for all of the awards

hey everyone! i’ve finally decided upon the winners and runners-up for my first tumblr awards! it was so hard to choose between all your amazing blogs, so even if you didn’t win anything it doesn’t mean i don’t absolutely adore your blog!! i’d like to thank everyone for entering; i honestly wasn’t expecting ten people to enter, let alone over one hundred!!! ily all thank you sm xx

so, without further ado, below are the winners and runners-up of my tumblr awards! xx 

winner: @xenophilius
runners-up: @cruciotus · @deamus

NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM AWARD: best desktop theme
winner: @tjnagoldstein
runners-up: @poethry · @padfootd

LUNA LOVEGOOD AWARD: best mobile theme
winner: @siriustblack
runners-up: @cho-chang · @lilyevane

GINNY WEASLEY AWARD: best rising blogger
winner: @chvchang
runners-up: @housebaratheon · @ronmiones

LILY EVANS AWARD: best harry potter
winner: @scourgify
runners-up: @flntwood · @krvm

JAMES POTTER AWARD: best multifandom
winner: @yigrittes
runners-up: @rosegranger · @chovchang

winner: @lilyevians
runners-up: @lilyevane · @fleurrdelacour

HARRY POTTER AWARD: best overall
winner: @pctter
runners-up: @expelumos · @meraudurs

reminder of prizes can be found below the cut

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elderly bandom memories:

  • ryan ross doing cocaine with some random girls ON INSTAGRAM
  • that dude that tried to scam people claiming he had ryan’s ep
  • brandon urie and ryan ross ending up at the same haloween party and pretending iT NEVER HAPPENED
  • when propertyofzack broke the news that fob was coming back two days before their grand announcements and everyone was like omg zack u such a liar
  • paramore’s revolving door of members
  • josh (formerly) from paramore’s cringy blog post
  • brendon urie’s vine fame
  • pete and patrick’s solo efforts
  • kim kardashian in the thanks for the memories video
  • alex from all time low and tay jardine from we are the in crowd drama during warped tour
  • when of mice and men were relevant
  • what even happened with sleeping with sirens
  • guyliner, the manbun of emo
  • pete on one tree hill
  • andrew mcmahon two to three bands ago
  • mikey way cheating on his wife?????? 
  • the RUTHLESS bracelet that summer everyone had
  • TAI TV
  • the original jagk shirt and glamour kills??
  • gabe saporta’s purple hoodie and the single with blair waldorf that actually did good???
  • jeffree star???? singing????? at warped????? 
  • long fall out boy song names (make fob song names great again)
  • you me at six? and the fact that no one knew how to spell josh’s name
  • travie mccoy’s marriage to katy perry?
  • the long island bands - tbs, brand new, etc
  • stage gay

anyway the whole “the tonys are so diverse” thing is now cancelled!! you can all go back to ur homes @ all the communities who just saw two musicals about straight white people win in almost every category over actors and actresses, directors and designers of colour, not to mention the whole “hello, dolly!” beating out two incredible revivals full of lgbt and poc characters  

it was nice while it lasted


heith week day 1: laughing/crying

hunk finds keith in the hallway after another nightmare in the middle of the night :/ then it’s a good wholesome snuggle sesh

Remember, YOUR actions as fans also represent BTS. Be kind to one another (Yes, ALL fandoms). I’m sure you don’t want them to be remembered by people in the U.S. as the “group with crazy, rude fans”, right? Of course you don’t. Be nice.

With BTS here in the States attending the BBMAs, not only are they representing themselves, but they are basically representing the music scene back in their home country, which is a lot of pressure. So to those other kpop fans who find joy in hating on other groups…FYI, this relates to you as well. Not only will the negative comments effect them, it will also do the same to your favorite groups. You don’t want your favorite groups to be stereotyped and to be known as the ones with rude fans, right? Of course not.

Be nice to one another (To ALL artists and their fans) and let’s have people remember them for the positives.