing out shakily.

As you plated his food for him you felt a pang in your chest. Who the hell would give up this cute little bunny?

“I’m so sorry Jimin” you said turning around with the plates in your hand.

His eyes were glassy and his cheeks were red and puffed out.

You let out a sympathetic whine before setting the plates down and walking around the counter towards him.

Before you effulged him in a hug you placed your hand over his.

“well, you here now! And I know we just met but I’m very fond of you Jimin, were friends now which means no give backies okay!” you chirped causing him to look at you in shock.

A tear fell from his eyes before he nodded his head frantically.

You pulled him into you, enjoying how his soft ears tickled your face. Even though his face was in your boobs and you could feel the bunny panicking a big smile found its way onto your face.

In this moment, you knew your doubt was unneeded and the growing love you had for your bunny was exciting.

you were unsure of where this would go but instead of traveling the long road of life alone; you now had your shy bunny to accompany you.

the egos as my high school teachers

darkiplier: my english teacher who has at least three burnouts a year

wilford warfstache: my math teacher who makes up words whenever it’s convenient to him

the host: my dutch teacher who is the only one who sees right through my cover and takes zero of my bullshit

bingiplier: my physics teacher who tries to do youtube but fails horribly

bim trimmer: my greek teacher who still lives in the sixties and has a weird sense of humor

googleplier: my art teacher who acts nice and all until she gets to grade our art

dr iplier: my other art teacher who acts too much like a mother to be an art teacher

jim: my geography teacher who has a weird obsession with iceland and thinks rocks are one of the most important geography subjects

other jim: my social science teacher who only gives serious classes when he feels like it and sends us away twenty minutes early because he’s done talking anyway


the colonel: my chemistry teacher who fell asleep during a play and gets accused from being drunk that same week

damien: my computer science teacher who does show up but isn’t entirely there™

i took some liberties with her color scheme, but I STILL CANT BELIEVE ALL MIGHT’S PREDECESSOR & MENTOR & ROLE MODEL IS A WOMAN!!!!! IM SO GLAD

hey quick question

why do all of u want Lance to die so badly lmao.

like yall are really holding on to the joke jeremy shada made in that interview months ago for dear life.

why do you want him to die so badly hmm?

what about one of the only dark skinned characters, and certainly the only cuban character, in the show makes yall think 

“god i cant wait for him to die and here are all of my theories on it in one text heavy post, no read more because i need everyone to see how excited for lances death i am!”

like it’s so transparent lm a o

Pronouns/Name Announcement

So a week ago, I asked for suggestions for my name, because it was causing me (a lot) of dysphoria and I was struggling, and I have come to the conclusion for my name: Nathan (Nate as a nickname). I appreciate all the names sent in, but I had to go with my gut, which was Nathan, also I, over the past couple of months, have come to another conclusion. I will be now using he/him pronouns, as well as they/them pronouns. If you wish to unfollow me, because I am no longer a sapphic blog, I understand, but my blog is still a safe space where nb people, gender questioning people, queer people, literally anyone, can come, ask questions, and feel valid, safe and welcome.